Heroes are powerful individuals each nation tends to have as their most powerful military force.

In the Sternbild Kingdom, these are the Four Symbolic Heroes. In addition to them, Sigurd Ace Sven (Avenger) was a member of this kingdom and would eventually have joined as the fifth hero, destined to guide the other four.

In the Kirika Empire, the Eight Great Knights, together with the [Divine Priestess] serve this role, and together are roughly equivalent to the kingdom's four heroes.

In addition to these heroes, there are certain others who are roughly equivalent, primarily Otherworlders.

Known Heroes


Sternbild Kingdom:

Kirika Empire:

  • 【Divine Priestess】Alive
  • 【Hero of Dark Cloud】Deceased
  • Hero of Roaring Thunder】Alive
  • 【Hero of Strong Leg】Deceased
  • 【Hero of Decapitating Thread】Deceased
  • Shelled Insect Eiyuu】Deceased
  • 【Supreme Wolf Eiyuu】Deceased
  • 【Sand Ox Eiyuu】Deceased

Lumen Holy Kingdom:


  • 【Hero of Bomb Explosion】Deceased
  • Hail Rain Eiyuu】Deceased
  • 【Hero of Destructive Flames】Alive
  • 【Hero of Miraculous Water】Alive
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