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Day 255

Day 255

In the morning, I immediately got in touch with Redhead.

I wanted to know more about the new powers she had developed and how she got them. However, it turned out that everything was exactly the same as with Rusty Iron Knight. She evolved without doing anything out of the norm.

After that, I instructed my subordinates to prepare a nutrient-rich breakfast. In the meantime, Kanami-chan, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan and I left the Labyrinth City, in order to go test our strengths at the Funeral Volcano.

Thankfully, the previously accumulated snow has settled, making walking much easier. However, walking isn't much fun. After making sure that no one was nearby, I called the supreme dragon Tatsushirou, and we flew together to [Funeral Volcano].

Once we arrived, using the jump gate at the entrance, we teleported to the same place where I had first enjoyed the dragon meat with Kanami.

At present, there was a new dungeon boss, a black colored Flame Dragon Empress, most probably that color owing to my ownership of the dungeon.

Usually she'd be sleeping, but since I have arrived, she reacted and woke up. Upon rising from her slumber she began to ask us about the purpose of our visit, to which, I told her that I would like to have a duel with Minokichi, because I would like to compare our strengths and see how much my rival has grown.

Flame Dragon Empress immediately in accordance with my wishes rose and attempted to fly, she collected a large amount of magical power in her hands, opened her wings and her body immediately rose into the air, and instantly disappeared somewhere in the sky.

Watching this scene, I was once again marveled by a dragon's excellence, strength and greatness.

Asue and Kanami were also in danger here because I asked them to keep watch of the Flame Dragon Empress's lair.

Asue, a former [ Earth Lord - Variant], has the power to become a superior class being [Emperor], [ Hell Demon King - Variant], and therefore had a fairly strong protection against attacks like lightning, and now she was quite capable of withstanding a direct hit.

Kanami, even though she looked fragile, was not someone to mess with and could also take a hit. A weak attack would not even leave a scratch on her skin, and a strong attack, even if it breaks through will be stopped by her durable but flexible muscles. Even if she faced an attack that could damage her multiple protections, she should be able to survive and receive treatment before dying.

They had protection in this form at least and most likely wouldn't die perhaps.

But all the same I'm worried. So I gave them new magical items, with stronger effects compared to those that they previously owned, improving their protection.

I used items such as installation, which is not quite convenient to rearrange, but once put it quite simply does not break down.

Thinking it was a good chance, I decided to upgrade the pair's armor.

The overall shape has not changed, but the material and design, are different and much better if I do say so myself.

In addition, the fact that all the items they were given were produced using the items mined in the Age of the Gods Dungeon, meant their abilities that their armor possessed was much higher than before. Weak attacks will not leave any scratches, therefore greatly increasing bearing capacity, while also having their own abilities.

After preparing the girls for the possibility of getting caught in the crossfire of our match, I returned my attention to Minokichi. A former [ Minotaur - New Species] he has now become a member of the race [ Giga Minoterios - Superior Species] after the [Rank Up].

The abilities of this race are far superior to even an army. Focused on the ability of the [Emperor] and focused on personal abilities, ability [King], with the forces of both classes, this time among the 8 Demon Generals, he became a representative of the most powerful race.

This meant that his power became significantly closer to mine.

His body has grown even more, as compared to before. His muscles now resemble rolled together iron bars that encircle his body, and his body was covered in purple skin with white gold tattoos.

Unless it was the magic sword of a [Saint] nothing could pierce his skin, but it's so nice to feel that I want to stroke it forever. Once touched, I do not want to let go, his skin is extremely addictive. However, it's just not possible to stroke for that long, as around his wool here and there, white lightning appears. Although unless Minokichi wants this, the lightning will not cause harm to others. Only this time they may harm his comrades as we are here to fight.

Due to my abilities I can block his lightning through [Heat Immunity] and [Heat Absorption], so I think that everything will be okay. However, in the case of a gold zipper, there is some chance that [Lightning Immunity] may fail. (He probably means "in the case of a direct lightning bolt attack...")

Fortunately golden lightning can not be regarded as an attack, which is a benefit as his body produces it naturally.

Well, when Minokichi slightly tensed, these gold zippers around him began to furiously cut through the air, and the air around him began to shake.

So I think everything will be fine, it is precisely the benefit of the attack. If you inadvertently get caught in the crossfire, you may die on the spot.

In truth Minokichi's expression today was very appropriate. As his enemy, I had no complaints about his crowded strength.

At this time, for various reasons, the fight will take place without weapons. Locked in each others vicious gazes without a sound we rushed into battle at the same time.

As a result of today's sparring we brought about many changes to the local landscape, and continued to fight until late evening.

By the end of the fight he was unarmed, but the endurance of both, was already at the level where it can be called infinite, because we could without any interruption and fight the whole time at full force.

Nevertheless, the fight resulted in my victory...obviously. But the gap between us was not that vast. Apparently he found a new ability called [Physical Damage Penetration], the attack Minokichi uses even when being completely blocked, still causes damage.

In addition, it is possible thanks to [Penetrating Physical Damage], or the resulting reward from the subjugation of the dungeon [Dragon Flame's Law], or other rather uncanny abilities [God-Killing Lightning Flames], or as a result of all of them together, not much but after a certain amount of damage, it was beginning to cause me lightning damage.

When you put or render them myself it's hard to understand, but when, even if a blocked attack passes through your body, it gets really disgusting.

So I was able to learn at the same time the chapels of my body and observe the growth of Minokichi. Snacks were prepared by Kanami and Asue, and we collapsed right there on the ground.

Lightly beat down, but from the fact that my skin became stronger, the heat does not bother me as I fall asleep.

Looking up, one naturally has a clear view of the night sky. Due to improvements in my vision, I can see not only the arena, but also many more sparkling stars than before.

Every once in a while, this kind of thing is not bad, so I decided to lie down to sleep right way.

Akitainu (Kobold Shogun) has awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

【Title [Loyal Samurai Dog] awarded】

Therese East Eckermann has awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

【Title [Brilliant Merciful Knight] awarded】

Announcements in my head. Honestly, Female Knight exceeded my expectations. Although last time I did not give her anything, this time I have to give her good gifts.

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