Aquarium is a Labyrinth City located in the Sternbild Kingdom near the border of the Atarakua Demon Empire. First seen and visited by Rou in Day 189.

The main income of Labyrinth Cities comes from the adventurers that enter their dungeons and return with dropped items and treasure. There are also some that seek to challenge the dungeons, determined to find their own path to follow. To help outfit these adventurers, there are shops for weapons, armor and magic tools. There are also people that run shops that sell second-hand magic items, including tools that improve the profitability of hunting.

Known dungeon

【Age of Gods Dungeon】, made by the 【Demigod of Spring Water】, 【Aquarium Forlia

Pana Cotta

Best and most famous haute cuisine restaurant of the city.

His Cook Chief is Ririmura Enbern.

It is a huge 5-story building, built of stone that’s similar to marble. It can change in to 1 of 7 colors depending on the time of day and the temperature. The stone is called 【Rainbow Rocks】, which is mined in the dungeon. The interior design is further polished with a lot of magic items. The restaurant has a very refined atmosphere.

In order to enter the restaurant, it looks like you need to wear an appropriate evening wear.

The restaurant made use of a “Golem” pseudo-lifeform technique to deliver the dish. Bowls the size of human hands were carried on top of a glass plate that came out of a massive freezer. They did various performances for the guests, such as a simple dance with umbrellas as ornaments.

The way they cook might be considered sort of an art-form.