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Items or magic item are word used in world of Re:Monster as something could be used or equipped for many purposes. Just about everything is an item. For the purpose of this page, listed items will be mostly magic items or items that are named or detailed. Items can be divided into two Classes:

  • Common items: crafted items are all common items;
  • Artifacts: special items earned from dungeons. They are stronger than their common counterparts and are at least Ancient Rank.

Items Ranks

There are 7 Ranks, starting from the weakest and most common, to the strongest and the rarest:


  • Long sword with a nick in its blade gotten from Kobold.
  • Shell encased gigantic club used by Gobukichi.


They are items made of regular materials like iron. Although they have varying quality, they don't have abilities.

  • Magic staff from Kobold Mage
  • Goburou's Estocs.
  • Goburou's and Gobukichi's Round Shield.
  • Gobumi's Bow, etc.


Those items are crafted using rare materials and superb crafting methods. They have abilities or at least a special effect.

  • Gobue's nameless pickaxe. Ability: [Difficult to Destroy].
  • Mithril items (at least above Normal rank).


Special items rarely found that can be considered as national treasures in small countries.

  • A pair of Glasses to seal off [Eyes of Bewitchment].
  • Drop of Moonlight - an Enchanted Claymore that looks like an artwork made from ice crystals.
  • "Earth Goddess War Pick" and "Earth Goddess Shovel" - items set with unspecified abilities.
  • Blood Princess - an Enchanted Long Sword that can magically suck the blood out of enemies.
  • Decapitating Axe of Demonic Heat - a 1.5 meter tall, double-edged battle-axe enchanted with fire magic.
  • Demon's Smithing Hammer - gained from defeating Quake Hammer Gründ.


Items holding multiple abilities, most of them are artifacts.

  • Black Ogre's Chopping Board - an unrefined massive black iron wall-like tower shield. Abilities: [Weight Reduction], [Durable] and [Impact Reflection]
  • Failnaught: an elven bow that generates magic arrows. It's guaranteed to hit whatever it is aimed at provided the shot is not blocked.
  • Vesper's Outer Shell: Octorp - an exoskeleton in the shape of the High Octorp with tentacles on the back and the octopus legs which could be moved freely with enough practice. Gained from defeating the High Octorp.
  • Vesper's Strange Blade: Octorp - is a sword which its weapon's blade was formed from the jellyfish-like tentacles of the boss with a powerful paralytic poison. it can be used for thrusting or multi knotted whip. Gained from defeating the High Octorp.
  • Vesper's Mysterious Shield: Octorp - gained from defeating the High Octorp.
  • Curtana - a ceremonial sword of the Royal Family of the Sternbild Kingdom.
  • Nagi: Rou's halberd after the【Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King】 was added to it.
  • [Barbed Spear of Cursed Wounds] - a spear with the power to inflict powerful Curses on a target with the slightest scratch he obtained from one of the Empire's [Age of the Gods Dungeons]


Items that have multiple powerful abilities like Ancient Rank items, but much stronger. All of Legendary Rank items are Artifacts. Mostly gained by conquering 【Age of the Gods】 Dungeons.

  • Airgeatlámh - an artificial, shape-shifting arm seemingly made of silver. By taking in other kinds of metal it is possible to change the shape of this item according to the wishes of the wearer. Abilities: [Arm Blast] [Spell Blast] [Self-Evolution] [Elemental Echo]. 
  • Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazıklı Bey) - a Magical weapon that once pierced into the ground can replicate itself on any surface, creating a field of spears under the feet of the enemy. Day 283, it upgraded thanks to an immense amount of excess mana poured into it.
  • Fury of the Haughty King – Beowulf - a black metal bracelet that manifests an increase of mental or physical strength (among other things) according to the "intent of the wearer"
  • Lesser Lightning Dragon’s Call ・ Shark Rope】 - can be used as a lightning whip and can summon the Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm – not with the dungeon specifications, but potentially strengthened by inheriting a part of the special characteristics or abilities of the user. On Day 273, it upgraded thanks to an immense amount of excess mana poured into it.


The highest class of item. Mostly gained by conquering 【Age of the Gods】 Dungeons or given to people that recieve and achieve a God's full blessing like heroes who are fully awakened.

Items not yet categorized

  • Arannote’s Staff - made from ancient wood studded with a red magic gem  that used to be in possession of the adventurer with the [Job-High Wizard] (given to Sei by Rou at day 51)
  • General's Cleaver - shaped somewhat like a square Chinese Kitchen Knife with a length of roughly 80 centimeters. It is white without any spots on it with the blade itself cutting through flesh like butter. (given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • General's Shield - a triangular kite Shield which, when not being used, shrunk down to fit into the palm of your hand.(given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • Platinum General - there was a suit of white and gold armor with a red cape. It's similar to that of the noble knights of the Kingdom or empire.(given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • Great Gleaming Axe of the Fire Emperor - a weapon granted by demigod of fire for kichi when he rank up to minotaur
  • Earth's-Crust Thunder Maul
  • Frozen World Empress
  • Pale Sword of Flowing Water:Feinschubel
  • Most of them were magic items of 【Ancient】 rank.
    • ​【Gold Tin Horn Stinger ・Lightning Whale】 was a khakkhara [2] that had six rings in its circular head. It had the shape of a golden horn attached on top. When shaken, it creates the sound of a thunderstorm.
    • 【Water Shell Scaled Sword ・Water Scale】 was a magic item that apparently closely resembled the organic sword of the Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander. It was made out of materials like scales, and it was so sharp that it could cut rock if handled properly.
    • 【Crushing Quake Hammer ・Crab Pincer】 was a hammer that looks like a huge crab’s pincer and that was composed out of rainbow-colored crystals that could vibrate at high speed. It was able to crush rock merely by touching it. Because it was like a pincer, if you pulled a trigger that was close to your hand, it had a trick where its jaws started moving.
    • 【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin】 resembled the spear Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider was wielding, and had four abilities. It had a length and sharpness that was just right, and it felt familiar in my hands.
    • 【Lightning Horn Whale’s Meat Shield】, a bulky lump of meat shield that was halfheartedly hardened
    • 【Blue Mantle of Many Arm Bones】 that had an outbreak of a countless amount of arm bones on the inside.
    • 【Water Thorn Shell Barrier】 was a tower shield grown out of a huge shell that held a thorn which gushes out an infinite amount of high-pressured water
    • 【Extremely Dense Water ・Vortex Turtle】 was an armor that would cover your whole body like an exoskeleton armor. It was designed as a smooth blob that had many uses.
    • 【Huge Bottle of High-Grade Whale Oil】 
    • 【Blue Plant Metal Ingot】 could be used in a lot of different ways. And because it was an item that one would be rarely be able to buy, I planned to divide them amongst the various groups later.
    • 【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・Fish Fin】 as a substitute for my halberd, until the former was repaired. 
  • Gained from 5th ring of Degambling 
    • [Dragon Staff of Heavenly Roaring Flame] ([Fiery Dragon Rod])
    • [Roaring Flame Ring]
    • [Fine Scarlet Robe]
    • [Healing Silver Mace]
    • [Bracelet of Snake's Regeneration]
    • [Floating Shield]
  • Gained from Blue Rose Garden Keep
    • [Red Queen's Rose Sword]
    • [Red Queen's Rose Mail]
    • [Red Queen's Rose Shield]
  • Gained from Gallery of Funeral Statues from the floor boss [Magnificent Virubiras]
    • [Stone Rose Estoc] 
    • [Venom Butcher Knife] 
  • [Shadow Stitched Camouflage]: a stealth cloak
  • [Jewel-Sealed Ability]: found in the fifth ring of Degambling. They are very rare and hold abilities. Rou bought one to give to Avenger that had the special ability [Demonic Insect's Natural Enemy] in order to prepare him for his fight with Philip Eagesect, the Shelled Insect Hero.
  • [Water Pressure Shrinkage Gun]・[Water Egg]