Kobolds are a race of dog-like humanoids.


Kobold lifestyle is fundamentally that of a warrior or Samurai.

They eat their own kind many times. The strong inevitably feed on the weak. Fueled by the ambition of one day becoming “Lord,” they kill and eat each other.

They believe that a life saved is a life worth selling in return. But if someone betrayed their lord, their blades would be gladly ordered to execute them.


Kobolds are told to be a higher rank than Goblins and about the same rank as Orcs, but they are faster and smarter than the latter one.

Obtainable Skills

  • Kobold Language: The ability to speak Kobold's Language.
  • Predict: The ability to see opponent attack trajectories as red threads.
  • Intimidating Roar: The ability to shout an incredible loud roar that can make the enemies paralyzed in fear.

Kobold Mage

Sometimes Kobolds are able to use magic. As strong as a Kobold Mage may be, if you kill it quickly, it can't do anything.

Obtainable Skills

  • Internal Mana Control: The ability to refine a necessary amount of magical power inside the body.
  • External Mana Operation: The ability to control the formation of the magic itself using magical power outside the body.
  • Magician's Knowledge: The ability to have an Magician's Knowledge.



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