Merciful Maiden (慈悲の聖女は) is a Sub-cast from Avenger's Book of Psalms, which is first mentioned Day 116 and first seen Day 231.





Day 272 Ovarou took them to train, fighting against some summoned monsters. Each one of them was doing his role but their cooperation was still weak. After some hours of battle under the pouring rain they became real comrades.

Day 291 because of the repeated training sessions, they have really improved their coordination.
Without needing to speak, they communicate with just the slightest glance or movement. They're learning to read each others intentions which in itself is great progress.
They're now managing to co-operate fluidly at high speeds, even though there are still occasional rough patches they comfortably earn a passing grade.


She takes care of healing her companions. She takes the rearguard with Witch of Mystic Flame.
Due to her specialization, she has a weak body.


She is equipped with several items for the 5th ring item shop of 【Holy Land of Gambling】:

  • [Healing Silver Mace]
  • [Bracelet of Snake's Regeneration]
  • [Floating Shield]

It reinforces her defenses, allowing her to focus on immediately supporting her teammates when needed.