LimitedHunt TheCrimson'sBearIntenseFlame

The Time Limited Event The Crimson Bear’s Intense Flame has begun!

Emergency Request Crimson Bear
There was a sudden and urgent request from a famous elf lady. You rushed to the spot mentioned.

A blazing hot bear was lighting up the forest in a fiery fury. Stop this ursine arsonist if you can - before it gets to the village and grills some elves for a meal!

You can acquire a new type of Imperial Soul! The Crimson Bear’s Spirit now drops in this stage! How about adding a powerful beast to your mercenary group?


Area Wave Stamina Clear Reward
Demigod Rank 3 15 Spirit Crystal x5
Godlike Rank 3 20 Spirit Crystal x5
Great God Rank 3 40 Spirit Crystal x10

Droppable Materials

# Icon Name Ability
1 Material 1g Blazing fur Fire Resistance +62, Pyrokinesis +62
2 Material 1b Meat of warrior kobold Pack Hunting Proficiency +50
3 Material 1i Magic crystal Magical Aptitude +125
4 Material 1h Raw flame silk Flaming Strong Arms +50
5 Material 1o Iron and steel ore Demonic Traits +1
6 Material 40a Smouldering Crimson Fur Blazing Bear’s Brawn +25
7 Material 40c Crimson Bear’s Shed Claw Blazing Bear’s Brawn +55
8 Material 40f Hot Bear’s Steamy Meat Blazing Bear’s Brawn +55

Obtainable Materials

# Icon Name Ability
1 Material 40b Blazing Bear’s Bone Crimson Bear’s Firepower +150
2 Material 40d Scorching Bear Spirit Crimson Bear’s Firepower +150
3 Material 40e Crimson Bear’s Blood Crimson Bear’s Firepower +150

Craftable Equipments

# Icon Name Material Unit
1 Equip Crimson Flame Gauntlet Crimson Flame Gauntlet
  • Blazing Bear’s Bone x35
  • Scorching Bear Spirit x35
  • Crimson Bear’s Blood x35
Icon 0670 CrimsonBear945

Droppable Items

# Icon Name
1 Material 20a1 Hunter's Proof
2 Crimson Bear's Spirit Crimson Bear’s Spirit

Obtainable Abilities

【Blazing Bear’s Brawn】

Peerless Flame Strike Icon Monster
Peerless Flame Strike
Type Active Skill Category Physic Attack Attack Target 04
Attribute Fire Target Enemy
STR 350, 500000 MP Cost 45
Charge STR 420 Charge Time 5s
Cooldown 15s
Description Lower magic + deal massive critical fire-attribute damage to target & its left & right
Strike foes with a melting flame strike that lowers magic.
Requirement Blazing Bear’s Brawn (12,000)
Imperial Blaze Armor Icon Monster
Imperial Blaze Armor
Type Active Skill Category Support Attack Target 03
Attribute - Target Ally
STR 0 MP Cost 45
Cooldown 20s
Description Raise defense + all resistances of target ally & those above & below it
Provide allies with a scorching fire armor that protects them from the elements & raises defense.
Requirement Blazing Bear’s Brawn (12,000)

【Crimson Bear’s Firepower】

Intense Fire Breath Icon Monster
Intense Fire Breath
Type Active Skill Category Physic Attack Attack Target 08
Attribute Fire Target Enemy
STR 600 MP Cost 80
Charge STR 700 Charge Time 10s
Cooldown 30s
Description Deal huge fire-attribute dmg. + greatly drop fire resistance + greatly lower def. of target & those in a cross-shaped area 2 squares out.
A massive flame breath incinerates those in its path by lowering fire resistance & defense greatly.
Requirement Crimson Bear’s Firepower (15,000)

Time Limited Missions

Weekly Missions

Period Mission Reward(s)
2018-11-15 - 2018-11-22 Consume 1,500 Stamina
  • 【Crimson Bear’s】Imperial Soul x5


  • November 15th, 2018 17:00 JST - November 30th, 2018 13:59 JST
  • December 26th, 2018 18:00 JST - December 31st, 2018 23:59 JST (Drop rate x1.5)
  • February 21st, 2019 18:00 JST - March 07th, 2018 13:59 JST

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