Ramura is a Thunder Dragonewt and a former slave of the Kirika Empire. She is currently a member of Parabellum.


After being freed from slavery and seeing that Parabellum was only led by an Ogre (Ogarou) she decided along with Suputo and others of her kind to rebel and take the command. But they were easily beaten...
Rou decided to use her Dragon Orb to make some experiments.

She was part of the Fourth group of the First Expedition, the leaderless group.


She's a well-endowed beauty with fair skin that has golden colored hair approximately down to her waist, as well as golden eyes.

Two horns extended from her forehead and curved backwards.

From her hips extended a long and thin tail and she possessed a yellow Dragon Orb in the center of her forehead.


She wields a Living Spear in the shape of a Naginata, which consists of a wooden or metal pole with a curved single-edged blade on the end. It's shown in the gallery bellow.