Day 124

Day 124

After the morning training and lunch, Minokichi and his group returned home.

Immediately upon his return, Minokichi-kun requested to spar and since I was highly interested in Minokichi-kun’s growth, I simply couldn’t reject it.

I quickly set up a special arena and we’ll be able to have our first match in a long time.


Sternbild Kingdom has the Four Symbolic Heroes, and the Kirika Empire has the Eight Great Knights. This forest existed on the edge of the border between these two nations.

1200 years ago, the godly existence Noboru Rank Up into a Demigod of Deep Green where he met the Fairy King Gufusto.

Genaha was born within the temple where he lived and died.

After 1200 years had passed since the godly existence of Noburu had Rank Up, the emission of the [Divine Power] of the event was still present within the Kuuderun Great Forest.

The Elves who had their bodies far more in tune with nature than humans understood that the forest was far different compared to others and lived within it peacefully.

Because of certain circumstances of the allied forces of the Empire and the Kingdom, they invaded the forest of the Elves. But these forces were repelled by the help of the mighty and wise Ogres living deep within the Mysterious forest and peace was regained once more.

But the scars of war remained deeply carved unto several places of Kuuderun Great Forest.

Due to the presence of the Demigod of Deep Green’s remnant [Divine Power], the growth of the trees and forest material was far faster than normal. The scars of war would be healed within several months.

In one part of this mysterious forest, the ironclad stronghold of the Mercenary Company Parabellum existed.

When the sun reached the highest point, the construction of a flat External Training Field had been formed. With walls nearly twenty meters in height and a cylindrical hole within the ground with a diameter of nearly 130 meters, the zone looked quite similar to that of the Colosseum of the Ancient Roman Empire.

It was here that two great beasts would face each other.

One of these two demons was holding the red spear [Starving Impaler of a Thousand Thorns] upon his shoulder.

There, Aporou stood with his mighty silver arm, three horns upon his head, a deep black aura exuding from his presence, true to his name as Yatendouji.

Before him stood a creature of ghastly vigor and strength. In one hand was the mightly spirit axe [Scorching Acquittal Axe] and the spirit forged tower shield [Minotaur’s Thunder Flame Shield].

Before Aporou stood the mighty Minokichi-kun who stood as a new species of the Minotaur. Lightning crackled from his breath as he stood towering over his opponant, true to his name as the [Lightning Bull Emperor Keraunos].

Both of them were letting out an obvious feeling of anxiety and excitement, betraying their excitement were two awfully belligerent smiles.

“It’s been quite some time since we last fought, hasn’t it, Minokichi-kun? However, it seems just as always, you have once again become very strong.”

“That is right, I fight alone in the bottom of the labyrinth for increasing power and skill. In comparison, I see before me someone stronger. All I am in order to become equal to you, Aporou, and to beat you.”

“Oh? Equal to me?”

“That is so. That I become equal to Aporou, my true lifelong friend. Therefore, need much power.”

They exchanged words.

There were no lies from Minokichi-kun’s words, they were powerful words that let those people who heard them understand his true intentions.

Because of those good willed feelings, Aporou became embarrassed of the situation and changed his expression. Scratching his cheek with his silver arm’s finger that made a crunching sound as he did so.

“Is that right? Hmmm… Well, I’m fully motivated at this point, so let’s stop our reminiscence here and begin.”

Aporou fixed his breathing and reinforced his will, pointing his red spear towards the direction of Minokichi-kun’s heart.

On the other hand, Minokichi-kun’s axe and shield were set into motion, as the response to Aporou’s question.

“Nevertheless, as always, an admirable posture… But…”


“This time, it shall be my victory!!”

“Ha ha! How very interesting. Then, I shall use my full power from the very start, prepare yourself!”

The two mutually reliant friends exchanged a grand and warm smile.

Then, as if the tension itself had been severed, the fight began with a great roar from Minokichi.


It was an aggressive roar like that of an explosion.

It held an extraordinarily powerful roar that caused ripples within the very earth surrounding the two. This caused weaker earth and stones to rumble and life from the ground from the tremors. The sheer intensity of the roar caused those of weaker minds to faint from just the impact of the roar, even Aporou’s movements had been dulled for the briefest of seconds.

One could have perhaps even died from fear if the difference between the two had been too great, that was the effect of the roar of such a level.

It was just then that Aporou selected the very same type of roar as the necessary counterattack.

From the various abilities that he had obtained, dozens were floating around in his brain, and the one that was selected was [Black Demon's Roar].


Normally, Minokichi-kun, who was basically a Minotaur, should have won in the roar confrontation easily.

As there is a limit to the volume in which Aporou’s body is capable of producing as a member of the Ogre race, the [Roar] which was treated as an attack should not have been able to defeat a Minotaur’s.

However, as it is an ability known to Aporou as [Black Demon's Roar], such common sense is shattered, and the volume that would originally have never been possible for Aporou was attained.

His roar was such that as Thunder itself.

The roars of both sides collide, negating each other and the energy escaping from both Aporou and Minokichi-kun created earth shattering crevices forming exactly at the halfway point between the two.

[Paralyze] and [Fear] are two abilities that have an abnormal invisible attack that gives a person who encounters it a bad status condition that violates the mind and body.

For the members who were watching the battle between Aporou and Minokichi-kun from a great distance, the percentage of those who fainted due to the after effects were 50%, with another 40% no longer capable of movement and were frozen on the spot.

But, a simple judgment from Minokichi-kun and Aporou suggested that such a roar was merely a greeting for them.

Aporou and Minokichi-kun did not experience any bad statuses due to both attacks having counterbalanced each other.


The two roars stop, and Minokichi-kun was once again the one who made his move.

While achieving a courageous shout of war and spirit, Minokichi-kun drove himself forward, placing his momentum upon his shield that dawned the head of a golden cow. His axe raised above his shoulder, he rushed full tilt towards Aporou.

The attack Minokichi-kun used, however, was an attack that Aporou was highly familiar with. The path of the attack was clear and the skill was all too well known.

The attack that Minokichi-kun was using was a simple, yet strong attack. It was a technique that Aporou taught Minokichi-kun who often chose to use it.

It was a technique that was used to rush in to close the distance between oneself and the opponent, preventing enemy attacks with a massive shield and driving one’s own body into the enemy’s space to break their stance and disrupt their posture. In the final moment, the axe is lowered and a devastating strike with all of one’s strength is delivered.

LN V3 2 213

It’s a basic attack that anyone who uses a shield and axe would train to use commonly.

Therefore, Aporou was well informed of the actions required to defeat the attack presented to him.

Though, the speed of the attack was different to what Aporou had known Minokichi-kun commonly used. The weight was different, the power output was off and the scale was changed.

There were various incidents that occurred before Aporou.

Out of the Golden wool-like lower part of Minokichi-kun came a crackling sound and a golden thunderbolt with each step that crushes the ground.

Hoof by hoof, he pressed his massive figure forward, the situation that developed was just like a bombardment.

From the head of the axe that was still perched upon his shoulder, white flames began to surge forth and his advance drastically increased in speed.

Quite similar to that of a booster, Minokichi's speed accelerated explosively.

The atmosphere was torn up by Minokichi-kun, a shockwave occurred. It stood the proof that his speed had exceeded the very speed of sound. A destructive storm scattered the surroundings, a shaking tail of light that was ever expanding, the trace of golden thunder and white flames erupting from the center.

Minokichi-kun’s speed had long since exceeded the speed of sound, after that point, only the sound is left as it approached Aporou.

Because he had become a Minotaur and gained great power and the divine protection of several gods. Minokichi-kun’s attack reached the point where it was no longer visible.

“That is certainly fast!”

Currently, Aporou as an Apostle Lord has excellent perceptual abilities and with his ability [Speed Parallel Thinking] combined with Aporou’s perception and experience, the movements of the causal world was as if everything was moving in slow motion.

In Aporou’s world, if a bullet were fired out of a high powered rifle, to him, it would be the same as if it had stopped the moment Aporou got serious.

Even then, Minokichi-kun moved at an abnormal speed.

The twenty meters of space that stood between the two of them would be closed in only several steps, the massive figure ever closing the gap.

The axe was swung, lowered vigorously with a great roar. Everything would be felled before the mighty strike, anything touched would be annihilated instantly.

It was like a massive rock feel down.

Aporou used his red spear [Starving Impaler of a Thousand Thorns] to receive it while deflecting the momentum of the strike. The result succeeded in blocking the approaching overhead blow.

The axe collided with the red spear and a harsh, abnormal sound was heard, sparks scattered all across the battlefield and the glorious white flames raged out of the head as it crashed into the red spear. 

Aporou’s head was instantly covered with a torrent of white flames, though this was only for an instant. While Aporou had parried the axe from where it would have normally hit the body, his head was burned from the white flames. His flesh and blood creaked from the shock of the axe creating an impact.

Though the pressure of the strike in no way managed to cut him, the hit still sunk him roughly ankle deep into the soil.

If Aporou was not equipped with the red spear but instead of the halberd created by Blacksmith-san, he would not have been able to block the strike and would have been cut. 

But, since it was the red spear, the power was able to be diverted to the side without being broken.

Regardless, it was an attack far superior compared to before. Aporou was both astonished and excited about it.

“Ha ha! Excellent Minokichi-kun, as expected, you certainly are the best!”

The axe that was blocked from it’s initial target met the ground with a crash.

It crushed the ground and the surrounding shock sent rocks at the speed of bullets.

The rocks collided with his skin, but didn’t do anything in particular, Aporou simply didn’t feel any pain.

Aporou, who didn’t suffer any damage, turned to counter attack immediately, but the white flames and the golden thunder that erupted from the head of the axe burned the surroundings and the range of destruction greatly expanded.

Aporou’s movements had dulled slightly from the surprise of this instant.

Minokichi-kun now had three [Divine Protections]: [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Fire], [Divine Protection of the Demigod of War], and [Divine Protection of the God of Lightning], these were the golden thunder and white flames from the Demigod of Fire and God of Lightning which granted Minokichi-kun their power.

But because Aporou ate the Red Bear, he also received the [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Fire], though even with this, receiving such a strong flame with a [Divine Protection] alone would be difficult, even with his overlapping abilities would have caused trouble.

Of course there was a reason why Minokichi-kun was able to use such strong thunderous flames.

When he became the new variant of the Minotaur species, he obtained a factor that greatly raised the power of his axe strikes.

It was an ability unique to him and the effect was great, it was called [One who becomes an Axe] and another ability he had gained was called [Thunder Flames of the God of Murder] that greatly increases the power of his thunder flame attacks. 

Minokichi-kun loves to use his [Scorching Acquittal Axe] which holds a unique ability [Fire that Burns the Sinful].

Though, the factor that aided him the most would certainly be his high affinity with the fire attribute.

The power that Minokichi-kun has obtained was something that could even equal Aporou’s strength. It was something clearly visible from that situation.

Normally, with just a single blow the battle would have been settled.

Even if one were to be able to avoid the strong swing, the combined powers of the great white flames and the golden thunder released after the mighty blow would have been enough to slay any normal enemy.

In the first place, just the strike from the great axe would have been enough to make just about any opponent pass out.

To be able to either block, or even dodge the attacks from the current Minokichi-kun, there could be no member in all of Parabellum besides Aporou himself capable of such a feat. 

Even if one were to prevent being hit by the axe itself, what awaits you afterwards are the brutal white flames and golden thunder.

However, because Aporou had [Null Electric Damage] his body was not burned by the golden thunder that surged upon him. No matter how strong the golden thunder was, the [Thunder and Lightning] strike could not and would not affect the great Aporou.

But that was not to say that he was invincible. Even with the [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Fire] and [Complete Fire Resistance] the damage of the white flames of an unnaturally super-high temperature was not nullified completely.

It’s only natural since Aporou lacked any ability to fully nullify it, thus even by reducing the damage, he would still take some damage.

Aporou’s hair was burnt by the strong white flames as well as part of his cheek and forehead were severely burnt. There was the smell of burning and the sound of his left eyeball splitting from being completely burnt was heard.

Aporou’s face was in a great deal of pain from having his left eye crushed and so instinctively used [Hyper Speed Regeneration]. The skin which had festered and burnt away had been cured as if time itself were reversed.

The burnt skin and eyeball regenerated in the blink of an eye and any damage that had been dealt was negated.

But in this briefest of instances, not only did Aporou prevent the attack, but also went on the counterattack.

“Don’t just focus down on the opponent, consider the entire battlefield.”

While giving advice was his everyday habit, Aporou had started to form both water and earth spears behind Minokichi-kun.

At the same time, his silver hand collides with Minokichi-kun’s shield. The dull sound that occurred as the shield intercepted the approaching strike.

Both combatants felt the shock throughout their entire body.

Just at that moment, Aporou executes the water and earth attacks with the spears. 

While considering that Minokichi-kun would be focusing on the front, Aporou’s standard attacking method was to attack at the same time with both attacks from the front, back and blind-spots to break his opponent’s posture.

It is very difficult to prevent or fight effectivily against this form of attack as it is near impossible for Minokichi-kun to see behind himself, especially considering his opponent at his front.

If it had been the former Minokichi-kun, his posture would have been quite easily broken, however, Minokichi-kun had become far stronger than he had been before.

The sheer increase of power and skill had even slighly escaped Aporou’s expectations, if even only a small margin.


“...The!?” (Aporou)


Golden thunder and white flames blew up from Minokichi-kun’s entire body.

From behind, the white flames and golden thunder burnt and evaporated the water and earth spears. The pieces blown into the air and at the same time that the silver arm was touching the shield the head of the golden bull had began to shine.

Aporou jumped back instantly to gain some distance, but Minokichi-kun’s advance was even faster than Aporou could retreat. He was caught as he could not generate the necessary distance as an illusion-like figure of the golden cow’s head was made to as if it was jumping out of the shield.

The illusion of the golden cow pierced, with it’s sharp horns, into Aporou’s flesh.

The damage was so fierce that it would gouge out one’s guts, and because Aporou, who had jumped and was now in the air, could not easily evade it to either the left or the right.

Evading would be very difficult and the hands Aporou had put out to meet the attack was quite limited in their defence.

Even so, Aporou chose to grab it, the illusion, with his silver arm.

As his flesh arm was holding to the red spear, he could not yield such a weapon during this battle.

Although one might say to just simply grab it, that would not be so easy as the sheer speed of Minokichi-kun was exceeding the very speed of sound. The distance between the two only being mere 5 meters, total point blank range.

It would be quite normal to say that one would be killed instantly getting run over by such an attack, even if you were to catch it. The power from it hitting your body would pierce it easily.

However, Aporou had managed in catching it, if only because of his previous experiences with the mighty Minokichi-kun, and the fact that the silver arm which he had used to catch it didn’t even move a millimeter from the spot.

With this, Aporou had managed to barely prevent the attack.

But, because it is difficult to keep one’s overall balance onto a single point, Aporou pushed the lower end of the right spear into the shield. The silver arm and the red spear, which are on two different points, prevent the horns of the golden cow from reaching Aporou.

However, Aporou is still floating in mid-air and Minokichi-kun was not stopping there.


Minokichi-kun advances with the very same speed as before, kicking the earth beneath him.

With white flames blowing out from the head of the axe, and the golden thunder surging from his golden hair, his remarkable speed was displayed.

The sound of the burst was heard, the sensation and explosion sound of the sound wall being broken, Aporou’s [Sense Area] made the massive wall approaching from behind visible. 

As it seemed Minokichi-kun wanted to throw Aporou into the wall.

Aporou is thrown into the wall, and not only that, but the shield itself crushes into the wall as well.

Aporou’s body was nearly crushed by the illusion, but was narrowly stopped with the silver hand.

The damage even was passed through Aporou into the wall.

So fast and strong were the muscles of Minokichi-kun.

There seemed to be no chance for Aporou to win with only defense.

It was then that a small smile floated on Aporou’s face.

“There’s no longer any need to go easy on you anymore.”

Aporou used one of his best abilities, one that he didn’t think he would have to use, [Great Power of the Black Demon].

Because he recognized Minokichi's strength, and also because his own fighting instincts told him to, Aporou took position.

The air instantly began to fill with a dreadful intimidating air.

Even being only a single ability, one should not approach it.

It gives off the sense that you should not, nay, must not fight against it as it is simply too much for you.

Naturally, Minokichi-kun also notices the drastic change in Aporou. The moment that he noticed the change in the air, a cold sweat began to pour down from him, and in that moment of realization, Minokichi-kun chose to pay it no mind and strike to rush Aporou.

He can’t stop now, he surely won’t be able to achieve victory if he gives even a moment of hesitation. As Aporou’s body isn’t in mid-air anymore and one of his hands is occupied holding the horn, he thought it would be difficult to defend with his current body posture.

However, Aporou used [Gravity Law] allowing the tip of his foot to touch the ground. His posture was something close to tiptoeing, but it was enough for Aporou.

“Here it comes” (Aporou)

[Great Power of the Black Demon] is an ability that gave him the strength to even stop Minokichi-kun’s movements. Aporou’s body sinks, yet even so, the silver arm that was holding onto the illusion didn’t change it’s position from the start.

As a result.

“Counter!?” (Minokichi-kun)

With the flow of power changing with a sudden, yet terrific force, Minokichi-kun’s gigantic body was easily sent flying back into the air.

A voice full with feelings of surprise was clearly heard.

Minokichi-kun’s body was turning, over and over again in a straight vertical direction. Minokichi-kun was not able to recognize the difference between heaven and Earth as he was unable to regain his posture in air, with the most likely ending resulting in him crashing back down to Earth.

The energy required to move such a heavy object is enormous, but all that energy will disappear the moment that it hits the ground. In other words, Minokichi-kun will stop when he crashes into the ground.

The chance for a counterattack that had previously been impossible had now appeared, and it was not something that Aporou would miss.


Aporou began to unleash one ability after another.

[Aero Master] to create thirty lumps out of wind, [Gravity Law] allowed him to perform high-speed attacks using the gravity.

In an instant, all of the lumps formed of wind smashed into Minokichi-kun just as he came hit the ground, proceeding to prevent Minokichi-kun from regaining his composure. The continuous dull sound similar to a huge hammer hitting a bad chunk of meat rang out throughout the arena.


A voice full of pain began to leak out.

One of the main characteristics of the Minotaur species is their incredibly tough body wherein Minokichi-kun has a remarkably tough one. 

As for the attack, it was one that was meant to be able to pierce metal armor with a single blow.

The power of each impact was heavily reduced because Minokichi-kun’s entire body was covered with a strong muscular armor so the attack itself couldn’t cause massive damage.

The heavy battering on the mighty Minokichi-kun had, however, proved just effective enough to keep him in one place.

Since Minokichi-kun couldn’t move, Aporou closed the distance and made a strike with the red spear.

With the tip of the spear, he cut the atmosphere and the sound of impact rang true.

The blow from the red spear that was aimed towards Minokichi-kun’s left shoulder was just barely blocked with the massive shield. The sparks rang out in a massive array, but Aporou’s attacks didn’t stop.

The spear was drawn once more, and repeatedly thrust at the target.

A red light began to emit from the tip of the red spear as the speed of the spear increased well over a hundred times.

[Aporou battle technique [Arts] [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] was activated]

[With the battle technique [Arts] [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] spear effectivity is increased]

Following this, Aporou activated both [Job - Master Spearman] and [Spear King].

Both are high level [Arts] which can only be utilized at the higher levels of an individual’s [Job] wherein the spear is the main combat weapon.

This originally gave humans the possibility to exceed their physical strength and speed limitations at the cost of the user’s stamina.

If it were to be used in a state where the user was near death, there would be a high chance that the user would die as a result of the backlash.

Because the technique that Aporou had used, [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] is exceptionally strong, it goes to an even higher class of [Arts] than compared to most others.

But, due to the fact that Aporou’s body is substantially stronger than that of a human being, while using [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] his stamina is only slightly reduced. In addition, after cutting off the technique, he only requires several seconds before he can recover to his original state with no long-standing side-effects. 

The heavy red spear was thus greatly strengthened through Aporou’s [Arts] and collided with Minokichi-kun’s shield. At the moment of impact, an abnormal sound erupted with a flash of light.

This nigh impossible scene between two monsters of battle was unraveling before all of the members of Parabellum. Everyone, excluding Aporou’s children, were at a complete and utter loss for words at the spectacle before them.

The red flashes from Aporou’s red spear attacks held such enormous power that each blow would be fatal simply by itself. If it were not for Minokichi-kun’s extremely high durability, he would never have been able to endure such an onslaught.

This scene was also the very first time Aporou had ever been forced into a situation where he showed his hidden strength, his combat [Arts] and special abilities to everyone.

There was a law within this world that “Only a human can have a [Job] as one’s [Ability]”.

[Arts] allow humankind to match the great and mighty existences of the giants and dragons, it was granted upon them by the [Gods] and their greatest [Blessing].

Therefore, no other species are able to gain a [Job] or access the combat [Arts].

But now, right before the eyes of everyone in the battle arena, Aporou had just overthrown the Laws of the world that they had all known.

Such a scene was shown before them. The surprise of the scene for Rusty Iron Knight and the Female Knight was something so unimaginable they were at a total loss for words.

“””How is that possible…””” - Many began to mutter.

Those fragile voices quickly began to fade as their full attention began to seep back within the spectacle before them. The crash of sound created from Aporou’s combat [Arts] [100 Blossoms of 1000 Spears] slammed into Minokichi-kun’s shield.

“Look now Minokichi-kun, I’ll stop holding back now if only a little, prepare yourself!”

From the sheer weight of each blow, Aporou gradually began to push through Minokichi-kun’s defences through the use of the combat [Arts] [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] combined through the synergetic bonuses of several other abilities.

As a result, the simple calculation of the situation corresponds to an approximate multitude of twice as many hits.

A red afterimage from the spear grew darker and the impacts began to start damaging the surface of the spear, because of the sheer magnitude of these strikes, Minokichi-kun’s arm holding the shield had to bear a serious load.

If it wasn’t for Minokichi-kun’s strong body, a hole would have been created within several seconds.

With too much strength invested into the attacks, the red spear could also have been damaged. This attack, however, was quickly approaching it’s end as Aporou’s endurance was approaching it’s climax. Within combat [Arts] there is a fixed limit within each technique wherein afterwards there is the slightest of openings.

Even for Aporou, who can use the combat [Arts] that none other than humans should have access to, could not change this fact.

With the end of the combat [Arts] there is a small chance to counterattack, which even the greatly weakened Minokichi-kun would never overlook.


“....SSSsssssaaaaaaaaah” (Aporou)

Aporou began to use another ability [Continuation Thrust]

A constant assault through piercing attacks was created by the use of [Continuation Thrust] and [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] which left no real opening nor chance to counterattack. 

The display of attacks shown was only something possible by Aporou, who is capable of using multiple [Abilities] to create original combat [Arts].

“Buuumoooooooooooo!??........” (Minokichi-kun)

The sheer number of piercing attacks could no longer be perceived anymore, it had become a muddy stream. While enduring the attack nothing could be said, as the brutality continued, even the mighty Minokichi-kun could only release a groan.

Praising the enemy while piercing into the frame, the muddy stream of brutal piercing attacks scatters the meat into pieces. While the shield managed to block most of the attacks, some of the meat exposed around the shield was severely chipped away from Minokichi-kun’s limbs. Minokichi-kun’s leg was also greatly damaged.

Beforehand, at Aporou’s feet there was a lump of rock that had been generated. Through the use of [Gravity Law] it was broken off, the wreckage began to rise quickly into the air.

In an instant, more than 100 rock lumps had risen from the surroundings into the air. As for the rock lumps’ sizes, there were small ones and large ones of all sizes from a few centimeters to some of nearly five meters. Some could see it differently, but in reality, one could even compare it to a small gathering of space debris.


In this space in time, Aporou’s preparations had been completed and a roar similar to when Minokichi-kun had first collided with the ground was released. At the same time, white flames and golden thunder once more blew out from his entire body.

The thunder flames wrapped around Aporou’s entire body since he was near him, but there was little to no real effect this time around. Even with this, the continuous attack from the [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] and [Continuation Thrust] had not stopped even for a moment.

The appearance of Minokichi-kun’s body had momentarily disappeared from Aporou’s view due to the thunder flames, they had more or less become a slight barrier from the piercing onslaught.

For only that instant, a small gap could be seen between attacks, and Minokichi-kun using all of his might, forced himself from his back. It was an action only possible because Aporou’s attacks had, for just that moment, lightened.

As the red spear missed the target it met with the ground and was quickly removed.

The meat from the limbs that had already been gouged from the target, remained where the red spear hit the ground.

Minokichi-kun glanced back for a mere moment to see Aporou instantaneously activating another one of red spear’s abilities. 

[Unique ability [Bloody Armor of the Shuyari Tepes] triggered].

By executing the ability, dozens of red spear attacks occurred from below Minokichi-kun aiming for his legs.

It was an attack aimed for the sole purpose to, if only temporarily, reduce the great speed of Minokichi-kun that broke the speed of the sound barrier. It is considerably difficult to prevent an ability that attacks from below into a critical blind spot. Without even knowing when one would attack, it was certainly a killing move.

However, from the small glance Minokichi-kun had gained, he seemed to be able to read it as Minokichi-kun’s reaction was lightning fast.

Just as the red spear came from the ground, Minokichi-kun’s massive body had jumped nearly twenty meters into the sky. What the red spear had struck was only Minokichi-kun’s shadow.

As Aporou looked into the sky, there was Minokichi-kun who had raised his axe. It was not difficult to imagine the power that the blow could deliver. Even for Aporou, to receive such a blow directly would be extremely dangerous. Though, Aporou had no intention to be hit by it at all.

With a motion from his hand,

“Go…” (Aporou)

The rocks that had been floating in air were sent flying aimed at Minokichi-kun. The attack was similar to a flying charge, one only needed to change the gravitational pull to send the attack wherever one wanted to. There was yet another purpose for the floating rock lumps, but that is for later.


As the blaze of the rock lumps approached from all sides, Minokichi-kun angled his shield with the hoof of his leg. by changing the angle the rock lumps were intercepted by the shield on, it was as if he was surfing on a wave. The rock lumps were colliding with dull sounds, but were not able to damage the shield because the momentum of the blows were being redirected to lessen the impact.

Minokichi-kun was very dexterous to the nigh impossible point to even make Aporou astonished.


The pattern of the golden cow once more began to shine and the illusion of the cow’s head appeared.

The remaining rock lumps that were aimed at Minokichi-kun were all crushed and at the same time an attack was launched at Aporou.

Because he had such terrific power, the pebbles that were thrown at him became a rain of rocks. Aporou intertwined with his golden thread gushing from his fingertips were able to prevent the pebbles as they fell by rotating the centrifugal force and once more launching a counterattack to the falling Minokichi-kun.

In order to deal a great blow to Minokichi-kun, the golden lump of rocks and thread followed an orbit that could not be blocked with the shield. Though there was a brief disappointment as the burning axe cut it open, preventing the pebbles within from delivering a strike. With that, a great deal of the damage aimed at Minokichi-kun was avoided.


From the frustration, a strong shout filled with anger was released from Minokichi-kun.

As the massive figure of anger reached the ground, the impact felt like the release of all of the built up feelings all at once as the axe was swung down. The energy that was gained while falling, and the weight of all of his equipment that figured out to well over 1 ton, combined with the supernatural muscular strength that came from him being a Minotaur, created a grand explosion as it fell. There might be other various reasons, but at the end, the extensive destruction was created by Minokichi-lun.

As Minokichi-kun landed, the ground shook as if a meteor had landed. The shield that had been used like a surfboard sunk deeply into the ground and an abnormal dust cloud was raised.

Aporou had almost lost his footing due to the shaking ground, but quickly recovered.

It was certain that most living beings would have been killed should they have received such an impact, however, the problem was not the heavy shield crushing down upon the earth, but the attack from the axe that had buried itself halfway into the ground.

Golden white thunderous flames from the head of the axe demonstrated the full power of destruction as they blew up from the underground, creasing fissures as if several huge snakes had been summoned forth.

It might have still been alright if it had been just that.

However, from his anger, Minokichi-kun swung his axe back downward with the thunderous flames.

Even the ground being casually destroyed left Minokichi-kun seeming unsatisfied and the thunderous flames were launched forth into the heavens for further destruction.

As the cracks on the ground began to shine a golden white, they erupted. A pillar of thunderous flames blew up from the sky and ground, meeting together and exploding in a fantastic spectacle.

The range had taken up the entire arena, leaving Aporou no space for escape.

The remaining lumps of rock that had still floated within the sky were shattered by the thunderous flames and disappeared while being burned away.

Even while his body was being engulfed with the thunderous flames, Aporou manipulated the current of the air such that the thunderous flames did not inflict harm upon the nearby members.

Minokichi-kun’s thunderous flames were blown together in the center of the arena.

At any rate, Minokichi-kun’s attack was not only focused at Aporou, in his anger, it had been so powerful that it would have extended great damage to a majority of the crowd.

-If I had done nothing, nearly 70% of those watching would have failed to get out of range in time, if I wasn’t lucky, it could have been a severe death toll…

It was a grand scale, high level wide-range attack with an unbelievable attack power.

After several seconds, the pillars of thunderous flames finally disappeared.

Cough* *Cough* “... Oh, Minokichi-kun, have you cooled your head yet?”

Even after all of that, Aporou hadn’t gotten close to death. The golden thunder had no affect to Aporou, however, he was somewhat damaged by the white flames.

However, because of  [Hyper Speed Regeneration] he had recovered immediately, so he wasn’t in any danger.

“Although it hurts slightly, i’ll endure it for now.” (Aporou)

Aporou, who had just endured Minokichi-kun’s attack, was at the limit of his patience.

As it was a fight between Aporou and Minokichi-kun, being attacked was not the problem at all. It was a rather natural thing, so one should generally not get angry. The anger, however, had not come from that.

The reason for Aporou’s anger was due to Minokichi-kun, without any thought at all, had used an attack of such a grand scale that it would have involved the other members.

Minokichi-kun, who is a commander and is in a position to lead subordinates, drew out, without thinking, an attack that could have killed his subordinates.

“Grrrrrr….. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……” (Aporou)

In the distance, Minokichi-kun had come to and muttered “What… have I done…”, at the same time Aporou, at the end of his patience, triggered [Black Ogre's Evil Eye] and [Black Demon's Dignity]. As a result, Minokichi-kun’s movements dulled remarkably.

More than half of Minokichi-kun’s large axe remained buried underground, with his massive shield completely buried at his feet.

Though, normally one might have just easily pulled them out, but because of Aporou, Minokichi-kun’s movements were exceptionally slow.

While storing his spear into the item box, Aporou dashed towards Minokichi-kun at full speed. Even after the body had jumped with [Great Power of the Black Demon], it accelerated even further. Combined with [Black Demon's Charge] his speed fully surpassed Minokichi-kun’s. Aporou arrived at Minokichi’s position past the speed of sound, the distance instantly being covered.

[Giant's Iron Hammer] appeared in Aporou’s arms and [Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing Rage] was put into action.

In addition to two or more abilities that were used to strengthen Aporou’s fists, they vanished from Minokichi-kun’s view. Such a speed is simply impossible for mere eyes to comprehend.

He didn’t have enough time to gather his shield, and as he determined that, Minokichi-kun forcibly pulled his axe from the ground with both hands to harden his defense. It was in that moment that Aporou’s attack exploded.

The huge fist passed through Minokichi-kun’s right flank, bypassing his defenses. A ridiculous power that smashed through Minokichi-kun’s hide and broke the ribs easily.

The left arm crashed into Minokichi-kun’s chest. It was only due to Minokichi-kun’s defense that he survived, if it had been a regular human being, the broken ribs would have pierced into the lungs and other internal organs due to the sheer force of the blow.

The right shoulder defended by his axe was then hit, and even though it was largely defended by the axe, the humerus was still broken to the point of piercing outside of the skin from the sheer force.

The left side of his head that had become defenseless was hit, the brain was shaken and a crack ran along the skull from the strike.

Finally, a direct hit to the upper part of the jaw was released, one of Minokichi-kun’s fangs was crushed and scattered to the surroundings. The massive body of Minokichi-kun was whirled up off of his feet.

The massive body of Minokichi-kun flew into the sky for a few seconds, after which, it landed outside the arena and fell to the ground with an awfully dull plopping sound.

The place where he landed changed color. At the place where he landed, several bones were protruding from Minokichi-kun’s body and a large quantity of blood was flowing out.

Due to the serious injuries, as anyone could determine, he should not be able to continue fighting because of the serious damage that had been done.

However, Minokichi-kun stood up as if it were nothing. All of the members who had been observing the scene from outside of the arena, especially the human members, were astonished as to what had just happened. Thunderous flames started to blow out of Minokichi-kun’s wounds and the serious injuries were healed within seconds.

The fang that had been broken fell out and a new fang grew in it’s place. The bones that protruded from the skin crackled as they re-entered Minokichi-kun’s body and the ribs that should be piercing his internal organs crackled as they went back into place.

Even with the Minotaur race’s proud and mighty vitality, Minokichi-kun’s recovery power was simply unbelievable. It was proof that Minokichi-kun’s regeneration power was near, if not equal to that of Aporou’s.

The Minokichi-kun that had recovered, never had let go of his axe as he was beaten. He re-entered the arena and after setting his posture, he dashed onwards again.

Minokichi-kun collected his shield on the way. From Aporou’s view, it seemed as if a massive figure began pushing out his shield before him. There was still some way to go before they collided, but Minokichi-kun’s smile could be easily seen from the shadow behind his shield.

It’s only natural, looking at the shield before him, Aporou saw Minokichi-kun and received him with a smile.

The red spear was taken back out, the axe swung down, the red spear intercepted it, a clash, a flash of light and a shockwave flashed forth.

The aftermath of the scattered and indiscriminate destruction, the ground was torn to pieces, gravel being shot like arrows, the atmosphere screaming with tension.

Both monsters clashing just as before. As the axe and spear clashed, sparks flew out and the roaring sound of the battle swept through the entire forest.

After Minokichi-kun returned, we continued to spar all day.

As the battle with Minokichi-kun reached the end, the stars and moon had already reached the top of the night’s sky.

I was extremely tired. Because of the great amount of fatigue, both Minokichi and myself spent that night in the External Training Field.

Ahh, the starlit sky was beautiful.

I got slightly nostalgic for a battle in outer space...

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