Day 116 Sidestory: Avenger's POV

Finally, finally! This day has finally come! When I think back, before the day our fate changed when I gained [Blessing of the Sun God], I spent every day striving to make her, Aina, my wife.

Precisely because we weren’t able to freely marry, I used that fact as my heart’s support.

Even at the school, which raises strong soldiers in the Royal Capital, when I was oppressed, despised and envied by many of the nobility. Even when noble daughters approached me with ulterior motives, sticking to me, making me feel terrible. In order to increase the veterans even just a little bit, even when I had to drench my whole body of the enemy’s blood on the battlefield. Even that time when I cut off the head of a young soldier, crying while running away.

I was able to overcome everything because Aina was there...

I was able to fight because I knew Aina was living in this world. I couldn’t lose.

The Nobles that were overcome with jealousy, were granted my forgiveness. For the Noble daughters with ulterior motives, I addressed them with a calm, firm look and words that were not lies. When I would become paralyzed on the battlefield, I would only concentrate on killing the enemy. Even if they begged for their life in front of me, I was able to kill without a second thought.

Aina was the pillar of my existence.

My heart had been protected by Aina’s presence.

That’s right, on those days there were many things I was afraid of. Born as only a farmer, the I of that time... I was living too comfortably at the center of the country.

Things that you couldn’t even think of in the village, were common in the royal capital. The bad oppressive atmosphere, hardened by lies replied with more lies, was definitely at the royal capital. Therefore, in order to get Aina, whom I could trust from the very bottom of my heart. To bring Aina as a lover to the royal capital, I had continued to fight.

And finally, my efforts rewarded, the king allowed us to marry.

I have obtained the right to make Aina my wife.

That said, we’re not going to marry immediately, since such procedures and preparation take time, that’s why I’m going to pick her up today.

So I hurried, even just a little more, and can’t keep my feelings suppressed. I’m currently just over the field, riding my horse as fast as I can.

On my way, I encountered a flame-wielding “Fokkurufu”, and a bear that had the head of a boar, a “Rough Raccon Boar” I decapitated the heads in one go, and left the corpses behind.

I think even the bones of the corpses wouldn’t be left by monsters, and even if they become undead, they would hardly be a threat if they're missing their limbs and heads.

By eliminating the threat of “Tachifusagaru” and other such monsters, I hurry in order to arrive early even by the smallest amount of time in the village where I was born.

And at the verge of reaching the village, there was an unpleasant smell.

It was a smell of blood that I was so accustomed to.

While I was thinking, “Why the smell of blood?”, I had a bad feeling.

My premonitions had hit the mark.

When I entered the village, I saw a sight I had grown so accustomed to, and the trembling in the deepest part of my heart spread.

Only half of a head was on the ground, it was Ajiru, a hunter. He is a middle-aged man who had a bright personality, and often lifted the atmosphere. Now he had an expression of anguish while sinking in a sea of ​​blood and organs. His eyes were widely opened, they held a deep grudge, and were overflowing with tears of blood.

Embracing only half their bodies, an elderly couple is dead, D'occi and Buhr. They were two people that fought a lot on a daily basis, but if you look at the corpses, they were really in love. Their facial expressions were peaceful, which soothed my grief.

A girl that just turned 10 years old, Ayla, has a hardened face with expressions of pain and despair, the only thing remaining relatively intact is her right arm, it is the only part not cut thousands of times, barely connected by the skin and trapezius muscle. And in the small hand of Ayla’s is clasped the hand of a smaller child than herself, she might have been running up until the point when both she and her younger brother, Egeru, died. Only the held arm, up to the elbow, remained, so I could only guess if it belonged to Egeru or not.

On the roof of the only pharmacy, there is a woman who has her intestines spread out, everything gone below the lower pelvis, her name was Sharei. She had just married with one of my three younger brothers, Mujia last year, even though there were reports that she loved only herself, she’s died while smiling with feelings of hatred. Meat chunks, similar to human beings at the bottom of the corpse, may be two children of her.

---- ~Tsu !!

I yelled her name with a loud roar in the village.

I had sent a letter in advance and told her that I will pick her up, and my letter got replied, so Aina definitely ought to be here.

If Aina dies, I would die, too. Organs with this hand, that can only be Aina. The eyeball lying at the feet, that can only be Aina. The body soaked with blood, that can only be Aina.

So my mind became mad and I could no longer consider anything.

- Aina, where are you! ~Tsu !!

Expression of Aina that fill's my mind, her gentle voice, her casual gestures, her sweet smell, her soft skin, 'you can rest assured' relieved warmth, a number of years and stacked memories.

I went to the location that is open and is the center of the village shouting, and looked around.

Small sound. If you look there, Aina's small shadow was there. Her body was trembling little by little from fear, blood makeup is decorated in blue shark face. Her used-to-be-beautiful clothes was stained red with blood, but are some places damaged, I don't cares as long as Aina is alive.

But Aina is a smile of relief that saw me, it was remember the impatience to to come running up to me under.

I saw it before coming here, a large hole in the ground inside the village.

The monster that struck the village is a kind of the type to move underground, its kind tracks the target on the ground by vibration.

Even so I raised a loud voice from earlier, it can find you If you're here.

Yet Aina comes running. The possibility that she is targeted increases.

I told Aina to stop of course, but because of her fear, Aina just would not stop coming towards me. And if it brought Aina quickly even a little if that happens, the only choice was not going to be far off.

Luckily the distance is not so far. I also start running. Immediately hurried to go the distance.

And stretched fingers and fingers, we slightly touched. I sighed naturally and smiled to each other from the relief.

- The next moment, something jumped out of the ground.

In front of my eyes, the lower body of Aina is lost along with fresh blood. Her upper body comes flying as if propelled towards me. Dakitomeru. The blank face that stares at me from the arm. Eyes lost their light. Red spewing from the upper body of the cross section. Weight and warmth of organs spread in the hands. Lost and go heat.

What had happened, I did not know. Aina was in my arms, with her lower body lost. Even looking at the face of Aina, even with a hug, she did not react with flutters. What happened next, I did not know.


Although I feel as somewhere far away from events, when the heavy cry went up a strange distorted sound from my vocal cords, an important part of my spirit was broken.

I thought I saw Aina seeking help in the red-colored sight. Of course, such things are illusions. Aina will not move anymore in my arms.

It was painful, unbearable, and sad, the Evil Bug centipede-type that I saw, I absolutely hate it. I thought from the bottom of my heart that I would kill it.

After laying Aina on the ground, I roar like a beast and unshealth my sword.

This guy is the enemy of Aina, and I will kill it.

· Sigurd has lost those who he loves.

· Sigurd's spirit has been contaminated with negative feelings.

· Sigurd's became the avenger.

· I was successful in defeating the Evil Bug centipede-type.

· Avenger has runaway with sadness.

· Avenger was attacked by Aporou after he came.

· The runaway Avenger has been conquered by Aporou.

· In order to avenge Aina, Avenger agreed to serve under Aporou with promise of a greater power.

· Avenger of Psalms has been incorporated into the Psalms of Aporou.


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 ようやく、ようやくだ。ようやくこの日がやってきた。  思い返せば、【陽光の神の加護】を得た事で運命が一変したあの日から、俺は彼女を、アイナを妻に迎える為に努力し続ける日々を過ごしてきた。


 王都にある優れた軍人を育成する学園で、多くの貴族に嫉妬され蔑まれ虐げられた時も。  下心だけで近づいてくる令嬢が、べたべたと気持ち悪く接触してきた時も。  少しでも戦果を挙げる為に、戦場で全身を敵の血で濡らした時も。  泣き叫びながら向かってくる少年兵の首を、切り落としたあの時も。



 嫉妬に捕らわれた貴族には、それを寄せ付けない力を見せつけた。  気持ちの悪い令嬢には、嘘で塗り固めた表情と言葉で対処した。  戦場に立てば感覚が麻痺して、ただ敵を殺す事だけに集中した。  眼の前で命乞いされても、何も思わず殺せるようになった。



 そうだ、あの日から俺の周りには怖いモノが多くなりすぎた。  ただの農民として生まれ、生きていた俺が、生きていくには国の中心は余りに息苦しかった。

 村では考えられない事が、王都では普通だった。嘘を嘘で固めたような気持ち悪い空気が、王都には確かにあった。  だから心の底から安心できるアイナを手に入れる為に、恋人であるアイナを王都に迎える為に、俺は戦い続けていたのだ。

















 他にも隣人が、知人が、親戚が惨たらしい有様で死に絶えていた。  だが、まだ誰か分かる程度の損傷ならば良い方だろう。大半は原型すら止めていないのだ。


 そして俺が感じた縄張りの主張は、事実その通りなのだろう。  凶暴で好奇心旺盛な高レベルモンスターは、時にこのような惨劇を造りだす。そしてその場合、生存者はほぼ居ない。  住民の悉くが殺される。
















 運良く距離はそう離れていない。俺も走り出す。即座に埋まっていく距離。  そして伸ばした指と指が、僅かに触れた。安堵からお互いに自然と笑みを交わした。



 何が起きたのか、分からなかった。  アイナは俺の腕の中に居る。下半身を無くした状態で。アイナの顔を見ても、抱きしめても、ピクリとも反応しない。  何が起きたのか、分からなかった。



 赤く染まった視界の中で、アイナが助けを求めているのが見えた気がした。  当然、そんなモノは幻影だ。アイナは俺の腕の中で、もう動く事は無い。













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