Re:Monster Novel Content
After the last assault on the invading army, Ogarou gained the loyalty of the powerful knight, Steel Crowback. He learnt that the reason the Sternbild Kingdom and the Kirika Empire started this war, other than to gain some new elven slaves and to secure « The Kuuderun Great Forest » for both resources and as a relay point, was to obtain an elixir that could save the dying princess of the Kingdom (who was wedded to the Empire's crown prince). The elves possessed this, but refused to give it to the humans. As the battles continue, Ogarou noticed that the elixir had already been given to him by Esseba Failo Rheinfall. Ogarou drank it, turning his blood into the elixir, and due to various circumstances, Ogarou content with the growth of his troops and the abilities he gained, agreed to Esseba Failo Rheinfall's request to launch an assault at the human army's main force on Day 80 in attempt to end the war after getting promised additional bonuses in the reward. Later, in the mid of the battle, Ogarou had one of his clones infiltrate the enemy's headquarters and deliver some of his blood elixir to the Kirika Empire's crown prince.

Nevertheless, despite all the fighting, « Parabellum » still had some time to relax, thanks to Asue who excavated a hot spring.