Lumen Holy Kingdom is one of the countries in the world Rou reincarnates in.


First mentioned in Day 141.

First seen in Day 3XX?

Conquered Erinbe Iron Forest Country after starting war on Day 147 and winning by Day 215. Absorbed all of the losing country's land and their Heroes, Great Heroes, and Legendary Heroes.

A human nation with a national Religion that preaches human supremacy and shares a border with the Atarakua Demon Empire. This naturally puts them at odds with their neighbor the Atarakua Demon Empire, the more distant Estgrand Beast Kingdom, Parabellum, and the religion of the 5 great gods of the Sternbild Kingdom and Kirika Empire alliance human nations which supports the non-human with the blessing of the Great God of the Origin and the End.



The Lumen Holy Kingdom had a grand total of 24 Heroes, Great Heroes, and Legendary Heroes. Also has 1 [Saint] class fighter. Those who went to the Holy War are, for the majority, dead.

Known Characters

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