• Djamboe

    This is the sequel of my last journey.

    Recently Challenger Cave was updated, now the rewards goes further to floor 2500. I never goes further than 1530th floor, just enough to claim all of rewards. And since the introduction of Spelunking, I always use the feature, food is easy to get by scrapping my excess materials, lazy people FTW.

    It's been so long since I do manual cave, now with addition of new rewards I need to do cave again, Mendokusai na~. I'm confident I can reach that far but I have to do it manually since I'm not sure my poor units can make it alone.

    Ok, preparation time!!

    I'll need to choose my units who will have to face this big challenge, they should be honored to be selected as a part of this noble mission to the depth of hel…

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  • Djamboe

    Detailed Unit List

    November 20, 2018 by Djamboe

    Hi guys, I've created pages containing detailed unit list. Actually it's these pages Demi, Human, and Beast, but with detailed info about stats and skills. The data so big so that wikia can't handle it, I have to separate it into four parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4), each contains 500 units. I also create a page that contains all that part in the form of tab view, you can found it at Unit List. Let me know if those pages still heavy to load, i'll separate it further.

    PS: There's still some broken images in those pages, i'll fix it later.

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  • Djamboe

    Game Pages Update

    March 24, 2018 by Djamboe

    I think some of you, wikia visitor, already noticed, lately game pages not updated, or get very late update. I, the one who mostly did them, because of some circumstances won't update them regularly anymore, atleast not on weekly basis, or biweekly, or monthly, I dunno. But don't worry, Re:Mon Wikia staffs will be subtituting my works from here on (sorry guys for adding you more works ^^), so you can still get delicious game info here.

    I'm still around, still playing the game, but not so active anymore. I may update them sometimes, if maybe some info missing, but I don't promise. If any of you want to update them, feel free to do it. We very appreciate any short of help.

    So that's it, happy farming, happy grinding, happy pulling, may the RNG…

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  • Obarou

    Day ??? SS relocation

    December 29, 2017 by Obarou

    I was thinking of relocating the SS right after Day 60 ( ), the SS doesn't have a specified timeline, but I speculate it's at Day 34, my reasons are the following :


    Project 【■ ■ ■ ■】 moved to Phase Three】

    【Ability Restraint Function (Limiter) Released】

    【ESP 【■ ■ Ability】 Ability Complete Liberation Started........ Liberation Confirmed

    【Subject K's ■ ■ ■ ■ ――】

    【On WA Axis' ――――】

    【Key Figure PA is ――――】



    It's when he evolved into an Ogre, why ? Because that's the timeframe Rou mentioned while eating the wyvern that he killed in the arena in the kingdom when he…

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  • BluBear

    Hey, Sup', my fellow Re:Maniacs! 

    Just wanted to announce I will be taking a break from translating and other work here on the wikia, from January 9th to February 7th.. and I don't even feel bad about it, coz' this boy is going backpacking!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yay!

    And considering Christmas.. New Years.. and that I'm free of college for two months.. Well, this week should be about the last you'll hear about me for while hahahah

    So.. Enjoy the Hiatus~ ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ Peace out!

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  • Djamboe

    Journey to floor 1520 of hell

    November 16, 2017 by Djamboe
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  • BluBear

    Hi there!

    I'm BluBear.

    My current hobby is messing around the Re:Monster universe. And that includes translating the untranslated days here, along with some other editors (talking about you, Riverson xD), on Days 350+.   (And then you say "what a boooring hobby, why don't you go play videogames and the such?" Yeah, I know. And this brings us to next topic :) )

    I want to deliver y'all good and genuine translations, and I'm only doing this for mainly 2 reasons: 

    1. Because it's kinda fun haha;
    2. I just want to frickin' read the untranslated Days already! xD like everyone else here 

    So it NEEDS to be a really good read, to be worth my time TL it, and to to be worth yours, reading it.

    I have very little knowledge about reading japanese itself though, but I kn…

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  • JokerXIII

    Community Needs

    July 17, 2017 by JokerXIII

    Hi there!

    I'm Joker. Many of you may have seen my name here and there, I may had answered any sort of question you've made or even may have discussed anything with you.

    But today, I'm here to rant a bit about our current community status (Self-criticism) and to potentially discuss the path we shall take to (insert Trump meme here) make this community great again.

    The main contributors and the staff from the past banished on thin air, the translation project fell after the disband of the Pacem Community, poor White couldn't handle all the burden of the translation by himself alone and the quality and quantity of the content of the wiki degraded by leaps and bounds.

    For many months this wiki activity barely stood thanks to the app-game... but th…

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  • Ultrahi

    I have been waiting a while for re:monster day 24 to be translated but it hasn't been so i was wondering if anyone knew when it would be translated.Please tell me.

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  • Caudyr

    Just so people know...I've gotten responses back on the lines I needed confirmation/help on from Days 182-188, but I'm already 1/4 done with 189 and am pretty close to finishing the 181-190 block's translation checks and whatnot. For that reason, I'm going to be waiting until I finish up through 190 before I go back, edit 182-190, and then post them.

    That's why they haven't been updated yet. ^^

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  • Caudyr

    Currently only Days 51-60 and 181-190 are on here. Will be populated as I work through it. Will update this top portion as I do so. The rest is just groundwork for it. ^^

    Also...Days 321-330 ARE NOT OUT YET, it's mainly there in preparation for the next well as giving me a place to store my template for the addition of new days. ^^

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  • Jackofalltrades9X

    I think that the Holy kingdom are nothing but some scary ass punks. Now I kinda understand the holy kingdom reasoning, but I believe that they're using the fact of Rou being label as a World Enemy by the Book of Psalms World System as an escuse to try and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Don't forget that these guys practice Human Supremacy. However, with such facts, don't it make you want to know how the Holy Kingdom would react to the situation if Rou was a human? Would they try too negotiate with him to exploit his powers for miltary purposes? or? Would they stick to the original plan to try and kill Rou and his army? What do you guys think?

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  • INA.xp32


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  • Jackofalltrades9X

    I've actually been wondering this but whose the opposing force that Rou and the other nations will be facing against in the holy war?

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  • WhiteSamurai

    Here are scheduled releases of Processed/ Edited Days released by WhiteSamurai of Pacem Community Translations. The notice for releases are for Re:Monster, Ant Tensei Redux, and Nameless Hero.

    The later two are novels written by WhiteSamurai. The reason for such listings are for informing the readers of the reasoning behind lower releases of Re:Monster due to a rise in the focus on other series. This schedule is subject to change even when the day in question has come. 

    A college student's schedule may change in the blink of an eye and cannot be so easily predicted.







    Day 206

    No releases will ever be done on Sundays, that's a day off.

    Last updated: (February 20, 2018)



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  • Caudyr

    Writer Note
    Mistelone One of the Rank Up's mentioned in the first line, ヤフル (Yafuru), is actually also known as 猿鬼 (Monkey Ogre). However, I decided to use the katakana name just to remain the same with the other species names though I'd note it here just for clarification.
    Mistelone The author seems to have made a mistake in Ji's name (the cleric). Usually, the character used for his name is 治 and that's what I saw in the raws from previous days since he got introduced. However, in this Day, the author uses 冶 for the one time the guy is mentioned. If you notice, the only difference between 治 and 冶 is one less stroke for the latter so this is most likely an honest mistake. Still, this actually threw me into a loop since I couldn't find informa…

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  • Dhyzand

    Hi, there!!!

    August 15, 2015 by Dhyzand

    Hello my name is Faudzan Fadhlillah, you can call me Dhyzand or Ozan if you want. :D

    This is my private blog : R ~ Anime

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  • Ernest6660

    Thnx to All

    August 13, 2015 by Ernest6660

    Thnx for everyone that contributed to editing and profreading and cleaning the chapters. Thnx to you many people can enjoy reading it in a very nice and easy way. To be honest i can't even express my gratitute for all of you, unfortunately all i can do is say thnx and do very verry minor edits to chapters.

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  • Akioni

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  • Bluflaims
    • Dictonary:
    • Archive:
    • Different dictionaries:,, and
    • Wayback machine:*/
    • Jglossator:
    • Grammer Guide:
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  • Gorylocks

    Getting Closer

    July 3, 2015 by Gorylocks
    • Nickname:Locks
    • Age: 23
    • Country: currently on the Philippines
    • Favorite Character: Rou
    • Title: Blue-haired NEET; Migrating Aqua Locks
    • Fighting Style: Brazilian jiu-jitsu; Sli beatha; Kyudo
    • Musical Instrument: Violin

    • Special Skills: fast reading; sensitive hearing; drowning(it's amazing how good I am with this)
    • Personality: I am easy going and easy to get along with but someone who doesn't get close to people easily. Reason: Due to some personal reasons, our family migrates to a different countries and doesn't stay in one for too long.
    • Famous Quote: "Countries are just a single line away from each other in a world map." 
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  • Efthimos

    Thank you all...

    June 10, 2015 by Efthimos

    So I wanted to tak a moment and thank all the people that continuesly contribute to this wiki with time and effort in order to exand the amount of information that can be read. Special thanks are for the translators and the cleaners who contribute in the form of adding new chapters/days to the novel. The reason I am thanking you all is because I feel I should do so seeing as you have all worked to some extent for no real payment (as far as I know) and have, by doing so, given me a very large quantity of entertaining text with which I can ceep myself entertained. Thanks again for all the work and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

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  • NNN Croquette

    This is google translated with just a few edits. You can just wait for other translation team to pick this up elsewhere for better translation. For now, please bear with this.

    P/s: Please pardon my bad grammar.

    [Gossip about The Awakening of The Axe Emperor of Destruction]

    [??? Perspective: Day 90 ~ Day 113]

    There stood a Great Demon (Ogre), in the hands of this brown demon was an axe and a shield, he was in the deepest part of the Dungeon, scraping out flesh and blood in a fight.

    The enemy was also a demon. It was the same as the Great Demon, but it was an Ogre with black skin and a silver left arm.

    In their battle, the black demon was predominant.  Despite being an fake that was created by reading the mind of the Great Demon, the Black Demon, …

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  • Cauliflower98

    Hi what can i say other than wow, did not think i would be making a blog that no one will read, other than of course the random person who glances my way. But still, i feel i should in case that one person does look i can at least hold their intrest for more than a minute. so where should i the beggining i guess.(note i am 13 at the start it is 2012-2013 when this starts i will get to the present at the end)

    I was always looking for something to lean on when my dad was sick(cancer in his lungs then later in his bones there was no saving him). I was depressed for a long time so i started reading, at first it was manga but the manga i was looking for was always new so not many chapters were realesed, but it still quenshed my thirst…

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  • Zapnilos1

    Yeah, so as the title would describe, I have the mental dilemma of commitment. I'll get all motivated one day and think 

    "Oh! I should go help out as a proofreader, or an editor!" Fast forward 10 hours later and you'll find me leeching again.

    Then there are the rare opportunities where I actually edit something, albeit for really small things, like misspellings or grammar issues. Ah well. Laziness is the bane of my existence, and most likely will be for quite some time. 

    For those of you reading this, I'm impressed. You've actually discovered a lurker's page, a guy like me who literally has almost no presence here for very long. 

    ZAP! The lightning strikes, never to hit this spot again!

    Note: The above is my new callsign, still in the editing p…

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  • Jempsey

    one day my brother went out (dunno where he went)

    then night time came he still didnt come back home

    so i just slept (my brother arrived late that night)

    in the morning everything was fine ...

    after a few days i noticed something was going on

    everytime i or my other family members called my brother

    using the cellphone ,he always cant be reached

    so my father had the talk with my brother

    it seems his phone was stolen from him and his story went like this :

    i was walking by the park. then two men came at me.

    they held a knife at my neck and told me "give me all your money"

    but my brother said "i dont have any money so just take my cellphone"  (DAFUQ!!!)

    he said the robbers also stole his alchohol (isopropyl alchohol)...(y dafuq would anyone steal that??) …

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  • Caudyr

    As it says in the title, this is a list for the abilities Rou's gotten (I don't know if it's all of them, but it's probably most of them at the very least). It's from the author itself and it also has some descriptions for the abilities...which might help in naming some of them.

    Adding information for translation of ability, day it appears and who/what he gets it from (just 'monsters' if it doesn't say specifically, like on Day 65) as I encounter them in the series (will do the earlier abilities when I get around to checking over those days, heh).

    This will be useful for making sure abilities are consolidated with the same names. Just do a Ctrl+F with the kanji name of an ability to see if it's been translated. ^^

    NOTE!!! This list appears to …

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  • Caudyr

    I'm looking for larger resolution pictures similar in resolution to say...  that...for the following pictures so that I can get someone to pull the text off of them for translating purposes. If you can find some larger resolution versions of the following pictures, can you upload them to the site please? I don't really know where to look, tbh, heh.

    For the last one, The whole page enlarged is fine, but something like  (which is from the other "other races" picture on here) for each side of the page would work, too. ^^

    Just want them big enough that the text can actually be read, heh.

    If you come across a larger version of one of these and post it on the wiki, please lemme know in the comments! Thanks (hopefully)!

    9/20 Edit: The second image app…

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  • Caudyr

    Same as my other lists. References for myself and any others who actually care. ^^

    If you leave a comment to have an ability, skill or job added...please include the japanese from the RAWs, I can confirm the name, etc. ^^

    • Day 142: Three Steps of Destruction - 【撃滅の三歩】 (Rou, and "confirmed" for Minokichi probably getting on roughly Day 113)
    • Day 142: One Who Eats the Living - 【生者を喰らう者】 (Rou)
    • Day 162: One Who Captures and Devours - 【捕らえ喰らう者】 (Rou and Kanami)
    • Day 162: Vesper Slayer - 【水妖殺士】 (Rou and Kanami)
    • Day 162: Three Steps of Destruction - 【撃滅の三歩】 (Kanami probably got it at the very least today)
    • Day 163: Master Vesper Exterminator - 【水妖滅殺師】 (Rou)

    Days 1-50

    • Day 78: Job - Dual Swordsman - 【職業・双剣士】 (from Army)
    • Day 78: Job - Master Axeman - 【職業…

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  • Caudyr

    Location List

    May 22, 2015 by Caudyr

    Title says it all. Just a recording for my own references to make sure that they all exist later on, once I reach a certain point in my translations of the series and/or need a break. Whichever. =p

    Leave a comment for locations I've missed and I'll get 'em on here (I have almost none of the regions on here, heh).

    • Sternbelt/Sternbild Kingdom - a.k.a. the Kingdom
    • Kirika Empire - a.k.a. the Empire
    • Atarakua Demon Empire - a.k.a. the Demon Empire
    • Lumen Holy Kingdom - a.k.a. the Holy Kingdom

    • Jadar Mountains
    • Kuuderun Forest
    • Ortoria Extinct Grove

    • Velvet's Hidden Treasury - In Kuuderun (?) Forest
    • Mine of the Cyclops - In Purgatory
    • Vesper Cave - In Purgatory

    • Aquarium Forlia - In Aquarium, on the borders of the Demon Empire

    • Osvel - Royal Capital of Sternbelt King…

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  • Caudyr

    Bestiary List

    May 22, 2015 by Caudyr

    As with the equipment list, not all these monsters necessarily need pages of their own, but most will probably get one.

    If someone posts a monster for me to add to the list, please at the very least include the day they were introduced and the japanese for the monster if it's possible.

    • Rou
    • Mi
    • Kichi
    • E
    • Sei
    • Sato
    • Ji
    • Fu
    • Gobujii
    • Oniwaka - Rou's second son
    • Auro - Rou's first daughter
    • Argento - Rou's first son
    • Nicola - Rou's second daughter
    • Sisters ()
    • Alchemist-san
    • Blacksmith-san
    • Redhead
    • Steel Crowback (Rusty Iron Knight)
    • Therese East Eckermann (Female Knight)
    • Kaede Sumeragi (Female Samurai)
    • Liger Bazette (Gladiator King)
    • Sigurd Ace Sven (Avenger)

    • Minister, 'Strong Grandson
    • 【Hero of Darkness】, Alrich Tin Agba - Dark Hero (闇勇) - Introduced Day 149.
    • 【Hero of the Quivering Wa…

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  • Caudyr

    Item/Equipment List

    May 22, 2015 by Caudyr

    This blog post, as the title a record for me to keep track of the items that need to be added to the site when I get the chance. This includes things like materials...such as Mithril, etc. If you come across an item in days 171-180+, please leave the item name here in the comments, as well as the Day that it occurs on. If you can, the japanese would be great, I can also confirm it's named properly. ^^

    Also...keep in mind that even though I'm listing all the items on here, they shouldn't all necessarily get pages of their own. It's just for reference, etc. :D

    • Mithril - Rare metal that only certain Elves know how to process.
    • Damascus - Rare metal
    • Mark Ore - Rare ore
    • Steel - Obvious reasons here.
    • Black Bones (ブラックボーン) - Have been…

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  • Caudyr

    I'm using this to categorize the information I've come across for The Book of Psalms, to try and determine just how the different references to it should be tackled. I'll be doing it on a Day by Day basis, the different "Terms" uses and who has activated it. I'll naturally be starting with ~Day 162...and I'll go through it up to Day 180, and then I'll look back and check it with the other days and whatnot until a proper conclusion about them can be made. ^^

    I'll compile the information in the individual parts at the top, as well. This information will also include things received from each Psalm's, information about the skills obtained, etc.

    There may be "conclusions" after each individual day when some new information is presented.

    • Rou (Yate…

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  • Oni GiriZ

    Delete an article

    May 17, 2015 by Oni GiriZ

    Does anybody knows how we can delete an article ? I have find some doublons

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  • Miraclegrass

    First Blog

    May 17, 2015 by Miraclegrass

    Hmm where is White? It seems it all went downhill after he started writing Ant Tensei.

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  • Jinx76


    May 3, 2015 by Jinx76

    None of the photos uploaded are mine, i just found them on the internet and then uploaded them 

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  • King H8

    Usefull Links for Raws

    April 30, 2015 by King H8

    Principal Links

    Main Raw file

    Status Update

    % of completion (just for visual's sake)

    Synopsis for Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

    Synopsis for Knight's and Magic

    Synopsis for Maken no Daydreamer

    Synopsis for Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

    Synopsis for Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

    Synopsis for World Teacher -Isekai Shiki Kyoiku Ejento

    Synopsis for Yomigaeri no Maou

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  • Regendorf

    Day 131

    April 24, 2015 by Regendorf

    Needs editing

    Early in the morning, the expedition left as planned in one line, riding on the skeleton centipedes.

    Last night I decided that 66 people in total would leave this time. There are various types of overcoats prepared for them, according to the preference of each individual such as cloaks, hooded cloaks, and ponchos. These are the accessories with insignias that the leprechaun and I were crafting before. By the way, Kanami-chan and I chose the poncho type. All overcoats were distributed accordingly.

    On the back of the cloak was the ≪ Parabellum≫ emblem, which would help in easily distinguishing members from non-members. An insignia on the right shoulder shows the division each member belongs to and an individual rank insignia is …

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  • Sirzechss

    Day 188

    April 23, 2015 by Sirzechss

    Day 188

    Boss who left home improvement today, «Sol Tudo "barbaroi, got out of the King. Woods is located two rows column, 1 hour walk away until going on a whirlwind tour. Carrying a rucksack and equipped with light armor leather, holding sword and short spear, put food and therapeutic tools, so previous «Sol tud» if we except such as bully soon Heather would have become. But we arrived body enhanced by the occupational acquisition of improving dietary habits and combat system, and enchant somehow barely, to withstand combat, is a tired one without dropouts. And then orders arrived after about one minute break and making 1 Quartet, monsters to hunt in the shallow part of the forest. So 50 people can be 12 pairs, but beyond about two people.…

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  • Sirzechss

    Day 187

    April 23, 2015 by Sirzechss

    Day 187

    Began the morning work was completed in the early afternoon. In part of the store general merchandise in a nutshell. Restaurants 50 meters, 40 meters, can arrange merchandise space height 7 meters of buildings and so on. Basic goods are various material such as Alchemy and black bone black skeleton of the plants from the forest; Sharp cutting edge is hard to Rusty knife or garden, in a large pot with cooking utensils. By airlift in King City, remind «land» in meat made of fresh vegetables and black for Mall and a wide variety of ingredients. Armour armor dwarf or leprechaun who worked on the Cana clothing beauty's original design. Necessities such as highly resistant woven with threads of my gloves and scissors. Has become.

    Images ar…

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  • Ayuuni

    Doing my best!

    April 16, 2015 by Ayuuni

    It's kinda fun to help around.

    I'm not much for translation and editing novels but adding info to categories is fun! I'll start with some basics and if information about said monster/character/thing is too vague I'll never make up stuff just to fill up space (duh).

    There might sometimes be some errors and I'm sorry about that. If there is it's probably due to missunderstanding or just simply not remembering stuff correctly.

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  • WhiteSamurai

    Well, as i've announced, my Laptop that all of my previous work on both Re:Monster and all matters pertaining to Pacem, had died.

    As such, i'm now left without any of my previous programs, tools, notes, and character sheets for all of the series.

    Now, there are two ways that I see to deal with this, (Well, there are three, but Stopping on Re:Monster is out of the question) First is to spend a great deal of time rebuilding my database and notes, as well as getting all of my programs and links to my RAWs for all of the series that I want to do. I also lost track of all of the manga that I was following that helped me write my novels as well as what I enjoyed to just read.

    The second is to do this while giving the community a 'shopping list' of …

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  • Ventix

    Sorry for my absence

    April 7, 2015 by Ventix

    I've been really busy lately so I haven't been around as much. Or at all.  Point is that I'm sorry I've been gone for so long without saying anything, but I'll be on more often.

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  • Rekay

    I going to die!!!!!!

    March 30, 2015 by Rekay

    Because is weekend, I usually don't use computer and relax because I use computer for my work. And now when I try to look up the comment or any activity, I need to look all the 3 days worth of it (Friday through Sunday because I see comment and activity both in morning only).

    So after I have just looked over really fast I'm tired and verge of collapsed. I need Medic, Medic!!!!!!!

    • I have collapsed in my bed again and fainted.

    P.S. I will be off again for a bit because of my work and such T.T sorry. I will be back as soon as possible. I might be able to edit some old days in night time when I have some time left. I'm so worried about comment now T.T

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  • WhiteSamurai

    The vote on quality

    March 27, 2015 by WhiteSamurai


    It's been quite some time, has it not?

    Quite some time since the days of the mass releases.

    Why is this so you wonder and rave?

    It is because the effort to clean Re:Monster days has grown as a burden to me.

    As such, I'm making my last poll to only those who offer their honest opinions.

    This is the most serious matter I shall ever broach with you glorious and loyal readers of the Re:Monster community.

    Before I do, I will explain the process of the Pacem translation technique.

    We first use the Translation Aggregator, which uses a variety of translation software to produce an 'English RAW'. This is stage one, a compared rough draft from several of the most advanced Japanese to English translation software.

    The second stage is corrections. Of nam…

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  • Rekay

    So I'm back from my real time work and such that made me absent for quite a while in here.

    Since I was absent, which nobody would known (troll face), I'm just curious what happen.

    I was able to do some little work on cleaning here and there while I was absent but not able to get up to the recent news in here.

    So what has happen? Did anything even happen? I'm just curious that it XD

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  • Gobuta

    The Experiments Of Gobuta

    March 16, 2015 by Gobuta

    Day 1

          I came from another goblin community after I heard about Aporou. I now work in the Ranch training, breeding, feeding, grooming, and experimenting on the various creatures put under my care!

          Right now I'm working with three Armored Tanuki's!

          Let's start with what I'm doing with the Armored Tanuki's. I have all three in separate training pits fighting low class white skeleton creatures, for ten hours each to raise their levels. Afterwards a two hour food break, then for the rest of the day, one runs, one is repeatedly hit by a skeleton on it's shell, and the last one a bit of both. The hypotheses are that the runner will be a mobile creature, the one being hit will be a defensive creature, and the last one will be a bit …

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  • IWantBaconStrip

    Surprise, I have nothing to say.

    Edit: actually, it turns out I got the Caffeinated badge a minute ago, so that's cool. Where's my friggin cookie?

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  • Naezar

    Just a Blog to Have one =D

    February 6, 2015 by Naezar

    Since i just started navegating the wiki more open then before i see that almost everyone has a blog so i though to myself why dont I have one to which i found absolutely no reason not to, and here it is if anyone is interested in leaving a comment related to the awesomeness of the LN or how great Rou is please feel free to =D

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  • XRENx

    My Personal Sandbox

    February 4, 2015 by XRENx




    WhiteSamurai☁ Elite Cleaner ~ The Founder of Pacem Community Translations
    Luvith Lead Translator

    SaltyHermit Editor

    Fitchmatt Member ~Speaks Japanese Award

    I'm testing out orange


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