Re:Monster Novel Content
Thanks to Ogarou, the human army withdrew from the forest, and though « Parabellum » received some casualties during the final battle, it was more than made up for with the new slaves, combat experience, Experience Values, information and abilities gained from the war. Ogarou decided to send some of the human noble-class slaves back to their as spies in order to gain new information. Furthermore, some of the survivors from the « Kirika Empire »'s « Demi-Human Unit » whom « Parabellum » had freed from slavery decided to join the mercenary group, though many had chosen to return home.

After organizing the mercenary so as to accommodate the new applicants and "disciplining" the more rebellious ones, Ogarou started arranging for an expedition outside the forest. He also created a hot spring resort, with the elves currently being the main customers. Ogarou then left the forest to the defense city of « Trient » with a party consisting of Dhammi, Rubellia Walline, Kumajirou, Kurosaburou, a flame lord, a gale lord and an illusion lord, as well as Emery Furado, Spinel Fean and Felicia and Alma Timiano.