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Kichi is the first goblin Rou befriended during his starting days as a goblin. He was Rou's buddy/sacrificial pawn, but later on becomes Rou's unshakable right hand man. He is second only to Rou himself ever since the first ever Hierarchy Tournament.



Kichi has an easy going personality. Kichi is an aggressive specialist-type who concentrates his points on battle-related stats, a front-liner kind of guy. He usually has expressionless and blank eyes, but he likes Rou. Kichi is not capable of complex thoughts, but he is capable of having complex emotions. This is primarily shown in his attraction - and later mutual love - with E, and his overwhelming desire to become stronger for Rou's sake.



Kichi is the size of an elementary school kid with a bald head and green skin, such as the average typical goblin. He also has completely white eyes.


When he ranked up to hobgoblin, his appearance became human, although keeping his plain stupid face. His skin color also remains the same.


On his second rank up to an Ogre Variant, his skin became a dark metallic red. He has grown to 2m 80cm tall.


On his third rank up, he stands five meters in height so you need to look up just to see his face. His massive figure in itself is intimidating. It's not just the size, but each part of his body is pretty flashy. Each time minokichi takes a breath, thunder and flames come out of his big mouth. His lower body is completely covered in a golden fur that emits a crackling sound similar to thunder. The color of the upper masculine body is brown and didn't really change too much from before. His tattoos resembles Rou's and both were black and gold in color.

Rank Up

Race Type Name Day
Goblin Gobukichi (ゴブ吉) Day 1
Hobgoblin Gobukichi (ゴブ吉) Day 13
Ogre Variant Ogakichi (オガ吉) Day 49
Minotaur New Species Minokichi (ミノ吉) Day 113
Giga Minoterios Superior Species Minokichi (ミノ吉) Day 244



Kichi has a large amount of raw strength & endurance and uses a combo of axe and shield. Which makes him naturally better at tanking and damage dealing.


After ranking up into an Ogre, Kichi gained a great boost to his endurance, strength and vitality.

Ogarou states that in terms of sheer physical strength, that Kichi is superior to him, without the usage of abilities and is about as strong as Steel Crowback in unarmed combat.

As an Ogre. his vitality is so great that, like Ogarou, he is able to endure several grave injuries, such as multiple stab wounds and even a pierced heart, without much issue and quickly heal the damage.

As he obtained the Blessing of the Demigod of Fire, he can now breath out fire like a flamethrower.

He is competent at hiding in forests despite his large size and has some practice in scanning the surroundings for enemies (though no attack ever happened to see how skillful he is at that). Rou deemed necessary for him to have a skill because Mi and E could disassemble corpses for fur and parts, which he would be useless at that since he's clumsy.


Possessing now even greater physical strenght, speed and recovery ability, Kichi is now able to move at speeds surpassing the sound barrier and can easily overwhelm Aporou in close combat if the former doesn't use his abilities. His physical strenght is enough to kill the Mentalis in one strike, who had copied Ogarou's abilities and had previously been easily overwhelming Ogre Kichi and very nearly killed him.

After suffering a one-sided barrage of attacks from Aporou and being sent flying out of a stadium, creating a large splatter of his own blood upon landing, having broken teeth, organs pierced by his own ribs and bones sticking out of his skin, Kichi is able to heal all that damage, rearrange his bones back into order and grow new teeth in mere moments, prompting Aporou to admit that his recovery ability is on par with his own.

He is now also able to let out a loud roar that can stun, knock out and even kill those weaker than him and can shake the earth around him. Upon colliding with Aporou's own roar, the earth between them was shattered.

Upon gaining the [God of Lightning's Blessing], Kichi's body is able to output lightning, allowing him to shock those he comes into contact with.

Additionally, his flames have become mixed with his lightning, allowing for the creation of "Thunder Flames", which are white hot flames coated in lightning. These are strong enough to bypass Aporou's resistances and Kichi has a great deal of control over them. He can output them from the earth itself, allowing him to attack a whole stadium worth of people with them at once. He can also use them as a means of propulsion by shooting them out of his axe and holding the fire stream behind him.

Giga Minotaurus

After becoming a Giga Minotaurus, in addition to a large boost to all of his previous abilities, Kishi's endurance has reached a point that according to Ovarou, one would need to be a [Saint] class fighter to inflict any damage on him.

He attained the ability named [Physical Damage Penetration] which allowed the damage of his attacks to pierce through his opponent's defenses.


  • Demigod of Fire's Blessing (炎の亜神の加護) (Day 48)
  • Demigod of War's Blessing (戦乱の亜神の加護) (Day 48)
  • God of Lightning's Blessing (雷光の神の加護) (Day 113)

His current equipments are:

  • Great Gleaming Axe of the Fire Emperor
An item given by his God (Demigod of Fire) when he ranked up to minotaur.
  • Minotaur’s Thunder Flame Shield
  • Decapitating Axe of Demonic Heat
A huge double-edged battleaxe as tall as himself. It is a magic item from Velvet's inheritance.
  • Black Ogre's Chopping Board
An unrefined massive black iron wall-like tower shield. Its abilities are 【Weight Reduction】, 【Durable】, and 【Impact Reflection】 and thus extremely sturdy. It's also an item from Velvet's inheritance.
  • Axe of Celestial Lightning
  • Absolute Flame Gates of the Thunderous Bull Emperor
  • Armor
Armor made from Rou's thread, hind bear's furs, and some other stuff that Kichi had hunted himself, these are combined with a portion of [Unique]-class metal armor from Velvet's inheritance, customized to suit him.
  • A bracelet that has the storage ability
The magic bracelet can hold 12 types of items and it is possible to stack 20 of the same type of item.


  • Rou (Leader, Friend, and Rival)
  • E (Lover)



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