Atarakua Demon Empire is one of the countries found in the world. Governed by the [Demon Emperor] Hyulton.

First mentioned in Day 141.

One of its Six Supreme Commanders is first seen in Day 157.

First seen in Day 189.

Contains the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

Adventurers and Heroes visit the country to challenge the Age of the Gods Dungeon in the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

The [Supreme Scarlet Commander], Ballark Barak, is from the Demon Empire and is the fourth ranked amongst the Six Supreme Commanders. He made it to the finals in Sternbild Kingdom's every 3 years Tournament of Heroes, and defeated the Kirika Empire's Hero of Roaring Thunder to win the tournament.


They went to the Holy War with the [Demon Emperor] Hyulton, the [Supreme Black Commander] Zemuras Su Suramuze, the [Supreme Celadon Commander] Faransa Farkash, the [Supreme Scarlet Commander] Ballark Barak and an elite force of 2.000 units.

Due to Hyulton's death, his son, the Supreme White Commander, succeeded him.


  • Also known as [Demon Empire], ruled by a [Demon Emperor].
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