Demihumans are nonhumans who live in civilizations. Just like humans, they wear clothes, use weapons, and work and live together in communities to increase survival. The word is most often used by humans to describe those who look fairly human and who they believe to be intelligent and rational enough to integrate into human society. These include those like dragonnewts, beastmen, vampires, etc. However, even if the race is capable of rational though, they may still be shunned and not permitted to enter human cities as demihumans due to the belief that they are to primitive or barbaric to act calmly in certain situations. These include those like minotaurs and all the races along its evolutionay path, i.e. goblins, ogres, etc.. Mages are generally intelligent so if an ogre mage were to visit a village, they might be permitted to enter and engage society normally on occasion. Even if they are of higher intellegence, the general perception is that they have "meat for brains" and might go on a rampage in human towns and cities. 


In general, the strength of the average demihuman is greater than the average human. However, this can vary widely. Goblins are weak and stupid and might lose to a human but one with experience who works with a group of others can take on a group of adventurers and come out on top due to their ambush tactics. However, those like half lords, dragonewts, and vampires can easily take on even very experience adventurers. Unlike humans, they are strong from the start and don't have to learn techniques to make themselves stronger and usually rely on their innate abilites and stregth. When they are trained to used techniques like humans do, they can be a force to be reckoned with.


Among certain races, there can be names attached that can imply a certain specialties. This is common especially among weaker races like goblins and kobolds. Those seen so far are clerics, mages, shamans, and riders. The lord class also has this but it is actually incorporated as part of their species. Regular lords exist as evidence by Rou's first two children, however, so do spell lords, blood lords, saint lords, etc. The difference is that it is more their race in the case of lords as opposed to having a specialty like with a kobold mage, for example. 

Rank Up/Existence Evolution

As monsters/non-humans, they have access to the rank up system making them possibly extremely powerful. A goblin, who is no match for a kobold, can rank up and become powerful enough to single handedly beat that kobold overnight. It is also known that those who fought and gained experience to achieve a higher rank than one who was simply born as that race. 

Divine Protections

Demihumans can gain protections to become variants that can make them far stronger than others in their race or class. When they do, their appearance changes immediately to match the one from whom they gained their protection. Kichi became a metallic red while Rou became black.  The Goblin/Oni Line Those who are born as goblins seem to have the greatest potential. While goblins themselves are weak, they can rank up into a variety of different things and have access to a vareity of different evoltion paths. By the time they reach their third tier, they will usuallyu become ogres but can also become one of a plethora of half lords or even end up in the undead class by ranking up into a ghoul or a dhampir


Mixbloods are rare but powerful crossbreed children. Usually, when different species mate, the children are born as the race of the father and sometimes as the race of the mother. However, on rare occasion, when demihumans breed with Humans, a rare occurrence happens when a child is born as half Human and half Monster. Due to being both human and monster, they have access to both the rank up system and jobs system, contributing to their intense power. Unfortunately, these mixbloods are often rejected by society. Most people go live with the race they are born. (citation needed) However, due to their dual nature, humans reject them saying they are demihuman while demihumans reject them saying they are human. In the end, they are usually outcast by society and become evil with twisted and warped personalities feared by the rest of society. When Rou's first children are born, Gobujii suggests killing them now t=so they do not have to go through such hardship.

Known Mixbloods


Even if they are considered normal, certain places can have lots of discrimination towards demihumans. They can raise thier prices, not permit them to enter towns, cities, or establishments, or even enact violence upon them. There is even discrimination amongst demihumans, especially those that value strength above all else.

List of Demihumans

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