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As of June 21st, 2020- This page is up to date.
As of June 21st, 2020- This page is up to date.


Great WarGreat War (GW) is a Week-Long event that usually occurs once a Month. In order to participate in the GW, you must have a Team of 6-20 units prepared as well as 1 Great War Ticket to enter the battle. It is strongly advised to make 3 Teams of 6 units (18 total) as each team can only be used ONCE and will recover it's fighting strength AFTER 2 BATTLES. This allows you to use up all of your tickets where a player with 2 teams will only be able to use 2 tickets as his first team will require another battle to go back into the fight.

You are randomly placed in a Kingdom, but your grouping (players you can visibly see in the rankings) will be of similar age to your own account, or older. The grouping of players is usually based on : # of Participated GW's, # of ranking you were in the last few GW's, and overall GW Points accumulated in your account's history. This can be manipulated slightly by NOT PARTICIPATING IN GW. This however can take several months before you see a drop in difficulty of enemy players.

Great War Tickets

Great War TicketGreat War Tickets are limited and used to participate in the GW itself. Each player is given 10 Tickets per day at 5:00 AM JST. You can obtain a maximum of 80 tickets throughout the entirety of the GW event. They disappear and are lost forever when the GW ends, meaning you cannot hoard them into the next GW. Click to show original days Icon Help


In previous Great Wars, the only way one could acquire Great War Tickets was by using the first 10 tickets given to them, then picking up the extra tickets via Missions that required you to use the original 10 tickets. [Kobald Ashigaru] was a enemy unit that could appear in event stages that had a very slight chance of spawning, and giving you an extra GW Ticket or dropping itself.

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Army Setups/Formations

To fully participate in a GW you need a minimum of 3 armies. However, there is a catch, once you send out an army, it has 2 battles of cool down before it can be used again or you need to wait until the day resets. That's why you need 3 armies, that's the minimum required so that you can spend all your tickets and fight the maximum amount of battles as shown here: Army 1 battles -> Army 2 battles -> Army 3 battles (resetting Army 1’s cool down) -> Army 1 battles -> etc. Each army consist at least 6 units and maximum allowed is 20 units. So, for setting up 5 armies you need a minimum of 30 units and maximum 100 units. Moreover, you have to set up one of those 5 armies as your flag army (the default is the 1st army), which is the army that other users will ALWAYS fight against.

In order to set up an army, you need to go to the edit troops tab (Home > GW Icon > Edit Troops). There you must press the edit button. Firstly, you must choose a formation by clicking on the Formation Selection button. You can choose one of the following:

Name Vanguard # Middle # Rear # Bonus
Basic Formation Formation Basic 8 8 4 None
Hammer Formation Formation Hammer 12 4 4 +30% defense, -10% speed*
Windmill Formation Formation Windmill 8 4 8 +30% attack, -10% defense
Two-Swords Formation Formation Two-Swords 8 8 4 +20% dexterity, +20% evasion
Golden Arrow Formation Formation GoldenArrow 4 8 8 +20% attack, +20% dexterity
Round Shield Formation Formation RoundShield 6 8 6 +10% buff/debuff, +10% defense
Chanting Formation Formation Chanting 6 8 6 +30% magic power, +10% buff effect
Mesh Formation Formation Mesh 7 6 7 +20% movement speed

The bonus stats acquired from formation chosen also affect player stats. For example when you used mainly Attack oriented skill then it's better to use formation that boost ATK/DEX stats, like Golden Arrow or Windmill.

Threat Level

Threat Level was introduced at version 3.0.7. Threat level indicate how strong a team composition is. It's represented by star symbol in player profile, maximum is 4 stars. The stronger the units in the team composition, the higher the threat level. It's unconfirmed whether it's determined by units rarity or units stats. The Player's own threat level can be shown at GW unit composition, but only for the leading team.


When you build a team, build one that will last long enough for YOU to kill the enemy team. All Passives that work for the MC -DO NOT WORK FOR YOU IN GREAT WAR- because you are no longer the objective of the game mode! The next tip might sound contradictory, but... Passives that affect ALLIES -DO NOT AFFECT YOUR UNITS IN THE GREAT WAR- BUT, -THEY WILL AFFECT THE ABILITIES THAT YOU BRING INTO THE GREAT WAR.-

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Once the GW starts you will be placed in one of the 5 following kingdoms:

Beast Kingdom Estgrand Beast Kingdom Demon Empire Atarakua Demon Empire
Holy Kingdom Lumen Holy Kingdom Kirika Empire Kirika Empire
Sternveld Kingdom Sternveld Kingdom

This only affects two aspects of the GW. First, you can't attack players from the same Kingdom. Second, Kingdoms will compete for total points won in the GW. Depending on the rank of the Kingdom, players within them will receive a set amount of medals for the Kingdom's Rank.

Guide: Skill, item, and MC Evolution


Please note that the following is a suggestion aimed at beginners with few resources but can be used as merely a guide for older players who have greater and better resources including equipment, MC evolutions, units, etc. It is to be used on a case by case basis to determine its usefulness and usability to each individual person. Re:Monster Fandom does not take responsibility for lost points, matches or battles.

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There are 3 main rewards for participating in GW: Player EXP, Medals, and Titles.

  1. Player experience
    With an average of 100 experience per successful battle, with 80 battles you end up leveling several times per GW until you start hitting around level 70. It's a great boost for lower level players.
  2. Medals
    Next are the medals, medals are the currency used to buy things at the Great War Shop, which includes Equipments, Items, and Units. Medals are awarded after GW ends. Medals will not expired and able to be carried over to the next GW. Medals won depends on several factors:
    Current Rank RewardsIcon Help Previous Rank Rewards (Old Great Wars) Icon Help

    Original Rank Rewards (The very First Great War) Icon Help

  3. Title
    Finally, we have the titles, stat boosts for the player character only. Depending on your Leaderboard Ranking, you gain bonus stats until the next GW starts (they are lost the second the next GW starts and are not carried over, but can be won several times in a row). Here is a table with the ranks and bonuses:{| class="tb-custom" style="margin: 15px auto;" |- class="header" ! Name ! Leaderboard Ranking ! HP Boost ! ATK/DEF/MAG Boost |- | 8 Demonic Great Generals | 1 - 8 | 1000 | 100 |- class="alt" | 18 Demon Warlords | 9 - 26 | 800 | 75 |- | War God Ogre Commander | 27 - 40 | 600 | 50 |- class="alt" | Captain of Thousands | 41 - 50 | 400 | 30 |- | Chief of Hundreds | 51 - 75 | 200 | 10 |} Taking all of this into account, you want to place as high as possible in the Leaderboard. For this, you have to maximize the amount of points you win (see battle and all the preparations) and reduce the amount of points your competitors get. How do you ask? By making the strongest flag army possible. The reason why it's recommended to built a defensive army is that taking into account once your flag army fights another player they will have to fight against an enemy MC, victory is often not an option, but you can stall for time, reducing a huge amount of points earned. Only when your army is vastly more powerful than the opponents you can reduce their earnings via killed units.

Great War Shop

You remember that medals are the GW alternate currency? Well, here is where you spend them. You can access the shop in the shop tab of the GW (Home > GW Icon > Shop). Thankfully you can access the GW shop even when the GW ends, but some items have limited quantities per player, and you will need to wait till next GW.

Here you can buy 3 types of thing (one for each shop tab): Units, Equipment, and Materials.


Here you can buy units ranging from SR quality all the way up to LE! Some SSR and especially the LE units appear in rotation, there is no pattern known at the moment to predict the next unit.

Unit Rarity Medal
Icon 0157 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline SR 100
Icon 0026 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline ◇ SR 150
Icon 0002 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline ◇◇ SR 200
Icon 0251 Returner Returner SSR 500
Icon 0259 Duke Duke SSR 500
Icon 0289 SagefromanUnknownLand Sage from an Unknown Land SSR 500
Icon 0358 MagicGunmanfromAnotherWorld Magic Gunner from Another World SSR 500
Icon 0260 Velvet Velvet LE 1,000
Icon 0411 Isshaa Iss Haa LE 1,000
Icon 0288 Ruskatia Ruskatia LE 1,000
Icon 0303 Satori Satori LE 1,000
Icon 0376 Rorgis Rorgis LE 1,000
Icon 0422 Velvet 【The Ancient Wizard King】 Velvet LE 1,000
Icon 0432 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake LE 300
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake SR 150
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake R+ 50
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake N+ 30


Great War Unit Equipment
Equipment for LE Great War Units in the Great War Shop.

Equipment Units Medal Cost
Equip 597 Legendary Wizard Staff LE Velvet, LE 【The Ancient Wizard King】Velvet 800 Medals
Equip 598 Holy Blade of Judgement LE Ruskatia, LE Rorgis 800 Medals
Equip 600 Telepath's Oni Robes LE Satori 800 Medals
Equip 599 Orchid Petal Necklace LE Iss Haa 800 Medals
Equip 602 Combat Orb of the Great Wars All Units. Attack Stat Unit-Preference. (Soldiers, Warriors, Archers) 800 Medals
Equip 601 Sorcery Orb of the Great Wars All Units. Magic Stat Unit-Preference. (Mages, Healers, Enhancers) 800 Medals

8 General's Equipment
Equipment for 8 Generals.

Equipment Units Medal Cost
Equip 318 Bewitching Ice Empress’s Kamikazari LE+【Benevolent Ice Empress】Kanami, LE Mi variant 800 Medals
Equip 319 Flickering Axe of Condemnation LE+【Darling Demolishers】Minokichi & Asue, LE Kichi variant 800 Medals
Equip 320 Earth Goddess Battering Ram LE+【Darling Demolishers】Minokichi & Asue, LE E variant 800 Medals
Equip 322 Miter of Charity LE+【Sentinel of the Holy Land】Seiji, LE Ji variant 800 Medals
Equip 323 Sublime Kimono of Nullification LE+【Gloomy Gals at War】Kugime & Aifu, LE Me variant 800 Medals
Equip 324 Dress of the Baneful Princess LE+【Gloomy Gals at War】Kugime & Aifu, LE Fu variant 800 Medals
Equip 325 Celestial Oni Staff LE+【Dancers in Ecstasy】Supesei & Burasato, LE Sei variant 800 Medals
Equip 326 Euphoric Empress’s Crimson Swords LE+【Dancers in Ecstasy】Supesei & Burasato, LE Sato variant 800 Medals

Old Equipment

Equipment Stats Secondary effect Medal Cost
Equip 61 Numb Long Sword +150 ATK Paralyzes. 150 Medals
Equip 62 Brainshacker +180 ATK, -15 EV/DEX Stuns. 150 Medals
Equip 63 Feetbinder Spear +135 ATK, +15 DEX Snares. 150 Medals
Equip 64 Battle Axe of Deception +165 ATK, -15 DEX Confuses. 150 Medals
Equip 67 Poison Pump Bow +120 ATK, +30 DEX Poisons. 150 Medals
Equip 65 Sealing Staff +150 MAG Seals. 150 Medals
Equip 61 Dream Blade +120 ATK, +15 EV/DEX Sleeps. 150 Medals
Equip 66 Silencing Magic Gun +180 ATK, -15 DEX Silences. 150 Medals
Equip 68 Treasure Shield of Fine Stone +120 DEF, +30 EVA All Resistance except Dark+Light. 150 Medals
Equip 69 Warmog’s Armor +1,000 HP, +200 DEF, -50 EV Nothing. 150 Medals

Note: The Secondary Effects of the equipment worth 150 Medals are a unknown Chance% to occur. It's not 100%.


Here you can buy boss drops, construction materials, coins, tomes, and one material exclusive to this shop, all for medals. Some items here can be bought only once per GW shop rotation while others are infinite.

Material Ability gained (for 1 material consumed) Medals
Gold 3000 10
Gold 1500 5
Gold 300 1
Food 1500 10
Food 750 5
Food 150 1
Construction Material 1000 10
Construction Material 500 5
Construction Material 100 1
Material 101e1 Ancient Relics (For Bow) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101a1 Ancient Relics (For Sword) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101j1 Ancient Relics (For Ornaments) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101d1 Ancient Relics (For Axe) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101b1 Ancient Relics (For Hammer) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101f1 Ancient Relics (For Staff) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101c1 Ancient Relics (For Spear) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101g1 Ancient Relics (For Shield) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101h1 Ancient Relics (For Armor) Material for special equipment 1,200
Material 101i1 Ancient Relics (For Helmet) Material for special equipment 1,200
Rainbow Ticket Guaranteed LE+ Ticket No longer available 3,000
Rainbow Ticket Guaranteed LE Ticket No longer available 1,800
Material 12c Broken knife coated in sleeping drug Sleep Resistance: 25; Thug Fighting Style: 25 60
Material 1g Four Bear’s Arms Fur Hydro-hand: 75, Deadly Parental Feeling: 75 50
Material 12c Passage of Teachings Dark Magic: 150, Shadow Grudge: 150 50
Material 1i Thunderous Revenge Demonic Traits: 1, Curse: 150, Avenging Soul: 150 50
Material 1d Black Skeleton Knight’s Skull Gravity Law: 100, Swordsman’s Soul: 100, Black Squeketon’s Curse: 100 40
Material 1e Jaw of the armored centipede Posion Generation: 100, Offensive Power: 100, Monstrous Scolopendra’s Threat: 100 40
Material 1b Meat of the Giant King Giant King’s Dignity: 112, Vitality: 112 30
Material 1b Meat of thunder and flame Cattle Fire Resistance: 75, Lightning Resistance: 75 30
Material 1g Two pairs of Large Wings Aero-Master : 112, Predator of the Sky: 112 20
Material 1b Red Bear’s Hands Tyranny of the Beast King: 112, Offensive Power: 112 20
Material 12b Tome of fire magic Fire Magic: 50, Pyrokinesis: 50 10
Material 12b Tome of water magic Water / Ice Magic: 50, Hydro-hand: 50 10
Material 12b Tome of wind magic Wind Magic: 50, Aero-Master : 50 10
Material 12b Tome of thunder magic Lightning Magic: 50, Electro-Master : 50 10
Material 12b Tome of earth magic Earth Magic: 50, Earth Control: 50 10
Material 12b Tome of holy magic Holy Magic: 50, Photon ruler: 50 10
Material 12b Tome of dark magic Dark Magic: 50, Gravity Law: 50 10


  • Each purchase here gives you 5 of the purchased material (does not apply to ticket).
  • The ability acquisition values are per 1 material consumed


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  • As of now the information or strategy mentioned in this article may become obsolete because of newer game updates, feel free to update it.
    • As of 11/03/2019, the information herein is up to date but may change again in the future
  • 2018-12-26:
    • LE+ and LE Guaranteed ticket added to shop.
    • Updated Great War medals reward.
  • 2019-05-23:
    • Updated Great War medals reward.
  • 2020-06-21:
    • Updated the entire page.


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