Kuuderun Great Forest

The Kuuderun Great Forest is the forest in which Rou was born. It is an extremely dangerous place (for goblins and normal humans), but tame and weak compared to any of the dungeons and labyrinths found later on in the story. It has a large number of powerful Monsters. It is where Parabellum originated from and has their headquarters located.

Notable Places

Story's History

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The Kuuderun Great Forest is the place where Rou , Ji ,E , Sei and Kichi are born and live when the series began.

The Forest is a dangerous place for non fighters. It contains a variety of monsters such as the Horn Rabbit or the Demon SpiderGoblins have a hard time hunting and surviving, but Hobgoblins have a chance to beat most of the creatures living in Kuuderun (not taking in account Rou's training), with Ogres and above having the most chance to survive and thrive.
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The strongest creatures of the forest (at least right now) are the Triple Horned Horse capable of taking down Hobgoblins, and the Hind Bear which can be strong enough to kill a non-Rou-trained Ogre (in a straight up fight).

The Mountain Lord or Red Bear is considered to be the 'Boss' of Kuuderun Great Forest (until Rou came along), as in the strongest monster.

Useful plants and vegetation, as well as some odder ones make for a varied Flora.

It contains many rare ores and spirit stones that fetch a good price on the market, and can be used for weapons (Water Knife or Rou's Halberd), armor and everyday activities like farming and cooking.

Semi-sentient and sentient individuals as well as tribes and clans inhabit the forest. Namely KoboldsOrcsGoblins and Dryads, but also a fairly large Elven community as well as others.

Velvet's Dungeon is situated underground the Forest and is responsible for the presence of many Spirit Stones in Kuuderun.

The Kuuderun Great Forest is located on the border of the Sternbild Kingdom and does not fall under its rule.

The Goblin Cave where Rou is born, as well as the base of Parabellum (situated in the Orc Mine) are inside the forest.

A coordinated attack against the Elves by the Sternbild Kingdom and the Kirika Empire was thwarted by Parabellum on the outskirts of the Kuuderun Great Forest.

The forest is located 1 day and night travel at full speed from Osvel on [Skeleton Centipede] or [Skeleton Spider] to 3 days while resting en route or taking part in activities on the way. Trient and Purgatory seem to be on the way.

It takes Rou a few hours to travel from Osvel to Kuuderun Large Forest (as of day 181).

The forest itself is pretty large. It has not been explored entirely by neither Parabellum nor Rou. A simple map was drawn by Female Knight and her companions, but its usefulness has not been confirmed yet.

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