Me is one of the goblins from Rou's generation. At first she is one of the minor members of Rou's group, but later, after ranking up several times, her abilities allow her to stand out and she plays a much larger role as one of the 8 Demon Generals.


She is comedic and clever. And very serious about her work.

She seems to enjoy aesthetics and is quite popular amongst her friends.

Me is shy, and worries about being a burden on the rest of the group since she has weak offense and defense.


After her rank up to a Dodomeki, Me's height is around 160cm with a feminine body, with a long black hair above her waist. She has a many tattoos that cover her entire body.

Combat skills

She prefers to fight from distance. She is great at recon and ranged attacks.

Her specialty is reconnaissance and evasion. Like Rou (whose reconnaissance capability is second only to hers after she ranked-up to Kugimeki), it's impossible to surprise attack her.

Rank Up

Race Type Name Day
Goblin Gobume (ゴブ芽) Day 1
Hobgoblin Hobume (ホブ芽)
Dodomeki Dodome (ドド芽) Day 81 (manga: Day 84)
Kugimeki Variant Kugime (クギ芽 - Renamed on Day 221) Day 216
Kugionihime Variant Kugime (クギ芽) Day 244



She gained access to a wide variety of witchcraft, but with the cost of having low physical abilities.

Upon becoming one of Rou's generals her surveilance abilities grow to the point where it outclasses all of Rou's detection abilities, she can also has observation skills to use in battle such as predicting movents of even Rou and Kichi though her physical abilities are low to the point where if they fought her seriously and even hit her once she'd be doomed by one-hit KO or paralysed from the pain ; so Rou makes her simply in charge of surveilance and to mostly avoid enemy attacks.

Also able to see the enemy's weakness but that skill may be extremely harmful to her to use on someone too much stronger than herself.


Despite the lower count, her eyes are much more powerful. They can even fire lasers and other beams that weaken foes. Her recon is incredible - she is also stealthy like a ninja. The enemies’ tactics will be less effective against her.


Her eyes and their beams are even more powerful. Some can penetrate any foes armor and kill. She can see across huge distances and through realms.

After some training, she became stronger. Magic energies can now be focused through her eyes - allowing her to fire off beams that weaken foes - or even penetrate through them.
Her nine eyes can now access divine powers. She can gather more intelligence, stop foes in their tracks from afar, find weak spots, and even reveal info about enemies who might defect.

She is also able to cast the abilities [Eyes Of The Paralysis] and [Eyes Of The Chaos] to debilitate her foes.

She also gained the ability to freely summon other beings like "Many Eyed Gigantic Demon of Insanity (Mad Eyes Argoros)".


  • Demigod of Observation’s Divine Protection (Day 176)

  • She wears a white kimono which had an enchantment like [Bio-Sword] but it is [Bio-Armor]
  • An organic weapon that looks like a Japanese umbrella
  • A black, silver fan-type magic item 【Tayu of Night Wind】, made out of jade. It can generate strong gusts of wind.

  • Rou (Leader)
  • Ji ("Lover")

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