On the Re:Monster mobile game there are many sorts of equippable items, known as equipments that can be used by units.


Equipments can be used without any sort of restriction by all units, regardless of their type (Warrior, Soldier, etc) or race (Demi, Human or Beast). Even your Main Character (MC) can use them with ease.


Equipments are divided on different classes, regarding their rarity.

Classes are divided into:

Inferior > Normal > Rare > Unique > Ancient > Legendary > Phantasmal


Currently, there are 10 types of equipments on the game: Swords, Axes, Spears, Blunt Weapons (such as Maces or Hammers), Long Range (Slings, Bows or Guns), Staves, Armors, Shields, Helmets and Accessories.

Each type has its own desirable aspects and some decrease certain stats in exchange of others.

  • Sword: attack ↑
  • Blunt: attack ↑ and evasion ↓
  • Spear: attack ↑ and hit ↑
  • Axe: attack ↑, defense ↑, evasion ↓ and hit ↓
  • Long Rage: attack ↑, evasion ↑ and hit ↑
  • Staff: magic ↑
  • Shield: defense ↑
  • Armor: defense ↑ and evasion ↓

Aside from base stats, some equipments also can modify the unit's elemental resistances as well.

To search certain unit equipment, first expand all of equipment list by pressing the Icon Help beside equipment type symbol. Then hit search (ex: CTRL+F in windows) and type the unit name or library entry number*.

*Unit library number can be found at unit profile.

Regular Equipment

We call "Regular Equipment" to all the equipments that are available always on the Smith Shop or are obtainable by drop clearing stages. The name does not imply that their stats are worse, more like they are always up to get.

This is a compendium of the different equipments that are included in this category, as well as the obtention method

Event Equipment

As the name implies, those are equipments which availability is limited to the duration of a certain event. There are two possible scenarios:

  • The equipment is dropped on the event limited stages (be it hunt or tower events), so it's unobtainable once the event has passed.
  • The equipment is craftable, which is why it'll be always displayed on the Smith Shop with this icon Icon Monster, but the materials needed are only obtainable during the event.

Tower Equipment

Some equipment can only bought from Tower Shop and some can only crafted using materials dropped from Tower Hunt or bought from Tower shop. In the Craft equipment list its marked with Icon Tower icon.

After the closure of the Tower, this equipments can be crafted on the Smithy & Market.


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