Re:Monster Novel Content
With E, Mi and Sato Ranking Up into a Half-Earth Lord, Dhampir and Half-Blood Lord respectively, as well as many of the Goblins Ranking Up into Hobgoblins, plus a new contingent of Kobolds, the community's strength has grown exponentially. Furthermore, Emery Furado, Spinel Fean, Felicia Timiano and Alma Timiano all gained new jobs, which helped improved weapon production and the lifestyle of the community. What more, Kichi had confessed to E, and the two are currently going out with each other. With all the improvements in the group and even more new abilities, Rou chooses to debut his mercenary guild, Parabellum, with a surprise attack on the invading Human army.

Launching successful assaults not once, but twice, Parabellum came out of both battles with no casualties and many new slaves, while Rou himself gained dozens of new abilities, as well as a new mistress, the female knight Therese East Eckermann.

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