Allied to the Sternbild Kingdom.

Has the Eight Great Knights (Heroes) and a Divine Priestess which is of similar strength to the Four Symbolic Heroes of the Kingdom.

Heir of the Empire is 24 years old and engaged to a princess of the Sternbild Kingdom.

Rou freed a large, powerful slave army unit in Volume 2. Most of the unit then joined Parabellum.

Rusty Iron Knight (Steel Crowback) originated from the Empire.

3rd rank of it's Eight Great Knights:

In addition to being the next head of the Empire’s grand nobles, the Hero of Roaring Thunder, Artunel Bayard Rickenbar, is the third ranked in the Eight Great Knights and holds great influence within the group.

Her presence is like a prince drawn in a painting, having the usual gender-neutral good looks with blond hair and blue eyes. She’s wearing heavy silver armor and a mantle while wielding a double-edged one-handed sword. Having shown off her good looks by not wearing a helmet.