Currently there is 1964 different units in game (1190 in monster index) as of 2020-05-11. Although some unit have same appearance, they are considered as different unit as they have different rarity and ability to evolve or rank up.


The character/monster units in The Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles are divided into 3 race and 6 types.


Race Demi-Human.png Demihuman

  • This includes any sentient, subspecies, and various unit evolution of demihuman. This category includes goblins, elves, orcs, kobolds, beast-men and more.

Race Human.png Human

  • This is specific to humans. Similar to Demi-Human's evolution, Human can rank up (class change).

Race Beast.png Beast

  • This includes the animal, monster, undead and rest of the units. Like Horned Rabbit, Green Slime, Skeleton and etc.


An unit has several stats, some are visible in the profile and some are hidden.

HP Health Point The amount of health an unit has
MAG Magic Affect both of magical damage deals and also magical damage received
ATK Attack Affect physical damage deals
EVA Evasion Affect the dodge chance when receive attack
DEF Defense Affect the reduction of physical damage received
DEX Dexterity Affect the chance of landing an attack
CRIT Critical Affect the rate of dealing critical attack (x2 damage)
ACSPD Action Speed Affect how often an unit can do action (like do some skill, move to different tile)
MVSPD Movement Speed Affect the speed of movement between tiles


Unit Type
Type Warrior.png 重武装 Warrior Type Soldier.png 軽武装 Soldier
Type LongRanger.png 遠距離攻撃 Long Ranger Type Mage.png 魔法行使 Mage
Type Enhancer.png 後方支援 Enhancer Type Healer.png 医療 Healer


Rarity goes from lowest (N, N+, R, R+, SR, SSR, LE, LE+, LE++) highest.

Rarity N.png Rarity N+.png Rarity R.png Rarity R+.png Rarity SR.png Rarity SSR.png Rarity LE.png Rarity LE+.png Rarity LE++.png

Units' rarity cannot be increased by any means.


Often preceding the name of the unit are a set of symbols: -, Evo Empty.png, and Evo Full.png. These symbols determine whether the unit has the ability to evolve and how many times it can evolve.

Symbol Meaning
[ - ] The unit cannot evolve.
Evo Empty.png Means that the unit can evolve and that it has not been achieved.
Evo Full.png Means that the unit had the ability to and has evolved.

The latter two can also appear has a combination. They work as a system to determine where in the evolution chain the unit is. For example, [ Evo Full.png Evo Empty.png ]means that the unit has two evolutions, that the first was achieved, and the second has yet to be completed.

Evo Empty.png Evo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png
Evo Full.png Evo Full.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png
Evo Full.pngEvo Full.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png
Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png
Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.png Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.png
Evo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.png

The requirements for evolution vary depending on the unit though the first requirement is always to max the level of the unit. After this the unit may be able to evolve, if not there may be up to two additional requirements. These requirements can range from particaption in hunts to consuming of a variety materials.

No matter how hard you try, if a unit has no Evo Empty.png it'll never evolve, regardless the fact that it reaches level 100 and / or meets any of the requirements.


All units max level it's predefined to be 50 by default.

If the unit can evolve, the max level available is 100. Once it evolves, it will have to level up all the way back. If the unit can even evolve further, the max level will be 100, otherwise it'll be 50, as any other unit.

A unit's level cap can be bypassed by consuming units of the same name & type. Each consumption increases the max level by 25, which means that you'll need to sacrifice 2 units to make a 3rd max level cap increase until 100.

For example, a Rarity SR Small.pngEvo Full.png]Minokichi can be fed to a Rarity SR Small.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.png]Minokichi in order to break the level cap the max level and allow it to level up to lvl 75.

Units don't need to be among the same Tier. Even if it feels like a waste, it's still doable. An Rarity LE Small.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png]Minokichi can be fed to a Rarity SR Small.pngEvo Full.pngEvo Full.png]Minokichi and the later will increase it's level cap.

Both evolutions and levels have great impact over the units' stats. The more times a unit has evolved and the higher the level it can reach, the higher its final stats will be.

As an example, 3 "SR" Rabbits from level 1 to level 100 stats:

Rabbit Name Growth Rarity Hp Atk
#1 Horn Rabbit Evo Empty.pngEvo Empty.png Rarity SR Small.png 420 - 840 50 - 101
#2 Blade Rabbit Evo Empty.png Rarity SR Small.png 588 - 1049 71 - 126
#1 Blade Rabbit Evo Full.pngEvo Empty.png Rarity SR Small.png 616 - 1099 74 - 132
#3 Vorpal Bunny - Rarity SR Small.png 719 - 1260 76 - 151
#2 Vorpal Bunny Evo Full.png Rarity SR Small.png 759 - 1330 80 - 160
#1 Vorpal Bunny Evo Full.pngEvo Full.png Rarity SR Small.png 799 - 1400 84 - 168

If the unit is a SR to LE+ Rarity, the unit's level can also raised by enhancing it with Material 18b1.png Golden Puchi item with same rarity as the unit being enhanced.

LE++ Units can raise their levels by either fusing a duplicate unit, or by using a Material 1c3.png Zenith Elixir, which will also grant +25 levels to any LE++ Rarity unit, regardless of release date. This can be gained by; paying real money, scrapping a LE++ Unit, or purchasing by shop. The Royal Shop will sell Material 1c3.png for 500 Noble Souls and 1,000 Noble Souls, only purchasable once.

Unit Enhancement

Most units start with the level cap of level 50, but unit with "◇" will cap at level 100. If a unit consume another unit of same name and rarity their level cap will increase by 25. Note: The maximum level cap for all units are 100.

For Example:

While enhancing, an unit will gains EXP depend on unit it ate. Every unit has different base value of experience according to its rarity, the higher rarity the higher EXP given. Usually it goes like this:

Rarity LE++ LE+ LE SSR SR R+ R N+ N
EXP 100,000 100,000 80,000 20,000 6,600 2,000 1,000 660 500

The unit also inherit the EXP of unit it ate. The gold cost of enhancing vary, depend on unit price.

But, there is several types of unit that don't follow above EXP gained rule because they're specialized for enhancing purpose, they give high amount of EXP when eaten, like these guys:

Units Name Base EXP Base Price
Icon 0432 GoldTurtleSnake.png LE Gold Turtle Snake 1,500,000 4,800
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png SSR Gold Turtle Snake 500,000 1,600
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png SR Gold Turtle Snake 100,000 800
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png R+ Gold Turtle Snake 50,000 400
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png R Gold Turtle Snake 10,000 120
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png N+ Gold Turtle Snake 5,000 40
Icon 0133 GoldTurtleSnake.png N Gold Turtle Snake 2,000 20
Icon 0414 AlbinoGoblin.png Albino Goblin 520,000 1,750
Icon 0313 GoldenCocco.png Golden Cocco 500,000 1,600
Icon 0314 SilverCocco.png Silver Cocco 100,000 800
Icon 0533 GoldWolfLeader.png Gold Wolf Leader 300,000 1,400
Icon 0534 SilverWolf.png Silver Wolf 60,000 700
Icon 0416 Mr.Qoo.png Mr. Qoo 190,000 800
Icon 0567 Mr.Qoo.png 【Spring Festival Fun】Mr. Qoo 590,000 1,600
Icon 0687 GoldBoar.png Gold Boar 700,000 50,000
Icon 0688 SilverBoar.png Silver Boar 100,000 25,000
Icon 0833 GoldenRat.png Golden Rat 300,000 50,000
Icon 0834 SilverRat.png Silver Rat 60,000 700
Icon 0930 GoldBoruforu.png Gold Boruforu 300,000 50,000
Icon 0931 SilverBoruforu.png Silver Boruforu 60,000 700
  • Note: the above table refers to experience gained from feeding a unit to another and how much it costs to do so. This does not refer to how much the unit sells for. 

While enhancing, there is three types of success messages:

  • Enhance Success Game.png → 100% Experience Gained.
  • Enhance Great Success Game.png → 120% Experience Gained.
  • Enhance Super Success Game.png → 150% Experience Gained.

Using the same method "Color Combination" can be done, a unit have a chance of transfer their Blessing (Divine Protection) to another unit with same name and rarity. Elemental Blessings are currently only used in Great War to grant the specific units of that Elemental Blessing, a small amount of bonus stats when the battle begins.

  • Unit #1 consumes Unit #2 (with same name and rarity) with a Color "Blessing", Unit #1 will have "%" chance of getting same Color "Blessing" Unit #2 have.


By using a Material 1c2.png Awakening Elixir, the unit that used it in enhancement can unlock their hidden potential, gaining a set amount of additional stats (Health, Attack, Defense, Magic, Evasion, and Dexterity). A star symbol will appear in the unit's profile, below that there's a number that show how many awakenings they earned. The stats text color also become yellow. A unit can awaken up to 30 times. A level 50 unit can only be awakened 10 times, level 75 up to 20 times, and finally level 100 can go up to 30 times.

The units need to fulfill a required amount of Experience first before the additional stats points applied, similar to level up. Both of normal EXP bar and awakening EXP bar can be filled simultaneously. However, unlike the normal EXP bar, Awakening Levels will NOT store exp gained after reaching the limit, meaning- when you Awaken the unit, you will have to earn that exp as if you never stored any. Refer to table below for how many experiences amount required for each awakening level.

It is advised to use 1 Awakening Elixir on a unit before you start leveling them to 100, as they both have the exact same required Experience to get to the limit.

Level EXP Diff Level EXP Diff
1 7,524,000 7,524,000 16 217,569,000 22,195,800
2 12,540,000 5,016,000 17 239,764,800 22,195,800
3 18,810,000 6,270,000 18 261,960,600 22,195,800
4 26,334,000 7,524,000 19 284,156,400 22,195,800
5 35,112,000 8,778,000 20 306,352,200 22,195,800
6 45,144,000 10,032,000 21 328,548,000 22,195,800
7 56,430,000 11,286,000 22 350,743,800 22,195,800
8 68,970,000 12,540,000 23 372,939,600 22,195,800
9 82,889,400 13,919,400 24 395,135,400 22,195,800
10 98,188,200 15,298,800 25 417,331,200 22,195,800
11 114,866,400 16,678,200 26 439,527,000 22,195,800
12 132,924,000 18,057,600 27 461,722,800 22,195,800
13 152,361,000 19,437,000 28 483,918,600 22,195,800
14 173,177,400 20,816,400 29 506,114,400 22,195,800
15 195,373,200 22,195,800 30 528,310,200 22,195,800


  • Initially only 28 units can awaken, but since 26/04/2018 update all LE units and above can awaken.
  • 2019-05-23: Updated max awakened level to 30

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