Giga Minoterios is a tier 5 [Rank Up] evolution, a potential route when a Minotaur promotes. Despite existing on Day 245, it was not seen until Day 255.


Fairly bigger compared to it's previous stage, this race can reach height nearing the 5 meters tall.

Generally well built, with fur covering the vast majority of its body and a monstruous bull head. The fur color, generally brown, black or greyish, can be different depending on the [Blessings] the individual holds.


Taking aside the absurd destructive power that the members of this race can brandish on close-quarter-combat and their almost bottomless stamina and endurance, this race lacks any sort of special abilities by their own.

However, in the case they hold any sort of [Blessing], those abilities may vary depending on the type of Deity that blessed the individual.

Additionally, they have the standard physical ability [Physical Damage Penetration].

List of Known Species

  • Kichi (Superior Species)


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