LimitedHunt TheSevereThunderstormDragon

The Time Limited Emergency Response Stage The Severe Thunderstorm Dragon has begun!

Emergency Request Thunderstorm Dragon
An Emergency Request has been issued! Head to the place mentioned in the document and deal with the scary Thunderstorm Dragon! Prepare for shocking attacks! Collect materials for new abilities!

A new type of Imperial Soul may drop from this stage! Look for the Thunderstorm Dragon’s Spirit!

Collect Thunderstorm Dragon’s Spirits to exchange for the LE Thunderstorm Dragon! This monstrous boss unit can paralyze multiple enemies!


Area Wave Stamina Clear Reward
Demigod Rank 3 15 Spirit Crystal Spirit Crystal x5
Godlike Rank 3 20 Spirit Crystal Spirit Crystal x5
Great God Rank 3 40 Spirit Crystal Spirit Crystal x10

Droppable Materials

# Icon Name Ability
1 Material 1b Thunder Dragon Meat Thunder Dragon’s Charge +50
2 Material 12a5 Thunder Dragon Stone Thunderclap’s Reverberation +50
3 Material 1i5 Thunderclap Gem Thunder Dragon’s Charge +100, Thunderclap’s Reverberation +100
4 Material 42a Thunderstorm Dragon’s Bristle Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity +25
5 Material 42b Thunderstorm Dragon’s Claw Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity +55
6 Material 42c Thunderstorm Dragon’s Meat Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity +55

Obtainable Materials

# Icon Name Ability
1 Material 42d Thunderstorm Dragon’s Bone Thunderstorm Dragon’s Moxie +150
2 Material 42e Thunderstorm Dragon’s Song Thunderstorm Dragon’s Moxie +150
3 Material 42f Thunderstorm Dragon’s Blood Thunderstorm Dragon’s Moxie +150

Craftable Equipments

# Icon Name Material Unit
1 Equip Thunderstorm Dragon's Pike Thunderstorm Dragon’s Pike
  • Thunderstorm Dragon’s Bone x35
  • Thunderstorm Dragon’s Song x35
  • Thunderstorm Dragon’s Blood x35
Icon 0672 ThunderstormDragon990

Droppable Items

# Icon Name
1 Material 20a1 Hunter's Proof
2 Thunderstorm Dragon's Spirit Thunderstorm Dragon’s Spirit

Obtainable Abilities

【Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity】

1000 Lightning Rod Spikes Icon Monster
1000 Lightning Rod Spikes
Type Active Skill Category Magic Attack Attack Target 04
Attribute Thunder Target Enemy
STR 300 MP Cost 30
Charge STR 420 Charge Time 10s
Cooldown 10s
Description Barrage + thunder attribute magic damage to target & its left & right
A thousand spears manifest in the sky through your summoning spell. You barrage foes with them. They attracting bolts of lightning after piercing foes.
Requirement Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity (12,000)
T-Storm Dragon’s Deific Roar Icon Monster
T-Storm Dragon’s Deific Roar
Type Active Skill Category Magic Attack Attack Target 03
Attribute Thunder Target Enemy
STR 200 MP Cost 25
Charge STR 300 Charge Time 3s
Cooldown 5s
Description Reduce action speed + deal thunder attribute magic damage to target & those above & below it
Summon a great bolt of lightning that startles and shocks foes; reducing action speed.
Requirement Thunderstorm Dragon’s Electricity (12,000)

【Thunderstorm Dragon’s Moxie】

Dragon’s Savage Thunder Icon Monster
Dragon’s Savage Thunder
Type Active Skill Category Magic Attack Attack Target 08
Attribute Thunder Target Enemy
STR 600 MP Cost 80
Charge STR 700 Charge Time 10s
Cooldown 30s
Description Reduce thunder resistance greatly + chance to paralyze + deal great thunder attribute magic damage to target & those two squares out from it in a cross shaped area
Summon a huge electrical dragon that is made from your lightning. It devastates foes with bursts of spider lightning, reduces their lightning resistance by overloading them with shocks, and can paralyze.
Requirement Thunderstorm Dragon’s Moxie (15,000)

Time Limited Missions

Weekly Missions

Period Mission Reward(s)
2019-01-17 - 2019-01-24 Consume 1,500 Stamina
  • Thunderstorm Dragon’s Spirit x5


  • January 17th, 2019 17:00 JST - January 31st, 2019 23:59 JST
  • February 21st, 2019 18:00 JST - March 07th, 2018 13:59 JST

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