Gacha is a function to summon a new Units. It call for the souls, copy them and then reincarnate them into this world as a new existence. All Units appearing in Gacha will be sent to "Unit (others)" in "Item box". Those units sent this way won't be expired permanently.


Gacha Interface


There is several types of gacha:

  • Normal Gacha

The Gacha that consumes Friend Points (FP) to summon new Units. Primarily used to fish for the starter 3 goblins(Gobusa, Gobuma, Gobuka) as well as the new SR Goblin, Hobuno, and for Golden Snakes. These goblins are the only ones who can upgrade their rarity through evolutions[1], just like the Main Character. An LE Golden Snake will be granted after every 5 Multipulls of the Friend Gacha as a reward.

One pull from this gacha cost 100 FP [2] and player get one pull for free each day.

  • Rare Gacha

The Gacha that consumes Spirit Crystal (SC) to summon Units. Has a higher chance for powerful Units to appear than Normal Gacha.

This gacha required 25 SC for one pull, but for first pull of the day got a discount and cost only 15 SC. Multiple pulls cost 250 SC. Player will receive 10x units + 1 bonus unit (atleast a SSR [3]) from all multiple pulls.

Notable powerful units that can be acquired:
LE++ Wisdom Rou, 8 Generals LE+ (Kichi, Mi, E, Sei, Sato, Ji, Me, Fu), LE High Roller. Gacha Probability:
2.5% LE+(LE++ Included), 7.5% LE, 30% SSR, and 60% SR.[4]

  • Time Limited Gacha

The Gacha that consumes Spirit Crystal to summon Units. It is also the type of Gacha that only available for a limited time period. The gacha has different units pool than Rare Gacha.

  • Ticket Gacha

The Gacha that uses specific ticket to summon units.

Gacha Ticket

An item that can be used to pull from a gacha for free. There are exist several types of gacha tickets. These tickets can be acquired by several ways: from a limited time mission, hunt stage drop, or bonus for several multiple pull. These gacha has different units pool.

Gacha tickets list:

  • Rare Gacha Ticket
  • Summer Lottery Ticket
  • Hot Season Lottery Ticket
  • SSR or Better Gacha Ticket
  • Guaranteed LE Ticket
  • LE or Better Gacha Ticket
  • Re:Monster Rock Fest Ticket
  • LE or Better Gacha Ticket (2)
  • Beginner Guaranteed LE Ticket
  • Guaranteed LE+ Ticket
  • LE or Better Gacha Ticket (3)
  • Shark Teeth Gacha Ticket
  • Stellar Sorcery Gacha Ticket
  • Tsukimi Gacha of the Full Moon Ticket
  • Dark Continent Second Edition Gacha Ticket
  • Dark Continent Third Edition Gacha Ticket

Although several tickets have same name but it may contain different units pool than can be pulled.

Summoning Animation

When the player pulls from a gacha there is a summoning animation played by the system before the pulled unit(s) revealed. The animation vary, depend on the highest rarity of unit the player got from the gacha.

The unit pulled can be differentiated by the color theme during the summoning:

  • Bright Green-colored Gem forRarity N,Rarity N+ andRarity R
R Simulated

  • Bluish Green-colored Gem forRarity R+
R+ Simulated

  • Yellow-colored forRarity SR
SR Simulated

  • Orange-colored forRarity SSR
SSR Simulated

  • Purple-colored forRarity LE
LE Simulated

  • Rainbow-colored forRarity LE+
LE+ Simulated

  • Dark Red-colored forRarity LE++
LE++ Simulated


  1. Gobusa in Dec. 6th, 2018. Gobuma and Gobuka in May 16th, 2019. Hobuno added in Nov. 21st, 2019.
  2. Used to cost 200 FP. Changed at Dec 06, 2018 update.
  3. Used to guaranteed SR. Changed at Sept 27, 2018 update.
  4. As of Nov 11th, 2019- the rates have changed and R+ has been removed from the gachas that require SC, entirely. Used to be : 2% LE, 7% SSR, 52.8% SR, and 38.2% R+.


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