Kumajirou is the Hind Bear tamed by Rou on Day 57. It later Ranked Up into an Oniguma on Day 78, and then a Desolation Spirit Panda on Day 260. Hind Bears Rank Up (Evolution) 2 stages every time they Rank Up, unlike Goblins, Kobolds, etc. which only go up 1 stage.



The race that Kumajirou became is apparently called "Oniguma" instead of a Hind Bear, becoming much larger than the common Hind Bear. His hair was gray, with even longer and sharper claws as black as obsidian, and his frame grew outward.

Desolation Spirit Panda

He now has a thick, sharp horn, like obsidian, one meter in length, coming out of his forehead, and he is now 11 meters.
He has a tough black and white body wrapped entirely in a flexible body hair. His huge paw can penetrate a dragons scales, and his teeth easily compete with the severity of a Dragon.

Moreover, the horn on his forehead significantly increased his overall status, shrouding him with a black aura emitted from sharp protrusions found on both shoulders and elbows made from the same material as the horn, and it also allowed special attacks.


Day 212, Rou experimented on him with 【Small Bottle of Young War Salamander’s Sticky Nucleus】 and spring water. The nucleus mysteriously absorbed the large amount of spring water, and immediately transformed into a viscous liquid. Now those two are wearing a slime armor just like Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander did.

Apparently, the sticky nucleus was permeated by this slime and became larger and crystallized. In addition, the form that appeared was now embedded in his chest.

The vicious liquid normally wraps around the silver nucleus to protect it, but when in combat, it covers the entire body.

His attack power increased as well because of the tentacles. And the slime armor is a superior ability to provide simple defense.

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)

Race Day
Hind Bear Day 57
Oniguma Day 78 (Manga: Day 81)
Desolation Spirit Panda Day 260



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