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On December 13th, 2019, Area raid opened for the fist time. It is the replacement to the, now closed, tower game mode bbut this version does not require stamina and is only available at certain times. It is a new co-op game mode in which players bring teams of up to 10 units (including the MC) and take on a huge non-mobile and incredibly powerful elemental boss for 7 days. Please note that all the information on this based on only the first raid boss and is subject to change in the future.


Area Raid (hereafter reffered to simply as raid) is a new game mode similar to to the now closed Tower in which a large team, including the Main Character (MC), take on a larger boss. However, beating the boss is, at least in part, a group effort. According to the developers, there are no shortcuts or easy wins in this mode and this is designed to be extremely difficult. 


In raid, you bring a team of 10 attack units (including the mc) and 4 support/sub units in order to attack a raid boss and do as much damage as possible in 2 minutes. The amount of damage you do get converted into contribution points which is what is seen on the leaderboard. It is unknown how exactly this conversion takes place. The damage you do also gets converted into raid medals at a rate of roughly 1 medal to 1,000 damage done to the boss.

The boss has a certain amount of health at each level. Once this bar gets down to 0, the boss levels up. The boss starts at level 1 and goes all the way to 41 getting more strength and more health each time. At level 41, it simply stays at that level until the raid period is over. Starting from second boss level limited in certan time LV 1-15 from start of raid till saturday 2 pm JST LV 16-30 from sturday 2 pm JST till monday 2 pm JST LV 31-41 from monday 2 pm JST till end of raid. The boss has a lot of damage and as such, the damage done is cumulative and cooperative. Every player in the entire game contributes to the damage done to the boss overall and, as such, the boss levels up for everyone at the same time.


You can bring up to 14 units, 10 for attacking and 4 for support. They are placed in a 3 x 7 wide range and can be moved to anyone of the 21 attack tiles instantly as opposed to other modes in which they move one square at a time in a + pattern. The 4 support units cannot be moved and do not appear in battle.

The attack units are used to deal damage to the boss and must include the MC. When one of these units dies, a red "x" appears on them in edit troops and they can no longer be used in a team until the day resets at 5 am JST. If the MC dies, the battle continues but the support units are no longer useable for the rest of the day. They must be replaced or removed to continue.

The support units, as their name implies, give support. The support given is only to the MC though. The MC receives a stat boost which is based on the stats of the support unit without their awakening or equip.

Some units even get stat bonuses depending on the boss but, just like the tower, duplicates may not be used in the same formation. Even though official twitter and facebook obtained promotional material claimed unique skills would be functional in raid, they did not work in actual battle at the time raid was introduced. Was fixed with the coming of the second raid.


There are missions that can be completed in raid. There are both weekly missions which last the entire duration of the raid and daily missions which reset at the same time normal missions reset. Missions are also categorized by solo and cooperative. Solo missions encourage a certain number of contribution points while co-op missions ask for the boss to reach a certain level. These missions will usually give crystals or raid medals as a reward.


The main reward in raid is the raid medal. These can be used to purchase rewards in the raid shop. 100 raid medals are given for every boss level gained as a group after level 40 (300 before) and 1 for every 1,000 damage dealt to the boss on your own. These rewards will not be collected unless you press the shaking chest on the main raid screen to accept the rewards. Of note, the raid chest does not appear until after the boss has been defeated. After that, all medals earned up to the point it was defeated may be gained. Anything earned after that cannot be gained until the boss is defeated again. Raid medals can also be gained from raid missions.

1 crystal is rewarded for every boss level gained up to level 40 and after that, 15 hunter proof are rewarded for every time boss was defeated. Remember that 41 is the highest level the boss can go. After that, it simply stays at 41 until the week is over.

Another important reward is the title gained for earning a certain number of contribution points. This replaces the since removed tower titles.

Scoring and Score Board


Advanced Mechanics

Make bullet points The boss doesn't move but aoe attacks are still effective no matter where you place your units. The boss has timers that each do different special actions. One is a summoning feature, another is a random aoe attack similar to the tower boss's aoe, and the last is a quicker aoe. These are in addition to it's one tile attacks. The attacks and timers are based on its action speed so actspd debuffs will work. Other stat debuffs will also work. It is high in defense so that is every good debuff to have on a unit. Cc like poison, barrage, and lacerate do not work except for curse.

Bosses and Strategies


All bosses starting from lv 30 hits so hard that units with low resistance to boss element element will recieve max damage(9999) so you either need to bring only fat units(10k+ hp) or units with high resistance to raid boss element.


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