First mentioned in Day 138.

The faction of the Sternbild Kingdom that is against the royal family politically, especially the heir to the kingdom, the Tomboy Princess.

Originally led by the Minister (a former, famous general).

The nobles hold approximately 70% of the Kingdom’s territory, the remaining 30% is governed by the King.

Though there are nobles that support the Royal Family and the king, there are many who belong to the Minister’s faction.

Rou assassinated the Minister, which the [Nobles Faction] then elected his grandson to represent them.

Rou calls the new leader, the Strong Grandson.

Allies with 2 of the Kingdom's 4 Heroes: Hero of Quivering Water and Hero of Iron Rock.

Eventually loses the civil war in the Sternbild Kingdom, due to Parabellum siding with the Tomboy Princess.