First Queen is the queen of the Sternbild Kingdom and mother of the Princess Rubiria.


First Queen is depicted as having a sickly looking nature, with long silver hair, golden eyes, and fair skin that added a touch of frailty to her.


First Queen has been described as a deeply religious individual. Because of this, Rou was concerned that upon meeting the Queen that she would attempt to harm him in some way or even abduct him.

But, contrary to his fears, her interactions with him suggests that she possibly views him as either an object of worship, an object of attraction, or both.

This insight has led him to avoid meeting her as much as possible.


She made her first appearance on Day 136.

After her first encounter with Rou she was observed confiscating the silverware that he had used to eat and proceeding to lick them clean (Day 136).

On another encounter, Rou caught the Queen and Dark Hero spying on him sleeping while "breathing heavily and in an excited state" (Day 177).

The Queen seems to have a fairly friendly parent/child relationship with her daughter and she even is seen having a jovial and carefree argument with her (Day 190).


Rou: First Queen adores Rou, as he has been blessed by the Gods, to whom she is deeply devoted to.


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