Alternative Names:

  • アポストルロード
  • 使徒鬼 (Shito-ki)

The Apostle Lord is one of the possible evolutions an Ogre can obtain after reaching level 100. Until Rou evolved into one, these spcecies were extinct.

Rank Up

Those are the current known species an Apostle Lord can promote to:


Due to the lack of many members of this species, we can only give brief points towards this species' common appearance:

  1. Compared to an Ogre, Apostle Lord are a bit smaller (2 m height) though their muscles that are more dense.
  2. On the forehead grows three thick and sharp horns that points directly upwards in an arc.
  3. Blood-red eyes, able to see long distances.
  4. Waist-long hair (unconfirmed if it's a race trait or a male-only one, since Opushii has short hair).
  5. Some seem to have the capability to develop some sort of biological armor. In Rou's case (only one known this far) this armor that can be removed but has an incompatibility with other clothing and leaves him half naked (pants only).
  6. The skin color was initially presumed to be black, as Rou noted his default skin color was black. However, after the birth of Opushii that appears to not be the case. It is now presumed to relate to the primary deity the Apostle Lord is affiliated with (think of it as the God whose Apostle they are).
  • With the launch of the Mobile Game, we gained the chance to see another Apostle Lord, and it's the form the main character of the game can assume. We shall pressume that the depicted form it's a "base" Apostle Lord. Both hair and skin colors shall be different depending on the deities blessing the subject.


Strength Endurance Agility Magic Luck Intelligence
Normal B+ B B B B B
Extinct Species A+ A A+ A B+ B



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