Day 250

Day 250

It feels like I’ve been dreaming for a long time. I’m very sure that it was a dream of me fighting… or I think it was a nostalgic meeting with someone.

I might have heard some important things but I can’t recall the details. Well, it’s a dream anyway. It can’t be helped to forget the details when waking up. For now, I’ll stop thinking about it and focus on my current state.

Upon waking up, the first thing I see is something quite strange, tinted with a mix of black, red, gold, and silver. It looks just like metal. From touch, it’s quite warm and elastic. It’s like I’m inside a body of sorts. However, rather than being unpleasant, it’s actually quite comfortable.

I am completely wrapped by something similar to an eggshell. From what little I remember, looks like it formed around me. Anyway, it’s my Demon Orb. Also, looks like some long thin threads where extending from my body.

It might be a bit late for me to realize but since silver was mixed in with black, red, and gold, I am pretty sure that my Demon Orbs had also changed when I ranked up.

Though it’s fine, I still wonder why the color had suddenly changed. Perhaps, before I slept, after having suffered grievous wounds throughout my body and in order to heal and keep myself safe, I made it unconsciously.

Whether that’s true or not though isn’t obvious. Well, it’s a trivial manner. Since I’m still alive, I won’t question it.

After a quick check, my body seems fine so I decide to quickly get out. Upon getting out of the shell formed from my Demon Orbs, I appear once more around the place where the decisive battle took place. Not much had changed since I went to sleep.

The first thing I notice is the corpse of the Flame Dragon Empress. It seems to be covered in ice made out of powerful magic.

The magical ice is very thick and it’ll be difficult to melt and shatter it. For a moment, I think about who could form such a thing but quickly understand that the ice closely resembles Kanami-chan’s magic.

Definitely her. She took the trouble in preserving the corpse of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] with ice until I wake up. She’s still a considerate wife as always.

After thanking her consideration, I start paying attention to the lava rising around the decisive battlefield. It is still emitting extreme heat like before but the lava appears to have cooled down, having turned to black. I wonder if it’s because of the powerful magical ice that is currently located in the middle, or maybe it’s because I became the owner of this place. Still, the lava seems to have lost its vigor.

Although it’s still quite hot, its cooler at least compared to before. Thanks to my 【Rank Up】, even if my body is exposed right now, it will take time for me to turn black from the heat. Well, my skin’s already black anyway.

After confirming my surroundings, I start checking out my body. While I feel a little bit taller than my original height of two meters, the broadness of my arms and legs has not changed that much.

However, my whole body feels so powerful that it can’t even be compared to before. The difference is like between heaven and earth.

As a test, I lightly swing my fist, creating countless gales which strike the wall of rocks in the distance like thunder, shattering and scattering pieces of rocks around. This time, I slowly raise my foot and just like before, violent winds appear and strike the wall once more in the distance, leaving scars similar to the aftermath of a bombing run.

I’d like to say that both were just weak attacks but they had considerable destructive power. Without even using any abilities, doesn’t this mean that most monster won’t even be considered a match against me? Still, if I have this much while not being serious, I’m a bit anxious in just how much strength will be displayed if I go all out.

I’d first need to learn how to control my strength for my everyday life. Also, it feels like various abilities also improved greatly in order to keep up with the physical strength I got from [Rank Up].

Since I’m a bit hungry, I try to create a [Black Taurus Demon] using 【Summon Archfiend】. It looks like the summoning time has been substantially shortened. Also, not only is the amount of magic consumed easy to recover in an instant, the equipment and ability of the summoned being has also been enhanced.

Even though I haven’t tried out the other 【Summon】 abilities yet, I feel like they are now easier to use thanks to my current condition.

While thinking how pleasant it is, I continue eating the [Black Taurus Demon] energetically. I then check and try to trace my finger on the golden tattoos covering my whole body.

The tattoos have changed a bit. Why it changed somewhat interests me so I sort of try to feel it out. It looks like the patterns have various effects when utilized such as increasing my offensive power.

I’d like to investigate later but for now, I’ll examine other things. Originally, I had three horns but now, it had increased into five sharp and thicker horns. They have sharp edges and are slightly curved, extending as if they were trying to pierce the sky. It looks almost like a crown.

As an Apostle Lord, my hair was silver gray in color but now, it is silver white. Since the length’s still the same which is up to my waist, I bundle it all into a pony tail and tie it with my golden thread.

My red eyes had changed into golden eyes but other than that, not much else has changed. I think it’s a waste to change too much so I’m fine with just this.

Surprisingly though, I now have four arms. The two new arms were located near the shoulder, just below the armpit. I can move them without any problems. They were a bit longer than my original arms but thanks to that, it is unlikely that the two new arms would interfere with my original pair.

Before, my left arm was the only silver arm but looks like it had expanded as well. Not only to my right arm but also to my two new arms.

Namely, right now, all four of my arms had turned into silver arms. Moreover, it looks like silver arms have been strengthened compared to before along with the help of the 【Fury of the Haughty King (Beowulf) 】 which is currently equipped in my right arm.

It looks like the 【Fury of the Haughty King (Beowulf) 】 cannot be equipped at the same time as the exoskeleton. I thought it got destroyed when my right arm along with the armor got incinerated by the fire breath of the [Mother Flame Dragon Empress], but looks like my worry was for naught.

Even though I became an Overlord, I apparently still have Demon Orbs. The orbs have a unique hue of black, red, gold, and silver which is the most prominent color.

There is an orb in the center of my chest, in my four elbows and four hands, both knees, in my navel, and in both sides of my shoulder.

In other words, there are 14 Demon Orbs in total. This is far more than the original 5 I had previously. I wonder what will happen if I use all of the orbs at once.

Even just one orb is already powerful. Now being a Vajrayaksa Overlord, I wonder if I could even face an enemy that would force me to use them.

Next, I take notice of the fact that I am currently wearing some sort of personal armor. In addition to my former pants, there is a clothing similar to the mantle found in Hagoromo plays.

It’s quite comfortable and it resembles the design of a kimono with a black color, decorated with gold and silver. I personally like it.

It’s quite light, enough that I can’t feel the weight so it wouldn’t interfere with my movements. I try stretching it as much as I can yet there are no signs of tearing, making it a very reliable armor. Checking myself more though would just be troublesome.

While thinking if there are any more changes to my body, I hear someone from behind me. Turning to my back, I see Kanami-chan who is out of breath.

While I wasn’t sure at first, I believe she teleported here based on the warp gate emitting a pale blue light at her feet. She probably sensed that I was awake and quickly went here without a delay. After 【Rank Up】, it looks like Kanami-chan has become even more beautiful.

Her peerless skin is just as pure as maiden snow. Her beautiful hair has no split ends. The movements of her slender and flexible limbs are refined and full of grace. Her narrow waist looks nice and easy to hold. Her breasts are neither too big nor too small, are appropriately shaped, and looks very soft. Her fascinating cherry lips would make anyone throb from just staring.

But the most outstanding part of Kanami-chan is her exotic presence which rules the surroundings. No matter which gender, one can’t help but admire her. To see Kanami-chan in tears, slightly shaking and covering her lips with both hands, I must say she looks quite lovely.

Even though I’m admiring her unintentionally, it’s not a joke. After falling in love once again, Kanami-chan runs straight towards me.

Her terrific speed is slightly faster than the speed of sound. Like the impact of a cannonball and casually creating a shockwave, she embraces me as I open my 4 silver arms and hold her firmly in return. Such an aggressive embraces would’ve blown away a person but for me, I remain immobile as I received it.

Rather, I was quite afraid of accidentally hurting Kanami-chan as I stopped and held her. However, it looks like my worry was for naught.

Unless I hug her seriously, the current Kanami-chan should be able to put up with it for a bit.

Embracing her closely, my nose is getting tickled by Kanami-chan’s fragrant scent. My lust is being stimulated right now. However, since she is complaining to me while crying, I can’t follow my desire.

She keeps on repeatedly hitting me in the chest with all her strength, creating sounds similar to a carpet bombing. As my punishment for making her worry, I just accept it. I weave words while comforting her at the same time. I think she might be pouting a little bit right now.

Looks like I made her seriously worried. After all, several days had passed since the fight with the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress]. At that time, she saw me in my half-dead state and with my body in tatters. Since I got wrapped up in a shell in order to recover, she could not confirm my current state.

In other words, Kanami-chan’s worry had piled up until this moment, where it had all erupted. So, rather than meeting everyone right now, I instead create a cover made out of the Skeleton Centipedes to prevent any hindrances or observations of us.

Rushing inside, we perform a night battle. Since I got permission, it was inevitable. Looks like Kanami-chan really wants a child.

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