Jobs System is what humans have to become stronger instead of the Rank Up System.


To make up for the difference in base power compared to monsters, jobs provide benefits and compensation to allow humans to fight on equal terms with powerful foes.

Every human is able to level up their job by simply investing time into it, and if one has the aptitude, one can even rank it up into a better one.  

Human Mixbloods also have access to the Job System and freely develop them.

Those called “Heroes” are also products of the “jobs” system. In fact, there exist several “Hero” and "Champion" jobs.

Rou is an exception to this power system as he is able to gain Jobs making use of his Absorption skill, but he is unable to develop them.

List of Known Jobs

Job Description
Alchemist Able to make certain Magic products, including potions and poisons.
Appraiser Able to evaluate items observed.
Assassin Able to stealthily kill certain targets.
Beast Knight
Berserker Increases combat abilities at the cost of losing self-control.
Bishop Able to heal and use holy Magic.
Captain Able to command those of lower ranks to him.
Champion Similar to the Heroes, this individuals blessed by the Gods tend to have less individual powers but, as a compensation, there's no limit to the amount of subordinates they can power up, so they tend to have large groups or even full armies as companions.
Cook Possesses above-average cooking skills.
Cook Chief Possesses superior cooking skills; the head of the kitchen.
Craftsman (Assumed) Able to create items.
Demon Child's Holy Mother Appears to be a job that mothers can receive after they have a monster's (or maybe specifically a demon's) child.
Dual Swordsman
Enchanter Able to grant Magical enhancements to items.
Farmer Ability to farm the lands.
Guardian (Assumed) A warrior specialized in defense.
Heavy Swordsman (Assumed) A swordsman specialized in the use of heavy swords.
Heavy Warrior (Assumed) A warrior specialized in the use of heavy equipment.
Hero Similar to the Champions, this individuals blessed by the Gods tend to have more individual powers but, as a compensation, there's a limit to the amount of subordinates they can power up, so they tend to have reduced groups as companions.
High Sorceror May be the same as "High Wizard", not sure.
High Wizard (Assumed) A highly skilled Wizard, capable of using higher-level Magic.
Item Creator Able to create Magical items.
Knight A highly skilled warrior.
Legendary Hero Rare job that has traits from both Hero and Champion jobs.
Light Swordsman (Assumed) A swordsman specialized in using light swords
Light Warrior (Assumed) A warrior specializing use of light equipment.
Magic Gun User (Assumed) This is likely different from the "Magic Gunner" job. Should be a job where the user creates and fires a magic gun using bullets made from their magic.
Magic Gunner A gunman that can create magic bullets from monster materials, as well as alter them with their magic.
Magic Pharmacist
Magician Able to use Magic offensively.
Master Swordsman May not be a job, but seemed like one. A person who has mastered swordsmanship, naturally.
Minstrel (Assumed) A skilled musician.
Monk (Assumed) A skilled martial artist.
Monster Tamer Able to tame Monsters and turn them into familiars.
Noir Soldier A skilled warrior but, so as not to perish, must consume Monsters slain.
Peddler (Assumed) A merchant who travels around to sell their wares.
Royal Knight (Assumed) A Knight with royal status.
Sacred Beast Eater
Secret Force
Sentinel (Assumed) Capable of watching out and guarding against danger.
Shielder (Assumed) Capable of proficient use of the shield.
Slave (Assumed) Of lower rank, must follow orders of the master.
Smith Able to forge metals and make weapons and other items.
Spearman (Assumed) Capable of proficient use of the spear.
Strategist (Assumed) Able to create strategies in the event of battles.
Spirit Smith A highly skilled Blacksmith, capable of using spirit stones and infusing their properties into the items.
Supply Soldier
Tailor Able to mend and alter clothes.
Templar Knight A highly skilled warrior able to use holy techniques in their battle style.
Thief (Assumed) Able to steal from others and helps when hiding.
Vorpal Punisher (Assumed) a Bounty Hunter
Warrior A basic vanguard job.


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