Day 107

Day 107

Even after I woke up, the rain was still coming down hard.

Since that was the case, we had no real choice but to spend the day in the cave.

Fortunately for us, the cave was quite wide and spacious. After I spent some time expanding it to suit our needs, there weren't any problems at all.

Since I also had enough food in my item box to feed the entire settlement for a week, food was not going to be an issue.

The rain stopped around mid afternoon, but shortly thereafter, it began to snow. The wind was quite strong, and because of the previous rain, the roads were in poor condition so proceeding would be a bad idea.

That said, it would be better for the sisters to take another day to recover and spend time with their children. 

Tomorrow, the weather should be better.

Having made that decision, Blacksmith-san and I decided to kill our spare time in a variety of activities...

Dhammi-chan started reading some of her novels to the Tomboy Princess.

Redhead started to train with Fire Lord-kun and the Boy Knight. Every now and then, the Princess takes a break from her reading sessions to participate as well.

Blacksmith-san took out her blacksmith's tools and started to work with some spirit stones. She passed off a wink over to me, which I thought was very cute.

Alchemist-san took out her own tool set and began to develop some new drugs for use.

The Sisters are with Auro and Argento, still fast asleep, which I wouldn't blame them for either.

As for myself, I headed out of the cave, alone...

I left the two male Lords in charge of watching the cave entrance with the female one to help Dhammi-chan tend to the Sisters if they need anything.

I had decided to hunt, because I really had nothing better to do.

The location I decided to hunt monsters in was the "Cluster Mountains".

Since this also doubled-up as scouting the area before we progressed, there wasn't any problem with doing so.

I was progressing in the snow storm without much difficulty.

I wore a rain poncho and trousers made from the Cuckoo's skin purchased from the Fortress City Trient that had a very high water resistance. I combined it with [Null Cold Damage], [Aqua Resistance], and [Complete Wind Resistance].

The weather barely affected me at all. Combined with me being an Ogre, I'd assume it wouldn't be much of an issue anyway.

Normally, finding prey would be difficult in this sort of environment. However, using 【Sense Presence】, I can detect signs and tracks to track them down. I decided to track the animals that hid from me first.

The first set of tracks I found were from the bear that I had destroyed earlier in the cave where everyone is staying at. 

The bear wasn't in much shape for eating, though that species wouldn't have any abilities I haven't gained already.

After that, there was a pair of tracks leading to a cave nearby.

In the cave was a pair of bears, one male and one female, the female was obviously pregnant.

The male was bearing its tusks in my direction in an attempt to defend its mate and child. Usually I'd have just killed all of them and eaten them, but since I just became a father myself, I hesitated to kill the pregnant female. The female wouldn't run away if I killed the male either.

Because I really wasn't in the mood, I pretended not to see the cave. Since I can easily track these bears, it wouldn't be hard to find several more. Though I have to admit, I did try to incite the male bear to attack me. It wouldn't be my fault if the male decided to abandon its mate to try and take me. However, when it began to attack me I unconsciously used [Intimidation of the Strong].

The male stopped and retreated to the cave.

Sigh, I suppose you really do have to cherish the life you are given.

After searching in the snow for a while, I found another bear - only a male this time. There would be no mercy. I decided I wouldn't use my abilities and readied my Halberd.

Although it is inferior to the Lord of the Forest, its four arms were quite bothersome and powerful, making it a fitting opponent. 

In the end, I cut the arms off one by one, then cut its head off and ate it whole.

Ability unlocked: 【Bristle Guard】

I wandered further in to the mountains, looking for my next prey. The next thing I encountered was something like a deer, a monster about five meters in stature.

It was pure white with muscles quite developed like that of a leopard. While it looks like a deer, it is obviously a carnivore. It stands tall and gives off the aura of a champion.

As for the rest of its characteristics, it was enormous, similar to that of a giant. It was covered in white hair that gave off a faint glow from the snow and the slight rays of sunlight beating down on it.

It was as if the heavens itself were stating that this beast was divine.

It was as if it was a painting of a majestic spirit.

Without even having to see the front of the beast, I can easily tell this is the boss of the "Cluster Mountains". It's the giant of the giant race [Fomori], the living embodiment of the earth. It has been told to me that the Fomorians are an existence that is stronger than any normal boss monster of a forest or mountain range, and this one stands at the pinnacle of all of them. 

Discovering this great beast, I know that I must fight it no matter the cost. Now, I begin to pick from my near three hundred abilities.

My senses and body are greatly enhanced, I clad myself in my 【Red Bear Beast King's Prestige】. I wield my halberd and the Shuyari. With these prepared, I turned to face this great beast.

This beast may be killed instantly, but in the case it isn't, I'll need to use everything I have just to survive. This is an opponent that I have almost no chance of winning against. Its sheer presence is of that level.

I put my chances of winning at 30 percent. In other words, I put my chances of being killed at 70 percent.

My chances of winning against the Lord of the Forest when I was a hobgoblin were more than twice the chances now. I'm overflowing with cold sweat, the premonition of death sweeping over my entire body. But this is something that I must do.

The white beast noticed me in the corner of its eye. Shaking it's head side to side, both of its antlers fell to the ground with a thud. The action puzzled me, and in that one moment, my focus had broken, a major mistake. 

Then, before I could even realize my mistake, the Great Beast suddenly pummeled the ground, causing the ground to ripple, and I myself fell to the ground. In an instant, the Great Beast was towering over me. My heart sank.

It stares at me for several moments. Then, in an instant, it begins moving rapidly away.

I could not understand why, but I was given a second chance, I need to strengthen my vigilance even more.

I gathered its antlers for later and began my pursuit.

Proceeding after the White Stag, my senses were heightened to their maximum. I moved as fast as I could, but in a single leap, the earth would shake and the beast would be dozens of meters away.

Such extraordinary speed. This chase continued for some time without an end in sight, but as if growing tired of my chase, the beast seemed to activate an ability. 

None of my trap-detection abilities except for my [Intuition] set off, warning me that I was about to die. In that moment, I had no choice.

I fled.

But my end never came, I turned back to see the Great Beast simply staring at me in the distance. 

Total defeat. I lost without throwing a single blow.

At the very least, I will be able to return to my children. I also decided that I would give these antlers to them as gifts, since I did not earn them in a fight, I had no real right to eat them.

With that, I start walking the mountain to find something else to target.

While I was walking, I found a White Slime lurking in the snow.

The slime was somewhat gray in appearance. The magic system it had seemed to increase its hardness and made it hard to hit. It also had a resistance to physical attacks.

I wonder what sort of resistances this species has.

Thinking that, I take another look.

I didn't even try to kill it. I just bent down and sipped it like jelly.

The only news to me was that it improved the effectiveness of my resistance. What a shame.

It's time to go home.

On my way back, I heard a faint noise mixed in the sound of the snowstorm. I could also detect minor vibrations in the ground. From the distance, these impacts are quite intense.

After sharpening my senses, I decided to head in the direction of the sounds and vibrations.

I'm quite curious after all.

After getting near the origin, the vibrations intensified, and I could distinctly make out the sounds of a battle. Apparently, someone is fighting with something. Taking a higher level of caution I decided to approach closer. I needed to take caution in case I needed to retreat. Since I don't know what form of battle this is, if it's a battlefield between two sides, I cannot get involved, or risk having several dozens of enemies surge upon me from both sides.

With my curiosity building, I proceed down the mountain road. The snow seems to be intensifying, but I proceeded anyway.

I traveled for several minutes. Suddenly, several objects entered my 【Sense Presence】, four small blue points and two yellow points. Near them is one massive red point, four large silver points, and one point I could not clearly identify.

It was jumbled and pretty hard to discern. 

As I approached the location, there were intense sounds of mortal combat in the air. The thunderous sounds were almost as if the world was constantly under an earthquake, shaking violently.

I continued advancing until I reached a clearing on the edge of a cliff. There, the battle had been unfolding. As I had imagined, a fierce battle has been raging.

As I approached, I saw a group of six, four humans and two demi-humans. On the field were also several giants, one substantially larger than the others and had the aura of a great leader.

That said, the other beasts seemed to be normal Fomorians. Their head's are similar to that of a goat. They have fiery eyes and a stalwart upper body with a tail similar to that of a snake. Their lower body is that of a goat, wrapped in black fur. In each of their hands was a massive club-shaped rock fit for their size and use.

The Fomorians made up the silver points. It appears that the Red point was the leader of the group. I decided to call him the Giant King(Balor).

As I had said, the other party were four humans and two beast people. To briefly describe them, the first human was a blonde, blue-eyed swordsman who was quite youthful. There was a heavily armored shield warrior, a beautiful clergywoman with her hand on a Bible, and a beautiful magician chanting spells. There was also a stunning girl with an amazing bust holding a massive spear. For a moment, I was taken in by her looks. She had the ears of a cat and a long tail. The final individual of note was a beautiful girl, with two fuzzy ears and a tail, holding a massive bow.

There were only two males and four women. For the men, their odds were good and well planned. While their battle composition was also good, their choice in team members was excellent, my opinion of them was quite high.

The Swordsman and Spearwoman charge in as the vanguard while being guarded by defensive spells from the clergywoman and the Magician covers their flanks with magical aid and recovery magic while the Archer moves throughout the battlefield giving covering fire.

The entire battle was stunning.

These humans were fully engaged with several beasts, including a unique beast that had a powerful aura.

Looking closer, the humans are forcing the giants back, though however slowly.

Their formation is incredibly advanced and had a sophisticated pattern. These people were obviously elites.

Honestly, it's not hard to admit that these individuals fight very well. On the battlefield, they hardly rely on their levels, [Arts] or their [Job], using their natural fighting abilities to fight. In particular, the movements of the Swordsman were remarkable. Among the party, his agility and bravery stood out as the leader.

To try and put them in order, their leader stands far beyond the rest of the group. Behind him are the two beast people. The other three are quite good, but not nearly the same level of ability. 

Just then, the party managed to collapse one of the Fomorians and deal massive damage before support came from two other Fomorians. That Fomorian might not survive that sort of damage, but it will take some time before it dies. If both sides don't wear each other out, I'll just wait until a chance to slay the weakened Formorian and stash it into my item box to eat later.

Just as it seemed that the humans were making progress, the Giant King stepped in and sent a shock-wave that knocked the human party off balance. In that instant, the humans lost quite a bit of ground, but with the swordsman's actions, they were able to recover. Though they were getting forced back now, the Giant King seemed to no longer have any patience for these humans and was trying to finish it.

To share my feelings, if it were only Fomorians, these humans would have had a good chance, but in this situation with the Giant King present, it might very well be a suicide mission.

Since this was the case, I decided to wait and observe the situation. 

The battle raged for quite some time. I'd estimate the time I have spent observing the situation would be roughly two hours. 

The four main attackers showed obvious signs of exhaustion, though the casualties for the Fomorians were far more severe. The excellent teamwork from the human party had managed to cut down the regular Fomorians, with only the Giant King remaining.

The Young Swordsman had personally defeated two of them, slicing their necks after some ranged support from the Magician and Archer. In another situation, the Spearwoman managed to pierce the skull of another Fomorian after cutting the tendons in its legs. Though in this situation, the Spearwoman was gravely injured in the process. The final Fomorian had been defeated after an extended skirmish. In the end the Magician and Archer had whittled away at it until the Fomorian collapsed.

The ground was stained in a red sea of blood with the cliff overflowing from the large amount of blood from the corpses. 

Just then, a mist of poison started to form. The trees in the surrounding area began to wither rapidly. I rather like a strong poison.

It seems that the mist was from the Cleric, so there is a high chance that it wasn't some normal form of poison. 

It is expected, given their level, but the human party is certainly not intact.

The Shield Warrior was broken after receiving multiple attacks from the Fomorian's Rock Clubs. He was saved through the Spearwoman's interference, at the expense of her receiving heavy injuries as well. Due to the long engagement, both the Cleric and the Magician will be low on Mana by this point in time. The Magician has already been stunned from Mana exhaustion and had to be rescued by the Archer twice already.

The Archer had to collect her arrows from the corpses around the battlefield to reuse them, due to the length of the engagement. Just then, the Archer was sent flying. Luckily she was caught by the Spearwoman, but her injuries were severe.

With the severe injury of a second member, this had become an impossible battle.

If not treated, at least three of them would probably die.

As it is, both the Archer and Shield warrior are close to death.

After some light fighting, the Spearwoman collapsed from her injuries, leaving the Swordsman the only remaining front-line fighter.

The Cleric desperately tried to heal the injuries of the swordsman. She seemed to be using a massive amount of Mana as she did swift and surgical mends to the Swordsman's body. There were only three left.

Honestly, these few people have fought quite well. Imagine the dwarf figure of a human fighting against a towering Fomorian that is several times larger than your own. The fact is that this entire fight was something out of mythology.

The battle still raged for quite some time, the human Swordsman Youth continued to battle, showing a massive extent of discipline and a well trained body with multiple [Arts] and excellent equipment. However long he struggled, the Giant King resisted with ease, the battle without limits was beautiful in its own way.

But near the end, both parties still stood. While the Giant King was injured to a certain point, the Swordsman Youth was covered with severe wounds that the Cleric could not keep up with. 

The winner was certain by this point.

Just then, the air in the area changed.

I could hear the Giant King begin the chanting of magic.

Though the result of this high class magic was only a minor wound, the human's expressions were that of frustration and horror.

The women all had facial expressions of despair as they looked at what they thought was their doom.

The only one that still held determination in their expression was the Youthful Swordsman. When I saw that, I made my decision.

I pull out one of my larger ranged weapons and quickly set to changing it into something that resembled a sniper rifle. An elongated barrel will allow for a much more accurate shot. In the end, the barrel is more than twice the size of my body. I decided to merge this new item into my silver arm. I moved quickly, because I knew that the party had less than ten minutes before the Young Swordsmen would collapse and the party would be wiped out.

I embedded several abilities into my silver arm and then loaded a massive black arrow. This arrow has more than five times the destructive power of a normal bolt. It also has attributes of Origin magic that I added to further increase its power.

Even if this shot was something that could destroy a castle wall, it probably might not be enough to kill the Giant King. This creature had dozens of years of experience and a defense far stronger than my own, I'm not even sure whether or not this attack will be successful.

With that in mind, I went ahead to further overlay my abilities.

I wanted to increase my odds of a certain kill to the highest possible limit. Whether I kill it or not, if I fail, then this story might not be a funny story. It's been almost a minute since the Giant King had started to prepare for some form of attack. All I had to do was wait for the opening when he went in for the kill. At that moment I would strike with everything I had.

And then it came. The Giant King let out a triumphant laughter and let forth a surge of destruction and magic that began destroying the entire landscape.

I became the sniper on the hill, preparing to assassinate the target, and this was my chance.

The modified silver arm had been prepped and loaded with highly compressed hydrogen gas. The explosion fired the ammunition out with great speed. The result of combining my abilities with a firearm saw to the manifestation of a weapon that is greater than any siege weapon. This weapon is a rail-gun capable of firing a projectile so fast that the target will be hit before gravity even has the chance to affect the ammunition.

The air is cut so quickly that the ripples and shock-wave of the bolt are clearly visible. 

The great Giant King was mere meters away from the human party when I fired the shot.

The effect of the blow was deafening, the shock-wave launched a tsunami of blood and gore onto of the human party.

The bolt pierced in to the cliff, causing a massive explosion which caused a great portion of the cliff to collapse. Several of the dead Fomorians fell down in the incident. The result of the first test of this weapon was a success. 

The Giant King's head had been gouged out and began to fall to the ground.

The Giant King's body began to collapse, falling right on top of the Human party.

I had already considered this situation, and at the very moment that the shot fired, I had already leaped with a burst of speed. Within the fraction of a fraction of a second that the bolt had fired, I had already closed the full distance and was prepared to follow up on my surprise attack to finish the assault. When the Giant King died, I used my speed to keep the humans from being crushed. 

Just then, the entire cliff began to collapse. As such, I ensured that the humans wouldn't end up getting crushed from to falling rocks. Since they provided me with an excellent show for such a long period of time, I'll consider that as payment.

I'm a pretty good guy after all.

Though to add further reasoning, they weren't my quarry, so there wasn't a reason to allow substantially weakened humans from being flattened by falling rocks.

Then, I brought my attention to the Giant King, his broken body and separated head had fallen with us. I took the time to crack a smile. Here the Giant King had been about to unleash a great wave of destruction, only to be destroyed himself. He was destroyed in an instant, unable to recognize that his life had been ended, puzzled as to why his own body came into vision as he died.

While basking in triumph, I set out to recover the Giant King's corpse and the other Fomorians. I did not let a single part escape my collection, placing them all in to large spaces in my item box.

I wasn't sure if something that massive would fit in my item box, but sure enough, it went in without a problem.

After I finished that, I had to question whether or not I'd also kill the party to collect their equipment and abilities. It was a difficult choice. The possibility of adding them to my mercenary group would probably be low.

Gee. That was a good hunt, at the beginning, I was certain that I would kill everything here if both parties were worn down enough, though now I'm questioning that decision.

The Cleric wasn't able to understand the situation at all. She's frantic and panicking. Just when they were about to be slain by the Giant King, his neck bursts into a pool of blood, covering them. Then, they were swept away and saved before getting crushed by the falling rocks. This is certainly a situation that would make most people speechless.

In this state, I could kill them all without problems since it's me.

I approached them in a state where my abilities are active, my killing intent was spiking very high.

Just then, the greatly wounded Shield warrior and Spearwoman position themselves in front of the Cleric, though their wounds are very heavy. Their equipment is mostly broken, their clothing is tattered, and they were all covered with blood. The two in front of me sport twisted and distorted bodies, they both have over a dozen broken bones due to their injuries.

Their eyes burned with fire. Seeing that, I snapped out of my blood lust, something that seemed to be detected by the two. Though they didn't let down their guard, their staggered gasps did not get past me.

Then I really started to think. I can't simply state the reason they were defeated by me was because they are weak. I had watched them fight and turn to this sorry state after a great battle against powerful opponents. Suddenly, I show up and interfere with their battle and collect all of the rewards. The thought of also killing them when they were in this state hit a sour note.


Then, I turned and faced the Young Swordsman. I walked right up to him and looked him in the eyes. His eyes were tired, but he had a fire in his spirit, something that I really liked. To kill this man who shows no fear to me would be a waste. To eat his flesh and blood when I had not been able to fight him yet would be a waste. To kill him would be a waste.

I decided that I would capture them and bring them with me. I stated that I was not going to kill them, but on the condition that they came with me. Hearing this, the Young Swordsman looked in to my eyes for several minutes, then agreed.

I was able to obtain several Fomorian bodies, as well as the Flesh of the Giant King today. Furthermore, I managed to gather several strong humans as well. A bonus was that there were several beauties mixed in with the group. 

After the Young Swordsman agreed to my request, he showed no signs of hostility, though the others were cautious. I proceeded to treat them one by one. First, I set out to work on the Shield warrior, as he could die at any moment. I gave him one of Alchemist-san's life potions to stabilize his condition while I also treated the two Beast people. 

The Cleric and Magician would be able to recover naturally, but even so, I forced them to drink mana recovery potions, courtesy of Alchemist-san's work.

During the battle they drained their power greatly. In cases where it is drained too quickly, it can have negative effects on the body, something that I wanted to avoid.

I could have used my 【Blood Elixir】 to treat them to full health, but I thought better of it. The risks of having that information come into circulation was too great of a risk. All of their wounds were stabilized and would heal naturally if left alone.

They slowly began to lessen their caution around me as I continued healing them. They probably assumed that I was an Ogre Mage, entities known for their great power but almost never attacked humans.

The fact that my killing intent was so powerful also further served to deter thoughts of attacking me.

I was asked what happened to the corpses, and I simply fed them a lie that I had used a magic item to store them.

In the circumstances, there was still a risk towards my own survival, even though the party is still weak, the fact remains that the Youthful Swordsman could still fight me evenly. I wasn't willing to become greedy for several items at the cost of my life, so the next best option was to win them over to my side. Some of them were still not fully convinced, but for the moment, they didn't make any moves on me. The tension slowly fell.

I was also tempted to take the women for myself, but I quickly dismissed that thought due to the risks involved with capturing the beauties. It would certainly put me at odds with the Young Swordsman. After I finished healing them, I was asked why I went out of my way to help them. My response being that I was in the area and was interested in gathering the materials. Since they were about to be wiped out, I made my decision to stop waiting and took my chances.

The group was pretty suspicious of my story, there were quite a few points that I'd have suspicions with if I had been on the receiving end. Though everything I had said was more or less true, I did want the materials, and only acted once they were about to be destroyed. The only one of the party that could accept this was the Youthful Swordsman who bowed his head and gave me his thanks.

The great build up of tension was broken with that sign of good will from the Youthful Swordsman. I hadn't gathered up all of the materials from the Fomorians, so I set out to take care of that as well.

While I was doing that, I decided that since we were on a mission, it wouldn't be best to bring more hands with us, putting the risk on our group. So in the end, we went our separate ways, I passed up on several parts of the Fomorians and that was the end of it.

I quickly made my way from the area since the time was running short on my ability to eat my prizes. My anxiety was still present because when I begin to eat, I would become open to attack and would risk losing my prize in a bad situation.

I spent roughly ten minutes at full speed to find a safe place to begin eating my spoils.

Although the head was gone, the body of the beast was quite large. It would take me far too long to ingest the entire thing, so I decided It would be time to test out one of my theories. With that I turned my body into that of a massive slime using 【Metamorphosis】. I wrapped the entire body of the Giant King in a layer of my body to absorb the materials. The body was unreasonably large to begin with, and it would have taken hours to eat normally, but this way proved perfect for experimentation. 

In the end, there was no problem and I absorbed the corpses with ease:

Ability Learned: 【Deadly Evil Eye】

Ability Learned: 【Overkill】

Ability Learned: 【Giant King's Supreme Strike】

Ability Learned: 【Giant King's Dignity】

Ability Learned: 【Giant King's Wisdom】

Ability Learned: 【Giant King's Flesh and Blood】

Ability Learned: 【Giant King's Body】

Ability Learned: 【Vitality of the Mysterious Giant】

Ability Learned: 【Giant's Iron Hammer】

Ability Learned: 【Giant Killing】

Ability Learned: 【Aspect of the Giants】

Ability Learned: 【Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya)】

Ability Learned: 【Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)】

Ability Learned: 【Complete Aqua Resistance】

Ability Learned: 【Complete Lightning Resistance】

Ability Learned: 【Complete Evil Eye Resistance】

Ability Learned: 【Complete Earth Resistance】

Ability Learned: 【Region Ruler】

Ability Learned: 【Tyranny of the King】

Ability Learned: 【Lesser Summoning: Giant】

Ability Learned: 【Language of the Giants】

Never before, have I gained so many abilities from a single species; over twenty abilities were gained in one go. 

I can't say that I could have hidden my surprise even if I wanted to.

To imagine that these creatures were so powerful, but for now, I needed to calm myself and return.

I want to spend some time with my children, so it is necessary to call my hunt to a close here.

On my way, I decided to test several of my abilities as I walked. Once, there appeared a snow rabbit and I chose 【Giant King's Iron Hammer】 to use against it. In a flash, there was an illusion of something massive in my arms. When I swung, the rabbit formed a flower of red blood and disappeared. Quite the scary weapon, but it is quite usable.

After that, nothing else interesting occurred, and I found myself back at the cave. I embraced my children involuntarily.

Just then, I heard "Papa". Apparently, the Sisters had taught some words to the children while I was away. The one who had said this was my son Argento. Ah, it's too good, I want a camera to record this scene. I'll remember these memories for years to come.

At any rate, I contacted the Dwarves and Elves back at the base to report the growth experienced by the children. It was just generally assumed that since I was so greatly abnormal, that my children would be similarly so.

After I play with Auro and Argento for some time, I ground a part of the White Stag's antler into powder form and put it in to their breast milk from the Sisters. Both of Auro and Argento's bodies began to glow slightly and their Demon Orbs began to shine. It's quite possible that they might indeed have capabilities similar to my own, they will indeed become great warriors in the future.

The White Stag must be powerful. With how large these antlers are, it will last for quite some time for supplementing my children's growth. It will suffice in small quantities. Given the power of the beast, doing this should surely increase their power potential as they grow up.

After thinking for a short time, I pass a small piece to Redhead, who after only a small bite her eye's glowed a deep red and her entire body began to shake from the sheer raw power imbued within the antlers.

Seeing this I grew far too tempted and took a small portion for myself:

Ability unlocked: 【Protection of the ■ Beast】

Ability unlocked: 【Beloved child of  ■■■】

Seeing this, it was clear that I had misjudged this beast entirely. This beast could be on par with ancient gods. His power was so great, that I was conceited to think that I even had a percent of a chance to defeat this creature. In reality, there was a zero percent chance that I would have survived. 

The fact that I hadn't been killed was from the White Stag's mercy.

I had been far too immature and hasty. From there, I swore to myself that I would grow more powerful than the White Stag.

Well, if I ever encounter it again, I will exercise a great caution and respect its strength.

The White Stag is probably so delicious, I would never be able to comprehend the taste. 

My mind then went back to my children, I wondered if they had gained some of my abilities, or rather if they had gained my ability to absorb abilities. Either would be quite useful in the long run.

On that same thought, I was curious to discover whether or not there were other beings, other than myself, with the ability to absorb the abilities of their prey.

By the way, Redhead got a new profession 【Job-Sacred Beast Eater】. Seeing as a similar event happened to my children, they might have picked up the same profession, or they might have also gained the 【Protection of the ■ Beast】.

Well, the children are still too young to grasp the situation. Besides, I'm exhausted today.

With that, I surrendered to sleep.

[Level has surpassed the specified value]

[Special Conditions fulfilled « Army Massacre »« Pseudo Divinity »« Landlord Killing »« Giant King Killing »« ■■ Declaration» and has unlocked [Apostle Lord Extinct Species] for [Rank-Up] is now possible].

[Do you wish to [Rank-Up]?]

[«YES» «NO»]

I selected «YES» with the last shreds of my consciousness before I pass in to the darkness of sleep.

[Ogarou had Ranked-up to the required rank]

[True name granted by ※※※  is now available]

[Ogarou has received True Name: {Yatendouji}]

[Yatendouji has been granted Unique Skills]

[Yatendouji's Unique Skills:]

[Ability granted {Leader of the Demon's Gathering} ]

[Ability granted {Acceptance of the Demon's Gathering} ]

[Yatendouji has received special conditions in favor of the Gods]

[Specific Conditions Required, as designated from ※※※, Yatendouji will receive five special abilities granted from ※※※ ]

[An error has been detected]

[Among the special abilities to be granted, there are two release conditions that have not been met]

[Releasing abilities for which the conditions have been met]

[Yatendouji will Acquire the following abilities:]

[Wrath of Heaven]

[Fate Plunder]

[Destiny of a great Mythological Figure {Black Eclipse Demon} ]

[Special ability ■■■■] remains locked {Conditions not met} ]

[Special ability ■■■■] remains locked {Conditions not met} ]