Great WarGreat War (GW) is a recurrent event that lasts a week in Re:Monster in which you spend Great War Tickets to battle other players armies, composed of 6 to 20 units, in order to gain several rewards according to your battle performance. Players can access the GW interface through the GW icon in the top center of cave (Home tab).

By clicking the GW icon, if there is no GW going on, the first image you will see displays the date of the upcoming GW. Unlike updates, GW starts at 12:00 JST on Thursday and end on the following Thursday at 0:00 JST.

Great War Tickets

Great War TicketTickets are the main resource for participating in the GW. By spending 1 ticket, you can enter 1 battle. They are a finite resource and are the most important factor in how well you end up performing, player can acquired up to 125 tickets. There are 2 ways a player can acquire tickets, from Daily Rewards and Daily Missions. However, GW “days” are an obtuse concept. They are divided into the following:

1st day Thursday 12:00 JST - Friday 00:00 JST
2nd day Friday 00:00 JST - Saturday 00:00 JST
3rd day Saturday 00:00 JST - Monday 00:00 JST
4th day Monday 00:00 JST - Tuesday 00:00 JST
5th day Tuesday 00:00 JST - Wednesday 00:00 JST
6th day Wednesday 00:00 JST - Thursday 00:00 JST
Final Rush Hours Thursday 12:00 JST - Thursday 0:00 JST

In each of the 6 days, a player passively receives 10 tickets to go war with, delivered at 5AM JST. Also, in the limited tab of the missions (Home > Mission > Time Limited) there are 2 types of missions the player can accomplish, the hunting missions and the waring missions (see table below). Also, there is a special period of time where an extra mission appears that gives you extra tickets, we call that period of time the Final Rush Hours, the mission appears only on last day.

Mission each days Ticket(s) Reward
Hunt 1 time (without delegation) 1
Hunt 5 times (without delegation) 3
【Rush Hour】Hunt 5 times (without delegation) 5
Do war 1 time 1
Do war 3 time 2
Do war 5 time 3
Maximum tickets acquired during GW period
Passively 10 x 6 60
Waring missions 6 x 6 36
Hunting missions 4 x 6 24
Rush Hours mission 1 x 5 5
Total 125
If you don't finish or redeem the missions, you lose those tickets forever!!! Also, you can't hoard tickets from one GW to the next, unused tickets disappear at the end of the GW!!!


Since 25th Great War (24th May 2018), Great War Tickets can be dropped from Limited Time Event Stages by defeating an enemy called Kobold Ashigaru. Because of this, the amount of tickets that can be acquired practically limitless.

Setup Armies

To fully participate in a GW you need a minimum of 3 armies (more info the battle section), each army consist at least 6 units and maximum allowed is 20 units. So, for setting up 5 armies you need a minimum of 18 units and maximum 100 units. Moreover, you have to set up one of those 3 armies as your flag army (the default is the 1st army), which is the army that other users will ALWAYS fight against.

In order to set up an army, you need to go to the edit troops tab (Home > GW Icon > Edit Troops). There you must press the edit button. Firstly, you must choose a formation by clicking on the Formation Selection button. You can choose one of the following:

Name Vanguard # Middle # Rear # Bonus
Basic Formation Formation Basic 8 8 4 None
Hammer Formation Formation Hammer 12 4 4 +30% defense, -10% speed*
Windmill Formation Formation Windmill 8 4 8 +30% attack, -10% defense
Two-Swords Formation Formation Two-Swords 8 8 4 +20% dexterity, +20% evasion
Golden Arrow Formation Formation GoldenArrow 4 8 8 +20% attack, +20% dexterity
Round Shield Formation Formation RoundShield 6 8 6 +10% buff/debuff, +10% defense
Chanting Formation Formation Chanting 6 8 6 +30% magic power, +10% buff effect
Mesh Formation Formation Mesh 7 6 7 +20% movement speed
*it is unknown whether its action speed, movement speed or both

The bonus stats acquired from formation choosen also affect player stats. For example when you used mainly Attack oriented skill then it's better to use formation that boost ATK/DEX stats, like Golden Arrow or Windmill.

Threat Level

Threat Level was introduced at version 3.0.7 (full changelog can be seen at 15 February 2018 update log). Threat level indicate how strong a team composition is. It's represented by star symbol in player profile, maximum is 4 stars. The stronger the units in the team composition, the higher the threat level. It's unconfirmed whether it's determined by units rarity or units stats. Player own threat level can be shown at GW unit composition, but only for leader team.


It is recommended to build one defensive army and two offensive ones (read battle in order to learn why). If you were to put it in numbers, a defensive army would have 30% attack power and 70% survivability, thus having a focus on survivability. While the offensive army should be as offensive as possible without having your units take too much damage, often ending up with 50-60% offensive power and the rest for survivability.

Also, ALWAYS equip all of your units, a well equipped SSR unit can compete on equal footing with a LE unit without equipment. Also, never forget to level up your units, especially LE and LE+, those units evasion and dexterity are linked to their level unlike others.

What adds to survivability you ask?

  • The first layer of survivability is obviously the units health, defense, magic (since it works both as an offensive and defensive stat), and evasion, health being the most important one; since the formation you choose can bolster those, it's also a part of the first layer.
  • The second layer are the healing units you add into the mix, the healing prowess of the unit depends on the healing skill strength, healed unit HP (the more the better), healer magic (in some cases) and healed unit magic (in some cases), and healing unit action speed (how fast it can heal), since formation can bolster magic, it can also help here.
  • The third layer consists of buffing units, if it boosts any of the stats mentioned above, along with elemental resist or status resist, again buff boosting formations help here along with those that boost the stats you buff.
  • The fourth layer are the debuff and status effects applied by your units. Mostly enhancers deal debuff, but starting at the SSR rarity units can apply status effects and debuffs. Useful status effects are confusion (it makes enemies hit themselves during the duration) and stun (the old game translation usually says faint). Only the round shield formation helps here.
  • Finally, position your units sensibly. This means don't group the units with the same elemental weakness all together, make a meatwall in the vanguard, spread your healers and if you are feeling tricky, position units whose elemental resistance is the same element as the weakness of the unit next to it. IE: place an wind unit next to a lightning unit so that if they want to focus your lightning unit with earth attacks, the damage that the nearby units take is mitigated.

What adds to your offensive ability?

  • First layer are the offensive stats: magic, attack, and dex.
  • Second layer are the buff towards those stats and action speed.
  • Finally, debuffs on the enemy work wonders. Here the best statuses are confusion, health denial, silence (on their healers), and elemental weaknesses.

Why its is recommended to build one defensive army and two defensive ones? Well you will learn once you reach the battle section. Add most of your resources into building the defensive army and make it your flag army. Also, consider the importance of the layers in an ascending manner, the first being the most important and the last being the least, albeit, their difference isn't that huge.

Since threat level was introduced, now it's rather easy to predict the outcome of battle. By checking threat level before battling, player can get a rough picture how strong/weak their target is. Using star number at enemy profile, player can avoid strong team and also trap team (team that consist of solely weak units, they died quickly so player that attacked it can't get maximum score).


Once the GW starts you will be placed in one of the 5 following kingdoms:

Beast Kingdom Estgrand Beast Kingdom Demon Empire Atarakua Demon Empire
Holy Kingdom Lumen Holy Kingdom Kirika Empire Kirika Empire
Sternveld Kingdom Sternveld Kingdom

This only affects two aspects of the GW. Firstly, you can't attack players from the same kingdom, and secondly, kingdoms compete for total points won in the GW, depending on their rank, you get rewards according to your kingdom's position.

Skill, item, and MC Evo variant

What makes the GW special apart from the armies, is that your Main Character (MC) can use his skills while not appearing in the battle, thus, you don't need to split skills and items on boosting the MC survivability (see tip section on setting up your armies). Thus you can usually take one of 2 character types that make the most impact on the battlefield: DPS or Support. In both cases it's recommended using 5-6 passives and 4-5 actives when it comes to skills. And also, it's strongly recommended to leave a separate skill page for the GW.


The role of the DPS is quite simple, nuke the enemy army with skills until nothing remains. For that, you will take into account the skills you managed to get until this point and choose if you wanna be a physical attacker (Attack stat based) or a magical attacker (Magic stat based). Taking into account that it's more easy to find a unit with higher magic in comparison to defense, it's recommended being a physical attacker, and also because it's easier for newer players to get physical based skills.

MC Variant

Some player might not know this, but the MC is able to switch between unlocked evolution variants at a low cost of food and coins (14,000 gold and 10,000 food), while retaining that specific variant level. Its virtually free to switch between variants, so take advantage of it.

What we are looking for in a DPS focused MC are 3 things:

  • High mana pool
  • High dexterity
  • High offensive stat (attack or magic as explained)

Taking that into consideration there are 2 variants that excel at this role:

Icon 1040 VoidSpiritMage
Void Spirit Mage
(Magical DPS)
Icon 1041 ImperialBloodRaider
Imperial Blood Raider
(Physical DPS)
Icon 1026 SpellLord
Spell Lord
(Magical DPS)
Icon 1037 IceBloodTrueVampire
Ice Blood True Vampire
(Physical DPS)

With the introduction of SR rarity MC evolutions, it's recommended to use those evolution. Higher rarity means more stats, moreover they have special equipments that boost their stats further. But those evolution need special requirement to unlock, not only that their special equipments can only crafted using materials from limited time Tower event. You can still unlock the evolution by buying items from Tower shop, but the problem is the equipments. Once you missed the event you can't obtain the materials anymore. But don't worry, with the addition of Royal Capital Shop, now MC special equipments can be bought using Hunter's Proof.


Looking into what items to use is even easier, use one that raises both your offensive stat and dex. Currently the best non-event-limited items for this role are (strongly discourage use of dex reducing items):

Name Offensive stats Dex How to obtain
Equip Sword Sharpy ice longsword 250 ATK,

50 MAG

25 Crafted in smithy: 25x Fragments of ice sword (18-3) and 25x Hoof of Great iron (18-5)
Equip Spear Cursed Spear 160 ATK 40 Drop from Monday daily stage intermediate
Equip Blunt Mother Earth’s Hammer 240 ATK - Drop from stage 4-5
Equip Sword Blood Princess 200 ATK - Drop from Friday stage daily stage senior and up
Equip Spear Holy Lance 96 ATK 24 Drop from stage 5-4, Sunday daily stage senior
Equip Sword Infinity Edge 120 ATK - Crafted in smithy: 5x pieces of sword blade and 20x horn of blade beast
Equip Staff Cypress Pole 200 MAG - Drop from stage 4-4 Monday (senior) and Tuesday (intermediate and senior) daily stage
Equip Sword Aranotte’s Staff 120 MAG - Drop from Tuesday daily stage intermediate and senior

Note: Use a limited event weapon if its better than those used here, for a full list of the in game equipment check: Equipment List


There are a huge variety of skills in the game, so listing all the skills here is a whole guide in its entirety, but there are some that stand from the rest while others serve as a baseline:

Name Strength Cooldown (s) Effect Ability
Standard Elemental cross area skills 200 9 (physical), 7 (magical) Element-Master / Element Magic
Mana operation 50 25 Recover half of MC Mana Magical Aptitude
Shortening Spells Passive Reduces cooldown of skills Magical Aptitude
Black Demons Dignity Passive Reduces all enemies stats Fusion skill from 2-5 and 5-5 bosses
Light warrior Passive Raises MC Dexterity Warrior soul
Mind Blowing Fear Passive Reduce enemies Attack and Magic Monstrous Scolopendra's Threat
Giant King's Pressure Passive Reduce enemies attack speed Giant King's Dignity
Intimidation of the Strong Passive Reduce enemies Attack and Defense Tyranny of the Beast King

There is alse one more thing to take into account, there is one type of sabotage ability that recommended to bring, silence inducing ones (higher level players have better alternatives). If you silence enemy armies healers, they can no longer heal, making their second layer of survivability useless. Also, take into account the units most players use. At the moment there is a huge abundance of water units, whose weakness is lightning. There is also a huge amount of units whose weakness is light (most demihumans) and most healers weakness is darkness. You usually can't go wrong with those elements.


To play this role you need an army with high rarity units (minimum all being SSR with equipment). You should use the MC variant with the highest mana and magic possible (Spell Lord). Gearing yourself with both buffing and sabotage skills, while making most of your passives debuffs and unit boosts. Now, the bread and butter of the support unit are its sabotage skills and healing skills. You should bring hard CC sabotage skills (confusion/stun), stats debuffs (more you can stack together the better), and MC stat buffs (same as debuffs). Also mana operation, shortening spells, and at least one silence does wonders. You should use 1-2 offensive skill to deal with high risk enemies (healers/glass cannons).


You've made your armies and prepared your skills. Now, if you have tickets, you can select one of the four enemy kingdoms to attack. There you can select between 6 enemy players, in total you can choose 1 player out of 24 since there are 4 kingdoms. Once you chose the player you wanna fight and selected your masterfully crafted skill page, you will enter battle. Each battle has time limit of 99 seconds.

The first thing you will see here is that an elemental roulette wheel starts spinning, and ends up selecting 1 element to “bless”, the blessing only affect YOUR units. Blessing will give unit 100 HP, 50 ATK/MAG/DEF, and 20 all round elemental resistance buff IF your unit have the same blessing color of the element (you can see it in your units GW tab).

When battle starts, you have no control of your army, however, you should be spamming your skills like a madman while using them strategically. Kill units hidden behind tanks, silence or kill enemy healers and enhancers. If both armies have the same powers yours should win 100% of the time, since your units unlike the opposing army have the aid of your MC skills and passives on top of the elemental blessing.

There are two win condition for great war battle: 1. Wipeout all of opposing enemy units, and 2. Your remaining units total HP higher than opponent's remaining units total HP. You can determine this easily by viewing a bar at the bottom of battle screen. Green for your units and Red for enemy's.

At the end of the battle you are provided with a score along with a timer showing how much time you have left over (in seconds) and a good amount of mercenary group xp (for player level, not units). The most important aspect here are the points gained. You can win in between 10 and 250 points per battle. 10 points is for a defeat while 250 for a perfect performance. If you evacuate from battle, you're not getting any points.

How do you achieve 250 points? There are two aspects you should focus on. First and most importantly, the leftover time and damage sustained, which can give up to 200 points according to this table, taking into account you took low amounts of damage:

Leftover Time (s) Points
70 - 99 200
60 - 69 187
50 - 59 180?
40 - 49  ?
30 - 39  ?
20 - 29  ?
10 - 19  ?
Time-out - 9  ?

If you take lots of damage or lost several units, even if you finish the battle fast you will not gain maximum score.

The other factor is ability points. Ability points are given due to usage of abilities and damage dealt, that's why mana operation, shortening spells, and high mana are useful. Spamming skills sensibly actually helps you get a better score!

However, there is a catch, once you send out an army, it has 2 battles of cooldown before it can be used again or you need to wait until the day resets, but that will be a loss of tickets since you can't actually complete your waring daily missions nor use all your tickets. That's why you need 3 armies, that's the minimum required so that you can spend all your tickets and fight the maximum amount of battles as shown here: Army 1 battles -> Army 2 battles -> Army 3 battles (resetting Army 1’s cooldown) -> Army 1 battles -> etc.


There are 3 main rewards at a GW:

  1. Player experience
    With an average of 100 experience per successful battle, with 125 battles (if you did all your missions) you end up leveling several times per GW until you start hitting lvl 70. It's a great boost for lower level players.
  2. Medals
    Next are the medals, medals are the currency used to buy things at the Great War Shop, which includes Equipments, Items, and Units. Medals awarded after GW end. Medals will not expired and able to be carried over. Medals won depends on several factors:
    • Total points acquired. 300 points = 1 medal.
    • Your kingdom's overall point ranking.
      • 1st: 1000 medals,
      • 2nd: 500 medals,
      • 3rd: 250 medals, and
      • 4th: 100 medals.
      • 5th position don't get any medals.
    • Your leaderboard ranking.
      • 1st: 2000 medals,
      • 2nd: 1500 medals,
      • 3rd: 1000 medals,
      • 4th-6th: 800 medals,
      • 7th-10th: 500 medals,
      • 11th-20th: 350 medals,
      • 21st-30th: 250 medals, and
      • 31st-50th: 150 medals.
    • Participation will give 10 medals.

    Click to show old calculation Icon Help

  3. Title
    Finally, we have the titles, huge stats boosts for the player. Depending on your leaderboard ranking, you gain bonus stats until the next GW starts (they are lost the second the next GW starts and are not carried over, but can be won several times in a row). Here is a table with the ranks and bonuses:
    Name Leaderboard Ranking HP Boost ATK/DEF/MAG Boost
    8 Demonic Great Generals 1 - 8 1000 100
    18 Demonic Warlords 9 - 26 800 75
    War God Ogre Commander 27 - 40 600 50
    Captain of Thousands 41 - 50 400 30
    Chief of Hundreds 51 - 75 200 10

    Taking all of this into account, you want to place as high as possible in the leaderboard. For this, you have to maximize the amount of points you win (see battle and all the preparations) and reduce the amount of points your competitors get. How do you ask? By making the strongest flag army possible. The reason why it's recommended to built a defensive army is that taking into account once your flag army fights another player they will have to fight against an enemy MC, victory is often not an option, but you can stall for time, reducing a huge amount of points earned. Only when your army is vastly more powerful than the opponents you can reduce their earnings via killed units.

Great War Shop

You remember that medals are the GW alternate currency? Well, here is where you spend them. You can access the shop in the shop tab of the GW (Home > GW Icon > Shop). Thankfully you can access the GW shop even when the GW ends, but some items have limited quantities per player, and you will need to wait till next GW.

Here you can buy 3 types of thing (one for each shop tab): Units, Equipments, and Materials.


Here you can buy units ranging from SR quality all the way up to LE! Some SSR and especially the LE units appear in rotation, there is no pattern known at the moment to predict the next unit.

Unit Rarity Medal
Icon 0157 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline SR 100
Icon 0026 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline ◇ SR 150
Icon 0002 RubelliaWalline Rubellia Walline ◇◇ SR 200
Icon 0041 Seiji Carbuncle SSR 400
Icon 0259 Duke Duke SSR 500
Icon 0289 SagefromanUnknownLand Sage from an Unknown Land SSR 600
Icon 0358 MagicGunmanfromAnotherWorld Magic Gunner from Another World SSR 650
Icon 0260 Velvet Velvet LE 800
Icon 0411 Isshaa Iss Haa LE 1,400
Icon 0288 Ruskatia Ruskatia LE 1,200
Icon 0303 Satori Satori LE 1,300
Icon 0376 Rorgis Rorgis LE 1,400
Icon 0422 Velvet 【The Ancient Wizard King】 Velvet LE  ?
Icon 0566 GoldenFungus Golden Fungus LE 300
Icon 0566 GoldenFungus Golden Fungus SSR 150
Icon 0566 GoldenFungus Golden Fungus SR 50
Icon 0432 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake LE 300
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake SR 150
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake R+ 50
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake Gold Turtle Snake N+ 30


At the moment the equipment here are a bit dated, HOWEVER, they have secondary effects, all costing 150 medals.

Equipment Stats Secondary effect
Equip Sword Numb Long Sword +150 ATK Paralizes (user actions will be randomly nullified)
Equip Blunt Brainshacker +180 ATK, -15 EV/DEX Stun (target cannot act or move for a short period of time)
Equip Spear Feetblinder Spear +135 ATK, +15 DEX Root (seal movements)
Equip Axe Battle Axe of Decapitation +165 ATK, -15 DEX Confuse (target actions will be randomly nullified and it will attack itself)
Equip Sling Poison Pump Bow +120 ATK, +30 DEX Poison / Venom (deals damage over time)
Equip Staff Sealing Staff +150 MAG Seal (seal actions)
Equip Sword Dream Blade +120 ATK, +15 EV/DEX Sleep (target cannot act or move, wakes up with a physical attack)
Equip Sling Silencing Magic Gun +180 ATK, -15 DEX Silences (seals target magic or heals)
Equip Shield Treasure Shield of Fine Stone +120 DEF, +30 EV Shield that increases all elemental resistances (but light and dark)
Equip Armor Warmog’s Armor +1,000 HP, +200 DEF, -50 EV Armor that increases the max HP

Note: the secondary effects are chance based, they dont occur 100% of the time

8 Generals Equipments
Equipments for 8 Generals, all cost 800 medals.

Equipment Units
Equip Bewitching Ice Empress's Kamikazari Bewitching Ice Empress’s Kamikazari LE+【Benevolent Ice Empress】Kanami, LE Mi variant
Equip Flickering Axe of Condemnation Flickering Axe of Condemnation LE+【Darling Demolishers】Minokichi & Asue, LE Kichi variant
Equip Earth Goddess Battering Ram Earth Goddess Battering Ram LE+【Darling Demolishers】Minokichi & Asue, LE E variant
Equip Miter of Charity Miter of Charity LE+【Sentinel of the Holy Land】Seiji, LE Ji variant
Equip Sublime Kimono of Nullification Sublime Kimono of Nullification LE+【Gloomy Gals at War】Kugime & Aifu, LE Me variant
Equip Dress of the Baneful Princess Dress of the Baneful Princess LE+【Gloomy Gals at War】Kugime & Aifu, LE Fu variant
Equip Celestial Oni Staff Celestial Oni Staff LE+【Dancers in Ecstasy】Supesei & Burasato, LE Sei variant
Equip Euphoric Empress's Crimson Swords Euphoric Empress’s Crimson Swords LE+【Dancers in Ecstasy】Supesei & Burasato, LE Sato variant


Here you can buy boss drops, construction materials, coins, tomes, and one material exclusive to this shop, all for medals. Some items here can be bought only once per GW shop rotation while others are infinite.

Renewable Materials
Material Quantity Medals
Gold 3000 10
Gold 1500 5
Gold 300 1
Food 1500 10
Food 750 5
Food 150 1
Construction Material 1000 10
Construction Material 500 5
Construction Material 100 1

Note: If you must only buy construction mats, and even then, it doesnt seem worth it to spend your medals here considering you can buy Legendaries with the same curreny.

One time Purchases
Material Ability gained Medals
Rainbow Ticket Guaranteed LE+ Ticket 3,000
Rainbow Ticket Guaranteed LE Ticket 1,800
Broken knife coated in sleeping drug Sleep Resistance: 25; Thug Fighting Style: 25 60
Four Bear’s Arms Fur Hydro-hand: 75, Deadly Parental Feeling: 75 50
Passage of Teachings Dark Magic: 150, Shadow Grudge: 150 50
Thunderous Revenge Demonic Traits: 1, Curse: 150, Avenging Soul: 150 50
Black Skeleton Knight’s Skull Gravity Law: 100, Swordsman’s Soul: 100, Black Squeketon’s Curse: 100 40
Jaw of the armored centipede Posion Generation: 100, Offensive Power: 100, Monstrous Scolopendra’s Threat: 100 40
Meat of the Giant King Giant King’s Dignity: 112, Vitality: 112 30
Meat of thunder and flame Cattle Fire Resistance: 75, Lightning Resistance: 75 30
Two pairs of Large Wings Aero-Master : 112, Predator of the Sky: 112 20
Red Bear’s Hands Tyranny of the Beast King: 112, Offensive Power: 112 20
Tome of fire magic Fire Magic: 50, Pyrokinesis: 50 10
Tome of water magic Water / Ice Magic: 50, Hydro-hand: 50 10
Tome of wind magic Wind Magic: 50, Aero-Master : 50 10
Tome of thunder magic Lightning Magic: 50, Electro-Master : 50 10
Tome of earth magic Earth Magic: 50, Earth Control: 50 10
Tome of holy magic Holy Magic: 50, Photon ruler: 50 10
Tome of dark magic Dark Magic: 50, Gravity Law: 50 10


  • Each purchase here gives you 5 of each material bought.
  • The ability acquisition values are per 1 material consumed


1st version by Roblos the Skeleton King from Re:Monster Discord


  • As of now the information or strategy mentioned in this article may become obsolete because of newer game updates, feel free to update it.
  • 2018-12-26:
    • LE+ and LE Guaranteed ticket added to shop.
    • Updated Great War medals reward.


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