Horn rabbit 2

A horned rabbit, the first monster met by Rou

In the world of Re:Monster, any species not of a higher intelligence allowing them to use weapons or wear clothing are considered monsters. Monsters do not have what may be called a civilization, however, it should be noted that some humans still consider certain races as monsters based on their level of intellegiance or simply the fact that they are not human. Those that they do consider to be at least close to themselves, they call demihumans. It should be noted that verbage relates to context. In some contexts, the word monster can be used to decribe any nonhuman without any of the negative connotations associated with it. For example, in reference to the rank up system , it is said that only monsters have access to it but in this context refers to any nonhuman. 


Triple horned horse

A pair of triple-horned horses, a powerful monster in the forest

Monsters are decidedly different from regular animals which are still present in the world of Re:Monster. For example, the horses that most human armies use are regular horses and not monsters like the Triple Horned Horses tamed by Parabellum. However, just like regular animals, they are hunted for things like medicine, weapons, and simply food. For example, the horn of horned rabbits and vorpal bunnies can be used as weapons while the pelts of hind bears and black wolves can be used as armor sometimes superior to even steel (citation needed) 


A big difference between monsters and animals is the difference in strength. Monsters have much more power, but usually lack higher intelligence and therefore, magic. As monsters, they can increase in level to become far stronger and even have access to the rank up system. They even can be given divine protections such as with the Red Bear and the Jade Eagle. These monsters are often hunted for their extremely valuble carcasses that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Monsters also have the ability to recieve divine protections. These monsters usually end up being area bosses as was the case with the red bear and the jade eagle that Rou fought. Their ability to obtain divine protections also allows them to live in dungeons. The monsters take on the divine protection of whoever owns the dungeon. 

Mounts and familiars

Rou on kumajirou

Rou riding his hind bear familiar, Kumajirou

A particularly common thing parabellum does with monsters is to domesticate them as if they were regualar animals, making them familiars . For example, Big Coccos are used for their daily laid eggs and bred along with animals like Boruforu for their meat. Black Wolves and Hind Bears are used for hunting, guarding, and most importantly as mounts to ride into battle. They rank up with their owners and continue to aid in battle with their increased ability, speed, and durability making them far more effective than regular war horses. Unfortunately, the exact details of how animals and monsters are linked,if at all, is currently unknown. 

Summons and dungeons

Skeletons manga

A horde of summoned skeletons

These monsters can also be summoned. For example, the undead can occur natually if corpses are not disposed of properly, however, they can also be summoned to do the bidding of the summoner. These summons can also take on the divine protection of the owner should they be summoned using sufficient mana. For example, Rou can summon Black Ghosts while Kanami can summon purple versions. These summoned monsters, should they stay active long enough, can eventually gain self awareness and higher intelligence. In that same vein, monsters can also be created as with the Carbuncle, Returner, or in the case of dungeon monsters created by dungeon owners. (citation needed)

List of Monsters

Red King Crab Jade Eagle Hell Cerberus Desolation Spirit Panda Falaise Eagle Molotoyascher
Horn Rabbit Blade Rabbit Vorpal Bunny Armored Tanuki Seven Colored Bat Night Viper
Red Bear Black Wolf Black Wolf Leader Demon Spider Three Horned Horse Green Slime
Gray Slime Carbuncle Argiope Stamp Boar Poison Mantis Rhinoceros Beetle
Messenger Locust Yellow Monkey Red Deer Bicorn Orthrus Fomor
Balor Oniguma Hind Bear
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