Ogres are common monsters that normally rely solely on brute strength.


Ogre is one of the possible evolutions right after a hobgoblin reaches level 100.

Strength Endurance Agility Magic Luck Intelligence
Normal D D E E- E- F-
Variant (亜種)(バリアント) D+ D+ E+ E E F
Rare Species (希少種) C C D- E+ E E


Typical Ogres are brown in color. Those with divine blessings however will have a skin color to match the blessing and the level of the God. Example: Rou is completly black, and Kichi is brown with a reddish tendancy.

Average Size Standard Skin Color
Normal About 250 centimetres Dark reddish-brown
Variant About 250 centimetres Change depending of the Divine Protection received
Rare About 250 centimetres Change depending of the Divine Protection received


Ogres are known to have a great amount of strength. This strength is first displayed when Goburou ranked up after his fight with the Red Bear who was a [ Variant ].

After his Rank Up, he managed to rip the head off the red bear's corpse with just one hand easily (he lost his left hand during the fight with the bear). This was a big contrast to when Rou was a Hobgoblin, where he could only damage the bear's hide through great effort and by utilizing all of his skills.

Another example is when Ogakichi came late to help Rou after Rou's fight with the assassins, resulting in Rou ordering Kichi to carry the bodies back to the base as a punishment. Despite the numerable human bodies (12), Ogakichi carried them and the equipment they had on them (amounting a total of around 1 ton in weight), without any problem.

Typical ogres (ie those not part of Rou's group) tend to be slow and stupid and rely solely on their brute strength.


  • 【Super-human Strength】 Exactly that.
  • 【Strong Body】 Exactly that.
  • 【Ogre's Roar】 Loud voice. Eardrum can be rupture if too close.
  • 【Command - Demon (Medium)】 It becomes easier to command lower-ranking demons.
  • 【Fast Healing】 Heal Faster.
And others.


  • 【God's Divine Protection】 The name change depending of the blessing of the God. Is possible for it to be a Demigod's. All species can obtain it with a few exceptions.
  • 【Resistance Acquisition】 Is easy to acquire resistances by constantly receiving the same type of damage.
  • 【Herculian Strength】 Enhanced version of 【Super-human Strength】.
  • 【Slash Attack Resistance】 Resistance to slash damage.
  • 【Physical Attack Resistance】 Resistance to physical damage.
And others.

Rare Species:

  • 【Rare Species Seed】 Because of the potential Extinction is easier to leave the seed behind.
  • 【Rare Species Lineage】 Depending of the place is warmly protected, depending of the place is prone to be capture for showing.
  • 【Greater God's Protection】 Evidence of the protection of a Greater God.
  • 【Carved Seal of the Chosen】 Evidence of a Rare Species. The same seal will appear in the subordinates, these increase their abilities.
And various others.


List of Subspecies of Ogre

  • Ogre Mage
  • Ogre - Rare Species
  • High Ogre

Rank Up

List of Known Ogres



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