Front 0031 Gobukichi
1, 2, 3, 4, 300, 504, 960
Kichi is a goblin who uses thick wooden clubs and fights on the vanguard. He hangs around with Gobumi, Gobue, Gobuji, and others. He is kind of cool compared to normal goblins. His is a nice dude.
Front 0032 Gobukichi
5, 6, 7, 301, 505, 961
Kichi is now a Hobgoblin who specializes in front-line combat. He uses an axe and a shield. His axe is embedded with a spiritual fire stone. He can sizzle foes when he attacks. Despite his ferocity in combat, He is kind and generous. Kichi wears hard armor and is quite muscular.
Front 0033 Ogakichi
8, 9, 302, 506, 962
After evolving into an Ogre, his name also changed. Once “Gobukichi”, he is now “Ogakichi”. He gained the “Demigod of Fire’s Blessing” - which turned his skin to a red copper color. He also got the “Demigod of War’s Blessing” which gave his skin the toughness of iron. By the way, he is close friends with Asue.
Front 0034 Minokichi
10, 303, 507, 963
MinokichiMinotaur・New Species
While fighting a shape-shiftting enemy at the bottom of the Dyushisu Dungeon, he managed to rank to a Minotaur, leading to a name change from 「Ogakichi」→「Minokichi」. While ranking, he recieved the 『God of Lightning’s Blessing』 and won the title 『Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe』.
Front 0018 Gobumi
11, 12
Along with Gobukichi, Gobue, Gobuji and others, Gobumi was a part of the original goblin group that helped the reborn otherworlder Rou. She prefers long ranged attacks. She seems reserved compared to the others.
Front 0019 Gobumi
13, 14, 15, 16, 292, 472, 995
Along with Gobukichi, Gobue, Gobuji and others, Gobumi was a part of the original goblin group that helped the reborn otherworlder Rou. She prefers long ranged attacks. She seems reserved compared to the others.
Front 0020 Gobumi
17, 18, 19, 293, 473, 996
Basically she was long-ranged attacker who helped others at the right time in combat. She hasn’t changed much otherwise, despite her evolving from being a simple goblin. Her excellence with timing during hunting helps with ambushes. She has a hidden temper.
Front 0021 Dhammi
20, 21, 294, 474, 997
DhammiDhampir / Variant
Mi evolved into a half-vampire or “Dhampir”. To reflect this, her name changed from Gobumi to Dhammi. Some were surprised by her evolution. Usually any vampire-related species must receive the protection of a deity to operate during the day. Luckily Mi has received the blessing of the Deity of Ice Fields and can do so. She continues to operate at long ranges, adding chilly ice magic to her attacks.
Front 0029 Kanami
22, 295, 475, 998
KanamiVampire Noble / Variant
Mi evolved from a Dhampir and received the blessing of a Deity of the Netherworld. She also gained the title “Empress of the Ice Realms”. On the outside she is an exotic and stunning beauty with a lithe body. She fascinates others with dangerous powers. If they see her eye-to-eye, then they could be charmed to death. She controls this with special “Evil Eye Spectacles”. Despite her growing ice magic powers she is a modest and graceful lady. If angered, she could snap into a rage and deal with enemies decisively.
Front 0022 Gobue
23, 24
ゴブ吉やゴブ美、ゴブ治、ゴブ浮、ゴブ芽と同期で、 ゴブ美の次に一緒に行動(荷物持ち)している。 狩りの手ほどきを教えてもらうために 先頭に立って頭を下げるなど 何かと行動力のある女の子。
Front 0023 Gobue
25, 26, 27, 28, 305, 608, 967
E grew up together with other goblins like Gobukichi, Gobumi, and Gobume. She made friends quickly by helping out through carrying luggage and being active. She is a very positive girl. Gobue in return learned how to hunt from others who liked her.
Front 0024 Gobue
29, 30, 31, 306, 609, 968
She is a hobgoblin who is good with blunt weapons. She loves the beauty of spirit crystals. After training in the morning she spent her time mining spirit stones. The spirit stone seems to be empowered by a certain dungeon.
Front 0001 Asue
32, 33, 307, 610, 969
AsueHalf-Earth Lord
Her name changed from Gobue to Asue to reflect her existence evolution. She has powers and abilities that suit a demon with earth-control powers. She can mine fast by using an ability called “Earth-Reading” that allows her to see through the ground, detect ores, and more. Kichi is her close friend.
Front 0030 Asue
34, 308, 611, 970
AsueEarth Lord / Demihuman Variant
After winning the blessing of the God of Earthquakes she received the title “Thunder Hammer of the Underworld”. She mainly supports her friends and ironically covers the rear. But her assistance is truly useful because enemies cannot flank her easily. Her friends love her reliable personality and joyful comraderie. She is the captain of the rearguard.
Front 0035 Hobusei
35, 36, 262, 461, 676, 891
Out of her group of goblins, she is an older member. She is a mage with exceptional intelligence and wit. She can wield both water, fire, and abyssal magics at the same time. Her talent is rare in the realms. She is a very calm and collected - for a hobgoblin.
Front 0036 Supesei
37, 263, 462, 677, 892
SupeseiHalf Spell Lord / Demihuman
Sei evolved into a Half Spell Lord. Her name changed to “Supe‐sei” after she moved on from her hobgoblin form. Her potential increased. Her body also grew much larger. She could finally sense many magic energies and hidden features of the world that she couldn’t perceive before. She was put in charge of the mages and specialized in heat. She likes playing with fire. She might to use water. Using magic makes her burn with passion.
Front 0037 Hobusato
38, 39, 277, 403, 686, 905
In the first year of Rou’s rebirth she was a master of swords on the team. She seems rather calm but goes wild in combat. She grins and clenches her teeth as if she lets out bottled-up frustrations.
Front 0038 Burasato
40, 278, 404, 687, 906
BurasatoHalf-Blood Lady
After evolving into a half-blood lady, Hobusato’s name changed to Burasato. She has the ability to manipulate blood and can create swords from the blood of defeated enemies. Her blades take on many shapes. They can cut into the enemies with ease. She is the captain of the light armored unit.
Front 0039 Gobuji
41, 42, 43, 280, 692, 946
Along with Gobumi, Gobukichi, Gobue, Gobufu, and Gobume - he is a lighthearted member of the crew who keeps people happy with a smile.
Front 0040 Hobuji
44, 45, 281, 693, 947
After evolving into a Hobgoblin, his name changed to Hobuji. He seems perfect for the role of the cleric. He has a very kind soul and is popular with some ladies. He doesn’t seem aware of his charisma. Being the first cleric in the group; he is the leader of the Healer unit.
Front 0041 Seiji
46, 282, 694, 948
SeijiHalf Saint Lord / Demihuman
After evolving into a Half-Saint Lord, his name changed to Seiji. He doesn’t like the brutality of battle and is a more kind-hearted, pure spirit. But as he sees his friends suffer pain, he may understand the need for vigilance. His healing powers are growing stronger. His smile is also growing brighter along with a holy aura.
Front 0042 Gobufu
47, 48, 49, 284, 384, 717, 928
Along with Gobukichi, Gobumi, Gobume, and Gobuji - she is a member of the original goblin gang. She is a lively and imaginative girl.
Front 0043 Hobufu
50, 51, 285, 385, 718, 929
She evolved from a Goblin into a Hobgoblin. To reflect this, her name changed to Hobufu. She seems to linger around after a hunt, snacking on & collecting meat that seems spoiled to others. She has an unusual laugh.
Front 0044 Gurufu
52, 286, 386, 719, 930
She evolved from a Hobgoblin into a Ghoul. Her name changed to Gurufu to reflect this. She seems to have disturbing interests - but also likes cute things. She likes “fermented” meat that seems rotten to others. The enemy cannot focus on battle when nearby her.
Front 0045 Gobume
53, 54, 55, 288, 389, 567, 921
Along with Gobukichi, Gobumi, Gobuji, and Gobufu - she is a member of the original goblin gang. She is comedic and clever.
Front 0046 Hobume
56, 57, 289, 390, 568, 922
She evolved into a Hobgoblin after being a normal Goblin. To reflect this, her named changed to Hobume. In battle she is defensive and prefers to fight at a distance. She has excellent eyesight and is great at recon. She seems to enjoy aesthetics.
Front 0047 Dodome
58, 290, 391, 569, 923
She evolved into a “Dodomeki” after being a Hobgoblin. Her name changed to Dodome to reflect this. She has many eyes all over her body and can see in many directions. She is great at recon and ranged attacks. It is very difficult to flank her party. She is quite popular amongst her friends.
Front 0017 DorianeDuboué
59, 60, 525, 574
Doriane Dubouéドライアド
本体となる樹木と共に生きる精霊。 見た目はかなりの美女で、誘いに乗ってついていくと そのまま生気を吸われ木の養分とされてしまう。
Front 0025 DorianeDuboué
61, 526, 575
Doriane Duboué美花頭女
頭に咲く花が本体となり 自由に行動できるようになった。 手に持っている瓶には 特性のマッサージオイルが入っていて 絶妙な手つきで行われるマッサージは 受けた人をそのまま気絶させてしまうほどだとか。
Front 0002 RubelliaWalline
62, 63, 238, 377, 600, 1002
Rubellia WallineHuman
Also known as “Short-Haired Redhead” or just “Redhead”. She has a bob haircut. She was part of a clan known as the “Sword of the Weak”. Her merchant group was captured by goblins with bad intentions. But she was saved by Rou. After this experience, she is determined to train and improve her fighting abilities.
Front 0026 RubelliaWalline
64, 239, 378, 601, 1003
Rubellia WallineHuman
She learned the skills to prepare for the rare job called “Noir Soldier”. She trained hard to increase her battlefield prowess. After starting her new occupation her eyes turned red. She got used to eating demihuman & monster meat. If she doesn’t get the enchanted protein that she needs, her physical fitness might decline. But that isn’t like Rubellia. She’s got an amazing body.
Front 0015 FeliciaTimiano
65, 273, 500
Felicia TimianoHuman
She is the older of the two comely “Cooking Sisters. ” They were members of the “Pagoda of the Star God” merchant group that was escorted by “The Sword of the Weak” - a group known to protect humble traders. However, they were ambushed by a goblin clan. Luckily, someone within the goblin clan saved them from a terrible fate. She survived that frightening day with her sister - and looks to put her skills to use.
Front 0016 AlmaTimiano
66, 275, 520, 821
Alma TimianoHuman
She is the younger of the two buxom “Cooking Sisters”. They were members of the “Pagoda of the Star God” merchant group that was escorted by “The Sword of the Weak” - a group known to protect humble traders. However, they were ambushed by a goblin clan. Luckily, someone within the goblin clan saved them from a terrible fate. She survived that frightening day with her sister - and looks to put her skills to use.
Front 0008 EmilyFurado
67, 256, 448, 781
Emily Furado人間
通称「鍛冶師さん」 行商人の一団である「星神亭」に所属していたが、 冒険者組合「弱者の剣」に街道での護衛を依頼中に 年上組ゴブリンの襲撃にあい、拉致される。 助けられた後は傭兵団の鍛冶師として 武器のメンテナンスや開発をしている。
Front 0014 SpinelFean
68, 265, 487
Spinel Fean人間
通称「錬金術師さん」 行商人の一団である「星神亭」に所属していたが、 冒険者組合「弱者の剣」に街道での護衛を依頼中に 年上組ゴブリンの襲撃にあい、拉致される。 助けられた後は 傭兵団でポーションの開発などを行ったり、 鍛冶師さんと合成金属の研究をしている。
Front 0059 ForestBandits
Forest Bandits人間
クーデルン大森林を住処にし、 付近の村や通行人を襲撃することを生業としている。 基本的に複数人で行動することが多い。
Front 0144 MountainBandits
Mountain Bandits人間
クーデルン大森林を住処にし、 付近の村や通行人を襲撃することを生業としている。 基本的に複数人で行動することが多い。
Front 0060 ThereseEastEckermann
71, 372, 434, 817
Therese East Eckermann人間
通称「女騎士」 とある貴族の令嬢だが、 自身のことは武人だと思っているので あまり女性らしい行動をとらない。 貴族の出身ではあるが、 様々な戦技を駆使した戦い方は一流の騎士に匹敵する。
Front 0061 Behn
貴族の次男にして 若くして職業「司教」を得たエリート。 レビィアスとはそこそこいい関係を築いていたらしい。
Front 0062 Levias
陽気な性格で本能のままに振る舞う狼のような女性。 テレーゼが隊長を務める部隊の副隊長をしており、 能力的には騎士より剣士よりになっている。
Front 0063 LordWaisury
74, 75
Lord Waisury人間
テレーゼの家と親交があった冒険者。 かなり高位な魔術師でその気になれば 第五階梯の魔術を使うこともできる。 隠してはいるが家柄もよく名家の産まれで、 テレーゼの親とは密かに結婚の話を進めていた。
Front 0064 LordWaisury
Lord Waisury人間
テレーゼの家と親交があった冒険者。 かなり高位な魔術師でその気になれば 第五階梯の魔術を使うこともできる。 隠してはいるが家柄もよく名家の産まれで、 テレーゼの親とは密かに結婚の話を進めていた。
Front 0065 SteelCrowback
77, 78, 314, 438, 587
Steel Crowback人間
通称「鈍鉄騎士」 性格は戦闘好きで戦っている間は 獣のような笑いを浮かべて相手を睨む。 もともとは庶民の出だったが、 実力を伸ばしていき帝国の騎士団の副団長になるほど。
Front 0066 SteelCrowback
79, 315, 439, 588
Steel Crowback人間
通称「鈍鉄騎士」 職業「魔喰の戦士」や「獣騎士」を獲得したことにより 全身を使って 獣のように戦うスタイルに磨きがかかっている。 「赤髪ショート」の師匠的存在であるが、 日々力をつける彼女に焦りを感じている。
Front 0070 ShayMcCool
80, 407
Shay McCoolHuman
His nickname is the “Boy Knight”. The demanding girl nicknamed “The Tomboy Princess” calls him “Mal”. It is his duty to protect Princess Rubiria of Sternbild. Yet he is so young. It is hard to keep up with her. Despite his youth, he will strive to do so. Get to know Shay and he starts to use unusual language. He is curious - but dedicated.
Front 0071 Luke
81, 82, 417, 552
『光の神の加護』を授かっている光の勇者 詩篇に導かれ故国からひたすら旅を続けている。
Front 0072 Luke
83, 418, 553
『光の神の加護』を授かっている光の勇者 旅の途中で多くの仲間と出会い別れを繰り返しており、 称号「百芸に通ず」の効果で 死に別れした仲間の能力を吸収して強くなっている。
Front 0073 Corail
84, 348, 697
光の勇者の副要人物。 支援魔法や回復魔法を得意とする。 「大司教」の別名を持っている。
Front 0074 Clelia
85, 370, 757
光の勇者の副要人物。 炎熱系と雷光系の強力な魔術を操る。 「灰奪の魔女」の別名を持っている。
Front 0075 Aiora
86, 401
光の勇者の副要人物。 全身を鎧で包み巨大な盾をもつことで、 光の勇者一行の防御役を一手に担っている。 「拒絶する大盾」の別名をもっている。
Front 0053 Cheroaito
87, 360
光の勇者の副要人物。 敏捷性・移動速度が高く、 それを利用した槍での連続攻撃は驚異的。 「風錆の貫槍師」の別名をもっている。
Front 0054 Ceres
88, 365
光の勇者の副要人物。 風を読み風を操る能力を駆使し、 遠距離からでも正確な射撃を行うことができる。 「風弓の射手」の別名を持っている
Front 0078 LigerBazette
89, 637
Liger Bazette人間
コロッセオの「剣闘王」で500戦無敗を誇っていた。 大剣を好んで使用し 持ち前の膂力と戦技を駆使して戦う。
Front 0079 SumeragiKaede
90, 312
Sumeragi Kaede人間
「異界の剣豪」としてもともとコンビニ店員だったが この世界に転移させられて剣士の才能に目覚める。 なお、商人としての適性も鍛え上げられているらしい。
Front 0055 AlrichTinAgba
91, 337, 561, 938
Alrich Tin AgbaHuman
One of the Sternbild Kingdom’s Four Heroes, she focuses on ambushing enemies from unexpected directions - making her excellent at stalking. She can also escape if needed due to her stealth. She is officially known as the “Dark Hero”.
Front 0004 HornedRabbit
92, 93, 94
Horned Rabbitホーンラビット
クーデルン大森林などに生息している野うさぎ。 額に生えた角を突き刺そうと突進してくる。
Front 0027 BladeRabbit
95, 96
Blade Rabbitブレードラビット
Front 0028 VorpalBunny
Vorpal Bunny首狩り兎
ブレードラビットの上位種で、 額から緩やかに曲がった刃が伸びている。 音もなく近づき額の刃や 鞭の先に刃がついている様なしっぽで攻撃してくる。
Front 0112 PoisonousViper
98, 99, 100
Poisonous Viperポイズンバイパー
派手な色に斑模様をした毒蛇。 上位種であるナイトバイパーよりは小柄だが、 強力な毒を持っている。
Front 0005 NightViper
101, 102
Night Viperナイトバイパー
ポイズンバイパーの上位種で、 黒い鱗に斑模様が特徴的な毒蛇。 強力な蛇毒は弱い相手なら 少し体に入っただけで即死してしまう程。
Front 0113 VoidViper
Void Viperボイドバイパー
ナイトバイパーの上位種で、 吸い込まれるような紫色の鱗と斑模様が特徴の毒蛇。 その毒は触れただけで強力に作用し、 触れた部分とその周りを溶かしてしまう。
Front 0120 MadMamba
104, 105, 106
Mad Mambaマッドマンバ
沼地など、泥のあるところに生息する毒蛇。 麻痺毒をもっていて、 噛まれると1週間は寝たきりになるほど。
Front 0080 TrashMamba
107, 108
Trash Mambaトラッシュマンバ
マッドマンバの上位種で、 汚れた場所を好んで生息する毒蛇。 強力な麻痺毒を使い、 痺れた相手をそのまま丸呑みにしてしまう。
Front 0121 HazardMamba
Hazard Mambaハザードマンバ
トラッシュマンバの上位種で、 普通の生物では立ち入れないような 危険地帯を好んで生息する。 より強力になっている麻痺毒は、 1滴が体内に入っただけで 全身の筋肉が麻痺して即死してしまう。
Front 0012 SevenColoredBat
Seven Colored Batナナイロコウモリ
七色の翼が特徴的なコウモリに似た生物。 その牙で獲物に食付き血をすする。
Front 0013 ArmoredTanuki
111, 112, 113
Armored Tanukiヨロイタヌキ
皮膚が鎧のように甲殻化した タヌキとアルマジロを足したような生物。
Front 0116 CopperArmoredTanuki
114, 115
Copper Armored Tanuki赤銅ヨロイタヌキ
ヨロイタヌキの上位種で、 甲殻が赤銅のような色になりより硬くなっている。 すでに並の生物では 噛み砕けない硬さにまでなっているようだ。
Front 0117 BlackIronArmoredTanuki
Black Iron Armored Tanuki黒鉄ヨロイタヌキ
赤銅ヨロイタヌキの上位種で、 超硬化された甲殻はほとんどの攻撃を無効化する。 甲殻の成分に様々な金属などが含まれるので 武具の素材としてよく狩られていたりする。
Front 0009 HindBear
Hind Bearハインドベアー
クーデルン大森林などに生息する 体長3メートルに及ぶ灰色の熊。 圧倒的な力を振り周囲を破壊しながら襲ってくる。
Front 0010 RedBear
Red Bearレッドベアー
ハインドベアーの亜種で 『炎の亜神の加護』を受けている。 体長は5メートル程もあり、 オーガ相手にも勝ってしまう程の膂力の持ち主。 クーデルン大森林の主として長年君臨してきた。
Front 0082 Triplehornedscaledhorse
119, 120, 121, 459
Triple Horned Scaled HorseTriple Horned Horse Subspecies
It is notable for its three prominent horns. It loves to eat Katarak grass. This grows abundantly in the Kaudern Great Forest. This horse is fast and hard to catch. Some would rather watch it roam peacefully in its natural habitat.
Front 0122 Triplehornedgreenscaledhorse
122, 123
Green Triple Horned Scaled HorseScaled Horse / Variant Species
This type of Triple Horned Scaled Horse has a magnificient, jade-like color. Its horns are even firmer than most species’. They can punch through most armors - and even rock walls.
Front 0123 Triplehornedblackscaledhorse
Black Triple Horned Scaled HorseScaled Horse / Variant Species
This type of Triple Horned Scaled Horse has superior armor compared to the others. It can skillfully toss around rocks and earth with its high strength and flexible body. Its lean but muscular form enables it to move at up to 200 kilometers per hour.
Front 0083 Demonspider
125, 126
Demon spiderオニグモ
体長は60センチ程で、 黒光りする甲殻は鋼鉄以上の硬さがある。 特定の場所に巣を張り、 かかった獲物は獣だろうとなんだろうと食べてしまう。
Front 0084 Argiope
オニグモの上位種で、黄金色に光る甲殻が特徴的。 体長は2メートル程もあり、巨大な巣を張る。
Front 0006 Greenslime
128, 129
Green slimeグリーンスライム
ブヨブヨとした粘液の中に緑色の核を持っている。 周りの粘液が物理攻撃を軽減する役割を持っている。
Front 0011 Grayslime
Gray slimeグレースライム
グリーンスライムの上位種で灰色の核に グリーンスライムの2倍程の粘液を持っている。 粘液を触手の様にウネウネと伸ばして攻撃してくる。
Front 0007 Blueslime
131, 132
Blue slimeブルースライム
グリーンスライムと同じぐらいのサイズで 青色の核を持っている。 水辺によく出没し 水氷系統第一階梯の魔術を使ってくる。
Front 0085 Whiteslime
White slimeホワイトスライム
ブルースライムの上位種で、 グレースライムと同じぐらいのサイズをした 全身白色のスライム。 雪の積もるところに生息していて、 水氷系統第二階梯の魔術を使ってくる厄介な相手。
Front 0111 Swampslime
134, 135
Swamp slimeスワンプスライム
沼地の泥を取り込んだスライム。 岩土系統第一階梯魔術を使い相手を 底なし沼にはめるなどして攻撃してくる。
Front 0086 Trashslime
Trash slimeトラッシュスライム
スワンプスライムの上位種で、 汚水やゴミを取り込んで大きくなったスライム。 岩土系統第二階梯魔術を使い 足場を乱しながら攻撃を仕掛けてくる。
Front 0118 Wilddog
137, 138, 139
Wild dogワイルドドッグ
茶色い毛並みをした 中型犬から大型犬ぐらいの大きさの狼。 集団で狩りをすることが多く、 一頭見かけたら何頭もいると思ったほうが良い。
Front 0119 Bluewolf
140, 141
Blue wolfブルーウルフ
ワイルドドッグの上位種で、 青い毛並みと大型犬ほどの体躯が特徴。 体毛も硬くなっており、 簡単な斬撃程度なら受け流す事ができる。
Front 0048 Blackwolf
Black wolfブラックウルフ
ブルーウルフの上位種で、 黒く金属製の繊維で作ったような硬い体毛が特徴的。 集団で狩りを行うなかリーダーの適性を持ったものが 群れをひきいることが多い。
Front 0088 Reddeer
143, 144, 145
Red deerアカシカ
ピンク色を帯びた美しい角と、 4つの目、4つの耳が特徴的。 怒ると角を向けて突進してくる。
Front 0124 Bluedeer
146, 147
Blue deerブルースタッグ
アカシカの上位種で、 角や全身が蒼みを帯びていることが特徴。 角はより強力になっていて、膂力も上昇しているため 普通の人間が体当たりされるとひとたまりもない。
Front 0125 Blackdeer
Black deerブラックスタッグ
ブルースタッグの上位種で、 角や全身が黒みを帯びているのが特徴。 下位種とは違い夜間に行動する習性を持ち 強力な生物ともある程度渡り合える膂力を持っている。
Front 0089 Stampboar
149, 150, 151
Stamp boarスタンプボア
Front 0126 Gigantboar
152, 153
Gigant boarギガントボア
スタンプボアの上位種で、体長が二回りほど大きくなり 膂力が増している。
Front 0127 Steelboar
Steel boarスティールボア
ギガントボアの上位種で、 体毛が鋼鉄のような色合いと硬度になっている。 その硬い体を使った体当たりは大砲のような威力。
Front 0090 Poisonmantis
155, 156
Poison mantisポイズンマンティス
1メートル級の巨大な体躯に 紫色の毒々しい液体が滴る鎌が特徴的。 鎌で切り裂かれると そのまま毒が入り込み全身を激痛が襲う。
Front 0128 Paralyzingmantis
Paralyzing mantisパラライズマンティス
ポイズンマンティスの上位種で、 巨大な鎌からは麻痺毒を含んだ毒液が滴っている。 この鎌に切られてしまうと鎌に塗られた麻痺毒に侵され 体が思うように動かなくなってしまう。
Front 0129 Sealmantis
Seal mantisシールマンティス
ポイズンマンティスの上位種で、 特殊な魔力を帯びた液体が滴る鎌を持っている。 この鎌に滴る液体が体内に入ると筋肉に作用して 攻撃や魔法詠唱といった動作が行えなくなる。
Front 0092 Chimera
様々な魔物を組み合わせて作られた合体獣。 自然には存在せず、人為的に作り出された。 非常に獰猛で扱いを誤ると飼い主ですら襲われる。
Front 0094 Boruforu
160, 161
体長4メートルになる、 サイやバッファローなどを 混ぜあわせたような見た目をしている。 脚力がとても強く、それを使った体当たりは強烈。
Front 0130 Blackboruforu
Black boruforuブラックボルフォル
ボルフォルの上位種で、 鋼鉄のような硬度をもつ黒い体毛に覆われている。 並の斬撃や打撃ではダメージを与えることは難しい。
Front 0131 Burningboruforu
Burning boruforuヒートボルフォル
ボルフォルの上位種で、 炎熱の力をもつ体毛に覆われている。 近づくとほのかに暖かく、 草木ですら触れると燃えることがある。
Front 0095 TurtleSnake
164, 165
Turtle Snakeタートルスネーク
赤い亀のような甲羅をかぶった蛇。 巣穴を作りそこで生活する習性をもつ。
Front 0132 GreenTurtleSnake
Green Turtle Snakeグリーンタートルスネーク
タートルスネークの上位種で、緑の甲羅をもった蛇。 タートルスネークより獰猛な性格をしていて、 体をバネのように使い 甲羅で体当たりをしてきたり、噛み付いてきたりする。
Front 0096 FalaiseEagle
Falaise Eagle四翼大鷲
体長2メートル、茶色い体毛に4つの翼が生えた大鷲。 素早く飛び回り、 相手の死角から攻撃する知能も持っている。
Front 0097 JadeEagle
Jade Eagleジャッドエーグル
四翼大鷲の亜種で『嵐の神の加護』を持っている。 翡翠色の翼が特徴で、 四翼大鷲を指揮するほどの知能を持っている。
Front 0098 BigCocco
169, 170, 171
Big Coccoビッグコッコ
巨大な灰色のニワトリ。 駆け出しの冒険者が 最初に相手をするぐらいの強さしかないが、 群れで襲われるとそれなりに面倒。
Front 0134 PoisonousCocco
172, 173
Poisonous Coccoポイズンコッコ
ビッグコッコの上位種で、 体が少し紫色になったニワトリ。 クチバシや爪から少量の毒を生成し、 毒が体内に入るとそれなりに全身が痛む。 もし大量にくらってしまうと 命の危険もありえるので油断はできない。
Front 0135 VenenousCocco
Venenous Coccoベノムコッコ
ポイズンコッコの上位種で、 体がかなり紫色になったニワトリ。 強力な毒をもっていて それが羽毛にまで染み出している。 毒の強さはナイトバイパーに匹敵するほどだとか。
Front 0136 Rockcrocodile
175, 176, 177
Rock crocodileロッククロコダイル
全身が岩のような色合いと硬度を持っているワニ。 噛む力は強いので注意が必要。
Front 0099 Crystalcrocodile
178, 179
Crystal crocodileクリスタルクロコダイル
ロッククロコダイルの上位種で、 水晶のような牙や外皮を持っている。 体長8メートルで噛みつかれるとかなりキケン。 牙などは装飾品や武具の素材としても使用されている。
Front 0137 Amethystcrocodile
Amethyst crocodileアメジストクロコダイル
クリスタルクロコダイルの上位種で、 牙や外皮が紫水晶のような 透き通った色合いを持っているワニ。 強力なアゴで噛み付いた相手を離さず、 食いちぎってしまう。 牙や外皮は装飾品や武具の素材として人気が高い。
Front 0138 CopperSquirrel
181, 182, 183
Copper Squirrel銅鼠
赤銅色の体毛をもつリス。 狭い場所や暗い場所を好みちょこまかと動きまわる。
Front 0100 IronSquirrel
184, 185
Iron Squirrel鉄鼠
銅鼠の上位種で、鉄のような体毛をもつリス。 チョロチョロと動きまわる厄介な小動物。
Front 0139 CrystalSquirrel
Crystal Squirrel水晶鼠
鉄鼠の上位種で、 水晶のように輝く透き通った体毛を持ったリス。 硬度は鉄鼠とそれほど変わらないが、 体躯や膂力が強化されていて 体当たりなどをくらうとそれなりに効く。
Front 0102 JadarWyvernLeader
Jadar Wyvern Leaderジャダルワイバーン
ジャダル山脈に生息する翼亜竜。 獰猛な性格で獲物を見つけると一直線に襲ってくる。
Front 0140 Stonegolem
188, 189, 190
Stone golem石巨人
肉体が石で出来たゴーレム。 岩場や河原など石が多くあるところで出現する。
Front 0103 Rockgolem
191, 192
Rock golem岩石巨人
石巨人の上位種で、全身岩で出来たゴーレム。 山などの岩場によく出没する。
Front 0141 Steelgolem
Steel golem鋼鉄巨人
岩石巨人の上位種で、全身鉄で出来たゴーレム。 主に鉄の鉱脈がある付近で出没する。
Front 0104 DireCat
Dire CatCat
Although it looks innocent enough - this clever breed of cat can be an omen of doom. But don’t try to catch it! That will just make things worse. It is said that an ancient king who refused to pet one of these soon lost his realm to war and disaster. If you hear a friendly meow, then you may be safe from its curse. And maybe leave out a bowl of bird meat - just to be sure...
Front 0107 Fomor
クラスター山脈に生息する巨人種の一種。 頭が山羊、上半身が人型、下半身が山羊で、 目が赤く、巨大な蛇のようなしっぽが生えている。
Front 0106 Balor
フォモールのボス的存在。 両腕には紋章術に使われる刺青が入っていて、 腕を振ることで魔法が発動する様になっている。
Front 0108 Orc
森林など様々な場所に生息している豚人。 肌は茶色で下腹部がポッコリとでているのが特徴。
Front 0109 Hobuken
年上組の元リーダー的存在で、 ホブゴブリンとしては並外れた膂力の持ち主。
Front 0110 Gobujii
199, 298
齢20歳になるゴブリン。 ゴブリンの生存率や寿命を考えるとかなりの長寿で、 生き残るための様々な知識を持っている。
Front 0003 Goblin
まだ産まれたばかりのゴブリン。 大いなる力を秘めているかもしれないし 秘めていないかもしれない。
Front 0049 SwordKobold
Sword Koboldコボルド
犬のような頭で全身に茶色い体毛が生えている犬人。 剣や弓を好んで使う。
Front 0142 ArcherKobold
Archer Koboldコボルド
犬のような頭で全身に茶色い体毛が生えている犬人。 剣や弓を好んで使う。
Front 0050 KoboldMage
Kobold Mageコボルド
コボルドながらメイジ適性を発現した個体。 トリプルホーンホースの頭蓋をかぶり 何やらブツブツとつぶやいている。 炎熱系統の魔法を得意とする。
Front 0051 AxeOrcSoldier
Axe Orc Soldierオーク
戦うために武装したオーク。 脂肪の下にはそれなりの筋肉がついていて、 普通のゴブリンではまず歯がたたない。
Front 0143 SwordOrcSoldier
Sword Orc Soldierオーク
戦うために武装したオーク。 脂肪の下にはそれなりの筋肉がついていて、 普通のゴブリンではまず歯がたたない。
Front 0052 OrcLeader
Orc Leaderオーク
オークの集まりの中のリーダー的存在。 ガッチリ固められた全身鎧に加え、 他のオークを指揮することのできる知能を持つ。
Front 0087 Kurosaburou
207, 382, 616
オガ朗が飼っているブラックウルフリーダー。 統率力に優れ、リーダーの適正を持っている。 飼い主にはよく懐いており、 掛け声一つで敵に噛み付く。
Front 0056 Skeleton
208, 209
特殊な魔術によって動く骨。 物理攻撃に多少の耐性がある。
Front 0057 GreaterSkeleton
Greater Skeletonグレータースケルトン
スケルトンの上位種。 スケルトンのリーダー的存在で、 他のスケルトンを指揮する。
Front 0058 BlackSkeleton
Black Skeletonブラックスケルトン
黒い骨で構成された体をもつスケルトン。 通常のスケルトンよりも膂力が高く、 戦闘技能も向上されている。
Front 0067 Rubiria
212, 247, 558
Her highness Rubiria is protected by the Deity of Observation. Due to the divine blood of her ancestors, she has carried this blessing from birth. That same blood has given her the power to read others’ minds. This makes her a little neurotic. But what some call madness, others call, “a gift”. The Boy Knight Mal often watches over her. If she sneaks off on her own, she may cause others difficulty. At least she is protected by the sublime…
Front 0068 FirstQueen
213, 421, 724
First QueenHuman
Escorted by the Dark Hero. Her royal manners conceal her twisted intentions. She is a devout believer of the Five Great Gods. She respects those who are under their protection.
Front 0069 ElvenArcher(Male)
Elven Archer (Male)エルフ
クーデルン大森林に住んでいるエルフ。 主に剣か弓を装備して攻撃してくる。
Front 0145 ElvenSoldier(Male)
Elven Soldier (Male)エルフ
クーデルン大森林に住んでいるエルフ。 主に剣か弓を装備して攻撃してくる。
Front 0076 ElvenArcher(Female)
Elven Archer (Female)エルフ
クーデルン大森林に住んでいるエルフ。 主に剣か弓を装備して攻撃してくる。
Front 0146 ElvenSoldier(Female)
Elven Soldier (Female)エルフ
クーデルン大森林に住んでいるエルフ。 主に剣か弓を装備して攻撃してくる。
Front 0077 Kirue
首謀者エルフの身辺警護を行っていた。 エルフの中でも特定の氏族しか知らない ミスラルの製造方法を知っている。
Front 0081 Arue
首謀者エルフの身辺警護を行っていた。 エルフの中でも特定の氏族しか知らない ミスラルの製造方法を知っている。
Front 0091 ElfRingleader
Elf Ringleaderエルフ
次期氏族長のそれなりにお偉いエルフ。 しかし高飛車な性格で感情に任せて行動するため 身辺警護をしている2人のエルフを苦労させている。
Front 0093 MailFailoRheinfall
221, 540
Mail Failo RheinfallHigh Elf
She is the most beautiful maiden in the Kaudern Great Forest - or even in all of the realms. She is blessed by the gods and has the job title “Sala Shrine Maiden”.
Front 0101 EssebaFailoRheinfall
Esseba Failo Rheinfallハイエルフ
娘エルフの父親で エルフの里の長が集まる「円卓会議」の議長を務める。 政治関係は優秀で相手との実力差を見極めて 的確に交渉を行うことができる。
Front 0105 Zombie
「うーうー」とうめき声を上げながら 相手に噛みつかんと襲ってくる腐乱死体。
Front 0114 HeatSlime
224, 225
Heat Slimeヒートスライム
火の熱を体内に取り込んで赤くなったスライム。 炎熱系統第一階梯の魔術を駆使する。
Front 0115 LavaSlime
Lava Slimeラヴァスライム
ヒートスライムの上位種で、 マグマを体内に取り込み高温になったスライム。 炎熱系統第二階梯までの魔術を操り襲ってくる。
Front 0133 GoldTurtleSnake
227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232
Gold Turtle Snake
何やら特殊な光沢をもった甲羅をもつ蛇。 一緒にトレーニングすることで獲得できる経験量に 補正が発生する特殊な性質を持っている。 希少な存在で特定の時、場所でしか 出会うことができず、売値も高い。
Front 0147 Naga
デュシス迷廊の最終階に出現するボス。 上半身が人間の女性、下半身が蛇という見た目で、 魅惑の魔術や攻撃魔術を得意としており、 冒険者を誘惑し身動きを鈍らせてから 強力な魔法を使って攻撃してくる。
Front 0151 AshenOgre
Ashen Ogreオーガ
通常のオーガと同様の筋肉を持っており、 さらに皮膚は鉄と同じほどの硬度を誇る。 強固な皮膚と強靭な肉体の両方を誇る。
Front 0148 RedSwordHobgoblinElite
Red Sword Hobgoblin Eliteホブゴブリン
種族はホブゴブリンだが、剣の扱いに特化していて その実力は通常のオーガにも勝る程 デュシス迷廊に現れる敵のうちの1体。
Front 0149 BlueSpearHobgoblinElite
Blue Spear Hobgoblin Eliteホブゴブリン
種族はホブゴブリンだが、槍の扱いに特化していて その実力は通常のオーガにも勝る程 デュシス迷廊に現れる敵のうちの1体。
Front 0150 YellowHammerHobgoblinElite
Yellow Hammer Hobgoblin Eliteホブゴブリン
種族はホブゴブリンだが、ハンマーの扱いに特化していて その実力は通常のオーガにも勝る程 デュシス迷廊に現れる敵のうちの1体。
Front 0157 RubelliaWalline
240, 379, 602, 1004
Rubellia WallineHuman
By eating the white deer’s meat in the Cluster Mountain Range, She earned the title “Divine Beast Devourer” - also known as “Holy Beast Eater” in some dialects. Although she is tough and her job class is a valuable one - it is quite difficult for her to admit what she does to other humans.
Front 0153 CatFairy(Black)
241, 242, 324
Cat Fairy (Black)猫妖精
二足歩行をする猫という愛らしい見た目をしているが、 その見た目が災いし、ペットとして乱獲されるなど 常に人間から狙われている。
Front 0155 NailCat(Black)
243, 325
Nail Cat (Black)猫爪兵
猫妖精の上位種で、 猫としての瞬発力と柔軟性を活かし まるで忍者のように素早く動き、自慢の爪で攻撃する。
Front 0154 CatFairy(White)
244, 245, 327
Cat Fairy (White)猫妖精
二足歩行をする猫という愛らしい見た目をしているが、 その見た目が災いし、ペットとして乱獲されるなど 常に人間から狙われている。
Front 0156 NailCat(White)
246, 328
Nail Cat (White)猫爪兵
猫妖精の上位種で、 猫としての瞬発力と柔軟性を活かし まるで忍者のように素早く動き、自慢の爪で攻撃する。
Front 0158 Rubiria
248, 559
Her highness Rubiria is protected by the Deity of Observation. She is dressed properly for important events. She cares for the future of her country and her world. Luckily her mental powers give her an unusually sharp understanding of the importance of freedom. Yet she also loves the benefits of being a royal figure with a divine heritage. She IS the princess!
Front 0160 GreenLizard
Green Lizardリザードマン
森や草原などの水辺に生息している。 剣や盾を使って、独自の言語で会話をし、 連携をとって狩りをすることを得意としている。
Front 0161 RedLizard
Red Lizardリザードマン
森や草原などの水辺に生息していて 赤い鱗と高温をもった爪が特徴。 身軽さとその爪で水中だけではなく 地上でも厄介な敵になる。
Front 0164 HighOctorp
251, 457
High Octorpキメラ
派生ダンジョン「水妖の洞穴」のダンジョンボス。 強靭な肉体と高度な再生力を持ち、 様々な状態異常攻撃を繰り出す。
Front 0159 Ramura
252, 432
人に竜の角や尻尾がついた姿をしている。 通常の竜人と違い、雷光属性の適性が高く 通常の攻撃に雷撃を合わせることで より高い威力を発揮する。 また、戦闘能力もさることながら、非常に美人である。
Front 0162 BlueLizard(male)
Blue Lizard (male)リザードマン
全身を青い鱗で覆い、 手にトライデントを持っているのが特徴。 他のリザードマンに比べ筋力が強く そのトライデントから繰り出される突きは 下手な防具では防ぎきれない。
Front 0163 BlueLizard(female)
254, 512
Blue Lizard (Female)Humanoid Lizard / Demihuman
The whole body of this creature is covered in colorful blue scales. It can nevertheless blend into many locations. It carries a trident that is not deflected by normal armor. It hisses with a unique accent when it speaks in typical human or demihuman tongues. It carries out daily activities slowly but can move with amazing agility during combat or hunts.
Front 0175 GoblinPunk
Goblin Punkゴブリン
荒野でもひときわ目立つ集団を作るゴブリン。 モヒカンにトゲ付き棍棒、 パンクな姿は世紀末そのもの。
Front 0167 EmilyFurado
257, 449, 782
Emily Furado人間
通称「鍛冶師さん」 ドワーフ達と共に精霊石を使った鍛冶をしていたことで 職業「精霊鍛冶師」を獲得し、これまで以上に優秀な 武具を開発できるようになった。
Front 0152 Arutirumu
ArutirumuArmored Centipede / Beast
This gruesome monster is actually just looking for a meal. It has huge jaws, an armored exoskeleton, and poisonous fangs and stingers. It can move with incredible speed and is hard to catch. It is said to have killed entire villages when they were unprepared.
Front 0183 Rostepelnogo
灼熱の中でも繁殖できるように進化したフングス。 まだ完全に適応できておらず、体の一部が焦げている。
Front 0174 HeatArachne
Heat Arachneアラクネ
呪いによって醜い姿になったことを嘆き、 火山に隠れ住むようになったアラクネの1種。 炎の中で生活する内、炎を操る術を得た。
Front 0171 OctorpQueen
Octorp QueenChimera Type
Out of the Octorps, this particular variety carries magic forces in her evolved body. She appears to be a grand queen of the waters. She controls the currents with her many arms. Enemies are out of luck if they can’t swim.
Front 0177 Supesei
264, 463, 678, 893
SupeseiSpell Lord / Demihuman
Sei evolved into a full Spell Lord. But her name didn’t change. She started to understand the magical connections between the ordinary, natural plane and the divine ones. She received blessings from many deities. Ethereal power flowed through her figure. Her body strengthened. She moved through the battlefield, unleashing powerful conjurations. She began to enjoy her cold and water spells, too.
Front 0168 SpinelFean
266, 488
Spinel Fean人間
通称「錬金術師さん」 傭兵団でブラックスケルトンの骨を使ったアイテムを 作り続けたことで職業「魔道具製作師」を獲得した。 これにより強力な魔道具も作れるようになった。
Front 0181 Efreet
267, 515
炎獄洞の最奥に住まう炎の化身。 身を焦がす火炎の試練を耐え抜いた者に その熱き情愛を捧げるという。
Front 0184 PinkFlowerslime
Pink Flower slimeスライム
冬が過ぎて暖かくなると現れる 核の部分が花になっている珍しいスライム。 近づくとほのかに甘い香りがするが、 突然炎熱魔法を放ってくるので要注意。
Front 0185 MintFlowerslime
Mint Flower slimeスライム
冬が過ぎて暖かくなると現れる 核の部分が花になっている珍しいスライム。 近づくとさわやかなミントの香りがするが、 体が非常に硬く、体当たりで岩をも破壊するほど。
Front 0186 PassionFlowerslime
Passion Flower slimeスライム
冬が過ぎて暖かくなると現れる 核の部分が花になっている珍しいスライム。 ほんのり酸っぱい香りがするらしいが、 動きが早すぎてどんな香りがするのかよくわからない。
Front 0187 Redhead
【Paper Warrior】Redhead人間
こどもの日を記念して特別な装いの赤髪ショート。 装備品から特別な力が流れ込むからか より攻撃に特化している。
Front 0188 ShayMcCool
【Paper Warrior】Boy Knight人間
姫に無理やり兜と鯉のぼりを持たせられた少年騎士。 だが、これらのマジックアイテムによって 素早く行動できるようになり手数が大幅に増した。
Front 0165 FeliciaTimiano
274, 501
Felicia TimianoHuman
She was put in charge of cooking and works with her sister. Together they create cuisine for the goblins and others. Due to her efforts, she was awarded the job title “Chef”. She researches new recipes with her sister and helpful goblins.
Front 0338 AlmaTimiano
276, 521, 822, 823
Alma TimianoHuman
A member of that famous mercenary group, Alma is entrusted with the kitchen. She gave birth to a half-ogre child. It wasn’t agonizing like she thought it would be. So her main job is now “Oni Child’s Holy Mother”. She was healed and is already back in the kitchen. The challenge is actually raising this fast-growing child while trying to cook and have occasional fun. She is determined to support her child lovingly.
Front 0178 Burasato
279, 405, 688, 907
BurasatoBlood Sword Oni / Demihuman
Through battle she evolved into a full Blood Sword Oni. She gained the blessings of the Deity of Blood and the Demigod of Swords. Her race is very rare and possesses great offensive power, speed, and agility. During battle she grins and the Deity of Blood who protects her smiles. She has earned the respect of her friends and is growing closer to Sei.
Front 0182 Seiji
283, 695, 949
SeijiSaint Lord / Demihuman
From his oni orb special holy powers flow - attracting the attention of many deities like the voluptuous Demigoddess of Affection. He carries a platinum mace and can heal by bopping with it. It purifies enemies with a non-lethal strike. The mace gives off an aura of protection. In battle he seeks to reduce his friends’ suffering and heal them.
Front 0179 Irofu
287, 387, 720, 931
IrofuFimerotto / Variant
She evolved from a Ghoul into a very rare form of demihuman. She can corrode what she touches directly - and she overwhelms enemy’s noses with various strong odors. Some chose her as one of the beauties of Parabellum - but others demanded her exclusion because of her repulsive characteristics. Despite her regret, Irofu’s friends were very supportive & she smiled creepily again.
Front 0180 Kugime
291, 392, 570, 924
KugimeKugimeki / Variant
She evolved from a Dodomeki into a 9-Eyed Oni or “Kugimeki”. Despite the lower count, her eyes are much more powerful. They can even fire lasers and other beams that weaken foes. Her recon is incredible - she is also stealthy like a ninja. The enemies’ tactics will be less effective against her.
Front 0190 Kanami
296, 476, 999
KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
After the battle to the death in the fiery volcano, Kanami evolved from being a simple vampire. She can tap into the endless powers of cold magic. She conquered an entire volcanic realm with her cold magic, freezing over the lands to create her domain. Without her “Evil Eye Spectacles”, she unleashes deadly & charming enchantments that would affect anyone who caught a glimpse of her. Only one oni has been able to partially resist these powers. Kanami seems more withdrawn at times, often spending time with her monstrous pets.
Front 0176 GreaterBlackSkeleton
Greater Black Skeletonスケルトン
黒い骨で構成された体をもつ ブラックスケルトンの突然変異。 大地に半身が埋まったままの体勢から振り回す 巨大な蛮刀の一撃は、或いは巨人族にも 匹敵するのでは?と噂されている。
Front 0191 Hobujii
それは現か幻か。 とある日に集団で現れたゴブリン・パンクを ほほえましそうに見守っていたゴブリンの老人が、 いつしかホブゴブリンに進化していた姿。 年甲斐もなくはしゃいでしまう茶目っ気もあるが、 最年長ゴブリンとして皆を暖かく導く。
Front 0193 Minokichi
304, 508, 964
MinokichiThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
After overcoming the deadly challenge in the fiery volcano dungeon, Minokichi evolved further into this huge and unique form. He is a new species. It combines the powers of many minotaur kings and emperors. He has twice the strength as before. He is huge with massive muscles and golden and white hairs that sometimes emit bright flames and thunder. He can use all these elements in his intense battlefield attacks.
Front 0194 Asue
309, 612, 971
AsueDemon Queen of the Hells / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Asue evolved even further from her strong Earth Lord form. She overcomed mortal danger in the fiery volcano dungeon. She can lightly manipulate a massive hammer that can be mistaken for a house. She keeps the enemy back with seismic shocks. She has less offensive power than some others like Kanami - but she can overcome this through teamwork by synchronizing with comrades like Minokichi. Asue is actually quite tall now.
Front 0192 Aporou
310, 375
【817】AporouApostle Lord
Previously Extinct Species He started out life as a weak goblin but evolved into an formerly extinct species in less than half a year using many abilities that were rare for a goblin. He has a dark skinned body and carries the protection of the Deity of the Dead Sea. He has glowing golden tattoos on his own body. He feels the power of his own existence.
Front 0195 SumeragiKaede
【Shop Manager】Sumeragi Kaede人間
異世界から召喚された「異界の剣豪」。 その力を見込まれとある傭兵団に所属したところ、 事業の一環である派遣屋の店長に任命された。 元の世界で培った経験を生かして 店長を務めているが、 大商鬼の仕事ぶりに戦慄しているとか・・・。
Front 0201 SumeragiKaede
Sumeragi Kaede人間
とある傭兵団の経営する店舗で店長を務めるうち、 「桜商侍」の称号を獲得した。 その称号により、商売関係の能力はもちろん、 戦闘面での能力も向上した。 「桜」の名がつく通り、 桜の花びらに似たナニカを操ることができ、 その切れ味は鋼鉄にも容易に突き刺さるほど。
Front 0202 SteelCrowback
316, 440, 589
Steel Crowback人間
通称「鈍鉄騎士」 職業「獣騎士」の力により、 獣のようなスタイルでの戦闘を得意とする。 弟子の「赤髪ショート」の成長に感心しながら 自身の力をさらに磨くことを目標に掲げる。 訓練中に発する言葉は口汚い彼だが、 弟子からの信頼は厚い。
Front 0196 Goburou
317, 330, 480, 1018
A small oni born in a little goblin settlement. He uses branches and horns as weapons. He cooperates with others. He has unusual wisdom for a goblin. He eats literally everything. He doesn’t suffer as much when woulded like others. Rou grows at an abnormal speed even for a goblin. He will change the fate of those in his village.
Front 0197 Goburou
318, 331, 481, 1019
Goburou was (re)born in the goblin settlement. He evolved after eating night vipers and orcs. He depends on the protection of the Deity of Demise. His skin was dark. His speed of evolution and growth is exceptional. He started to take on the leader role. He has different powers and abilities that most goblins can’t acquire.
Front 0198 Ogarou
319, 332, 482, 1020
OgarouOgre / Variant
Goburou was a hobgoblin who became the Lord of the Forest. He subdued the Hind Bear solo and underwent an existence evolution. He lost his left arm during that intense fight. But he got a prosthetic arm that once belonged to a legend named Velvet. He got it from Velvet’s Reliquary where the corpse was. He got the name “Ogarou” from Gobujii.
Front 0203 Aporou
320, 333, 483, 1021
AporouApostle Lord / Variant
Ogarou evolved after defeating various powerful demons that he encountered as he challenged the might of those in many realms. His name changed to Aporou because he was an Apo-stle Lord. He actually lost some size compared to his Ogre form, but his power is much stronger. He started a group of mercenaries called Parabellum in the Sternbild Kingdom. He set out for various dungeons and labyrinths.
Front 0204 GoblinKing
321, 715
Goblin Kingゴブリン
全小鬼が夢見るゴブリンの中のゴブリン。 長い戦いを経て、深い深い深淵の底を 垣間見た者の前にだけその姿を現すという。 全身からあふれ出る王の気質は、 世界を揺るがすほどの影響力を持つ。 とある老鬼が生まれたばかりの子鬼を見て その名を授けようとしたことがあるらしいが、 憚られたために一文字変えた名をつけたという。
Front 0200 Hazuki
322, 549
受けた恩を返すため、とある傭兵団に 所属することを決めた虎人の片割れ。 巨躯虎頭のもう一人とは傾向が異なり、 その素早さを生かした刀技で 戦場を駆ける。種族の特性か仁義を 重んじる武人気質な性格。
Front 0189 SigurdAceSven
323, 510, 655
Sigurd Ace Sven人間
【陽光の神の加護】を受けて 陽光の勇者となった青年。 結婚を約束していた女性を目の前で失い、 その元凶である【大鎧百足】と その背後にいるであろう人物への 憎悪と復讐心にその身を落とした。 現在は復讐を果たすべくとある傭兵団に所属し、 その目的の達成に向けて鍛錬している。
Front 0205 KenpoCat(Black)
Kenpo Cat (Black)猫棍兵
武器の扱いを覚えた猫爪兵が存在進化した姿。 装備の重量が増えたことで身軽さが失われたが、 より強力な攻撃を放てるようになった。 トンファーの肉球は男性らしい筋肉質な触り心地。
Front 0206 KenpoCat(White)
Kenpo Cat (White)猫棍兵
武器の扱いを覚えた猫爪兵が存在進化した姿。 しなやかな四肢から繰り出される一撃は軽いが、 圧倒的な手数によって敵につけ入る隙を与えない。 トンファーの肉球は女性らしいなめらかな質感。
Front 0207 Ovarou
334, 484, 1022
OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Transcendent Variant
After the battle to the death in the fiery volcano dungeon he underwent an Existence Evolution. His new form at special abilities and was destined to be a World Enemy of Gluttony. The realms of the world felt challengednOvarou may start a “Holy War”. Demons may be devoured!
Front 0208 Auro
335, 356, 451, 1041
AuroMixed-Blood Overlady / Demihuman
Her father was an ogre and her mother is a human. She carries the blood of the Chaos Lineage in her veins. She was born with a golden oni orb in her body that gave her her name. She can construct golden halberds with the power of her orb & can also shoot them like an arrow. She is a little naive but also a good role model for her younger brother who was born on the same day.
Front 0209 Argento
336, 358, 454, 1051
ArgentoMixed-Blood Overlord / Demihuman
His father was an ogre & his mom is a human. He was given his name due to the silver oni orb that has existed in his body since birth. He possesses the Chaos Lineage in his blood. He can construct silver partisans with the power of his orb. He shoots them like an arrow. He wants to be as tough as his dad. He often tags along with his sister.
Front 0199 AlrichTinAgba
338, 562, 939
Alrich Tin AgbaHuman
One of the Sternbild Kingdom’s Four Heroes, she is a mistress of the shadows - is officially known as the “Dark Hero”. She has an intense faith in the religion that worships the five Great Gods. Her devotion is practically madness. She wants to collect anything related to a certain ogre who is rumored to carry many blessings. She starts to become obsessive…
Front 0211 Kanami
【Summertime Ice Empress】Kanami氷血真祖・超越種
熱い日差しに心躍り、 真夏の海へと繰り出したカナ美。 水着に着替えてビーチにたたずみ、 ワインを手にする姿はまさに女帝。 薄氷のように白い肌を日焼けから守るため、 肌の表面には薄い氷の膜を纏わせているらしい。
Front 0227 Kanami
【Midsummer Temptation】Kanami氷血真祖・超越種
飽きることなく海を眺め、夕暮れを迎えたカナ美。 陽が沈みゆく朱いビーチに その玉の肌がよく映える。 想い鬼の気を引くために「魔眼封じの眼鏡」を あえて外し、情熱的な視線を向けて挑発している。
Front 0212 Redhead
【Sun Daughter】Redhead人間
思いを寄せる黒使徒鬼へのアピールのため 開放的な姿に着替えた。 太陽照り付けるビーチで遊んでいる間も 貪欲に強さを追い求め、 海水や日差しを剣術に取り入れることを思いついた。
Front 0214 Indiha
She became the Empress of the Fomors due to their traditions. Only a select few beings in the realms can wield both light and dark magics like she can. For most it is overwhelming - or deadly. Adventurers guilds have no information on her. So some wonder if she is an illusion or phantom. Or perhaps everyone that caught a glance of her figure died. Take a good look.
Front 0215 Luke
【Iron Plate Magistrate】Luke人間
『光の神の加護』を授かる光の勇者だが、 ひと時の休暇を楽しむため、 その得物を武具から調理道具に持ち替えた。 彼の生真面目な性格は鉄板の上に焦げ目一つ残さず、 その絶妙な焼き加減は食した者の舌と 心をとろけさせる。
Front 0216 Supesei
【Cool Cutie in the Shade】SupeseiSpell Lord / Demihuman
Burasato brought Supesei to the beach to play. But Supesei prefers the indoors during hot weather. Sometimes she gets brave and jumps out under the sun for a dip. But she’d prefer to stay in the shade. Despite her mastery of water and fire magics - she doesn’t like tans or sunburns. Her swimsuit’s magical ribbons emit an air‐cooling aura. At least she’s well prepared for her own version of summer fun. Burasato wants to drag her under the waves… one more time! To their dreams…
Front 0217 Burasato
【Beach Princess of the Blood Balls】BurasatoBlood Sword Oni
Burasato leaped in the sunshine and pranced on the sandy beach. She loves the hot summer and wants to play some Blood Beach Volleyball! She uses spheres of condensed blood. Most of the members have trouble getting used to the rugged volleyballs at first - but they are just as bouncy as Burasato’s mood today. Her red ribbons would cause any hostile intruders to sizzle. Burasato says that we should drink lots of fluids in hot weather! Good idea!
Front 0169 Harpy
346, 581, 789
女性の体に鷲の翼と爪を持った半人半鳥の鳥人。 雌しかいない種族のため、狙われることも多いが、 その鋭い爪で敵を切り裂く。 とても食欲が旺盛で、おいしそうなものを見ると 食べずにはいられない。
Front 0221 Okyupete
347, 582, 790
ハーピーが強さと速さを追い求めた末、 存在進化した姿。 縦横無尽に空を駆け回り、敵を圧倒する。 丘の仲間たちを守るため、 危害を加えるものに容赦はしない。 行き過ぎることもあるが、非常に仲間思いな性格。
Front 0220 Corail
349, 698
【英勇詩篇】の副要人物で、 光の勇者の仲間として付き従う「大司教」。 バロールとの決戦のあと、光の勇者と共に霊樹の 存在する険しい山林でモンスターを倒し、 素材を集める日々を送っている。 年相応のかわいらしい容姿からは想像できないほどの 優れた治癒技能を持つ。
Front 0219 Rubiria
【Sirene Ocean Waves】RubiriaHuman
As usual Rubiria ran off without saying anything, potentially getting herself and Mal into trouble. Luckily a black oni and another friendly mercenary group are looking over her today. She floats on the ocean water in an inflated swim ring made by Rou. She rides the calming waves as Mal struggles to keep up while swimming. She heals her mind and body - and forgets troublesome political affairs. But her escorts are a little tired of watching her and might jump in. The sounds of the waves colliding are so relaxing...
Front 0218 MailFailoRheinfall
【Calm Evening Dance】Mail Failo RheinfallHigh Elf
The body of one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful women in the realms steps, twists, and slides as she dances by the beach. The audience is lucky to see so much of her skin. Although the sun sets - and people are tired from a day at the beach - the stage is bright and active. The magical sight of Mail frolicking to summer rhythms heals the spirits and constitutions of elves and humans alike. She smiles with every move. She is normally quiet - but she physically expresses her delightful personality through dance with ease.
Front 0210 RubelliaWalline
【Cool Summer Night】Rubellia WallineHuman
Rubiria found a bunch of cute hand fans with goblin colors in a cluttered junk pile in a little oni settlement. The goblins were happy that she took them. She was excited. She immediately imagined a use for them. Everyone could use them to keep cool during the hot summer night festival of the black oni! After wiping the dust off of them, she added some decorations. Revelers will appreciate her bright and useful souvenirs. Looks like Rubiria’s cleverness isn’t just perfect for combat.
Front 0222 Eperou
EperouConquering Emperor / Transcendent Variant Species
What if Aporou had chosen this form? In the tale that we know, he didn’t. But perhaps the door hasn’t closed in this reality. Eperou can summon an mysterious black dragon deity with a metallic head and many ruby eyes from an unknown realm. He himself has incredibly powerful attacks as he darts through the air quickly. He wields an ornate red spear and has focused on maximizing his offensive abilities. His imperial outfit allows for freedom of movement. He can catch up to his dragon as it flies and devastates his victims with biological attacks. He rules from the skies. Who will Eperou conquer next?!?
Front 0223 Oniwaka
354, 368, 778
使徒鬼の父と人間の母を持つ少年。 父の心友であるミノ吉に憧れているためか 戦闘の仕方が似てきている。 鍛冶師である母の血を引いていることもあり、 武具や防具を作ることに興味がある様子。 現在は手伝いをしながら技を教わっている。
Front 0224 Opushii
355, 594, 1058
OpushiiApostle Lord Variant / Half Demihuman
A little girl who has an oni father and a human mother. She carries the blessing and protection of the Deity of Gemstones and the Demigod of Beasts. Even though she is just a little kid, she can already control vast amounts of magic power. Two mysteriously mighty gem beasts stay at her side like protective pets. One is red and the other is blue. They control heat, water, and cold.
Front 0231 Auro
357, 452, 1042
AuroMixed-Blood Overlady / Demihuman
She carries the Chaos Lineage power in her blood & gold oni orb. She uses a demon gun given to her by her father. She has the job class Demon Gunner. The gun can unleash fire-type projectiles and wreak havoc on whole areas with flames. She fell into a daydream while viewing the conflagration that she caused when she acted rashly.
Front 0232 Argento
359, 455, 1052
ArgentoMixed-Blood Overlord / Demihuman
He carries the Chaos Lineage power in his blood & silver oni orb. He received a battle axe from his father and has the job class Axe Berserker. He uses the battle axe together with his favorite hatchet & cuts enemies in half. His mind & body grow; but he still looks up to his sister with attachment.
Front 0233 Cheroaito
【英勇詩篇】の副要人物で、 光の勇者の仲間として付き従う「風錆の貫槍師」。 バロールとの死闘で破損した武具を修復するため、 仲間と共に霊樹の存在する険しい山林で モンスターを倒し、素材を集める日々を送っている。 素早い動きで繰り出される愛槍での攻撃は、 傷口から錆を広がらせ、確実にダメージを蓄積させていく。
Front 0213 FourArmedBear
Four Armed Bear四腕熊
王国に行く途中の雪山にある洞窟に生息する ハインドベアーの上位種。 ハインドベアーと比べるとやや小柄だが、 その分素早く、四本の腕が繰り出す連撃は侮れない。 我が子に危機が訪れた際には、 自身の命を懸けてでも守り切る。
Front 0236 Hermit
Lou is a great friend of the Light Hero. He lives at the base of a huge spirit tree called Belgaard Yggdrasil. No one knows who planted this unusual, otherworldly tree. He looks great - as if he is in his 20s. But he is actually over 200 years old. Yet things are going well for him. At full strength he is a dungeon master who can clear “Divine” levels. But something seems funny about him. Sometimes his friends and foes will catch him doing a headstand in his underwear. He also speaks bizarre tongues. For now he’ll show others who’s the boss of this tree.
Front 0237 Inza
364, 496
【仙人】の屋敷で働く使用人の女性。 過度なスキンシップを好む好色家だが、 その対象は同性にとどまっている。 使用人としての実力は一流で、 豪奢な屋敷を一人で管理し、家庭菜園まで営む。
Front 0234 Ceres
【英勇詩篇】の副要人物で、 光の勇者の仲間として付き従う「風弓の射手」。 バロールとの死闘で破損した武具を修復するため、 霊樹の存在する険しい山林で、仲間と共に モンスターを倒し、素材を集める日々を送っている。 風を操作して放たれる矢は、 正確無比な軌道を超高速で描き、 狙った獲物を確実に射抜く。
Front 0235 Tatsushirou
【化石復元】によって蘇った【知恵ある蛇/竜】。 約80メートルにも及ぶ巨躯を誇り、 強靭な竜鱗や2対4枚の竜翼を備える。 本来の気性は荒く、敵を仕留めるまで追い続ける 執念を持つが、自身を蘇らせた鬼神には よく懐いており、その背に乗せて大空を舞う。
Front 0239 Oniwaka
369, 779
ミノ吉やアス江と行動を共にすることが多かったからか 彼らと戦いの方向性が似た種族に存在進化したようだ。 以前よりふた回りほども大きくなった巨体をもとに 生体武器である突起が凶悪な金砕棒と、 鉄球を鎖で繋げた頑丈な枷を軽々と振り回して戦う。 身体は急激に大きくなってしまったが、半人大鬼の 姉や兄にとってはまだまだかわいい弟である。
Front 0240 Clelia
371, 758
【英勇詩篇】の副要人物で、 光の勇者の仲間として同行する「灰奪の魔女」。 バロールとの死闘で破損した武具を修復するため、 霊樹の存在する険しい山林で、仲間と共に モンスターを倒し、素材を集める日々を送っている。 自己鍛錬の結果、得意の雷光系魔術の威力が更に増し 雷撃の数も増えたが、精密なコントロールのおかげで あえて避けなくても味方には被害が出ない。
Front 0241 ThereseEastEckermann
373, 435, 818
Therese East Eckermann人間
通称「女騎士」 とある貴族の令嬢だが、 自身のことは武人だと思っているので あまり女性らしい行動をとらない。 貴族の出身ではあるが、 様々な戦技を駆使した戦い方は一流の騎士に匹敵する。
Front 0242 GrandArachne
374, 704
Grand Arachneアラクネ
洞窟で暮らすアラクネの一種。 自身の糸を使っての織物が得意。 この糸は岩や土の成分が混ぜ込まれているため、 非常に丈夫である。
Front 0243 Kigurou
KigurouRuiner / Sovereign Oni King / Transcendent Variant Species
What if Aporou had chosen this form? In the tale that we know, he didn’t. No known blade can cut through his impervious armor. Magic attacks seem to dance around his aura. His spear has intricate decorations that provide various enchantments. It’s hard for him not to focus on his own greatness. He throws his spear in combat and summons more from unexpected directions. The realms will face ruin... for he desires domination, treasures, and fame! After he has won a fight, he seems more moody than the oni that we know...
Front 0244 RubelliaWalline
380, 603, 1005
Rubellia WallineHuman
Rou called her “tenacious puppy”. But in others’ eyes, she persevered like a haunted, red wolf. She earned a new title. She learned new techniques for combat. Her lithe figure moved through the battlefield gracefully ‐ followed by the blood, severed limbs, and disemboweled guts of enemies. By eating the meat of these torn‐apart foes, she gained new powers. Suddenly she was exceeding everyone’s expectations of a human warrior.
Front 0245 Kasumi
傭兵団に流れ着いた狼人の女性。 遠い異国に伝わる暗殺術を得意とし、 夜の闇にまぎれて戦場を駆ける。 死角から振るわれるその闇爪は 狙った獲物を逃さない。
Front 0250 Kurosaburou
383, 617
ブラックウルフリーダーのクロ三郎が存在進化した姿。 二つの狼頭を持ち、口から雷を帯びた黒炎を吐き出す。 黒き残像を生み出すほどの俊敏な動きで 飼い主とともに敵陣を縦横無尽に駆け巡る。
Front 0252 Aifu
388, 721, 932
AifuAdelheid / New Species
After the deadly battle at the fiery dungeon, Fu evolved further. She seems more fragile - but her crazy eyes always give off an eerie, dim glow. She has a twisted smile and often talks of corrupted delusions of debauchery. She lives life at her pace and invites other girls to her “Sisterhood,” some kind of hobby group. One of their topics is “Boys’ Love Stories”. She preaches the “truth” of her fantasies like a missionary.
Front 0253 Kugime
393, 571, 925
KugimeKugionihime / Demihuman
After the fierce battle in the fiery dungeon, Kugime evolved further. Her eyes and their beams are even more powerful. Some can penetrate any foes armor and kill. She can see across huge distances and through realms. Yet she has a gentle demeanor and calm face. Together with her kimonos she has an elegant-yet- exotic appearance.
Front 0255 Hoburai
394, 667
【迷宮運送業者】として働く ホブゴブリンの女性。 容姿端麗でかわいらしく、 男性冒険者からの指名が多い。 その容姿に似合わずその戦闘力は高く、 主武器として扱う【骨杭射小銃】で、 敵を正確に撃ち倒す。
Front 0258 Kurerai
395, 668
ホブ雷が【迷宮運送業者】での 活動を通して存在進化した姿。 その美貌と戦闘力がさらに磨きあげられ、 重厚な【骨杭射突撃銃】を軽々と扱う実力を持つ。 強化外装鎧に包まれた肢体は 男性冒険者を魅了してやまない。 それを武器に固定客を掌で転がす、 という噂が流れている。
Front 0246 Gobuka
ゴブ太と同世代のゴブリン3人組のひとり。 武器を使うことを誰よりも早く覚えた。 前衛で積極的に獲物に攻撃しながら、 時には背中の盾で身をていして仲間を守る 正義感の持ち主。
Front 0247 Gobuma
ゴブ太と同世代のゴブリン3人組のひとり。 未熟ながら、炎の魔術の心得を備えており、 魔法行使部隊<<アゴニー>>に所属することを夢見て 日夜鍛錬を続けている。
Front 0248 Gobusa
ゴブ太と同世代のゴブリン3人組のひとり。 消極的でこわがりな性格だが、 その事がかえって彼女の支援能力を 強化していることに本人すら気づいていない。
Front 0249 FifiAyn
Hoof AinElf
This elf seems listless. Socially she creates a serene atmosphere that is too dull for some. Yet she is actually the strongest of the “Four Symbolic Heroes”. Her abilities and powers due not come from raw power. Rather, she has years of experience. She can prepare complex defenses. She can communicate with plants and receive their help. She can rest in wait patiently for an ambush. Even that divine oni would struggle to successfully attack her defenses in a forest or a jungle.
Front 0256 BrownTrent
Brown TrentTrent
A type of trent that has firmer roots and brances because of the rocky areas where it prefers to rest and grow. They will often nourish other beings with fruits and flowers. They also kindly provide wood that they shed like skin.
Front 0257 Aiora
【英勇詩篇】の副要人物で、 光の勇者パーティの盾を務める「拒絶する大盾」。 バロールとの死闘で破損した武具を修復するため、 仲間と共に霊樹の存在する険しい山林で モンスターを倒し、素材を集める日々を送っている。 その頑強な大盾は、その名の通り敵のすべての攻撃を 拒絶し、仲間の元へ届かせることはない。
Front 0261 Burasato
406, 689, 908
BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
After fighting in the volcano dungeon with the fiery dragon, She evolved further. There wasn’t a huge change in appearance - but her oni powers have actually greatly increased. Flying swords conjured from blood fly through the battlefield as she throws and telekinetically manipulates them. After battle she likes to relax with sweets and tea. Her ruby horn has grown quite large and is extremely hard. She likes relaxing walks, friends’ stories, and sports.
Front 0238 ShayMcCool
Shay McCoolHuman
A knight of the Sternbild Kingdom, this young lad is responsible for the protection of Princess Rubiria. He listened to a certain warrior’s advice and started using a pole arm. He struggled for some time. But after training hard he has learned new abilities for combat. Now his long pole is easier to handle - despite his small stature. He still has room to improve. At least the princess praises his efforts. For now he is so excited that he speaks in some odd dialect in celebration. This humble boy knight often hides his wild, roisterous side.
Front 0262 Nicola
409, 598, 1129
使徒鬼の父と人間の母を持つ人間の少女。 兄や姉たちとは違い人間だが、 亜人の血が混じっているためか その成長は普通の人間の赤ん坊よりやや早い。 【職業・鬼児】、【職業・紋章術師】という二つの 独自の職業を持ち、すでに紋章術師の 力の片鱗を見せ始めている。
Front 0263 RanBell
Ran BellHuman
She is one of the Four Cardinals of the Lumen Holy Kingdom. She has voluptous limbs and makes few wasteful movements. She has the support of the Hunting Deity (Harmant Anruo) with bows and arrows. She can equip a divine bow and defeat a dragon with effort. On top of that she is gorgeous. Those who party with her may like hunts as much as she does after the experience.
Front 0264 FreedActy
411, 1032
Freed Acty人間
農民出身でありながら シュテルンベルト王国の【四象勇者】に属する 【水震の勇者】となった男性。 勇者となったあと、自身や家族、村の仲間を苦しめた領主に、 同等の苦しみを与える程の拷問をするなど 苛烈な性格である。
Front 0265 Seiran
傭兵団に流れ着いた狼人の男性。 遠い異国に伝わる暗殺術を得意とし、 常闇に隠れ敵を討つ。 彼の持つ「狼爪」は、 鍛冶師さんに「闇爪」と後に呼ばれる武具の着想を与えた。
Front 0260 Velvet
【ベルベット隠し宝物殿】の主で、 リターナを生み出した伝説の魔術師。 宝物殿には【伝説】級のマジックアイテムを筆頭に、 彼が苦労を重ね蒐集した宝物の数々が眠っている。 晩年は宝物殿の最奥にある玉座で、 リターナに見守られながら 静かにその生涯に幕を下ろした。
Front 0259 Duke
首なし騎士とも呼ばれる亜人。 騎馬の馬力と機動力に任せ、手にした大槍を 自由自在に操り戦場を駆ける。 普段は首を大事に抱えているが 戦闘になると夢中になるあまり落としてしまうとか。 戦場で身元不明の生首を見つけたら それはデュークのものかもしれない。
Front 0251 Returner
伝説の魔術師ベルベットによって 生み出された人造のカーバンクル。 【ベルベットの隠し宝物殿】の管理を任されていた。 宝物殿を荒らしていた人間たちに傷つけられ 命の危機に瀕した際、黒大鬼に助けられた。 そして彼にその宝を託した後に命を落とし、 額の宝石も彼の一部となった。
Front 0271 CervantesAlvantes
Cervantes Alvantes人間
ルーメン聖王国に所属していた【料理の勇者】。 【神器】である【料理神之魂包丁】と 【料理神之魂鍋】を操ることで、生体であれば いかなる相手でも食材として調理できる。 傭兵団の長に捕らわれた時は反抗して見せたが、 彼の持つ様々な食材に心を奪われ、 今はその傭兵団の厨房で料理の腕を振るっている。
Front 0270 Luke
419, 554
【英勇詩篇[救国を担いし光の御子]】の主要人物。 バロールとの戦闘で破壊された装備を修復するため、 友人が暮らす霊樹の存在する険しい山林に 仲間たちと共に滞在している。 装備の修復素材を集める傍ら、 【世界の宿敵・飽く無き暴食】を討ち滅ぼすため、 剣だけでなく槍も扱えるように修行に励んでいる。
Front 0272 TheAlgaeEmpress
The Algae EmpressAlgae Humanoid / Variant
She lives in a Divine Dungeon known as the“The Splendid Algae Woman’s Caverns”. She is the final boss. To her, combat is a playful exercise. It would be difficult for her to die because she exists all over the realms’ waters. She can shift her consciousness and respawn if she loses one body. She enjoys giving adventurers the freshest catch & seaweeds. She even offers strips of her own body. For this reason, her seafood cuisine is unmatched in quality.
Front 0254 FirstQueen
422, 725
First QueenHuman
The mother of Rubiria. She is escorted by the Dark Hero and carries the blessing of a devilish goddess. It is difficult for blessed beings to relax around her. For instance, she saved the dishes, utensils, napkins, and cloths that Rou used. She stuffed his napkins into her bosom and licked all of the door handles and other objects that he touched. She is truly obsessed. It is truly difficult for her to not touch him directly when they are together at a gathering.
Front 0267 PhilipBeltRokkata
423, 424
Philip Belt Rokkata人間
キーリカ帝国の【八英傑騎甲団】に 所属している【骸蟲英雄】。 屍に蟲を潜り込ませ魔蟲として使役する。 その能力で災害指定個体の魔蟲型モンスター、 アルティルムをも操ることができる。
Front 0268 Philip
【Devil Bug Shell】Philip人間
自身が操る魔蟲達を吸収した姿。 腹部から伸びる6本の触手で襲い掛かる。 その凶悪な外皮を脱ぎ捨てることで、 傷一つない元の体に戻ることもできる。
Front 0276 Asue
【Earth Witch】AsueDemon Queen of the Hells / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Asue started to call herself a witch when she wore her Halloween costume. She tried to use some real magic. She conjured up earth tools that could be used for games and did other experiments. In one event she dropped a magical hammer on Minokichi! But he had a gleeful look on his face as he rubbed the bump on his head.
Front 0275 Burasato
【Mischievous Cat】BurasatoBlood Sword Oni / Demihuman
On the night of Halloween she turned into a Halloween Cat with a splendid costume. How cute? But this kitty is sure to scratch and bite any hostiles. She likes to sneak into others’ rooms and lay traps and tricks. Even Ovarou was a little spooked by one of her scary tricks. But when she snuck into a certain sorceress’s room - the door stayed shut for the night... is that a purr? Perhaps she was caught?
Front 0274 Kanami
【Alluring Mummy】KanamiVampire Noble / Demihuman
Kanami wrapped herself up in long cloth bandage strips to become a “Halloween Mummy”. She is showing off a little more skin than usual due to the nature of the costume. Not that anyone in the group is complaining... Some creatures nearby her might be a little afraid as she passes by.
Front 0273 Aporou
【Debonair Vampire】AporouApostle Lord
Formerly Extinct Species At the big Halloween event he dressed up like a vampire. The “Halloween Road Festival” has made people feel excited... including some of the female members of the group. He has innocent red eyes as he yells, “Trick or Treat!” His cheeks are red and he’ll give them some sweets later...
Front 0279 ArtunelBayardRickenbar
430, 755
Artunel Bayard Rickenbar人間
キーリカ帝国に所属する勇者で、 【八英傑騎甲団】の序列第三位を務める女性。 剣から放たれる雷光と、振動波を駆使して戦う。 女性でありながら男装を嗜んでおり、 男性だけでなく女性からの支持も厚い。
Front 0280 Foxtail
431, 630, 752
妖しくも美しい容姿を持つ狐人の女性。 自身の欲望を抑えることなく行動し、 各国を渡り歩いては己の欲求を 満たすために行動している。 願望を叶えることへの執着は留まることを知らず、 満たされることなく高まるばかり。
Front 0278 Ramura
傭兵団の陰の実力者で、 『美人六傑』に加わるほどの美貌を持つ女性。 幹部たちの影に隠れて目立たないが、その実力は 傭兵団のランキングで常に上位をキープする程。 巧みな槍捌きと雷のような速さで敵を手玉に取るが、 高い能力ゆえに訓練では幹部と対することとなり その実力を披露しきれないでいる。
Front 0283 ThereseEastEckermann
436, 819
Therese East Eckermann人間
通称「女騎士」 とある貴族の令嬢だが、 自身のことは武人だと思っているので あまり女性らしい行動をとらない。 貴族の出身ではあるが、 様々な戦技を駆使した戦い方は一流の騎士に匹敵する。
Front 0284 Shizerotte
A woman who fought a fierce battle with the water hero. She paid a huge price in order to rank up into the “Immortal” job class. She can absorb the injuries and pain of party members as they are attacked using the golden belt called “Dajrauben”. She is a masochist by nature who loves pain. Due to this, she is often sexually stimulated during combat. Because of her abilities, she is likely to return to frustrate and disturb foes in the future. She would be a helpful addition to any war party - even if she might distract some of her own mercenary group.
Front 0286 SteelCrowback
441, 590
Steel Crowback人間
己の弟子である「赤髪ショート」に 追い抜かれないため、職業「獣騎士」の力を 極限まで磨き上げ、【戦鉄獣】の 称号を得た鈍鉄騎士。 人間の限界を超えた強靭な肉体で すべてを蹴散らしながら戦場を駆ける姿は まさに鉄の獣そのもの。
Front 0285 JantunaNa
Jantuna NaHuman
She is a young member of a barbarian tribe who supports the Earth Hero. In the heroic psalms of the Earth Hero, she is a supporting character. She seems to cry and squeal often as if she is startled or frightened. Tears stream out of her watery eyes during battle. She received the title “Weeping Barbarian” for this reason. Despite this, she effectively uses her weapons during combat. She surprises enemies. She loves playing with rocks, frolicking in the rain, and eating fresh fruits. She has a full-bosomed-yet- cherubic look and colorful clothes. She uses machetes and a bow.
Front 0288 Ruskatia
現在のシュテルンベルト王国の領土の 半分を切り開いたとされる過去の【英雄】。 お転婆姫の祖先にあたる。 戦争のさなか乱入してきた 【災害指定個体】級モンスターを仕留めた際、 その返り血を浴びたことで、 後に「始祖王」と呼ばれる子を身ごもった。
Front 0289 SagefromanUnknownLand
Sage from an Unknown Land人間
【時空と星海を司る大神】によって この世界に招かれた異邦人の一人。 シュテルンベルト王国にある屋敷に引きこもり 様々な研究に没頭している。 個性的な趣味嗜好を持つ彼だが、 新しい調理法や、難病の治療法の発見など、 世界にもたらした功績は計り知れない。
Front 0291 Lionel
エストグラン獣王国を治める【獣王】。 豪快で快活な人柄でありながら 実力主義の獣王国の頂点に立つ 戦闘力とカリスマを備える。 自身の肉体に絶対の自信を持っており、 戦う相手にその体躯を見せつけるような ポーズをとることがある。
Front 0292 HyeldaDarfus
Hyelda DarfusBlack-Spotted Fang General
Hyelda was given the title “Black-Spotted Fang General” and works for the King of the Beasts as a top-class assassin. She is a hyena-type beastwoman. Her fierce appearance causes humans and demihumans to mistake her for a male. She carries cursed blades. In reality, she is quite calm and composed. She enjoys literature and housecleaning. She has a generous and pleasant demeanor at home despite being an elite assassin. Some would be shocked at her common sense. In the eyes of her own kind, she is feminine, cute, and wise.
Front 0266 QuakeHammerGründ
Quake Hammer Gründ単眼鬼
派生迷宮【サクロプの採掘場】の 最下層に棲まうダンジョンボスの1匹。 三種類存在するダンジョンボスの中でも 一際強力な力を持つ。 とある黒使徒鬼に生きながらその身を 喰われる経験を記憶しており、 挑んでくる冒険者に怯えながらも 強い憎悪を向けて襲い掛かる。
Front 0287 EmilyFurado
450, 783
Emily Furado人間
とある傭兵団の鍛冶全般を請け負う女性。 助けられたことによる恩返しの心は いつしか本物の愛情へと成長し、 愛しき黒大鬼との間に子を生す。 ハイ・オーガの子を産んだことで 【職業・鬼子の聖母】を獲得し、 より鬼人の子を産みやすい体質となった。
Front 0300 Auro
453, 1043
AuroMixed-Blood War Oni / Demihuman
She evolved after a battle in a Divine-Level Dungeon. She is now the “Golden Gunner Princess” and received a blessing from Demigod of Demon Firearms. Her firepower has increased and is now even more explosive. She has grown up a bit and is more calm and collected in battle. She can snipe & control fights from a distance. She works with Argento as a team.
Front 0294 Argento
456, 1053
ArgentoMixed-Blood War Oni / Demihuman
He evolved after a battle in a Divine-Level Dungeon. He is now the “Silver Lancer Prince”. He received a blessing from the Demigod of Demon Spears. He can unleash silver spears from his oni orb with increased power. He even surprised his stepmother when he annihilated & impaled enemies in a fierce battle. He works with his sis Auro as a team.
Front 0293 OctorpPrince
Octorp Princeキメラ
戦いを挑んできた 冒険者たちを喰らい続けた結果、 存在進化を果たしたオクトルプの王子。 存在進化前に比べ小柄だが、 戦闘力は何倍にも膨れ上がっている。 純粋な笑顔を浮かべながら戦いを楽しむ様子は、 まるで子供が無邪気に遊んでいるかのよう。
Front 0311 CrimsonHornedScaledHorse
Crimson Horned Scaled Horseクリムゾンホーンホース
カナ美が使役していたトリプルホーンホースが 成長し、存在進化した姿。 炎を思わせる真紅の体は常に高熱を発しているが、 主と認めた者には害を及ぼさない。 水氷を操るカナ美と正反対の属性を持つ 心強いパートナー。
Front 0315 Supesei
464, 679, 894
SupeseiStarlight Spiritian Queen / Demihuman
Front 0295 Oniguma
465, 466
縄張り意識が強くて気性も荒く、 爪と太い腕での薙ぎ払いは、 岩さえ砕くほど強力である。 その強さは一頭で町を壊滅させられるほど。 しかし、一度屈服させれば従順になるため、 騎獣として使い勝手がいいといわれている。
Front 0296 SteelArmoredGreatBear
Steel Armored Great Bear
戦いを重ねた鬼熊が存在進化した姿。 身体の大きさは9メートルにも及び、 その巨躯から繰り出される攻撃の威力は計り知れない。 また、鬼熊と同じく使役すると騎獣として その上に跨ることができる。 そこからの光景を見た者は、 まるで王様のような気分になれるという。
Front 0305 Aporou
【Holy Night Oni】AporouApostle Lord / Formerly Extinct Variety
You better not pout, you better not despair... for Santarou is coming to the realms! He has a huge sack and plenty of presents. He darts from house to house in the twilight, delivering gifts. He has a list, but will give gifts to boys, girls, and certain ladies - both naughty AND nice ones. The ladies were pleased... and the children were excited - just look at all of those boxes under the trees! But some folks don’t understand what Christmas is all about - red & black onis made an attack at night. Aporou will give them a special lesson so that Christmas Eve remains silent and holy.
Front 0306 RubelliaWalline
【Red-Headed Reindeer】Rubellia WallineHuman
The redhead that Santarou loves is now dressed like one of his reindeer. Unfortunately she cannot fly... yet. But she is working on that. At least she has the voice of a reindeer down. She trots around with a cheerful holiday spirit and warms the hearts of those around her. Ting-a-ling... ring ring... she just loves to ring her bell. Rubellia’s laughter and songs are appreciated throughout the Christmas season.
Front 0308 Ramura
【Elegant Lady of the Holy Night】RamuraThunder Dragonewt
Ramura bursts through the doors in a stunning formal holiday dress. In the calm celebration of the holy evening she drinks glasses of white wine and egg nog. She usually prefers tropical weather - but her heart is warmed in the cold evening. This is the first time that she has had a proper holiday celebration. She doesn’t notice the existence of a black oni who will slip a gift for her under a tree...
Front 0307 Opushii
【Holy Night Oni Child】OpushiiApostle Lord Variant / Demihuman
Opushii loves to chase around the red-headed reindeer. It looks suspiciously like her mother. She wondered if girls could be Santa too... luckily she got a little hat for the celebration and confirmed that it’s possible. After playing, eating holiday cookies, and drinking milk she got a ride on the red-headed reindeer to her bedroom for sleepytime. She dreams about Santa bringing her presents.
Front 0297 Kanami
477, 1000
KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
After undergoing an existence evolution, Kanami trained diligently. She was strict with herself and aimed to increase her magic powers and gain the companionship of the divine Hyouketsutenrou - the Ice Blood Celestial Wolf. She was surprised when the canine treated her like a normal friend. She in turn grew close to the wolf and they went off to conquer several realms as partners.
Front 0301 SnowFairy
Snow Fairy妖精
全長15センチメートル程の氷の妖精。 積雪の季節にだけ現れ、 薄氷の翅で白銀の世界を軽やかに舞う。 基本的には無害な存在だが、 可憐な見た目に釣られて手を出してきた者は 周囲の氷雪を利用して氷漬けにしてしまう。
Front 0312 SantaHobujii
Santa HobujiiHobgoblin
At the Christmas Party, Santa Hobujii appeared from an unknown entrance. He passed out presents to some lucky kids while trotting around in his red shoes. The “Gobbies” were in good holiday spirits. Everyone started singing tunes. Even some lovely ladies joined in. Hobujii even got some smooches under the mistletoe from some human women. He had several cups of spirituous egg nog. But after Christmas, no one saw him. How bittersweet!
Front 0302 Ovarou
485, 1023
【World Enemy of Gluttony】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Radiant Living Deity
This is Ovarou’s “World Enemy of Gluttony” form. It is said that he will win battles to decide the fate of the world in this form. He uses the powers of origin and demise through combat with a black spear and a white spear. The time has come for him to triumph over all of the realms’ heroes. Everything looks delicious. He must chow down meat and materials... he must guzzle drinks and blood. It’s time for a culinary trip around the world with no reservations!
Front 0304 DesolationSpiritPanda
Desolation Spirit Panda
スペ星さんが使役する鬼熊が 特殊な条件を達成して存在進化した姿。 愛くるしい見た目に反して気性は荒く、 その巨体をものともしない俊敏さで狙った獲物を追い詰める。 忠誠を誓った主には腹を見せて甘えるため、 パンダの容姿も相まって女性に人気が高い。
Front 0309 SpinelFean
Spinel Fean人間
とある傭兵団で薬品開発に携わる女性。 愛しき黒大鬼の子を産んだことで【職業・鬼子の聖母】を獲得し、 より鬼人の子を産みやすい体質となった。 クールな振る舞いではあるが、 実は黒大鬼に初めに正面から好意を示した人間で、 それが他の女性へも波及していくこととなった。
Front 0310 CoccoEmpress
Cocco Empress
アジトで開かれる新年祭では、 干支にちなんだ団員が祭りの象徴とされている。 そして酉年は彼女の担当。 着物に身を包み、大事な卵を温めている。 舎弟達は姐さんのその美しい姿にみな涙を流したそうだ。
Front 0313 GoldenCocco
【For strengthening and sale】Golden Cocco
黄金に輝く体毛を持つ、ビッグコッコ姐さんの舎弟。 特に優秀な3羽の中の1羽でもある。 慕う姐さんがピンチの時は、すぐに駆けつける。 また、共にトレーニングをした際には、 得られる経験値に補正がかかる特殊能力を持つ。 珍しい個体のためマニアの中では非常に人気があるらしい。
Front 0314 SilverCocco
【For strengthening and sale】Silver Cocco
白銀に輝く体毛を持つ、ビッグコッコ姐さんの舎弟。 特に優秀な3羽の中の1羽でもある。 他の舎弟達と力を合わせると、ウルフすら狩るほどである。 また、共にトレーニングをした際には、 得られる経験値に補正がかかる特殊能力を持つ。 やや珍しい個体のためマニアの中では人気があるらしい。
Front 0322 Seiji
【New Year’s Demon】SeijiSaint Lord / Demihuman
Seiji seemed to illuminate the New Year’s Celebration with his very presence. He had a lovely outfit that flowed in the chilly winds from the door as he entered. The females all turned their heads. They praised Kugime for her fashion design while Seiji refreshed his friends’ spirits with his positivity and aura.
Front 0323 Aifu
【New Year’s Corruption】Aifu腐死鬼姫 ・新種
クギ芽の提案で、新年の祭りに合わせて 振袖に着替えたアイ腐。 和装ながらも元のゴシックの雰囲気を 残しており、和洋折衷な斬新な姿が その儚さ(見た目上)を引き立てている。 ただし本質は変わっておらず、 新たな年明けとともに新たなジャンルの 開拓と同胞の確保を目論んでいる。
Front 0324 SumeragiKaede
【New Year’s Prosperity Petition】Sumeragi Kaede人間
新年を祝う祭りの会場で、 どこからか手に入れてきた破魔矢を握りしめ 神妙な面持ちの女武者が目撃された。 彼女は何かを絵馬に書き綴ると 硬く目をつむり一心に祈願していたという。 その背後に迫る腐の手に気付く様子もなく・・・。
Front 0325 Inza
【仙人】の屋敷で働く使用人の女性。 主人が留守にしている間、 大霊樹の根元にある屋敷を外敵から守るため 独自の戦闘スタイル【メイド拳法】を開発した。 使用人として扱う数々の道具を駆使する その拳法は、強敵蔓延る大霊樹においても 右に出るものがいないほど強力だとか。
Front 0326 GriefCharybdis
Grief Charybdis渦潮の精
神代ダンジョン【清流の滝壺】の 三十階を守護するダンジョンボス。 強大な水流を巧みに操り、挑むものを 一切寄せ付けぬまま撃退する。 遠距離からの攻撃にも水珠や 水壁などを生成することで対応する。 水流操作の能力はずば抜けて高いが 肉体能力は極めて低く、接近戦は苦手。
Front 0327 Dominaria
神代ダンジョン【清流の滝壺】の 二十五階を守護するダンジョンボス。 巨大な鯨のような怪物「ラーゴン」を 自在に乗りこなし、連携攻撃を得意とする。 追い詰められると配下の 「ギルマンナイト」を多数召喚し、 形成の逆転を図ることがある。
Front 0328 FeliciaTimiano
Felicia TimianoHuman
A member of Rou’s base. Felicia runs the kitchen with her sister. But like her sister she delivered a half-ogre child. It wasn’t very painful and her body received a magical, regenerative healing. She feels new. Her child is growing very fast. She works hard to raise it and teach important lessons at an appropriate speed. The child loves her attentiveness - and also her cooking. Once the day’s duties are done - time for a break. Maybe she’ll delegate more of the prep to her demihuman assistant chefs tomorrow...
Front 0303 Satori
とある堕神の脳髄と骨肉から生み出され その意思に従い大海原を越えたモンスター。 心を読む能力と、その巨体に 似合わぬ俊敏性を備えており、 【災害指定個体】級に定められている。 ルスカティア達の種族間戦争に乱入し 三日三晩の激闘の末、 ルスカティアによって首を落とされた。
Front 0330 Minokichi
509, 965
MinokichiThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
This Thunder King evolved into a new transcendent species. He enthusiastically joined the “Week of Hells”, seeking power. He did a tug of war with 300 opponents. His huge size came in handy. He also let out his great white hot flames and electric bolts shot out from his hairs. It was odd that he didn’t use his axe and shield. But he didn’t mind the challenge of hand-to-hand combat.
Front 0331 SigurdAceSven
511, 656
Sigurd Ace Sven人間
来たる復讐の時に向け、 さらなる力を求め続ける【陽光の勇者】。 【陽光之魂剣】の返還、自身の詩篇 【輝き導く戦勇の背】の副要人物たちとの 出会いを経てチームワークも身につけた。 雨が降る泥沼での骸軍団との戦い、 神代ダンジョンの連続攻略など 厳しすぎるほど厳しい訓練を課せられ、 着実に力を蓄えている。
Front 0332 Iris
青い鱗を持つブルーリザードの中でも 特に優れた力を持つ者だけが 二槍を持つことを許される。 二本の槍を手にした者は、 同時に村長から名前を賜り、 生涯村を守る戦士として生きることを誓う。
Front 0333 Sanrin
仲間を率いる能力の強化によって 存在進化した団員の一鬼。 軍曹の名に恥じぬスパルタぶりで 仲間を叱咤激励して鍛え上げている。 地獄週間では雷牛帝王との『綱引き』に挑み、 臆しながらも仲間を鼓舞し続け、 帝王の巨躯を僅かに崩すことに成功した。
Front 0329 Efreet
【Passionate Dancing Princess】Efreet精霊
主に対する情愛が最高潮に達し力が解放された姿。 熱く燃え盛る彼女の愛は、 灼熱の炎となり全てを焼き尽くすほどである。
Front 0335 Oniwaka
【Setsubun’s Star】Oniwaka獄卒暴鬼
季節の変わり目に開かれるアジトの節分大会。 鬼役の団員に向けてみんなで豆をぶつける。 彼は自身の体格を活かし、鬼役を買って出た。 身体に的を描き、金棒を模した 大きな恵方巻を振り回しながらアジト内を練り歩く。 どんなに豆をぶつけられても平気な彼だったが、 父からぶつけられる豆には流石に耐えきれず、 小さくうずくまってしまった。
Front 0336 Auro
【Red Princess Oni】Auro半人大鬼
節分の鬼役として引っ張りだこの鬼若を見て 自分も主役になりたいと張り切って赤鬼に扮した姿。 張り切りすぎて他の弟妹から冷たい視線が 送られているが、本人は全く気付いていない。 節分の趣旨もいまいち理解していないようで、 アルジェントの説明にも聞く耳を持たず、 斧を振り回しながら鬼若に襲い掛かっていった。
Front 0337 EmilyFurado
【Blue Mother Oni】Emily Furado人間
節分の鬼役をかって出た息子に感銘を受け、 それを察した夫にそそのかされる形で いつの間にか用意されていた 青鬼の衣装を着ることになっていた。 やたらと露出の高い青鬼の登場に、 イベントは大いに盛り上がったが、 その裏で衣装をあてがわれなかった鬼神の妻たちが 鬼神に詰め寄っていたことは誰も知らない。
Front 0338 AlmaTimiano
522, 823
Alma TimianoHuman
A member of that famous mercenary group, Alma is entrusted with the kitchen. She gave birth to a half-ogre child. It wasn’t agonizing like she thought it would be. So her main job is now “Oni Child’s Holy Mother”. She was healed and is already back in the kitchen. The challenge is actually raising this fast-growing child while trying to cook and have occasional fun. She is determined to support her child lovingly.
Front 0339 MilenaAmora
Lovers AmorHuman
Milena carries a sacred heart- shaped treasure called “Soul -Illuminating Lamp of Eros”. From her own body she can fire off beams that contain a power that causes others to feel love, lust, and devotion. The lamp amplifies her power. She travels with 6 friends. The rumor is that they are now her servants, addicted to her compassion and love. Who knows if that was her intention…
Front 0340 WitchofMysticFlame
Witch of Mystic Flame人間
英勇詩篇〔輝き導く戦勇の背〕の副要人物。 彼女とその連れが盗賊団から救った村を 偶然通りかかった復讐者を残党と勘違いし 問答無用で襲い掛かった。 手加減した復讐者に打ちのめされ、 その後勘違いだったことに気づき、 その償いのために復讐者の部下になった。
Front 0341 DorianeDuboué
527, 576
Doriane Duboué美花頭女
パラベラ温泉郷でマッサージ師として その手腕を振るっている。 リラクゼーションに関係する能力に長けていて、 その能力を活かしたマッサージ技術で、 温泉郷の(特に男性の)客を骨抜きにしている。
Front 0343 Ovarou
【Celebrating Demon Deity】 OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Young Living Deity
Some lady named “Akane” was “grilling” a young goblin before a bout during a celebratory party and tournament. Ovarou took notice from his seat. Despite her strictness, the goblin fought hard. Ovarou looked forward to seeing the little demihuman fight again.
Front 0344 Kanami
【Celebration Enchanting Bride】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
Kanami watches over the festival that Ovarou decided to hold. She has an amazing dress thatmakes her stand out in the celebration. But she would actually prefer to cuddle with a certain oni. She can read everything from his expression. He sensed the devilish love and smiled gently.
Front 0345 Supesei
【Magic Party Guide】SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman
Supesei was not excited when she heard the news about Ovarou’s festival. She’d rather get some rest. But a special partner convinced her to come. She wore a nice bracelet and walked hand‐in‐hand with Burasato. They ran into some goblin wallflowers. Supesei decided she’d help guide the little ones ‐ and entertained them with magic tricks. Now she was enjoying herself! Burasato wants to play hide and seek…
Front 0346 Burasato
【Celebration Demonic Blood Sword】BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
At the festival she decided to accompany her... close friend Supesei. Burasato is very excited and feels quite sociable. She told lots of jokes and shows off her hair decoration - a present from Supesei. She can shake the celebration battle and may hunt down a single oni- or perhaps fight alongside them?
Front 0334 Argento
【Baffled Little Brother】Argento半人大鬼
朝の訓練に向かうところを姉のオーロに襲撃され、 弟の鬼若と二人の人間の子供と共に、 なぜか派生迷宮の攻略に 向かうこととなったアルジェント。 暴走気味の二人を御しながら 迷宮を脱出できるほどの指揮の手腕を見せる。 二人に振り回される毎日に疲れているのか 妹のオプシーや、人間の少女など、 かわいいものに癒される傾向がある様子。
Front 0347 Therese
【Captive Knight】Therese人間
大森林の駐屯地での野営中に黒大鬼と接触、 その圧倒的な力を目にしても決して屈せず、 一矢報いた実力を見初められ、 生きて捕らわれた貴族の令嬢。 捕えられた後もその心は折れることなく、 黒大鬼の寝込みを襲って心臓を一突きにする。 しかし仕留めるには至らず、黒大鬼の魔手に堕ち、 最後には自ら隷属化を受け入れることとなった。
Front 0359 Ovarou
【Dual Wielding Party Oni】 OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Young Living Deity
Ovarou received a report written about the combat potential of a certain demihuman. Apparently this being was able to beat many field bosses and heroes - without divine help or cheap tricks. Ovarou was impressed. He has an idea of how this demihuman was reborn into this world. There’s no reason to seriously challenge this being... for now. ’Rou remembers his own experiences. He thinks about words of praise to describe this young demihuman.
Front 0348 Arthie
【Fierce Tiger】ArthieRoyal Tiger Beastwoman
The daughter of the King of Estgrand, Lionel. She serves her realm’s military as “Fierce Tiger Fang General” - the first of the Fang Generals. She is also a princess. While she has shown great potential in combat against dungeon bosses and other threatening foes... Her safety is important. She privately rages after being assigned to defend the kingdom - rather than going out to fight in a war. The sound of her distant roar was heard by her surprised father, who smiled.
Front 0349 RanBell
【Young Hunter】Ran BellHunting Heroine
In order to support her family after her father passed away - this young woman of Elle Eela decided to hunt in his place. She is often accompanied by her partner Roboro catching prey and beasts in the forest. At first it was an existence focused on survival and necessity. She plays a game of life and death while dangerous creatures roam about. But she eventually started to enjoy the thrill. She earned the title “Hunting Heroine”. Perhaps she will meet others who like hunts too.
Front 0350 SuzuAmano
Suzu Amano人造人間
異界の賢者によって作り出された人造人間の少女。 異界の賢者を「お爺様」と呼んで慕いながら、 賢者の身の回りの世話をしている。 同時に研究のためには己を顧みずに 暴走しがちな彼を諌める役も務める。 その顔立ちはどことなく異界の賢者に似ており、 一見すると祖父と孫のような関係にも見える。
Front 0351 Robolo
ラン・ベルの相棒であり家族でもある猟虎。 彼女の狩猟に付き従い、その身軽さを活かして 獲物を的確に追い詰めていく。 白化個体であるがために母親に捨てられ ある人物によってラン・ベルのもとへと預けられた。 出会ったころは心を許さず餌も受け付けない ありさまだったが、今では一緒に育った彼女を 家族のように慕い、身も心も許している。
Front 0353 Hyulton
HyultonDemon Emperor Who Brings Calamity / Unknown Variant Race
He governs the Demon Empire of Atarakua. His title is Demon Emperor. He has mastered amazing summoning magics that others call “wicked arts”. Because of the misfortune that he brings to surrounding realms, he is also known as “The One Who Brings Calamity”. His foes may indeed feel a somber sense of hopelessness upon his arrival. In his spare time, He is a gourmet and aesthete. Most believe that he uses sorcery to trick others into thinking that the rare blood that he drinks is wine. He wears the “Deinos Death Mask” on his face to avoid unleashing his magic draining abilities. Those that glimpse his true form are unable to summon their full magic strength.
Front 0352 MailFailoRheinfall
Mail Failo RheinfallHigh Elf
This daughter of the elf chief wears lovely eye-catching outfits. But even without them she is absolutely stunning. She dances below the skies and receives celestial blessings after dedicating her dances to the stars and other heavenly spirits. Her dancing steps and motions are graceful. The fabric of her clothes flutters in the winds. Her next dance will be dedicated to the victory of her friends in battle. She is the Sala Shrine Maiden.
Front 0354 ElvenScout
Elven Scoutエルフ
エルフの里で斥候を任されるエルフの一人。 身軽なエルフの中でも特に隠密活動を得意とし、 夜闇にまぎれて敵勢力の情報を 正確に持ち帰る技量を持つ。
Front 0358 MagicGunmanfromAnotherWorld
Magic Gunman from Another World人間
【時空と星海を司る大神】によって この世界に招かれた異邦人の一人。 陽気で人当たりの良い青年だが、 木精至鋼で作られた手持ち大砲を 巧みに使いこなし、大人数の敵をまとめて 相手どる戦術を得意とする。 実力はあるが若さゆえに色香には弱く、 それが原因で不幸に見舞われることとなった。
Front 0360 Seiji
【White Debonair Demon】SeijiSaint Lord / Demihuman
To return a gift after receiving messages of love on Valentine’s Day, Seiji wore formal clothes. He looks like a smooth lady’s man but his charm is just natural - he is not aware of his appeal. Kugime looked around with all of her eyes with slight jealousy as he gave all the girls return gifts... will hers be just as special? Or would a riot start if she got a special box full of love from Seiji?
Front 0361 Depriver
その目に強い光をともしている少年で、 英勇詩篇〔輝き導く戦勇の背〕の副要人物。 とある事情から連れと共にモンスターの巣窟に 潜入したが窮地に陥ってしまい、 そこを復讐者に助けられた。 そのため、復讐者には気を許しているが、 ある意味モンスターの巣窟ともいえる 傭兵団アジトでは常に警戒している。
Front 0363 Indiha
546, 749
IndihaFomor Variant
Another form of the Empress of the Fomors. Some still wonder if she actually exists. She usually uses a potent mix of light and dark magics to hunt prey. She’ll usually crush her prey ... with no survivors! Her tremendous powers combined with her fit form are enough to take down most visitors who come to the Fomors’ mountains.
Front 0364 Balor
フォモール族の王が魔術師としての力を示した姿。 開いた左目には魔力が集中しており その補助を受けて多彩な暗黒魔術を行使する。 肉体を行使して戦うときよりも知力が上昇し 言葉もやや流暢に話すことができる。 棍棒の代わりに杖を手にしているが これは術王としての威厳を示すためのもので 魔術への影響はほとんどない。
Front 0365 Scarface
ScarfaceBlack Undead Dragoon Knight
According to the leader of a certain mercenary group, Scarface is a Black Undead Knight with two sets of four arms. The lower half of Scarface’s body is connected to two terrifying undead steeds that are magnificiently combined in a deformed state. Despite his massive size, he is quite mobile and can charge with amazing power. The massive sound of the horses’ hooves reverberates far - and causes foes to tremble as Scarface dashes across the battlefields.
Front 0370 Hazuki
【Fallen Shadow Tiger】Hazuki虎人
外界魔力を取り込みすぎて暴走した 眼帯によって、体を乗っ取られてしまった姿。 敵、味方関係なく目に入るもの全てを切り裂いていく。
Front 0366 Luke
バロールとの死闘に割り込んだ黒大鬼と対峙した時、 自身の死を予知する【告知される死因】が発動した。 予知された未来で彼は、仲間を次々と屠る 黒大鬼を前に規定限界値を超えて 新たな力【光衣ノ輝望】を手に入れる。 その力は彼の身体能力を大幅に強化し、 ついには黒大鬼を打ち取ることに成功したが そのために払った代償はあまりにも大きかった。
Front 0367 AriaLustrasHartvale
Aria Lustras HartvaleHuman
She is an excellent healer and guardian. She holds the job title “Lustrous Healing Saint”. According to certain chronicles, she accompanied a Hero of Light. She provided him with pleasant company. Unfortunately she died before his eyes - instantly burned away while casting a field to protect the Hero of Light from the intense breath of a fiery Death Dragon. The Hero of Light was deeply affected by this incident... and fights for survival with her memory in his heart. But what will be her fate if she is reborn again in this world?
Front 0368 Esslin
女帝を姉に持つ幼きフォモール族の少女。 まだ幼いためにその力は未完成だが、 姉との特訓の成果で洗練されており、 棍を使った格闘術を得意とする。 フォモール族の中では比較的小柄で、 すべてのフォモール達から庇護の対象として 扱われているが、一部の者は度が過ぎて 常に後をつけまわしては 女帝に蹴散らされているらしい。
Front 0371 Rubiria
Her highness Rubiria is protected by the Deity of Observation. And she uses her telepathic powers to predict others’ intentions in battle. Clad in armor and carrying a great sword ‐ she imitates a famous ancestor called “The Defender of War Spirits”. Her solemn and determined appearance surprises and confuses other realms’ heroes. They don’t know her true potential. She is ready to fulfill her duties. The coming decisive battles will not be her kingdom’s last!
Front 0372 AlrichTinAgba
563, 940
Alrich Tin AgbaHuman
One of the Sternbild Kingdom’s Four Heroes - she is officially known as the “Dark Hero”. She is incredibly skilled at stealth always avoiding the enemy’s field of vision. She can easily ambush from foes’ blind spots. She enjoys training others in Sternbild. She has a chain whip called “Lesson of the Dominatrix” & uses unexpected tactics. She is obsessed with the Five Great Gods’ blessings & wants the bodily fluids or objects of a being that has received them.
Front 0373 GascadeBarossaMeloi
Gascade Barossa Meloi人間
シュテルンベルト王国に所属する 【四象勇者】の一人で「岩鉄の勇者」。 巌のように屈強な歴戦の大将軍で、 愛用の【イスンバルの鉄槌】による一撃は 四象勇者随一の破壊力を持つ。 クーデターの際にはお転婆姫に敵対していたが、 それすらも許した彼女に固い忠誠を誓っている。 とある使途鬼の見立てによると 頭髪に何か秘密がある様子。
Front 0375 Gobujii
大森林覇者を名乗り、ゴブリン・パンク軍を率いて 世界征服を夢見るゴブリン。 愛馬・黒鱗王に跨り、共に敵陣を蹂躙する。 ・・・そんな夢をみたこの日のゴブ爺であった。
Front 0342 HobgoblinPunkRider
Hobgoblin Punk Riderホブゴブリン
獣を使役する能力を持つパンクな姿のホブゴブリン。 使役した獣の背に乗って荒野を走り回る。 立派なモヒカンは強さの証である。
Front 0377 Kugime
572, 926
KugimeKugionihime / Demihuman
Me continued her training and increased her powers even more. Magic energies can now be focused through her eyes - allowing her to fire off beams that weaken foes - or even penetrate through them. Her nine eyes can now access divine powers. She can gather more intelligence, stop foes in their tracks from afar, find weak spots, & even reveal info about enemies who might defect.
Front 0378 SpinelFean
【Fetching Floral Dress】Spinel FeanHuman
During the hot season many lovely eastern trees, shrubs, and flowers were purchased from a certain merchant. They gave the air where they were planted a clean, cool freshness. The vivid colors of the plants brightened spirits. A drunken alchemist emerged from under the budding flowers during a big party. Without a care in the world she stretched out wherever she wanted and washed herself in the clean streams. She fascinated and seduced those who caught a glance of her. In a trance, a black oni and male members of his mercenary group start to bicker - each person wants to get her attention... can they shake themselves out of their hypnotic state before a fight breaks out?!
Front 0379 DorianeDuboué
Doriane Duboué美花頭女
温泉郷に来た客のことごとくを 骨抜きにする凄腕のマッサージ師。 その手腕に奢ることなく力を磨くうち、 何かに目覚めるような感覚とともに 【艶美華】の称号を獲得した。 獲得した称号の効果によって マッサージのリラクゼーション効果がさらに向上し、 温泉郷の客足はより一層伸びることとなった。
Front 0380 Ramura
【Anastasis Dragon Princess】RamuraThunder Dragon Lady
For the Easter festival, Ramura said, “I’ll get the eggs ready!”toherself as she helped to prepare for the Easter festival. She decorated them withlovely colors. She hada wonderful, warm feeling as she worked. People who know herusual temperament asa powerful fighter weresurprised at her calm demeanor. She stroked the eggswith her brush as if she was possessed bycalm spirits. In a sense, Ramura had been reborn herself!I didn’t expect the water dragon shows kind of affection to me…… If my thunder and his water power are combined, I would step up to the leader.
Front 0381 Ceres
【Easter Archer】Ceres風読兎
険しい山林で素材集めの日々を送る彼女は ある朝突然仲間の猫娘に起こされ 気づけば籠を背負って見知らぬ森の中にいた。 目の前にはやけに興奮した様子の鳥人がいて 自分の背中の籠には卵がてんこ盛り、 そして隣には目を輝かせた猫娘。 状況からすべてを察した彼女はとりあえず、 この卵だけでも大事に持って帰るべきと判断し、 「撤退」という最善手を選択した。
Front 0382 Cheroaito
【Easter Hunter】Cheroaito風迅猫
険しい山林で素材集めの日々を送る彼女は 世話になっている館のメイドから 鳥人が守る卵が栄養満点という情報を得た。 療養中の仲間のために、その卵を使った 料理を食べさせたいと卵を狙って 早朝から相棒の兎娘を叩き起こして、 狩りに繰り出した。 問題の鳥人がどこにいるのかもわからないまま、 二人の獣娘の珍妙な旅が幕を開ける。
Front 0385 Okyupete
【Raging Mother Bird】Okyupete妖鳥
オキュペテが抱く、卵を護り抜くという 強い想いが自身の戦闘経験と呼応し、 さらなる存在進化を果たした姿。 長い間、卵を狙う外敵と戦い続けたため、 冷静さを欠き、興奮状態となっている。 そのためか、必死に護り続けている卵が 他種族の卵にすり替わっていることに 気がついていないようだ。
Front 0386 Supesei
【Butler Sorceress】SupeseiSpiritian Queen / Demihuman
Supesei observed a butler who served the aristocracy in the Sternbild Kingdom. She was interested in their elegant habits. She dressed up and gained the job class “Butler” due to her diligent work. She rented out an elegant suite for Burasato. Sei took care of Sato, gave her massages, and served her drinks and food. However, she couldn’t help but think of magical ways to improve her work. Her job title changed to “Butler Sorceress”. Burasato had the time of her life, lazily amusing herself while her every need was taken care of. Supesei was happy that Burasato was having fun… but she was worred about her returning to her routine after the rental period was over.
Front 0383 Inza
【Egg Hunting Maid】Inza屋敷金妖精・亜種
大霊樹の袂に建つ館のメイド。 とある鳥人の巣に絶品の卵があるとの 情報を入手し、館で療養中の勇者一向に その卵を使った料理をふるまおうと考えた。 しかし、自ら出向くのを面倒がった彼女は 勇者一向の猫人をけしかけて向かわせたが、 なかなか帰ってこないことに責任を感じ、 自らもその卵があるという 風の吹く丘へ向かうのだった。
Front 0384 DarkElfMaid
Dark Elf MaidDark Elf
A dark elf who serves the Atarakua Demon Empire - and one who personally aides the imperial leaders such as Hyulton. She has been trained to be an elite agent that specializes in counter‐espionage. She has slain spies and infiltrators from other realms. She is rewarded for her service by being bestowed with new powers and treasured equipment.
Front 0387 SteelCrowback
Steel CrowbackHuman
His nicknames include “Dull Blade” and “Rusty Iron Knight”. And indeed Steel can be thick-headed and preoccupied with battle and training. But he often intimidates opponents as he roars with confident laughter like a beast. His scowl is soon accompanied by a grin.
Front 0356 Kumakichi
And armored bear employed by Minokichi. It is 9 meters tall. In a great battle Minokichi rode the bear like a horse. What a grand spectacle!
Front 0376 Rorgis
シュテルンベルト王国の始祖王で、 【英雄】と【勇者】の特性を併せ持つ【英勇】。 【災害指定個体】級モンスターの返り血を 浴びたルスカティアから産み落とされたため、 人間と覚の混血児でもある。 母が切り開いた国土をさらに広げ、 現在の王国の礎を築いたとされているが、 その鎧の下の姿や人となりなど、 彼に関する一切の情報は残されていない。
Front 0388 Opushii
595, 1059
生まれながらにして【宝石の神】と 【冥獣の亜神】という二つの【加護】を あわせ持つ使徒鬼の少女。 父譲りの素質はすでに開花しつつあり、 炎と氷の二体の冥獣を意のままに操る。 その能力で傭兵団の訓練に混ざって遊んでおり、 油断した大人達に強烈な一撃を見舞うこともある。
Front 0389 Lutz
王国の裏路地で孤児として生きていた 子供たちの一人。 ある日傭兵団の長に拾われ、 衣食住を保証する代わりに 年少実験部隊《ソルチュード》の一員として 戦闘技術などを教え込まれている。 拾われた当時、何人もいる子供の中で 唯一気丈に団長をにらみ返していたため 【ガキ大将】のあだ名がつけられた。
Front 0390 Eela
年少実験部隊《ソルチュード》に所属する 王国の裏路地で生きていた孤児の少女。 ガキ大将に次ぐ実力の持ち主のため 【ガキ中将】のあだ名がつけられた。 孤児として生きた割には女性的な性格だが 食事に対する欲求は人一倍強く ガキ大将との食事の奪い合いの際には 半人大鬼の弟が恐れるほど狂暴になる。
Front 0374 Nicola
599, 1130
亜人の血が混じっている人間の少女。 赤子ながらも【職業・紋章術師】の力を 自在に操り、父から与えられた角に 刻印をするなどして遊んでいる。 おもちゃでの遊び方も、彼女独特のものがあり、 直接手で遊ぶのではなく、その魔力で 飛ばしたり回転させたりして楽しんでいるようだ。
Front 0391 RubelliaWalline
604, 1006
Rubellia WallineHuman
Rou honored her new powers and skills when he gave her the title “Red Wolf of the Deadly Fury”. It’s sometimes shortened to “Red Deadly Fury”. And indeed, her title was deserved. Her opponents could not anticipate this vicious beauty’s wild actions. She dashed across the battlefield, killing one enemy after another. She gains more and more power as she eats enchanted meat after each battle. She doesn’t seem like a normal, meek human.
Front 0392 FeliciaTimiano
【Mommy’s Home Cooking】Felicia TimianoHuman
On that special day she was called in to the cafeteria and was surprised to see luxurious cuisine arranged decently on her table. She read a note and realized that the children must have prepared the dishes. Although she was impressed, she couldn’t help but take notes. She will have to teach Auro to modify the original recipes. The food was yummy but a little too sweet and salty. But she feels satisfied and plans to write a colorful thank-you card for her daughter.
Front 0393 AlmaTimiano
【Mama’s Sweet Cookie】Alma TimianoHuman
On the eve of that special day she returned to her room to find a cute card and some sweets arranged on a plate. The card said, “Please take a bite of these sweets. I made them for you! - Love, Argento”. She smiled brightly and tried them out. She could taste her child’s efforts in each bite. She realized that the sweets were made in appreciation for the cooking that she did every day. She savored every bite and thought of sweet memories of her child. She then made plans to make a giant cookie with words of thanks written on it in frosting. Time to warm up the oven!
Front 0394 EmilyFurado
【Caring Blacksmith Mom】Emily Furado人間
とある日の朝、仕事場に入った彼女は 自分の持ち場に、真新しい鍛冶道具が 置いてあることに気が付いた。 その道具の傍らには、手紙が添えてあり つたない文字で感謝の言葉が、 紙いっぱいに書き連ねられていた。 息子からのサプライズプレゼントに 心を打たれた彼女のその日の仕事ぶりは いつもより一層力が入っていたという。
Front 0355 Asue
613, 972
AsueDemon Queen of the Hells / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Asue evolved into a transcendent subspecies of the Demon Queen of Hells race - she may be the only one of her kind. She can manipulate the ground into giant rock walls, create huge chasms, and shake armies with seismic waves. She collaborates with elves and can interfere with their enemies’ formations. She can make golem decoys with rocks and clay. They seem to spawn endlessly. Who can challenge an army that she supports?
Front 0396 Ogarou
【Coleoptera Exoskeleton】OgarouOgre Lord / Morphed Variant
In the great forest Ogarou learned abilities after consuming large insectoids and arthropods. Before long he morphed into a beetle-like form unconsciously. Contrary to its heavy appearance, the shell is actually quite light and flexible. It almost feels like a second skin. He also learned to fly short distances like insects, making pursuits fun.
Front 0395 Ovarou
【526】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Transcendent Variant
He asked for a strong opponent. And unexpectedly a goblin challenger appared at the festival. He felt the hidden nature of his opponent. He took it easy on the goblin to figure out its power. Rou can use weapons that are similar to those that he will use in decisive battles. How about his spears?! What is the fate of this reality?
Front 0402 Kurosaburou
双頭狼のクロ三郎が、 闇のように黒い剛毛を持つ三頭の巨狼、 三頭冥狼へ存在進化を果たした姿。 雄々しい咆哮をあげると何処からともなく 三頭狼が湧き出し、瞬く間に群れを形成する。 統率力に優れたクロ三郎によって率いられた この群れは、どんなに数が増えたとしても 1つの生命体のように滑らかに動く。
Front 0403 Kanami
【Virgin Bride】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
At the June Bride festival, Kanami feels rejuvenated. It’s as if she has been physically and mentally reborn after a spiritual trance that she experienced in a meditative state. She imagined a journey with a certain beloved oni. They travel to a small church in the middle of the forest. No one is there. They sneak in through an unlocked door. The glow of the moonlight is filtered through stained glass windows. The two figures stand in silence. She wants to say wedding vows... then she will close her eyes and hear words whispered. In this world of rebirth, her fantasy may become reality. This godlike maiden gracefully walks through the afternoon party, looking forward to the evening.
Front 0404 Asue
【Traditional Bride】AsueHell Demon Queen / Demihuman
Asue is dressed in a traditional Japanese bridal outfit during the June Bride festival. Minokichi keeps turning his head in her direction, attracted by the horns sticking out of her hat. Both are actually innocent, despite their rough techniques in battle. She smiles wide after taking a sip of rice wine. She laughs and then calls out to ’Kichi. Today certainly has a different atmosphere. She enjoys the party but feels unusual about the idea of marriage... Unless she is impressed, she’ll probably save herself for another time...
Front 0405 Therese
【True Crimson Bride】ThereseHuman
At the June Bride festival, Therese’s crimson dress and slender legs draw plenty of glances. Normally she wears heavy armor. She prances around like a ballerina. She can always let down her long skirt if she gets too many stares. Her blue eyes and blonde hair look lovely in the sunlight. They also coordinate well with the pink summer flowers. She seems more girly than usual. While she wouldn’t mind some attention from Rou - she knows that he has plenty of ladies. Instead she searches for a different marriage prospect. This may or may not be the year. Regardless she shows off her youthful, feminine spirit, normally hidden by this maiden in battle.
Front 0406 Argento
【Blue Spear in the Rainy Night】ArgentoHalf-Ogre / Variant
Argento decided to sneak out into the rain alone, wearing a special water-resistant outfit. Argento wants his father to admire his skills - so he practices his stalking techniques on imaginary enemies. He hopes that his father will spend more time playing with him soon... He hears Auro’s singing voice in the distance. Time passes. Suddenly he senses a danger. He vows to ambush these dangerous beings and bring their bodies to his sister before she finds him.
Front 0407 Auro
【Rainbow Princess】AuroHalf-Ogre / Variant
Auro planned to train with her hand cannon. Unfortunately she can’t do that in the rain. She decided to go out on a walk now that she had free time. Usually she works with her brothers and friends in the Experimental Youth Force. But this time she’s just playing alone. She sings to pass time as she wanders in the rain. Suddenly she thought of some magic spells to try in the rain. Her brain switched back to training mode. Soon the rain will temporarily cease and she will sing songs about a rainbow as she sees one appear... are there lands beyond it?
Front 0408 Oniwaka
【Kid in the Rain】OniwakaHigh Ogre / Variant
Shucks! All of the fun activities that Oniwaka had planned to join were cancelled due to the torrential rain. But he smiled and decided to have some fun outside. He dashed out and ran many meters. But he forgot to grab an umbrella! After getting a little soaked - he picked up a giant leaf that he found on the road and used that instead. His stomach grumbled. He forgot to eat breakfast! He realizes that he’s a little absent-minded today. He looks around for fresh fruits to eat.
Front 0409 RisingFish-at-Arms
Rising Fish-at-ArmsIntelligent Fish
This koi-related creature enjoys training and battle. It has studied ways to not only improve its fighting strength - but also its spirit and knowledge. It likes to jump out of the surface, imagining itself as a more powerful being. Few would think of fish as beings that can undergo Existence Evolutions. This fish is not quite there. But it takes a breath through its gills and continues training diligently. Tomorrow it shall meet a strange demihuman.
Front 0410 RisingWaterDragon
Rising Water DragonDragon
The humble fish warrior’s visions came true. Even others of its kind can undergo Existence Evolutions - if they are worthy. What was once a dangerous pond or beach monster is now a dragon - even considered divine in some realms! This dragon tests itself and its new abilities. It vows to continue its training and studies. It leaves a carving in a waterproof metal so that its old koi comrades can follow its path. It can even respawn and evolve further!
Front 0411 Isshaa
Iss haa甲蟲人
とある傭兵団内でも指折りの実力をもつ 両腕が鎌状な蟷螂型【甲蟲人】の女性。 最近特殊な性癖に目覚めた死食鬼の同僚がいる。 彼女の好む腐肉や腐液を見て「うええ……」と えずいているが、種族的な本能だから仕方ないと ある程度割り切っている。ただ、やはり定期的に 「うええ」となってしまう案外かわいい人である。
Front 0400 Labla
首無し騎士の親友をもつ半竜馬の武人。 右手に【火炎竜槍】、左手に【大地竜盾】を持ち、 身につけた【風竜鱗鎧】を含めた様々な マジックアイテムで完全武装をしている。 竜の血の影響か、戦意が猛る程に力が漲り、 興奮する度に魔力が増していく彼が戦場を駆けると、 後には蹂躙された敵の躯だけが残る。
Front 0414 AlbinoGoblin
【For strengthening and sale】Albino Goblinゴブリン
一般的なゴブリン達とは違い、 真っ白な肌をしている珍しいゴブリン。 力が足りないと悔やんでいたところ、 とあるゴブリンから蛇毒付与された 一角獣の角を貰ったことで、 一撃離脱型の戦闘スタイルに目覚めた。
Front 0417 FoxQueenofNine-Tails
631, 753
Fox Queen of Nine-Tails九尾狐女王
留まることを知らないその欲望は、 財を凝らした美食や娯楽に飽きた後、 他者の命を弄ぶ行為へと移っていった。 人が減り、国が衰退していくことを知りながら、 満たされぬ欲望を埋めるかのように、 彼女は哀れな犠牲者を量産していく。 そうした行為を繰り返すうち、いつしか狐人は 複数本の尻尾を持つ種族へと存在進化していた。
Front 0418 Artunel
【Pretty Explorer】Artunel人間
男装の麗人として名高い帝国所属の勇者。 揺るぎなき強さを追い求める彼女は、 公務を外れた私的な時間でも、鍛錬を欠かさない。 普段は白銀の鎧を身に纏う重装甲だが、 装甲の薄い冒険者風の装いに着替えても 気負うことなく、颯爽と敵を屠っていく。 その姿を見た冒険者達からの黄色い声援が、 普段は静かな迷宮にこだました。
Front 0419 Suputo
角から雷を発生させたり雷の息吹きも扱える 鬼人クラスの身体能力を併せ持った雷竜人の男性。 地獄週間では半軍曹鬼の女性と一緒に、聳え立つ 絶対強者「雷牛帝王」を相手に綱引きを行った。 勝てるビジョンがまったく見えないなか、 仲間達とのチームワークを磨きつつ、 怪我人を量産しながらも諦めずに挑み続ける。
Front 0412 ThunderDragon
Thunder Dragonドラゴン
常に雷光を身に帯びた紫色のドラゴンは、 洞窟の奥深くに潜み、獲物をじっと待つ。 気性が荒く、同族以外に懐くことはないが、 【職業・魔獣飼い】を持っている場合は 使い魔にできる可能性が少しあるらしい。 今日もまた命知らずの冒険者が洞窟へと向かう。
Front 0415 Ovarou
【Eclipse Devil】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord
/ Young Living Deity During the festival to commemorate the First Anniversary since a momentous yet fantastic eality shift noccurred in the realms, Ovarou appeared in this form to spar and fight. He noticed the appearance of a significant demihuman who appeared in other matches. He wondered if it had something to do with what the anniversary is commemorating. Ovarou ponders the fate of the creature that was just a Goblin around the time of the last eclipse. He decides to let things progress on their own. He smiles and shrugs. For now, he needs to go let someone know that his drink was watered down... time for another cup!
Front 0420 HeatDevil
Heat Devil煌焔鬼・亜種
元は帝国の奴隷部隊員だった炎熱を纏う鬼人。 傭兵団に入った頃は大鬼だった鬼神に対して 自分よりも下位種族であると調子に乗っていたが、 その実力を目の当たりにし、直接鍛えられたことも あってか、鍛錬に勤勉な態度へと変わった。 元々同じ部隊に所属していた鬼人二人と よく一緒に行動しており、男性二名女性一名という その組み合わせから、関係を色々噂されている。
Front 0421 LigerBazette
Liger Bazette人間
純粋な力の信奉者であり、自身を真正面から 捻じ伏せた黒使徒鬼への忠義はとても厚い。 能力【剣闘鬼化】を獲得したことにより、 人間としての身体能力を一時的に鬼人と 同等以上に引き上げることが可能となった。 これは後天的に人間とモンスターの混血である 「混沌種」となる能力といっても過言ではない。 使用時間に応じて動けなくなる反動があるが、 瞬間的な戦闘力は格段に跳ね上がっている。
Front 0362 Mentalis
最下層にいるボスが【召喚式】の デュシス迷廊で極稀に現れる謎の存在。 相対した対象が思い描いた 一番強い存在の姿に化け、 想像したとおりの攻撃手段で襲い掛かる。 集団で挑む場合はまだ勝ち目があるが、 一対一の場合は即逃げろ、と 冒険者達の間では語られている。
Front 0369 MentalApostleLord
Mental Apostle Lord心象の仇敵
対峙したとあるゴブリンが思い描いていた 一番強い存在に化けた「心象の仇敵」。 ただ、そのゴブリンは黒使徒鬼と直接会ったことは なかったため、その強さを肌身で感じてはいない。 心象の仇敵が取るのは、対象が想像したとおりの 攻撃手段のため、本来の黒使徒鬼と比べると、 その戦闘はどこか動きがぎこちなく感じられた。
Front 0423 Fuuki
FuukiWind Demon of the Raging Storm / Variant / Subspecies / Demihuman
She was once part of a slave army of the Kirika Empire. She was freed by Rou. She escaped with two other demons from the same unit, Genki and Netsuki. At the time she tried to rebel against Ogarou but was repulsed. Some of Parabellum were tempted to eat her. However she was let go even though Rou couldn’t completely copy her powers. Perhaps Rou admired her tenacious nature. She learns well from her mistakes. Unlike vampires, Fuuki’s subspecies does not gain titles after Existence Evolutions - so she might just make up her own. For now she is a clever mercenary.
Front 0424 Genki
GenkiPhantom Demon / Lord of Illusions / Variant / Subspecies / Demihuman
This master of illusions received many nicknames after escaping from the slave army of the Kirika Empire with Genki, Netsuki, and Ogarou. He was not a very good fighter up front - and was a liability for Fuuki during her attempt to usurp Ogarou’s leadership. But Rou took pity on him. Now Genki has learned jiu-jutsu thanks to Rou. He can hold his own in the vanguard in addition to providing better rear support with improved illusions. He is clever - yet somewhat quiet and obedient to Fuuki. Like Fuuki, he does not gain titles through Existence Evolutions.
Front 0433 Ramura
【Beach Babe in the Shade】Ramura雷竜人
水着に着替えたラムラを出迎えたのは、 焼けつくような真夏の日差しだった。 美人六傑の一人として、肌を焦がすわけには いかないとサンオイルを手にしたが 当然一人では全身に塗ることはできない。 誰かに塗ってもらおうと視線を巡らせると いつの間にか血走った目の団員(♂)たちが 彼女の周りに集まってきていたのであった。
Front 0434 SumeragiKaede
【Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl】Sumeragi Kaede人間
バカンスだと海に連れてこられた女武者だったが 自分の中の商売魂を抑えきれず、 大商鬼と共に「海の家」を開店。 あっという間に必要な物資を取りそろえ、 自らも看板娘として店頭に立った。 いつもの和装とは違う可愛らしい姿を見て ギャップに心を打たれた団員たちの財布は いつの間にか軽くなっていたらしい。
Front 0435 Therese
【Beach Lifeguard】Therese人間
今年は自分も海に入れると意気揚々と海に出た 女騎士が見たのは、広いビーチを我が物顔で 闊歩する団員たちの姿だった。 持ち前の生真面目さに火が付いた彼女は どこからともなく持ってきた監視台の上に どっかりと腰を下ろし、怒号を飛ばす。 彼女のおかげでビーチの秩序は守られたが 海で泳ぐという目的は次回に持ち越しとなった。
Front 0432 GoldTurtleSnake
【For strengthening or sale】Gold Turtle Snake
希少なゴールドタートルスネークの中でも とりわけ貴重な「三位一体」の存在。 常に大・中・小の3匹で行動している。 目撃情報が極めて少ないため、 どういった経緯で3体が重なった姿になるのか、 そのメカニズムはいまだ解明されていない。 3体の甲羅は全く同じ模様になっており、 3個揃った甲羅はコレクターの間で 家一棟に匹敵する価格で取引されている。
Front 0436 Vivian
清らかな湖に住まう水の精霊。 恥ずかしがりやな性格だが歌が好きで 暑い日に湖で涼む客人をその歌で癒している。 湖よりも広い海に人が集まるのを羨んで 海を訪れたところ、その美貌によって 海岸にいる男性たちの視線を釘付けにした。 気づけばビーチのアイドルとして壇上に 立っていたが、本人はまんざらでもない様子。
Front 0440 Vivian
【Innocent Diva】Vivian精霊
恥ずかしがりやな性格を克服し、 自分に自信が付いた彼女は 純真無垢なアイドルへと成長した。 その美貌と聞く者を癒す歌声で 多くの人の心を癒したいという 彼女の想いとは裏腹に、 群衆は興奮度を増す一方であった。
Front 0441 Vivian
【Glamorous Diva】Vivian精霊
彼女の中の艶やかな部分が目覚め、 存在進化を果たしたもう一つの姿。 恥ずかしがりやな性格とは打って変わって、 魅力を増した容姿と甘い歌声で 多くの男性を虜にする。
Front 0437 Aporou
【Summer Devil Surfer】Aporou使徒鬼・絶滅種
夏の日差しが照り付ける中、 サーフボードを抱えて海へ向かったアポ朗。 尽きない体力と持ち前のバランス感覚で どんな波でも容易く乗りこなしてしまう。 颯爽と海を駆け抜けていくその姿に、 女性団員たちは泳ぐのも忘れ 見惚れていたのであった。
Front 0438 Aifu
【Beach Delusion】Aifu腐死鬼姫・新種
クギ芽と一緒に選んだ水着に着替え、 二人で海へ出たアイ腐。 日傘で肌を守りながら辺りを見渡すと、 そこには団員(♂)たちが汗を流しながら 楽しそうに海を満喫している姿があった。 後ろのクギ芽が自分に話しかけてきている ことにさえ気づかず、一人妄想に 夢中になるのであった。
Front 0439 Kugime
【Beach Blush】Kugime九衹鬼姫・亜種
アイ腐と一緒に選んだ水着に着替え、 二人で海へ出たクギ芽。 セイ治にこの姿を見てもらいたいと思うが、 恥ずかしくて上着を脱ぐことができない。 後ろのアイ腐に助けを求めても、 妄想に夢中で気づかないため、 一人葛藤を繰り返すのであった。
Front 0416 Mr.Qoo
「QooApp」という世界からゴブリンに転生した男性。 なぜ自分がゴブリンに転生したのか、 その理由を求め旅をしていると、 ある海にたどり着いた。 そこでは一人のアイドルが歌を歌い、 多くの人々を癒していた。 自身も癒されていると、この見た目からか アイドルのプロモーターに間違われてしまう。 しかし前世で培った豊富な知識を活かし、 プロモーターとして大活躍を果たした。 そしてプロモーターとして第2の人生が幕を開ける。
Front 0425 Tatsushirou
化石から蘇った【知恵ある蛇/竜】である タツ四郎に与えられたのは、この世界に 二つとない「空を駆ける翼」としての役割だった。 戦に出られないことに少しの不満はあるものの 嬉しそうにその背にまたがる主と その仲間たちのことを思うと、 この役割も悪くないと思うのだった。
Front 0426 SigurdAceSven
Sigurd Ace Sven人間
とある大戦にて、仇である英雄を討ち取り、 本来の姿を取り戻した元・復讐者。 その変貌は彼の主である鬼神ですら 別人ではないかと疑ったほど。 ただ、愛しい人を失った心の穴は 完全にはふさがっておらず、 陽光のような穏やかな表情の中にも ふとした瞬間に陰が差すことがある。
Front 0397 GuardianCavalryGirl
Guardian Cavalry Girl人間
英勇詩篇〔輝き導く戦勇の背〕の副要人物。 連れと共に潜入したモンスターの巣窟で 窮地に陥ったところを復讐者に助けられた。 傭兵団では仲間と共に様々な訓練に挑み、 小柄ながらも優れた耐久力をより強化した。 その末に【青薔薇の庭園守】を攻略し、 そこで獲得した赤き女王の装備を譲り受ける。
Front 0398 MercyLadySaint
Mercy Lady Saint人間
英勇詩篇〔輝き導く戦勇の背〕の副要人物。 彼女とその連れが救った村を偶然訪れた 復讐者を、盗賊団の残党と勘違いし 問答無用で襲い掛かるも返り討ちにされた。 復讐者に襲い掛かったこともさることながら 訓練では汗まみれになった衣類を 躊躇なく脱ぎ捨てるなど、 見た目に反して強心臓の持ち主。
Front 0442 Annaliese
She was born in the Lumen Holy Kingdom. She is genius princess who will gain the job title “Savior of the White Birth”. Her mission is to preserve the purity of humans. She is destined to battle the “World Enemy of Gluttony” in some future war. Knowing that her task to hold back the onis is a difficult one - she studies magics. Later she seeks to control all of her subjects through subtle and powerful mind control. She is protected by two experienced paladins, Eshelle and Yulia. Her cleverness with sorcery and summoning allows her to transcend the typical human existence. But she also starts to develop madness as her mastery of divine conjurations increases.
Front 0443 Eshelle
Since Annaliese was a little girl this lady knight has vowed to protect her. One of the few warriors who Annaliese trusts and socializes with. Eshelle can form the “Divine Aegis Barrier” with her sacred shield. This kinetic force is basically impenetrable as long as she focuses. She also can unleash the “Divine Judgement Lance” skill by using her lance - “Vordant.” When Eshelle is not training with her partner Yulia, she enjoys a full-course meal, choral music, and gardening.
Front 0444 Yulia
Since Annaliese was a little girl, this lady knight has vowed to protect her. One of the few warriors who Annaliese trusts and socializes with. Together with her fellow paladin Eshelle she can form a nigh- invulnerable barrier and counterattack those who challenge the power Lumen. Yulia uses the “Divine Sword of Division” ability with her sword - “Mannklieven.” When Yulia is not training with her partner Eshelle, she loves hiking, spiritual pursuits, and reading.
Front 0445 Seiji
【Spirit Chasing Legend】SeijiSacred Demon Lord / Demihuman
He participated in a test of strength but was pursued by hands that rose everywhere from the grounds as if they wanted to pull him into the hells. But surprisingly Seiji refused to feel fear or surprise. Rather he felt compassion for the damned and hoped for their salvation. He unleashed spells of exorcism - hoping to release the souls from the grip of their devilish controller. His mace purifies souls and heals every time that he bops someone with it - even allies. He raises his mace - time for exorcisms!
Front 0399 IcoiTorture
Icoi Torture人間
銀縁眼鏡を愛用する理性的な印象を持つ青年で 四象勇者の一人である【岩鉄の勇者】の 【英勇詩篇】における【副要人物】。 【拷問官】の称号に相応しく、紫色の外套の 内側に錆びた釘や鋸にバールのようなものを 隠し持っている、歩く凶器。 鬼畜系優男とも揶揄されるが、岩勇や同じ副要人物の 他メンバー達との仲は良好そのものである。
Front 0429 ParaberangerYellow
Paraberanger Yellow業鬼・亜種
ゴブ吉やゴブ美達のゴブリン同期組となる一鬼。 大鬼系統の上位種となる業鬼・亜種に存在進化し 称号【五業鬼】を五鬼一組で獲得した。 五鬼戦隊が新たに得た力【五業戦隊】によって 全身を覆う象徴色に染まったラバースーツのような 生体防具に身を包んで今日も巨悪を打ち砕く! 象徴色は「黄」。得物は「ハンマー」。 得意技はオーガ時代に編み出した 「イエローオーガハンマー・ガイアクラッシュ」。
Front 0428 ParaberangerBlue
Paraberanger Blue業鬼・亜種
ゴブ吉やゴブ美達のゴブリン同期組となる一鬼。 大鬼系統の上位種となる業鬼・亜種に存在進化し 称号【五業鬼】を五鬼一組で獲得した。 五鬼戦隊が新たに得た力【五業戦隊】によって 全身を覆う象徴色に染まったラバースーツのような 生体防具に身を包んで今日も巨悪を打ち砕く! 象徴色は「青」。得物は「槍」。 得意技はオーガ時代に編み出した 「ブルーオーガランス・アクアスタブ」。
Front 0447 Kurerai
【Two Guns】Kureraiハーフ・クレイアロード
同僚を日々戦慄させている、とある迷宮都市の 【迷宮運送業者】人気ナンバー1な小悪魔女性。 久しぶりの休みに訓練で迷宮に潜ったところ、 ちょっとした油断で幽霊に取り憑かれてしまった ことを反省し、武装を強化した姿。 愛用の銃は両手持ちの二丁に変更し、 強化外装鎧よりも動きやすい、身体にフィットした 伸縮性の高いスーツで、身軽に迷宮を駆けていく。 攻撃や防御は以前よりも高くなったが、 肝心な幽霊耐性の強化はこれからだった模様。
Front 0446 Goburou
度胸試しとして開催された肝試しに参加した ゴブ朗は、迷宮を漂うゴーストを発見する。 ゴーストなど実体のない魂魄系モンスターは 「魂魄喰い」を覚えていないと喰えないため、 食べたい気持ちをぐっと我慢し、退治に専念する。 手にした幣で迷えるゴーストをリズミカルに 打ちのめす彼は楽しそうだが、食べられない ストレスを発散しているわけでは決してない。
Front 0448 Minokichi
【Macho Preacher】MinokichiThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Minokichi felt a chill up his spine and quietly paid attention to his surroundings. Something is unusual today in the woods. He wears new robes that were recommended to him by Rou so that he can fight intangible ghosts and other creepy creatures of the haunted woods. He can add holy spells - even though he is usually weak with magic.
Front 0449 Asue
【Priestess】AsueDemon Queen of the Hells / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Asue came to the labyrinth of swirling ghosts holding a sword that eminates soft and clear sounds that echo through the woods and caverns with purity She wears the shrine maiden clothes of a Miko recommended by Rou. It looked hot so she boldly cut the sides. She can still manipulate the terrain. Her rock golem decoys smiled with glee at her gorgeous looks.
Front 0430 ParaberangerGreen
Paraberanger Green業鬼・亜種
ゴブ吉やゴブ美達のゴブリン同期組となる一鬼。 大鬼系統の上位種となる業鬼・亜種に存在進化し 称号【五業鬼】を五鬼一組で獲得した。 五鬼戦隊が新たに得た力【五業戦隊】によって 全身を覆う象徴色に染まったラバースーツのような 生体防具に身を包んで今日も巨悪を打ち砕く! 象徴色は「緑」。得物は「弓」。 得意技はオーガメイジ時代に編み出した 「グリーンオーガアロー・ゲイルレイン」。
Front 0431 ParaberangerGray
Paraberanger Gray業鬼・亜種
ゴブ吉やゴブ美達のゴブリン同期組となる一鬼。 大鬼系統の上位種となる業鬼・亜種に存在進化し 称号【五業鬼】を五鬼一組で獲得した。 五鬼戦隊が新たに得た力【五業戦隊】によって 全身を覆う象徴色に染まったラバースーツのような 生体防具に身を包んで今日も巨悪を打ち砕く! 象徴色は「灰」。得物は「鞭」。 得意技はオーガメイジ時代に編み出した 「グレイオーガウィップ・アッシュバースト」。
Front 0450 Kanami
【Azure Shell Sprite】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant / Water Sprite
Kanami slept in the item box of a certain oni. Within it was a magical, relic level piece of equipment - a “Water Sprite’s Shell: Octorp”. After equipping the exoskeleton, she was able to move through the water as if she was a high octorp. Kanami started to believe that she was the ruler of the seas and transformed her looks with a tiara and a blue dress. The Ice Blood Venom Hydra, moray eels, and tentacles came under her command!
Front 0452 Supesei
680, 895
SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman
Cosmic powers that were once beyond reach are now within Sei’s grasp. She needed to move on from her normal routine and evolve. She brought more creativity into the mix & started to create completely original spells. In great battles she will unleash a barrage of celestial conjurations. She will crush enemies one by one. She can now fulfill suppressed desires & relieve stress. Soon she will practice unbelievable duo attacks with a darling lovergirl.
Front 0453 OctorpQueen
【Lady of the Blue Sea】Octorp Queenキメラ
洗練された仕草や少々古風な語り口調から 貴人や王族のような印象を抱かせる 水妖オクトルプの女王がとった新たな姿。 しかしながら彼の令嬢は、海の恩恵に感謝せず、 汚染を行う者への怒りを静かに滾らせている模様。
Front 0464 Paraberangers
とある事情で仲間が六人から五人へ減ったが、 ゴブリン時代から持ち続けている慈愛の心や、 チームワークは高まるばかりで、衰えを知らない。 正義の果てに業鬼・亜種へと存在進化し、 彼らは今日も何処かで悪と戦う。 戦いを終えても、戦果は誇らず、驕らず、 「なニ、我等が勝手ニした事ヨ」と静かに語り、 颯爽とその場を去っていくヒーローここにあり。
Front 0427 ParaberangerRed
Paraberanger Red業鬼・亜種
ゴブ吉やゴブ美達のゴブリン同期組となる一鬼。 大鬼系統の上位種となる業鬼・亜種に存在進化し 称号【五業鬼】を五鬼一組で獲得した。 五鬼戦隊が新たに得た力【五業戦隊】によって 全身を覆う象徴色に染まったラバースーツのような 生体防具に身を包んで今日も巨悪を打ち砕く! 象徴色は「赤」。得物は「大剣」。 得意技はオーガ時代に編み出した 「レッドオーガソード・フレイムスラッシュ」。
Front 0451 Gobujii
【King Gob Rock】Gobujiiゴブリン
作業中に即興で不可思議な曲を歌うこともある 音楽好きのゴブ爺が、ある日出逢った一つの楽器。 背筋が痺れるような興奮を覚えたゴブ爺は、 脳裏に浮かんだ『ろっく』といういつもとは違う 曲調で歌い出すが、初見の楽器・慣れない曲調の ためか、それはそれはひどい出来だった。 珍しいステージに熱狂していた観客達でも許容 できないほどの不協和音となっていたのだが、 声援と勘違いしている本人は、それが原因で 会場が大混乱に陥っていることに気づいていない。
Front 0454 Kanami
【Crimson Shell Sprite】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
By using the magic item “Water Sprite’s: Shell Octorp” she can move through the depths like a normal underwater creature. Kanami wears a frightening red dress with this variant. Yet she still reveals her beauty just enough to entice creatures to their doom. Along with the Ice Blood Venom Hydra and Ice Blood Celestial wolf, she can challenge many in the seas. She could even match a certain fierce oni in the depths...
Front 0455 Burasato
690, 909
BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
Outside of the battlefield she is gentle and generous. But ’Sato lets loose in combat with a ferocious spirit. Blood blades whirl and twirl and twist and turn as they fly from target to target. The enemy team will be torn to shreds! She can use the “Fresh Blood Princess” and “Deadly Blood Raid” abilities. She likes to prolong battles to enjoy the carnage. How ruthless! Her duality fascinates a certain sorceress - but may scare others.
Front 0456 Levias
【Crimson Flame Swordswoman】Levias人間
戦場では女騎士と背中を預けあう力量を持つ シミター型の魔剣で戦技を操る紅剣士。 本能のままに振舞う狼のような性格だが、 とある大鬼の前では普段とは違った一面を 見せることもあるらしい。 拠点最奥にある糸製の簡易密室の中で (【大気操作能力】による防音機能付き) 夜半に何が起きているのか知る者はいない。
Front 0465 Seiji
696, 950
SeijiSacred Demon Lord / Demihuman
One might be surprised that an oni could be so kind-hearted. But Seiji greatly evolved after the adventuring in the fiery volcano of the dragon. His healing powers have greatly increased and his body seems to glow with a holy aura. He can interact with the fiercest people in the realms using his power of the Holy Land. It’s always pleasant to be greeted by Seiji - unless one cannot be persuaded to be peaceful.
Front 0467 Corail
仙人の元で仲間たちと共に修行に励む「大司教」。 自身の能力の高さもあり、得意の回復魔法は パーティの危機を幾度となく救っている。 仙人が所有するマジックアイテムの一つである、 持つ者を流星で守護する星書を手に、 とある戦いへ赴き、【世界の宿敵】と対峙する。
Front 0466 Seisui
ゴブ治と親交を深めていたことが影響したのか、 ホブゴブリン・クレリックへと存在進化し、 その後戦いを重ねセイントロードとなった女性。 回復技能に優れており、彼女の手にかかれば いかなる重傷もたちまち治してしまう程。 今日も≪治療院≫にやってきた団員達を 優しい光と可愛らしい笑顔で癒していく。
Front 0468 Aldra
【Stargazing Maiden】Aldra人間
ルーメン聖王国【枢機卿】にして【星読英雄】。 神器【星読神之魂水晶】を使い、黒い燐光を纏う 無数の光線を撃ち出すことで敵を圧倒する。 しかしながら、彼女の真骨頂は的中率九割で 未来を知ることができる”星を読む”能力。 とある戦いの前に準備をしていたところ、 何故か精神は元のまま、身体能力など外見だけが 全盛期のものへと変化する事象に直面した。 周囲が慌てる中、【星読み】に出なかった この現象を楽しむ余裕が彼女にはあるようだ。
Front 0469 Mutaiji
【Young Unwavering Heart】Mutaiji人間
ルーメン聖王国【枢機卿】にして【数式の勇者】。 神器【数式神之魂改竄棍】を振るい、触れた物の 存在する確率を操作することで、存在そのものを 無に帰すという、ある意味最強の能力を行使する。 とある戦いの前に準備をしていたところ、 何故か精神は元のまま、身体能力など外見だけが 全盛期のものへと変化する事象に直面した。 いつでも冷静沈着な彼は、相変わらず熱くなる 書英を横目に見ながら、思考を巡らせていく。
Front 0470 Imurska
【Young Dashing Man】Imurska人間
ルーメン聖王国【枢機卿】にして【書冊英雄】。 神器【書冊神之魂原書】を用いて、綴られた 【英勇詩篇】に登場する過去の勇者や英雄を 召喚することで、敵対者を蹂躙していく。 とある戦いの前に準備をしていたところ、 何故か精神は元のまま、身体能力など外見だけが 全盛期のものへと変化する事象に直面した。 幾つになっても熱血気味な彼は、無くしたものを 取り戻した事で、興奮状態にあるようだ。
Front 0474 BrownEarthArachne
Brown Earth Arachneアルケニー
棲み処の洞窟内で、のんびり織物をしていた グランド・アラクネが、より良質な糸を出し、 且つライフワークの織物作りに良い影響を与える 種族へと存在進化を果たした姿。 以前の姿と比べ、非力になった足もあるが、 逞しくなった足を駆使し、並みの種族では 目視すらできないスピードで織物を仕上げる姿は まさに圧巻の一言。
Front 0471 Aporou
【Sky Emerald】AporouApostle Lord Variant / Formerly Extinct Species
Aporou rode on the wings of the Jade Eagle and earned the blessing of the Deity of Storms. At first it was rough to ride the winds. But soon he got used to pleasant flights through the skies. He can protect his friends. How about giving kids a ride? For a moment he can forget about his role as the leader of Parabellum and just be a joyful father.
Front 0472 SumeragiKaede
【Cherry Blossom Ninja】Sumeragi Kaede人間
商売上の相棒「大商鬼」になんとか店長を 変わって欲しいと思っている女武者だが、 団長にして商会長である鬼は彼女の将来性を 理由に決して首を立てに振らない。 どれだけ泣きついても店長に据え置かれる現状に、 新しく手に入れた巨大手裏剣を日頃の鬱憤を晴らす かのように、見よう見まねの投擲術で投げ飛ばす。 身体を動かし、風を感じることで、 心身共にリフレッシュした彼女は、 もっと頑張ろうと心に決めるのだった。
Front 0473 Akitainu
黒を基調とした朱色の和風全身鎧型生体防具と、 月形十文字型生体槍で武装した巨躯のコボルド。 己を含めた一族の命を救われたことで、黒大鬼に 忠誠を誓ったコボルド氏族の元リーダーである。 【鬼乱十八戦将】に覚醒し、称号【忠犬侍】を 獲得している。出会った頃の愛嬌のある顔から、 大分容貌が迫力あるものに変わってしまったが、 忠誠を誓った鬼への想いと、振られる尻尾の速さは 日が経つにつれ、いや増すばかり。
Front 0475 Kanami
【Moon Rabbit】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
When a certain mercenary group celebrates the Tsukimi, Kanami drinks rare liquors and acts somewhat out of character. She feels very comfortable in the cool autumn night. However when she wanted to jump around with a certain oni - she found that he was busy cooking meats with the help of others. Until everyone’s bellies are full, Kanami will hop around in the night.
Front 0476 Redhead
【Red Rabbit】Redhead人間
夜空に浮かぶ月ではなく、水面に映る月を眺める お月見が始まったとされる古の時代の衣装を 着こなし、振る舞い団子を頬張る赤髪ショート。 この衣装の出所が夫である鬼なのか、最近商店に よく来るという老爺なのかは定かではないが、 意外と動きやすい構造の為、普段着にしても いいと思うくらいに気に入っている。 そう伝えた際の夫の笑顔はとても朗らかだった。
Front 0477 EmilyFurado
【Blue Rabbit】Emily Furado人間
月を象ったマークが掘り込まれた杵を担ぎ、 皆が食べるための餅をつく鍛冶師さん。 食欲旺盛な夫や息子達の喜ぶ顔を見るために、 頑張って餅をついている彼女だったが、 背後にじっと立ち、いい笑顔を浮かべている 夫を見て、もっと餅が欲しいのかと早合点し それまでよりも急いだ動きで、 杵を臼へと振り下ろしていくのだった。
Front 0478 Ovarou
【The Banquet】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Transcendent Variant
At the head of the table, Ovarou got to taste the dishes of the cooking sisters before everyone else. At the same time, he got a nice look at their voluptuous figures as they served him. He smiled with satisfaction. The flavors of each course were exquisite. He really wanted to figure out who did what to make each recipe a success. Ovarou may have many powers - but he isn’t a cook. He drank up and ate superb dragon meat. He wants everyone to enjoy the meal regardless of their race.
Front 0479 CervantesAlvantes
【The Chef】Cervantes Alvantes人間
元々は敵として合間見えたが、鬼神の説得により 傭兵団の仲間入りをした【料理の勇者】。 極上の素材を前にすると、料理人としての 血が騒ぐのか、細かいことは放り投げてしまい 嬉々として調理だけに没頭する趣味人タイプ。 まるで料理漫画のように派手な調理方法は 観ている者を楽しませ、完成した料理も 食べたもの皆が舌鼓を打つほどの出来栄え。
Front 0480 AlgaeEmpress
【Seaweed O’Plenty】Algae EmpressAlgae Humanoid / Variant
Although she has taken a humanoid form, it is difficult to determine her figure due to the sheer amount of seaweed covering her whole body. Her evolution has allowed her to be fertilized by many varieties of algae. Due to this, she can quickly grow various brown, red, and green seaweeds. Knowing that many of these are edible, she often provides generous servings to guests. She can also reproduce on her own as well, regenerating and transferring her essence at will. This makes her essentially immortal. She is also eternally young and can speak and sing in many tongues with a beautiful voice. She doesn’t mind adding herself as a delicious ingredient to your soup or sushi. What a splendid being, indeed!
Front 0357 HobgoblinKing
Hobgoblin Kingホブゴブリン
ホブゴブリンへと存在進化し、迫力を増した 全小鬼が夢見るゴブリンの中のゴブリン。 深い闇のさらに奥底にまで、長い戦いを経て 辿りついた者の前に、その姿を現すという。 そこへ至るまでにも金色のモノが散見される そうだが、彼の周囲には所狭しと金銀財宝が 積まれている。彼自身はそれらにあまり興味を 示していないが、本人が一番光り輝いているため、 それも納得できるというものである。
Front 0483 Aifu
722, 933
AifuAdelheid / New Species
As she grows in power, it becomes harder for Fu’s allies to understand her. She often rambles about her deep, dark fantasies. Her intense obsessions even disturbed that powerful black oni. Sometimes he feels a certain trauma around her after seeing a glimpse of her madness. She struggles with these visions day and night. But sometimes she lets out her bottled up emotions through battle and with her sisterhood.
Front 0484 QifthDelElna
Qifth Del Elna人間
帝国や王国、魔帝国、獣王国といった 大きな国とは関係がない小国軍に属している 妙齢の女性である【腐浄の勇者】。 何処かの誰かと雰囲気や、興味のあることだけに 食指が動く性格が似ているようで、 とある戦いの場で件の彼女と相まみえた際は、 すぐに意気投合し、戦わずして仲間へと加わった。 自らの趣味嗜好を明確な形に残すべく、 手にしたペンと画板で創作に没頭しているが、 描かれたものは、ときに具象化し、 彼女の手足となって敵へと襲い掛かるらしい。
Front 0485 FirstQueen
First QueenHuman
The First Queen’s room is full of various rare objects. She has collected many enchanted items. Most other rulers would be envious of her collection ‐ such as her luxurious golden table set. Some of the objects once had other owners. Too bad for them. But her most prized possessions are located in exquisitely decorated boxes. They include tableware, cloths, and other items used by a certain oni that she adores. And her favorite portrait is the centerpiece of it all. She stares at her mirror. Then glances at the portrait. She yearns for Ovarou... she wants to become one with him. She wants the divine delight...
Front 0486 Shiroma
広い世界をその目で見るため、住み慣れた場所を 離れ、一人旅をしているパーンの女の子。 手にしている二つの短剣は、そのままでも鋭い 切れ味を誇るが、重ねることでハサミ状に変化し 細かい作業をすることも、挟んだものを より大きな力で割断することも可能な優れもの。 優れた武器とそれを扱う技術は相当なのだが、 純朴なパーン(羊の亜人)なことに加え、 まだまだ幼い年齢ということもあり、聞いた話を そのまま鵜呑みにしてしまう危うさがあるようだ。
Front 0487 Kuroe
広い世界を見るために旅をしていた少女は、途中 出会った死食鬼の話を聞き、多大な影響を受ける。 語られる話自体には同調できなかったのだが、 そういった世界もあるということや、キラキラした 目で好きなことを語り続ける死食鬼の姿を見て、 次第に少女の興味は死食鬼自身へと向いていった。 似た系統の衣装を探したり、呼び方を「お姉様」と してみたりと、少しでも彼女に近づこうと考え、 行動をしている模様。開かれた扉は、布教者の 思惑とはちょっと違うものだったのかもしれない。
Front 0488 Burasato
【Red Night Cat】BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
Once again Burasato is out to trick her friends. She is dressed up as a Halloween Cat Devil. She confuses people with her very-real cat calls and pulls tricks on them AFTER they get their treats. Sometimes people thought that she was a real cat - she is very sneaky!
Front 0489 Supesei
【Icy Wolf Girl】SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman / Subspecies
With a darling puppy dog outfit, Supesei is ready for a sortie - or a snuggle. She attracted many ogles. She became a star in her “Halloween Lycanthrope” costume. She uses bony fingers as melee weapons. She tried out many new techniques to prepare for any trouble when she goes to trick or treat. She also has fangs and is in a strange feisty fervor. A few distressed acquaintances cry out. They were beaten up by “cats”. Supesei howls, intrigued.
Front 0490 Minokichi
【Humorous Monster】MinokichiThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent Demihuman Variant
Kichi usually makes charming gestures - not terrible scares. But on the occasion of halloween he can finally be the monster that some humans imagine him to be. He doesn’t know how to scare others very well. But he made exaggerated gestures and weird roars. The youngsters actually got excited and smiled. Minokichi got lots of candy - but being the nice guy he’ll give the kids some.
Front 0493 Kugime
【Bandaged Skeleton】Kugime九衹鬼姫・亜種
「ハロウィンバンデージ」として、肌にぴったり した黒スーツの上から体中に包帯を巻いたクギ芽。 生成された大柄なスケルトンの上に乗っている。 大分昔の「百々目鬼」へ存在進化したての頃、 当時のオガ朗が彼女の沢山ある目に驚いたことを 思い出し、腕や足に目のペイントを施している。 彼女なりにみんなを脅かしてパーティを 盛り上げようとしているのだが、どちらかというと 格好いい印象を皆に与えている模様。
Front 0495 Seiji
【Masked Doctor】SeijiSacred Demon Lord / Demihuman
He is hiding his face and covering his whole body with this spooky doctor costume. Lots of women seemed to tag along with his trick or treat group. His pointy tool was sharp and those who came too close were slightly cut. He apologized and healed them quickly. Maybe He’ll have to sheath it. His costume at least makes Seiji fit in during this Halloween.
Front 0494 Aifu
【Undead Nurse】Aifu腐死鬼姫・新種
ドクターに扮したセイ治にあわせ「ハロウィン ナース」として、注射筒片手に彼の後ろに ぴったり張り付き、様子を伺っているアイ腐。 左目は眼帯をしているが、特殊な繊維を使って 作られた物の為、両目とも視界は良好。 普段のぽやぽやした感じのセイ治も大好物だが、 今回の少々危うい雰囲気の彼も大変よろしかった ようで、吐血するほど大興奮。勿論、通りすがりの アポ朗たちを見てからの妄想も欠かさない。
Front 0497 MustariaIgnatos
Mustaria Ignatos紅焔竜帝
火口の入り口を護る紅蓮竜帝、道中を護る 竜女帝の子供達を撃破し、ようやく辿り着ける 火口の奥底に鎮座する神獣「灼誕竜女帝」。 とある神との盟約に基づき、フレムス炎竜山を 守護する、慈愛の念に満ちた存在である。 立っているだけでも体力を消耗する山の最深部に いる為、これまで誰一人として彼女の前に到達する ことがなく、暇を持て余していた。そんな彼女の 前に初めて姿を現したのは、かの黒使徒鬼である。
Front 0498 FlerveIgnatos
Flerve Ignatos紅焔竜帝
【フレムス炎竜山】頂上の決闘場に現れる 災害を超えた「天災」と称されるフィールドボス。 決闘場に進むと退路が断たれてしまうため、 紅蓮竜帝の姿を見たものは、死力を尽くして 撃退をするしか、生きて帰る術はない。 全長100メートルを超える巨体ながら、 自由に空を飛びまわる竜帝を相手に これまでに数多の英雄や勇者が敗れ去っている。
Front 0499 Tatsushirou
【Knowledgeable Dragon】Tatsushirou古代炎葬竜
遥か古代にその生を終え、化石として眠りに ついていた竜が、使徒鬼のスキル「化石復元」で 蘇った存在。全身から発散される存在感は、 かの紅蓮竜帝と同じか、それ以上のものがあると 見受けられる。本来であれば気性が荒く、扱い辛い 種族だが、鬼神や氷血真祖にはよく懐いており、 彼らを乗せて夜空の散歩をよくしている。 空を飛ぶ竜の巨体がみつかると騒ぎとなる為、 なかなか日中に飛ぶことは難しい。
Front 0502 Auro
【Cross-Dressed Filly】Auro半人大鬼
父である黒鬼が提案し、開催を仕切っている、 子供の成長を祝い、健康を祈願するための 異国の風習。本来は男児が着る衣装を身に纏い、 近接攻撃用の刀剣を振るうのは元気娘のオーロ。 一緒に晴れ着に身を包んだ可愛い妹達に、 姉鬼としていいところを披露すべく、 意外と様になっている太刀捌きを見せる。 食べ物で遊ぶものではない、と母親から注意を 受けるも、妹たちから拍手喝采を貰い、 その頬は際限なく緩んでいた模様。
Front 0503 Opushii
【Gentle Girl】Opushii使徒鬼・亜種
普段、一緒にいる冥獣に騎乗しているなど、 自分の足で立って移動する姿を 周りにあまり見せていなかったオプシー。 子供の成長を祝い、健康を祈願するという 催しの最中に、成長著しくとても健康的で あることをアピールすべく、地面に両の足を つけ、勝利のブイサインを見せている。 その姿を直視した両親は、あまりのかわいさに いわゆる子煩悩丸出しの姿を見せていたとか。
Front 0504 Nicola
【Bouncy Bouncy Ball】Nicola人間
黒鬼の第四子として生を受けた、人間の少女。 見た目上は子供達の中で一番幼いが、 生まれた順番としてはオプシーの姉である。 まだ一人で出歩く事は難しいが、生まれ持った 【職業】の効果もあり、豊富な魔力で身の回りの 物を浮かしたり飛ばしながら生活圏を広げている。 元気あふれる彼女は今日も元気に辺りを飛び回る。
Front 0506 Ramura
【Blue Ocean Dragon Princess】RamuraThunder Dragonewt / Variant
Ramura possesses powerful electrical abilities. She is also a blossoming tactician. She never seems satisfied with her power. Ramura sometimes feels that a certain black oni is condescending. She grabbed her naginata and went out on a solo journey. She found a spirit dragon who had been blown off shore. Ramura thought that she had found an enemy. Rather, she found a friend. She learned some interesting new water abilities - and will try the combined powers in battle. For now she will enjoy the sea and help her new acquaintance.
Front 0507 FeliciaTimiano
【Flowering Mermaid Princess】Felicia TimianoHuman
Felicia acquired magic item that allows her to breathe underwater. She also has magic items to change her body temperature to adapt to the seas. Now she can dive like some magic creature. But her husband was paying more attention to Alma. She loved the scenery and wandered out to see the fish ― not caring about her own saftey. But some of the fish admire the new beauty’s appearance and come to her aid. Would you?
Front 0508 AlmaTimiano
【Seaside Singing Princess】Alma TimianoHuman
Alma was singing lovely tunes on the beach. A certain black oni found a magical device that can boost her voice. Her lovely tunes can now reach far. She stands out with her new head ornaments and sticks out like a deity. Now there is a legend that new sea goddess guards demonic waters where ships often sink. The black oni smiled when he heard seafarers praise the goddess’s voice.
Front 0509 IgnisCocco
Ignis CoccoBlessed Chicken
Ignis went on a trip to meet the Big Cocco’s wife. She left her den to travel. On the way she encountered a traveler who was looking for a turkey to celebrate a harvest. But she is no turkey. She is a blessed breed. She is used to being pursued, however. She can run away - leaving a trail of singed grass. But if the traveler gets too close - then the gourmet will be roasted by the bird!
Front 0514 Grace
GraceBewitching Bird
Grace hated it when everyone would look at her like food in her past form. She would jump and jump and jump... trying to fly away. All of her efforts led to an existence evolution. Yet her Cocco friends cannot fly yet. Grace may be able to drive off her friends’ hungry pursuers with her new powers. Their expectations of a big bird at dinner will lead to disappointment - and burned bottoms.
Front 0511 DemigoddessofAffection
Demigoddess of AffectionDemigoddess
After Rou repelled murderous adventurers from a room full of treasure, he gained the blessing of the Demigoddess of Affection and Mercy. Seiji has also received some of her protection. In this world where deities, beasts, demihumans, and humans co-exist; her divinity is tied with boosted healing, compassion, and fertility. Yet no one knows what sort of existence she had before she transcended into her current form. There is no written or oral record of her past. She is a great mystery. Those who have caught glimpses of her are stunned by her heavenly voluptuousness. Her healing touch is invigorating.
Front 0512 MailFailoRheinfall
【Blessing Dancer】Mail Failo RheinfallHigh Elf
She dedicates her traditional dances to the spirits of the forest. This includes a Deity of Greenery that guards the forest. She benefits directly from her dances. She is the daughter of the Elf Chief who has come of age. She remembers when her village was attacked by humans. She is happy that she is now able to dance safely here. Mail moves her body and expresses her appreciation for protection wholeheartedly.
Front 0513 Deanna
シュテルンベルト王国に咲き誇る、 才色兼備の「賢姫」と呼ばれる第一王女。 誰もが羨む順風満帆な人生を送るはずが、治療法や 特効薬がない難病にかかり、死を待つだけの日々を 送っていた。婚約者である帝国の次期皇帝が、 持ってきた秘薬の力で奇跡的に完治するが、 この秘薬は対象を愛するものが一度口に含み、 口移しで与えることで回復力が上がるという魔法薬。 元々好きあっていた二人だったが、自身を救った 婚約者に対する感謝の念は留まることを知らない。
Front 0516 Indiha
【Destructive Fist Empress】IndihaFomor Variant
She became Empress of the Fomors in accordance with their traditions. Some wonder whether or not she has legs... as some have only seen a tail. But no one has seen her full figure and survived to tell the tale. So adventurers should take a good look... because it could be the last time that they’ll ever see her fit body - or her massive fists! Her inhuman strength and mix of magics should be enough to keep keep the Fomors’ tribes together.
Front 0422 Velvet
【The Ancient Wizard King】VelvetHuman
A wizard of legend. His name was once known throughout the continent. It is said that his stately, mummified corpse was found recently. He accumulated many treasures in the “Hidden Sanctuary of Velvet”. Deep within this lair of treasures, he was enshrined in a luxurious chair. His “Silver Arm of Righteousness” was still attached to his regal body. This item will decide the future path of a certain black oni. Yet - it may be feasible to revive Velvet if some powerful holy magic is discovered. No one is prepared for such an unlikely scenario. His wisdom, wit, abilities, and ingenuity can turn the tides of war.
Front 0517 Foxtail
【World Enemy of Greed】FoxtailNine Tailed Fox Queen
This“World Enemy of Greed”appears from a far away realm. Her divine and peerless voluptuous form charms those mystified by her exotic nature. She intends to collect the powers, belongings, and wealth of heroes and their allies. Soon a conflict will begin. Some adventurers and mercenaries may prove useful to her‐and she may find companionship. But others will be shocked by her brutality and excess. In any case, she is a serious threat to the realms. It’s hard to tell how much it would take to defeat her.
Front 0520 ArtunelBayardRickenbar
Artunel Bayard RickenbarHuman
Since long ago, there have always been Eight Armored Knight Heroes who served the Kirika Empire. She ranks as the third in command. She is a lovely lady who dresses as a man in her position would. However, one could guarantee that she possesses as much or more strength as her male colleagues. When the World Enemy will declare a Holy War on the realms, she will proceed into battle threatening foes with lightning and oscillating waves of energy. At the critical moments of battle she can charge in with a powerful offense.
Front 0521 Clelia
仲間と共に大霊樹で修行に励んだ「灰奪の魔女」。 仙人の持つ【神々の至宝】と呼んでも差し支えない 嗜好品「蒼穹のような青ワイン」を飲むに足る 戦闘強者となるために、日々鍛錬を欠かさない。 勿論、それだけが理由ではないが……。 苦悶の表情を浮かべる悪魔の口に青い巨大な 宝玉がはめ込まれた魔杖を借り受け、 赴いた戦いで、【世界の宿敵】と対峙する。
Front 0515 ElfSorcerer
Elf Sorcererエルフ
戦闘に適しているとは思えない過剰に ひらひらとした衣装を纏った、エルフの麗人。 感情が読み取りにくい微笑みを常に浮かべており、 視線を隠すように伸びた前髪も手伝ってか、 他人を寄せ付けない雰囲気を纏っている。 魔術師であるとの触れ込みだが、戦闘が始まると 魔術・物理どちらも器用にこなす姿が見て取れる。 彼女の片目にかかる布は、蜃気楼を意味する名が 冠されているとの噂があったが、定かではない。
Front 0523 Kanami
【Christmas Gift of Love】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
Kanami wears a Santa-inspired outfit as she spends time with her friends during the holidays. While most find the cold weather to be a bit uncomfortable - Kanami is at home during this time of year. She can wear an outfit that exposes some of her skin. She distributes gifts to friends and lucky locals. But a certain oni also wants to get some. She may have a surprise in store for him... she has plenty of presents in specially marked boxes.
Front 0524 Burasato
【Crazy Holiday Devil】BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
Who gave Burasato a chainsaw for Christmas? Were they mad?! Not as mad as Burasato apparently... Did she get her holidays mixed up? she swings around her toy in the snow. Perhaps she had too much spiked homemade Egg Nog?!? Her eyes are bloodshot & her wild outbursts chill hearts. Supesei may have to go calm her down - or it will be a bloody Christmas - not a silent one!
Front 0525 Supesei
【Frosty Snowgirl】SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman / Subspecies
After Kanami left the party, Supesei was walking calmly in the quiet holy night. Some desperate old goblins approached her with mistletoe, hoping to receive a kiss. Instead they received a wand slap on the tush. She heard rumours that Burasato had been driven insane. (Perhaps it was the tiring month of songs and shopping?) Supesei decided to wander out, following trails of blood. She might need to give Burasato a spanking - and some egg nog to calm down with… She leaves the desperate goblins behind - groaning in pain with twisted smiles on their faces…
Front 0519 RedDeer(Female)
Red Deer (Female)鹿
美しい角が特徴的な純真なアカシカの女の子。 少し前、サンタクロースに扮したホブ爺と一緒に 団員達にプレゼントを配った後、感謝の言葉や 贈り物を貰ったことについて恩を感じている。 優しくしてくれた初めての多種族ということもあり もっとホブ爺と仲良くなりたいと思った彼女は、 どうすればいいかを考える。アカシカから 上位種へと存在進化すれば、きっと興味を持って 貰えると思った彼女は行動を開始した――。
Front 0522 Barbala
念願かなって、上位種である鹿人へと存在進化を 果たしたアカシカの女の子。もっと仲良くなって お話をしたい!と思った老爺が好んでいた 「ナイスばでぃ」な女性に近づけたかな?と 喜んでいるが、思考が幼いままの彼女は知らない。 ホブ爺が女性に声をかけていた、真の目的を……。 その後、彼女がアカシカとは気が付かず声をかけて きた老爺は、星型の鞭で叩きのめされたと云う。
Front 0526 Ovarou
【Dual Black Spears】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Living Deity
Ovarou wields two spears - a spear of “Origin” and a spear of “Demise”. Since an ominous eclipse, there have been many Great Wars. Ovarou will hold a celebration to mourn those who died in fierce battles and to congratulate those who survived to fight again. It’s time to let loose and enjoy this life. Cheers!
Front 0527 RamuraSuputo
【Snowy Sake Ladies】Ramura&Suputo雷竜人
鬼人クラスの身体能力を持つ雷竜人の二人組。 他にも同種族の者は何人かいるのだが、 特に目立った活躍をするのはこの二人である。 竜の系譜であるからか、彼女らはとてもお酒に 強く、ウワバミとも呼ばれている。彼の鬼神と 飲み比べを行っても、遜色ない強さを誇るほど。 雪が降り始めた外を見て、風情があると雪見酒を 始める二人だったが、背後では飲みすぎて ノックアウトされた虎人たちが眠りこけていた。
Front 0528 SumeragiKaede
【Sake Crawl】Sumeragi Kaede人間
ほろ酔いの女武者は、少し前に今と同じように 夜道を歩いたときのことを思い返していた。 あの時はリーダーである黒使徒鬼から指示を受け、 誰かと一緒に歩いていたはずだが、それがどんな 相手だったのか全く思い出せない。人の顔はすぐに 覚えるべき、と同僚の大商鬼に言われていたのに、 おぼろげな輪郭しか覚えていないということは 大した相手ではなかったのかと思い直し、 すっきりした彼女は夜道の散歩を再開した。
Front 0532 KaizerWolfhound
Kaizer Wolfhound
アジトで開かれる新年祭では、 干支にちなんだ団員が祭りの象徴とされている。 そして戌年は彼の担当。 縁起の良い注連縄を背負い、 初日の出の到来と共に新年を祝う。 舎弟達はその凛々しい姿に皆見とれ、 更に信頼関係が深まったらしい。
Front 0533 GoldWolfLeader
【For strengthening and sale】Gold Wolf Leader
黄金に輝く体毛を持つ、 カイザーウルフハウンドの舎弟。 カイザーウルフハウンドに忠誠を誓っており、 慕う兄貴がピンチの時は、すぐに駆けつける。 また、共にトレーニングをした際には、 得られる経験値に補正がかかる特殊能力を持つ。 珍しい個体かつ高い忠誠心の持ち主のため マニアのみならず男性の中で非常に人気があるらしい。
Front 0534 SilverWolf
【For strengthening and sale】Silver Wolf
白銀に輝く体毛を持つ、 カイザーウルフハウンドの舎弟。 体は小さいが他の舎弟達と力を合わせると、 スティールボアすら狩るほどである。 また、共にトレーニングをした際には、 得られる経験値に補正がかかる特殊能力を持つ。 やや珍しい個体かつ愛くるしい見た目のため マニアのみならず女性の中で人気があるらしい。
Front 0529 Kurosaburou
【Blue Black Wolf】Kurosaburouヘルケルベロス
闇のように黒い剛毛を持つ三頭の巨狼、 三頭冥狼のクロ三郎は主である鬼神とともに 新しい年を迎えるめでたい朝日を眺めていた。 ブラックウルフリーダーから双頭狼、三頭冥狼と 存在進化を繰り返し、【鬼乱十八戦将】へも覚醒。 周りに強者が沢山いる中、自分はいったいどこまで いけるのだろうか、と自問自答するクロ三郎だが、 いまはそういったことは横におき、主のもふり対象 としての存在意義を果たすべく、身を委ねる。
Front 0530 Akitainu
【Party Samurai Dog】Akitainu将軍コボルド
鬼神に忠誠を誓うコボルド氏族の元リーダー。 存在進化を経て、大分迫力のある容貌に なってはいるのだが、敬愛する殿に対するとき だけは、まるで子供のような無邪気さを発揮する。 新しい年を迎えためでたい宴会の席で、余興の ために壇上にあがった彼は、満面の笑みを浮かべ 密かに練習していた扇の舞を惜しみなく披露した。
Front 0531 EmilyFurado
【Doggy Ears】Emily Furado人間
たまに鬼神が持ってくる奇抜な衣装を、抵抗なく 着こなしてしまう鍛冶師さんだが、今回は 犬耳飾りつきの衣装を着ることになった模様。 求められるままに、右手をお手のポーズに構えた ところ、とても満足気な顔を浮かべた鬼神だが、 いつかの豆まきの時と同様、他の妻達が詰め寄り、 釈明を余儀なくされてしまったようだ。
Front 0535 SumeragiKaede
【Sakura Samurai】Sumeragi Kaede人間
称号【桜商侍】を獲得し、戦闘に、商売にと ますます能力が向上している【異界の剣豪】。 初めて騎乗したときから愛着が湧いている 白色のトリプルホーンホースに跨って、気晴らしの 遠乗りに出かけている。馬具の腰布に使った 一枚布は、女武者自身のズボンの柄と同じもの。 人馬一体となって走る姿は、まさに迅雷の如し。 たくさん走ってストレスを解消後は、 意気揚々と仕事に戻る女武者であった。
Front 0537 BigMerchantDevil
Big Merchant Devil大商鬼
鬼神の能力【上位鬼種生成】によって生成された 商売が得意な、高い知能を持つ優秀な鬼材。 とある総合商会の王都本店に送り込まれるや否や、 早々に多大な成果を上げて副店長に任命された。 ニコニコと完璧な微笑を浮かべたまま、表と裏の 両面で他の商店を影響下におき、販路を拡大する 手腕は店長を務める女武者が泣き言をいうレベル。 大商鬼が居れば、大陸の商売を掌握し、 流通を一手に仕切ることも不可能ではない。
Front 0536 SuzuAmano
【Cleaner Kunoichi】Suzu Amano人造人間
異界の賢者によって作り出された人造人間の少女。 普段は、祖父のように慕う異界の賢者を、 甲斐甲斐しく世話している優しい少女だが、屋敷に 現れる不躾な輩を見つけた際は印象が一変する。 九体いる人造人間の長女として自ら先頭に立ち、 妹達と息の合った連携を駆使して敵を駆逐する。 敵対者へ掛ける最初の言葉はそのまま最後通牒と なり、阿鼻叫喚の悲鳴が辺りに響き渡るとか。
Front 0538 Oniwaka
鬼神と行った容赦ない訓練を経て、やはり父は 偉大であると改めて感じた鬼若は、父からの教えを 反芻するように修行という名の自主訓練を開始する。 存在進化した際に身に纏っていた生体防具の鎖付き 鉄球は、巧く扱えば攻防どちらにも使えるが、 慣れがないと自滅を招く可能性がある危険な代物。 進化後にしばらく感じるという仮初めの万能感に 酔うことはせず、父やその心友のような、 力に驕らない真の強者を目指して鍛錬を続ける。
Front 0539 EmilyFurado
Emily Furado人間
錬金術師さんと共同で作り出した魔法合金を使い、 武器の更なる強化・改造に挑戦する鍛冶師さん。 物造りには果てがないが、行き詰ったときに、 つい普段はやらないことをやり過ぎてしまうと、 今まで見えなかった道が開けることはあるようで。 鬼神達が迎える、とある戦いに間に合うようにと 時間を惜しまず精錬を続けるその姿は、一児の母と いうよりは、一人の頑固な鍛冶師であった。
Front 0540 Keira
大国とエルフの間で行われたという戦争に 行った親戚から便りが届き、彼女は驚いた。 何より、戦争に負けたというのに、一族郎党 全てを呼び寄せたいという、その手紙の内容に。 衣食住、労働環境全てが素晴らしいという、 その場所への誘いを信じるかどうか悩んだのは 一瞬だった。よりよい武具が手に入る環境があり、 それを振るう自分を任せるに足る戦友達がいる 可能性があるというのならば、どこへでも出向こう。 そう思い行動した彼女は、後に狂喜乱舞したと云う。
Front 0541 MustariaIgnatos
【Labyrinth Guardian】Mustaria Ignatos紅焔竜帝
とある神との盟約に基づき、フレムス炎竜山を 守護していた、慈愛の念に満ちあふれた存在。 だがしかし、誰も訪れることのない迷宮の最奥で ひたすら待つだけの日々は虚しいもの。いつしか 待機部屋には、暇つぶしとなる魔術書や柔らかい 寝床、小腹を満たす菓子類が散乱するように……。 嘆く夫を余所にぐーたらする姿はまさに 【迷宮警備員・主任】の称号持ちだと云えよう。
Front 0542 FlerveIgnatos
【Charcoal Black Death Dragon】Flerve Ignatos紅焔竜帝
迷宮制覇者の力【迷宮略奪・鬼哭異界】によって、 炎竜山は新しい迷宮へと造り変わっていった。 何故だかフィールドボス達の体表は黒く染まり、 赤と黒の禍々しくも猛々しい色合いとなった模様。 併せて能力が飛躍的に上昇したようなのだが、 与えられた力は実際に使いこなせてこそ 「自身の力」だと胸を張って云えるもの。 竜帝はその名に恥じぬよう、黙々と鍛錬を続ける。
Front 0543 LavaTrent
Lava TrentTrent Variant
It has a spooky yet graceful appearance, like a phantom in a dream. Its body is hot enough to burn others skin upon touch. Its throat glows like a hot charcoal. It is followed by sparking flame butterflies. Although it is dangerous in ways, it has been known to share its heat with other races - similar to how other races of trents nourish humans, demihumans, and beasts without discrimination.
Front 0544 Okyupete
【Enchanting Mountain Siren】Okyupete妖鳥
護っていた卵が孵ったことで、実はそれが多種族の 雛だったことに気づいたオキュペテだったが、 子供好きな彼女はそのまま子育てを続行した。 オキュペテを母と慕う雛達の巣立ちも無事終わり、 ひとりに戻った彼女はふと思う。あの子達はとても 可愛かったが、もし自分の血を分けた子が産まれた としたら、どれほど可愛いのか…と。事情を聞いた 知り合いのアイドルからメイクの手管を伝授され、 女を磨いた彼女はまだ見ぬ強者を求め旅を続ける。
Front 0545 Ovarou
【Lucky Black Oni】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord
He fiercely wields two massive Ehomaki clubs. With these he manipulates the celestial energies of lucky directions. He also wears a Black Oni mask and tight-fitting tiger-striped pants perfect for Setsubun. This form’s magic items have a protective effect. Ovarou let’s out a reverberating roar showing his jolly mood as he gets to show the women and kids his cool new form during "Mamemaki”.
Front 0546 RubelliaWalline
【Green Mother Oni】RedheadHuman
Setsubun isn’t just about throwing soybeans for her. She can also launch them as fast as a cannon! With graceful steps and elegant movements, she can deal high damage using her chained axes with sweeping cross-slashes. Whipping them around she creates a whirlwind that can deflect soybeans and other projectiles back or cut nearby enemies. Her motherly form is so appealing that she might just attract other girls! Considering her fortitude, don’t you think that she needs more loving words from the kids?
Front 0547 SpinelFean
【Yellow Mother Oni】Spinel FeanHuman
She brought out lovely roasted soybeans for all of the children to toss for "Mamemaki”. Her recipe is unparalleled. But for the real battle she has another recipe. If she concentrates she can imbue the beans with shimmering magic energies and telekinetically float them into the air. Then with a "Gya!" she can shoot and detonate them like soy grenades! But she’d prefer to stay with the kids, amusing them as she plays the "Oni" role. Miss Alchemist closes her eyes and smiles as kids’ beans hit her mask, hiding her true power.
Front 0549 ViolettaRapture
【World Enemy of Lust】Violetta RaptureFiend
Any chaste woman living alone whould be bewildered by her otherworldly environment. Wanting to possess the hearts of others, she seeks out their weak spots and dominates them. Her magic tendrils oscillate with dark hypnotizing energies. Her throbbing power conquers others both physically and mentally. They become desperate to satisfy her and derive pleasure from defending her. For her the age of self-consciousness in this world has come to an end. She wants to use her powers to engulf the mainland in mayhem.
Front 0550 Supesei
【Tranquil Dame】SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman
She usually is calm and collected, keeping her cool. She’s aware of this fact herself. But for some reason today she is feeling fidgety and restless. She’s leaping at the chance to give a gift of chocolate full of sweet thoughts for her demonic lovergirl! Despite her pleasant surroundings, she twitches as she waits for the scheduled time for her rendezvous to start. She’s there quite early. Not a bad spot, now only if her date would hurry up!
Front 0551 Burasato
【Mariposa Crush】BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Demihuman
On the occasion when demonic lovers jump at the chance to give gifts of chocolate full of sweet thoughts, Sato happens to be in the bustling town. Feeling a tickle in her heart, she’d like to take off and calm down in a relaxed atmosphere. Even after a sip of blood, she still has high-tension. Oh yes, she remembers her date! So she dashes off to her rendezvous. She’s a bit early at the moment, so she pleasantly skips along with a big smile, thinking of her sweetheart.
Front 0553 Seiji
【Sacred Splendor】SeijiSacred Demon Lord / Demihuman
Seiji accompanies Aifu and Kugime to participate in a grand celebration. He tends to have fun at festivals. However, he’s going to have an especially fun time at this next banquet. And he will show a huge smile and be the life of the party. Time to take things to the next level!
Front 0554 Kugime
【Sakura Breeze Princess】Kugime9 Lives Demon Princess / Demihuman
Kugime accompanies Aifu and Seiji to participate in a grand celebration. She has really made a lot of plans, coordinating her outfit. She is really pleased that some of her friends are looking stunning too. However she might not approve of everyone’s fashion. She tries to convince Aifu to be a little more lively - it’s time to party, not to rot!
Front 0555 Aifu
【Joy of the Jubilee】AifuCorrupt Demon Princess / Demihuman
Aifu accompanies Seiji and Kugime to the participate in a grand celebration. She’s acting a little differently than she would in a calm atmosphere. Perhaps she’s excited by the boyish looks of Seiji as he lets loose. She can’t really express how she feels in a positive way... but at least she’s got a coordinated outfit! And so she enjoys herself, smiling with her friends. However, at the moment when Ovarou and Minokichi arrive, the thoughts inside of her brains might change.
Front 0552 Akane
A lady with an unknown identity. Why were you reborn as a goblin? For some reason she can understand what you are thinking even when you can’t express it with words. And so she goes on explaining things to the people that you encounter - even if her words don’t always match what’s in your head. Well, she only does that as long as it makes for a good laugh. Sometimes she can go off on a tangent. She tries not to get in your way. Luckily though she is caring - and does her best to watch over your growth and help you in times of need.
Front 0567 Mr.Qoo
【Spring Festival Fun】Mr.QooGoblin
He came from the world called "QooApp”. This is a nice being who somehow was reincarnated into a goblin. In general he is different from the typical goblin with green or brown skin. Instead he has a refreshing blue color. Some of the beings that he runs into think that he’s some kind of subspecies or even god. But anyway, Mr. Qoo is enjoying his second life and hopes for everyone’s best fortunes in the Lunar New Year.
Front 0556 Ovarou
【Radiant Lord of Triumph】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Radiant Living Deity
This is the radiant form that Ovarou took for the 2nd Anniversary. He has come to inspect the growth of his goblins and members of his party through a festive contest. He has a great diversity of arms to let out, all attached to four silver rods. Perhaps he is also preparing for the outbreak of a real battle. He has brought a battle standard. When it is displayed, he unleashes a devastating force. If he wasn’t holding back for the celebration, he might annihilate his opponent. At the very least most would be paralyzed with fear when witnessing his techniques - if they weren’t a member of his cheering party. For these reasons, this is a triumphant form that shows his propensity to vanquish any who would stand in his way.
Front 0557 BurasatoSupesei
【Swords & Sorcery】Burasato & SupeseiBlood Sword Empress and Starlight Spirit Queen, Both Demihuman
The two of them seem to have taken a vacation together before the second half of the 2nd Anniversary battle. Both of them were seen at that cafe that they have taken an interest in. These two are an affectionate pair. But they weren’t keeping track of time and had to run to catch the start of the battle. The two of them then flew into the battleground together and landed back-to-back - amusing goblins and other party-goers who laughed with great joy. Burasato grins with glee while manipulating her ruby-colored blood swords, whipping them through the air. And Supesei, with her sinister smile, manipulates the surrounding windflow to both increase their speed and smash foes with ice floes. Their battle performance will no doubt receive an explosive applause.
Front 0558 Asue
【Earthshaking Bash】AsueDemon Queen of the Hells / Demihuman
Asue was politely escorted by Minokichi to celebrate the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary. And she is in good spirits. On this occasion she has exquisite clothes that are coordinated with her friends’. Perhaps they can raise a toast together. She might trick them though with rocky decoys who pop out from cavernous holes in the ground, flashing v-signs. It’s doubtful that her sparring partners would anticipate her tricks. For now the horns near her mouth rise with her smiles. And who is that, perhaps the silhouette of a lover-demon?
Front 0559 Minokichi
【Saluting Gentleman】MinokichiThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent
When Minokichi’s outfit was being made, there was a concern that the tailoring would be very difficult. It would surely match his friends’ clothes in coordination but, perhaps his beastly form juts out in ways that are difficult to accommodate with thread and needle. Or so he thought. In the end his celebratory clothes fit just right. He’s very pleased!
Front 0548 Akitainu
【Lifelong Loyalty】AkitainuSamurai Kobold
It’s an evolved form of Kobold footsoldier with a grim look - and adorable eyes like the Akita Inu breed of dog. Even though it looks so stern, like someone in their 30s, it has charming ears and fur. This is not your typical Kobold. This is an extremely loyal samurai canine with refined manners and an excellent appearance. After swearing an oath they will guard their boss faithfully in any emergency.
Front 0566 GoldenFungus
808, 809, 810, 851
【For Lvl. Cap Break Unlock】Golden FungusFungus
This has a special, shiny golden form. It’s not a plant though, it’s a fungus. By training with it, one could perhaps break through any shell. Or surpass any limit?
Front 0560 Ovarou
【Gentle Guardian Doll】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Living Deity
Ovarou has heard of the Doll Festival. Festival-goers pray for the healthy growth of children. And so he quickly procured a costume and tools. He’s decided to manage the celebration. The children are interested in all of the curious sweets and drinks that are being prepared. Ovarou and the divine mothers will surely be devoted parents. This form of Ovarou carries a massive odachi on his back. He stoically guards the Doll Festival while sitting on a ceremonial stool - like a doll on a red carpet. Any seriously wicked attempt at interrupting the festivities would result in a split-second quick draw slash. The unearthly speed of Ovarou’s Iaijutsu techniques would quickly dispatch any evil, older trespasser. All that the jovial children would notice is a momentary shimmer from Ovarou’s odachi. Just another glint in their sparkling eyes.
Front 0561 FeliciaTimiano
【Peach Blossom Doll】Felicia TimianoHuman
At the Doll Festival, celebrants pray for the healthy growth of the young girls. While everyone is doing their best to please the kids - there’s some mild rivalry between the mothers. Redhead and Miss Alchemist probably envy Felicia’s amazing peach blossom-themed outfit. They inevitably say, "My turn!" while Felicia continues to pass out sweets. She continues her work with a heavy heart, avoiding any conflict. For parents, kids will be kids. They pray and pray for the children and hope to spend long lives together. Everyone munches on sweets - to happiness!
Front 0562 Auro
【Merry Minister Doll】AuroHalf Demihuman / Mixblood Lord Variant
She’s having a whole lot of fun on Girls’ Day. She didn’t really know that it was the Doll Festival. After hearing that the mothers were praying for Auro and her sisters’ healthy growth, she assumes that they are now the "heroines" of the story. After all, they’re dressed up like powerful court ladies. So the heroines snack on sweets, drink down amazake, and bounce around with even more energy than normal. Eventually though they get a little dizzy and full... and it’s more difficult to move around than normal. The mothers suddenly notice and pray a little harder, thinking perhaps that the girls’ growth is suddenly stunted... Though that’s definitely not the case.
Front 0563 Aporou
【Dapper Demon Devourer】 AporouApostle Lord / Revived Type
On White Day proper, Aporou puts on formal wear and uses his manners. He whips up a proper hairstyle to match his outfit. To bring it all together he busts out a magical bouquet. Ovarou has a killer look that causes both his lovers and enemies to swoon. His spouses are drawn in by pheromones that attract like a beckoning idol’s voice. He’s glad that he has more chances to lure the ladies.
Front 0564 Argento
【White Day Courage】 ArgentoHalf Demihuman / Mixblood Lord Variant
Argento carries a large sack that suits his height in a slightly comical way. But he looks absolutely cute and draws glances from girls his age. Still, he’s a little too timid to look back sometimes. He’s conscious of his shyness. He will do his best to summon the courage to treat the girls with his return favors for White Day. He carries big surprises in his sack. He will toughen up and politely deliver his goodies to the smiling sweeties.
Front 0565 Minokichi
【Gift Hunting Cavalier】 MinokichiMinotaur / New Type
As Minokichi looks at the flowers in his hand, he cannot help but think of the Earth Lord lady that he loves. Such flowers rise up from the earth as she does, and with the same sort of beauty. And so he sits down in deep thought. He casts his eyes downward at the flower again and suddenly... his cheeks transform into the same color as the petals. He glows with an aura of affection. He’s made up his mind to go see the one that he desires. He stands back on his feet. Time to collect White Day gifts! Charge!
Front 0568 ThereseEastEckermann
Therese East EckermannHuman
She wields two blades - a sun sword and a moon sword. She goes off to cut down the Blood Sword Army. She raises the morale of her allies and backs them up. She whips up a wind and water assault with her blades. Her splashing sword slashes flash with golden sparks. Even the lords amongst the enemy army feel some fear as they are cut down one by one.
Front 0569 AlmaTimiano
Alma TimianoHuman
Her heart pulsated with excitement when she saw the fresh dragon meat. She prepares to cook by carefully considering all of the ingredients and flavorings that she will use. She knows that she will have some fun! She gets all of the elements ready. Time to cook!
Front 0570 Fuuki
【Emerald Comet】FuukiTempest Demon of the Emerald Comet / Variant / Subspecies / Demihuman
She throws herself into battles and tournaments alike with an intense fury. After training with the Fire Demon in the dungeons, she is ready to fight others seriously. Using her whole body she unleashes amazing kicking techniques. She can ride the wind into the sky and drop down like a green comet. The force of her drop kicks smash enemies - and smash open the ground itself! She has come a long way and learned many new abilities. She is no longer a simple “Wind Demon”. Even Rou blinks at the sight of her kicks.
Front 0576 Kanami
【Moonlit Sakura Dream】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Variant
Kanami floats amongst the petals. This gorgeous goddess smiles with glee. Sakura flowers bloom, flutter, and fall... and humans and demihumans live、age、and die in a similar pattern. Boys and zombies might reach up into the air, trying to touch her with one caress. But she can destroy them in their hopeless state and have some hanami fun afterwards.
Front 0578 Aifu
【Decaying Blossom】 AifuCorrupt Demon Princess / Demihuman
Aifu sits under the sakura trees with a look of ecstasy. She gets wild ideas as she hears the stories of others’ lives (like the boys) and explodes with excitement. She might unintentionally cause sakura petals to fall and decay. Perhaps this hanami will turn into a ghoulish clash.
Front 0579 Guruden
【Twilight Spear】 GurudenGhoul
Guruden wields a scary spear that can dissolve the flesh of her targets. Perhaps she’ll snack on some zombies’ muscles to continue her hanami dance. After she’stired it’s time for another meal as she spins around in a festive mood.
Front 0577 Kanami
【Dazzling Sakura Fantasy】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire
One might think that Kanami is harmless as she sits in the sunshine with a pleasant smile. She holds a full glass in one hand and waves pleasantly with the other. Yet she is able to summon powerful, celestial pillars of light with elegant gestures. This heavenly energy devastatingly penetrates foes ‐ yet barely rustles the cherry blossoms. Have a delightful hanami with Kanami!
Front 0571 RubelliaWalline
【Full Bloom Laughter】Rubellia WallineHuman
Rubellia skips and trots with joy under the sunlit sakura. If enemies would come to fight, then she would hardly acknowledge their presence. She can clear the picnic grounds with carefree slices and brutal bumps. Then she can forget about battle ‐ and return to her frolicking and dancing.
Front 0580 EmilyFurado
【Fair Weather Dango】Emily FuradoHuman
Emily holds a big bottle of rice wine in one hand and bento boxes full of hanami hors d′oeuvres in the other. Oniwaka loves to give a helping hand to her. She wears a light pink sakura‐themed outfit. She′ll make sure that everyone has full cups. And after that she might provide some joyous entertainment! Enjoy the spring sakura with Emily!
Front 0572 SakuraSprite
Sakura SpriteFairy
This Sakura Sprite is just 10 centimeters tall. These beings especially appear during the cherry blossom season. They flutter about like fantastic flying ballerinas through the sakura petals. They seem harmless and lure in onlookers from below ‐ surrounding those watching them with an enchanting pink aura.
Front 0573 Opushii
【Renowned Egg Hunter】OpushiiHalf Demihuman / Apostle Lord Variant
Opushii hunts for eggs with her two gem beasts escorting her. After getting encouragement from her parents, she does her best to find the eggs! She has to be careful to keep them in her basket, though. Opushii is the star of the Easter season egg hunt!
Front 0575 Auro
【Easter Kindness】AuroHalf Demihuman / Mixblood Lord Variant
Auro tends to forget the details regarding the festival that she’s participating in. She thinks, ”Oh yeah wasn’t I supposed to hunt for eggs?!” It isn’t that hard for her. When she finds a huge one, she decides to roll it around to show Opushii. Like a good sister she wants to make sure that her siblings also have lots of fun!
Front 0574 Rubiria
【Easter Joy】RubiriaHuman
She tied up her hair so that it’s easier to run around and hunt for eggs. She looks ecstatic as she finds dozens. But she didn’t guess that it would be so much work. This young tomboy princess isn’t used to working so hard!
Front 0581 Ramura
【Thunder Dancer】RamuraDragonewt
Ramura smiles‐she is clad in luxurious and gorgeous clothes. She isn’t showing strength just to compete with the leaders. No, today is different. She manipulates her Living Spear and violet thunderbolts, fascinating and dazzling all who see her in this form.
Front 0582 Artunel
【Lovely Lightning】ArtunelHuman
This is the famous noble heroine of the Kirika Empire. She throws off her normal silver armor and changes into a Japanese dress. She signals the start of warmer spring showers with a thunderstrike and her favorite sword‐flashing and mesmerizing her followers. What a fantastic sight!
Front 0583 SuzuAmano
【Shocking Fallen Blossom】Suzu AmanoArtificial Human
A cyborg maiden created by a wise man from a spirit world. Usually she took care of her “grandpa”. She misses him dearly. In his absence she cleans his estate. But suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes, signaling the start of a long storm. She stops cleaning and anxiously looks at the sky.
Front 0584 Annaliese
【Royal Annihilator】AnnalieseHuman
She seemed destined to battle the Insatiable Glutton in the Holy War. She is also known as the “Savior of the White Birth”. She is a divine princess of the Lumen Holy Kingdom. She became somewhat overzealous in her efforts to purify and was driven to madness. She enslaved the hearts of her subjects‐ and gained control over two almighty Emperor Dragons. She accumulated power and hoped to unleash an “Ultimate Dragon Breath”with light and dark magic combined to annihilate the world in one final purification. Perhaps she’ll get a second chance... Rou shall feel pain...
Front 0585 YuliaEshelle
【Holy Guardians】Yulia and EshelleHuman
These two have protected and supported Annaliese since she was a little one. These saintly knights are also the closest of friends. They would fight to the end to defend their grace. To that goal they are ready to block with the kinetic energy of the“Divine Aegis Barrier”. Eshelle can hold back nearly any assault while Yulia counter strikes with her sword. Then Eshelle can lance the enemy out of their misery. Maybe now they can hold back the despicable demons and purify the lands!
Front 0586 BrandesDiorOrchestre
Brandes Dior OrchestreHuman
A young maiden born in a small country that no longer exists. She is blessed with a marvelous voice that affects others in mystical ways. She learned new songs and attracted new fans. She eventually acquired sacred treasures that magnify her volume ‐ such as the “Heavenly Voice Amplifier”. Even her a capella is enchanting!
Front 0587 Auro&amp;Argento
【Little Oni Rascals】Auro & ArgentoPlayful Half‐Demon Children / Demihuman
Auro and Argento have been training diligently. Or from their parents’ perspectives ‐ playing outside. They’re yelling, screaming, and hollering out fighting words. But they need to be careful. Even wooden weapons can crush rocks if swung hard enough. Luckily, they seem to avoid hitting each other on accident. Argento winks at his sister and they let loose a dancing assault on some bundles of hay (that they imagine to be mighty monsters).
Front 0588 Lutz&amp;Eela
【Competitive Eaters】Lutz & EelaHungry Human Kids
“Dinner’s ready!” Their eyes opened wide and they smiled with joy. The kids ran up to the meal as if the dining room was a battlefield. They chomped and chewed the steak and side dishes until there wasn’t a morsel left. They looked around at everyone else’s plates... Tonight’s supper may turn into a struggle...
Front 0589 Nicola
【Swim,Koinobori!】NicolaAdorable Child of the Black Oni
Nicola received gifts; windmill‐attached koinobori (carp streamers) and origami helmets. Her parents hope for her healthy growth. Nikola loves watching the koinobori “swim” through the air. She touches the windmill to make them spin faster. Double the speed, double the fun! Spin, spin, spin! Swim, swim, swim! Nicola enjoys her little world with a hypnotizing reflection on her eyes.
Front 0590 Rubellia&amp;Opushii
【I Love You Mama!】Rubellia & OpushiiHuman & Apostle Lord / Demihuman
Rubellia and Opushii are in the flower garden. Opushii sneaks off as if she is playing hide-and seek. And then, with a huge smile... she surprises her mom with a pretty bunch of flowers and words of gratitude. Rubellia herself is moved. These two can spend precious time together on Mother’s Day. They have an unbreakable bond.
Front 0591 Emily&amp;Oniwaka
【Respect Your Mother】Emily & OniwakaHuman & High Ogre Hybrid
On Mother’s Day in the afternoon, Oniwaka came into his mother’s workplace - the forge. He brought a homemade bouquetof flowers for her. Emily was overjoyed by herson’s respect. She asked him to grab a tool and they tapped away at the hot parts. He was a little clumsy compared to her. But she kept him safe and showed him many techniques. In the end, they were able to craft the weapons that she was making. It was valuable time spent together for the pair. They strengthened their trust for each other. Emily praised him.
Front 0592 Spinel&amp;Nicola
【Mother’s Day Affection】Spinel & NicolaHumans
Today is Mother’s Day. Ovarou snuckin to place some pretty flowers for Spinelinto her room and wrote, “From Nicola”on a little card. Later, when Spinel enteredher room, she understood right away andcast an enchantment. Petals flew through the air and Nicola babbled with glee. Spinel put some flowers in her hair and replied with affectionate words. She patted the head of her beloved baby and smiled... unaware that her loving care is helping to develop an almighty little mage.
Front 0593 Hyulton
【Demon Emperor】HyultonDemon Emperor Who Brings Calamity / Unknown Variant Race
He governs the Demon Empire of Atarakua. His title is Demon Emperor. He is able to summon powers and beings that dwell in an extradimensional and possibly demonic spirit world. Recently he has taken a liking to swords. But not your typical ones. Rather, he conjures them using the wicked energies of a miasma from the spirit world. Through his powers, haunted blades materialize from jet black fumes pouring out from a void. Although his fate is unknown now that he reappears in this world... It is said that in a “Holy War” he possessed a transmundane artifact that allowed him to call upon the death magics of the God of the Spirit Dimension.
Front 0595 SupremeScarletCommander
Supreme Scarlet CommanderDemon
Of the six supreme commanders, Balarack is number four. His whole body is covered in a scarlet metallic exoskeleton. He is truly a metal demon. He can increase the heat of his metal shell to scorching temperatures - and engulf his opponents in flames. His natural shell is thus useful for both offense and defense. He is also a first place champion of Sternbild’s “Tournament of Heroes” that takes place during their “Heroes Festival”. He is extremely effective in one on one combat.
Front 0594 SupremeCeladonCommander
Supreme Celadon CommanderDemon
Of the six supreme commanders, Ballarack is number four. His whole body is covered in a scarlet metallic exoskeleton. He is truly a metal demon. He can increase the heat of his metal shell to scorching temperatures - and engulf his opponents in flames. His natural shell is thus useful for both offense and defense. He is also a first place champion of Sternbild’s “Tournament of Heroes” that takes place during their “Heroes Festival”. He is extremely effective in one on one combat.
Front 0596 Ovarou
【Wisdom of the Divine Dragons】OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Radiant Living Deity
With his orb at full power, this form of Ovarou is prepared to duel the Savior of the White Birth. But it will take more than just magic and muscles to contest her. He trains as if he is in a trance. Finally he sits for further meditation. He glows as he channels celestial powers with his Black Spear of Origin and White Spear of Demise. Behind his figure an ominous red moon ascends as the minutes pass. He can now use the “Red Spear of Evolution”. Slowly, two oni-headed dragons descend from the heavens to join him. Their smiles would perplex and terrify most onlookers. But Ovarou grins with them as he awakens from his reflection. Perhaps it is time for the world itself to evolve. The coming battle will not be easy. Ovarou is willing to fight to the death, if need be. Pain is not what it seems.
Front 0597 Kanami
【Benevolent Ice Empress】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Enigmatic Empress Variant
Kanami has earned the love and trust of Hyouketsutenrou, the Ice Blood Celestial Wolf. This divine canine will assist her in the coming battle - and also enjoys a good snuggle. The two of them, along with the summoned Ice Blood Venom Hydra can freeze an entire volcano - turning it into a frigid paradise of violet ice. Kanami calls upon her beloved hound, sorcery, sword skills, wit, and calm demeanor as she prepares to defend her frosty lands.
Front 0598 Minokichi&amp;Asue
【Darling Demolishers】Minokichi & AsueThunder Bull Emperor / Transcendent & Hell Demon King / Demihuman
Asue is fond of Minokichi, and the two of them share an empathic bond. Moving at unbelievable speeds, Minokichi can charge through countless foes in each attack run. Asue has his back as she rips apart the earth itself and pulls enemies into the deep, dark underground. They prepare to challenge the Six Supreme Commanders and the Fang Generals of the Beast King. Minokichi has Lionel’s sympathies. But how could anyone win against Asue, Minokichi, and their allies?!?
Front 0599 KoboldAshigaru
Kobold AshigaruKobold
These Kobolds are willing to travel long distances for their mighty master if there is a Great War. They will acquire and distribute Great War tickets for the strong warriors. They want to make sure that many can participate. They become melancholy and weak if there is little competition on the battlefield. Please, give them a quick pet and take notice...
Front 0600 Seiji
【Sentinel of the Holy Land】SeijiSacred Demon Lord / Demihuman
The merciful Seiji will often take care of opponents that other generals cannot handle. In this advanced form he uses the “Power of the Holy Land”. He converts the hopes, prayers, songs, and chants of magical beings and common folk in sacred lands into a form of empryean energy. He can spread this out amongst his allies. He is a dedicated protector - his spells and blessings create a divine defense that protects those that stay within it. The opponents that try to take him down are destined to fail. In a way, any land that he guards is sacred.
Front 0601 Kugime&amp;Aifu
【Gloomy Gals at War】Kugime & AifuNine Lives Demon Princess with Nine Ethereal Eyes & Adelheid / Demon Princess of Decay (Both Evolved Demihumans)
Kugime and Aifu haven’t had a chance to fight in as many battles as many of the other Eight Demon Generals. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t have a tremendous effect on the battles themselves. Kugime fires laser- like beams from her eyes - dispatching foes caught in Seiji’s divine barrier. Meanwhile Aifu intimidates foes into surrender with her horrifying powers. If the enemy refuses to give up, Aifu may unleash noxious ultratoxins that are unknown in this world. Kugime prefers to dispatch enemies in an instant with deadly, pinpoint eye blasts that pierce through armor and flesh. Even if the battle is going poorly, Seiji can heal these two shy maidens... as long as they stay close together. Given their growing friendship - these gloomy gals are likely to coordinate and communicate with ease.
Front 0602 Supesei&amp;Burasato
【Dancers in Ecstasy】Supesei & BurasatoBlood Sword Empress & Starlight Spirit Queen (Both Evolved Demihumans)
Supesei and Burasato love to battle together against enemy alliances and teams. For they know that their bond is stronger than those of enemies brought together by convenience. For Supesei and Burasato, their pair dances are satisfying martial arts. They summon icy meteors and telekinetically manipulate blood swords with each motion. They step, sway, and twist as if they are in a trance. If they miss, it may be because they want to prolong the battle. In the chaos of war, they get to express desires that they usually suppress. Who knew that sorcery could be so stress-relieving? These onis know dances of ecstasy.
Front 0603 Kanami
【Phantom Bride】KanamiIce Blood True Vampire / Transcendent Species
At the June Bride festival, Kanami wears an outfit that contrasts with her other possible form. Her violet dress is almost somber. She looks like a bewitching phantom in the tranquil candlelight of a house of worship. She is willing to follow her betrothed until death - and even beyond! For now she stands still, stunningly beautiful in the silence.
Front 0604 Felicia&amp;Alma
【Two Blossoming Brides】Felicia & AlmaHumans
At the June Bride festival, the Cooking Sisters each wear unique dresses. They smile as they talk about fashion, flowers, and the changing weather. It’s nice for them to get a break from talking about recipes and cleaning. Meanwhile two little oni rascals watch over them from the bushes with smiles.
Front 0605 SpinelFean
【Graceful Bride】Spinel FeanHuman
Spinel stands out at the June Bride festival with her intoxicating blue dress. Its deep color and mermaid line look incredibly fitting on her. A certain oni couldn’t stop turning their head. She blushed gleefully at the attention. She also prepared for the occasion by taking a break from her glasses.
Front 0606 FifiAyn
【Smile in the Sweet Rain】Fifi AynElf
It is said that she is the strongest of the “Four Symbolic Heroes”of Sternbild. This young elf was outside when it started to rain heavily. She did not feel uncomfortable. She took cover under leaves in the trees and calmly made a “Teru Teru Bozu” - a charm that is said to keep the rain away. After hanging it up she relaxed on the branch of a huge tree. She telepathically communicated with it and created a head rest. She smelled that delightful, sweet ozone smell. She felt the joy of the plants around her as they soaked up the dew. Suddenly there was a break in the deluge. Rays of sunlight shone through the clouds and tree cover. She was content with her green plant friends. A cute little frog admirer croaks from a nearby branch - he’s in love!
Front 0607 ShayMcCool
【For the Princess!】Shay McCoolHuman
The princess was frustrated. She couldn’t go out to amuse herself while it rained. Her dutiful (and somewhat whipped) knight Shay McCool came up with a radical solution. He would dress up like a full-size “Teru Teru Bozu” to ward off the rain. He grabbed some spare white bed sheets, made a hooded costume, and volunteered. But he didn’t expect the princess to bring a thick rope! She tied the rope into knots to make a harness. Shay hung from a tree branch for hours. She drank tea and watched with cruel delight from the window. As Shay spun a frog hopped onto his hood. The froggy chirped with sympathy. Suddenly the rain died down for a moment. Rubiria ran outside excitedly - and slipped into a puddle. Shay tried to hold back his laughter. He chuckled and blushed while the frog giggled with a “ribbit”.
Front 0608 JantunaNa
【Fun in the Storm】Jantuna NaHuman
Usually armed with machetes and a bow, this young lady is a wild barbarian. Jantuna is a supporting character in the Earth Hero’s psalms. She wears a brand new raincoat over her colorful bikini-like tribal outfit. She is in good spirits as she strolls through the heavy rain. She uses a huge, fallen leaf like an umbrella. She loves the pitter-patter sounds of raindrops around her feet - as well as the sensation of water trickling down her body. She beams as a yellow lady frog joins her and playfully jumps.
Front 0609 Aporou
【Honorable Detective】AporouApostle Lord / Previously Extinct Species
Aporou takes on the role of detective in order to investigate the various goblin‐related burglaries that have been taking place recently. He takes a break from trying to focus on his raw power ‐ and instead returns to intellectual pursuits. He looks handsome as he examines clues. One could say that he himself is a suspect in the robbery of female bystanders and witnesses’ hearts.
Front 0610 Supesei
【Ingenious Private Eye】SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman Variant
Supesei overheard that Aporou was going to be a detective. Being a bookish type, she decided to join in herself. Aporou may get all of the attention and fame. But Supesei often finds the key clues. To her the intrinsic reward of solving the crime is the most satisfying aspect of criminal investigation. The infamous goblin burglars may not know who their true nemesis was. Still, her brainy look catches the eye of ladies who admire both her career and pretty figure.
Front 0611 Rubiria
【Inept Inspector】RubiriaHuman
Rubiria overheard that Aporou will investigate the Elusive Goblin Burglars. She was reading detective novels in the rain recently and figured that she had enough knowledge to tackle real crimes. She used royal funds and influence to secure a position as an inspector for the state. Aporou was worried about her safety. He gave her many tools... she’s not sure how to use all of them. Well, Shay can lug them around for her. Rubiria searches high & low, knocking things off of tables at crime scenes and getting stuck in narrow spaces. Her clumsiness helps her to find clues ‐ although she claims that it’s all intentional.
Front 0615 GoblinBurglar
Goblin BurglarGoblin
This goblin carries out burglaries and robberies in the name of the Hobgoblin King. Sometimes the burglar just transports the goods. Other times the burglar just distracts or engages in a minor theft. But the burglar can be sloppy and leave traces of its activities. The Hobgoblin King encourages them to burn evidence, hide their tracks, and wash their hands. Such are the ways of the Elusive Goblin Burglars.
Front 0616 HobgoblinKingBandit
Hobgoblin King BanditHobgoblin
Recent rumour suggests that the mysterious kingpin of the Elusive Goblin Burglars is an unusually crafty hobgoblin. This figure has been drinking Awakening Elixirs and other tonics. Aporou and other detectives hear that these elixirs have been hoarded. The authorities post wanted signs. Meanwhile the bandits counter with extortion through letters and notices. Whoever the leader is, he or she is literate and charismatic.
Front 0612 MustariaIgnatos
【NEET Dragon】Mustaria IgnatosBlaze Mother Empress Dragon
After battling in the labyrinth with a certain black oni and an entire mercenary group full of powerful beings, the raging heat turned everything into smoldering charcoal. She injured several of the oni’s party. If not for the sheer number of advanced warriors, Mustaria might have won. Mustaria herself changed colors after facing the “Otherworldly Labyrinth Plundering Force”. After respawning, this dragon had to recognize the oni as a deity of the labyrinth. She was waiting around to be summoned. But she grew bored. She had creatures fetch her snacks, drinks, books, and other entertaining objects. She enjoyed her lazy days. She says, “If you work, then you’ll lose”. She lazily guards the labyrinth again.
Front 0613 Fuuki&amp;Netsuki
【Fierce Firestorm】Fuuki & NetsukiTempest Demon Lady & Blaze Demon Lord / Demihumans
These two were originally grouped with the Phantom Demon in the slave army of the Kirika Empire. However for various reasons including powers and personality, these two found that they worked best as a pair. So they usually go into battle as a duo. They polished their skills with the help of a certain oni. They are offensive powerhouses and excellent additions to any mercenary group. Fuuki is confident and clever. Netsuki has good intution and spirit.
Front 0614 GaldraEbra
Galdra EbraImpervious Blaze Monkey
Long ago he was a member of the slave army of the Kirika Demon Empire. He is known for his impervious hide and three tails. Even Aporou recognized that he is a superior type of monkey-man - an “Impervious Blaze Monkey”. Ovarou nicknamed him “Monkey Boss” as he taunted opponents from the high ground, saying “I’m ready! Come on!” On the fourth day of the “Hell Week, ” he emerged from the underworld (a Naraka) and challenged a group using the “Sweltering Heat” and “Tree Leaf” mixed lineage to repulse Asue’s “Cave Decoys”. Imperviousness is relative, though.
Front 0617 Ramura
【Shooting Stars】RamuraThunder Dragonewt / Variant
She ties tanzaku onto bamboo leaves as a decoration. It is said that wishes are sent to the sky - to be fulfilled by the power of the stars. She wears a fantastic dress inspired by the Milky Way Galaxy. She looks up - perhaps she can summon the power of the cosmos! Solar storms and meteoric EMPs are at her disposal. Though she’s more familiar with the electric side of things. But while she looks up to pray and summon - the men forget about the festival. They are captivated by her style. The stars glittery and twinkle in the night. A solar storm is on its way.
Front 0618 SumeragiKaede
【Ally of the Stars】Sumeragi KaedeHuman
Kaede relucantly accepted the role of Orihime, encouraged by a black oni. She hated the clothes and responsibilities at first. But she came to like the loose and free feeling of the outfit. And she felt an unexpected energy after reading others wishes. The Tanabata twilight will truly be magical with her on the stars’ side.
Front 0619 MailFailoRheinfall
【Star Greeter】Mail Failo RheinfallHigh Elf
She was invited to the Star Festival by a certain black oni. She dedicates dances to the stars. With each movement she entices the celestial spirits to accept the wishes of the realms’ tanzaku. The clouds are blown by a summer wind. A cool breeze refreshes all. Her samba heals - and she even summons a comet. Everyone is amazed - some even shed a tear… moved by the beauty of it all.
Front 0620 Burasato
【Thrash Metal】BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Mistress of Shred / Demihuman / Variant
When Burasato heard that a rock festival would be held, she knew that her talents would be useful. Ovarou knew that she had mastered her crimson guitar and promised to award her with lots of fresh blood if she played. ’Sato loves festivals anyway - so she accepted his offer. Later she went up on stage. Her tension was at its peak. She was read to strum and shred until she reached her rocking climax during a final guitar solo. The audience loves her poses and bravado. She smiled when she saw Supesei in the cheering crowd.
Front 0621 Therese
【Wave Riding Keyboardist】ThereseHuman / Lady of Synth
There was a notice from the black demon the rock festival needed a keyboardist. Knowing that she was one of the few who could play, he got others to practically force her to volunteer. But despite her lack of enthusiasm, she can tap and pound the keys of her enchanted synthesizer with supreme skill. She is used to being admired on the battlefield - not in a concert. Her cheeks turned rose red. Despite her embarrassment, the crowd happily grooves on her tunes.
Front 0622 Vivian
【Aqua Diva】VivianSpiritual Creature / Supernatural Vocalist
Her voice and the words of her songs are empowered by the spirits of a pure lake. The black demon invited her to be the vocalist at the rock concert. She wasn’t used to the material but tried various experiments with her voice during rehearsal. She can howl, shriek, and even growl like a metal vocalist while still carrying a tune. Her outfit has more of a punk look to it, though. The audience really loves her performance. Maybe she can do this kind of concert again?
Front 0623 Ovarou
【Shark Scale Exoskeleton】 OvarouVajrayaksa Overlord / Living Deity
Ovarou took out a Shark Headed Bolt Wyrm in in the divine dungeon of the “Plunge Basin of Clear Water”. He acquired an exoskeleton “Placoid Scale Armor of the Lightning Shark Dragon”. Without hesitation he wore it immediately and continued on through the dungeon. He was amazed at how quickly he moved through the waters. Suddenly he understood how the creatures of the sea felt. Ovarou admired the spectacle as he swam through the water like a swimming dancer.
Front 0624 Rubellia
【Wolf of the Waters】RubelliaHuman
Everyone in the mercenary group felt the heat ― including Rubiria. She went to the sea to cool off and enjoy leisure. She discovered a glorious monster in the seas. Without much hesistation, she plunged into the water and chased it, hoping for a fresh bite. Perhaps only Ovarou could compete with her when it comes to hunting ferocity. But if she catches it - she has to think about how to get it back to the dinner table...
Front 0625 Emily
【Underwater Treasure Hunter】EmilyHuman
Everyone in the mercenary group felt the heat ― including Emily. She went to the sea to cool off and enjoy leisure. She used special diving equipment so that she could go underwater to hunt for pearls, gemstones, and rare earth minerals. She discovered a bright glow at the bottom of the ocean floor. What she found was so huge that it wouldn’t fit into one hand. She marveled at the beauty of the pearl and smiled with wonder and amusement. She wondered what equipment it could be used with.
Front 0626 Inza
【Beach Maid】InzaGolden Fairy Maid / Demihuman
This fairy maid emerged from a house in a tree of souls. Inza is not a fan of hot weather. In order to distract herself, she traveled with a certain hero to have fun by the sea. There she continued her maid work - lighting fires with magic to cook food in a beachside hut. She has shaved ice, ice cream, fish, grilled seafood on a stick, watermelon, and cold drinks. Inza calls her friends - refreshments are ready. But if foes come, they might get confused by her hospitality. She can make her treats medicinal if needed - making intruders useless in battle as they are euphorically stupefied by her spices.
Front 0627 Ceres&amp;Cheroaito
【Wild Girls in the Sand】Ceres and CheroaitoWind-Sensing Rabbit & Swift Wind Cat
They were collecting materials in the woods near a craggy mountain early in the morning. But Ceres sensed a change of weather with her ears. Cheroaito agreed to go to the beach with her. They found the perfect swimsuits. After putting them on, they traveled to the beach. They ate Inza’s treats and played in the sand and waves. Ceres made a sandcastle. It was so huge, that it was like a natural fortress. Cheroaito was proud of her achievement - she tackled Ceres and purred. Luckily, Cheroaito isn’t her literal prey. After some festive wrestling, they practiced defense techniques from the sandcastle.
Front 0628 Clelia
【Marine Enchantress】CleliaHuman
Clelia accompanied her friends to the beach. She had been making a lot of progress with her studies by the house in the great tree of souls. But for a change of pace she wore a revealing swimsuit. Suddenly her ivory skin was visible... She brought along an sun umbrella to block the hot light and relaxed on an inflatable raft floating on the waves. She thought of ways to conjure magic from the waters around her. Certain boys were enchanted by her dainty looks, and squinted to get a glance from the beach.
Front 0481 Whalepidrone
Near the plunge basin of clear water, this creature resided in a deep fifth layer as a dungeon boss. Because of this, it is okay to take out this whale because it will simply respawn. It has a very powerful head and a sharp horn. It has a tough body and sharp teeth. It can shoot out powerful lightning attacks and swallow its victims whole. It can shoot out water at speeds that can warp steel.
Front 0518 ViscousUndeadLizardBoneWarrior
Viscous Undead Lizard Bone WarriorLizard Skull Worslermad
In the innermost lairs of the Plunge Basin of Clear Water dungeon lies this creature - on the tenth floor to be exact. It is violent and relentless. Its body is covered in a glowing blue slime. It is a lizardman-type skeleton monster. It can use sorcery to conjure up many slimes. It can swing its sword so fast that winds and waves come forth. Its strikes seem chaotic - but they are effective.
Front 0629 Aifu
【Salacious Summer Fantasies】AifuCorrupt Demon Princess / Demihuman Variant
Aifu wore a Gothic Lolita style yukata to the summer festival. After snacking on various treats she got tired of walking. So she sat by the riverside and took in the atmosphere. Then she noticed Aporou and Seiji in the corner of her eye. But she couldn’t see what they were up to in the dark. Her frustration turned on a mental switch in her head. She once again saw lewd delusions and imagined things happening. After all, she could only see silhouettes. She drooled a little... not noticing that her crazy neurotoxins and psychic waves were only getting stronger.
Front 0630 Hazuki
【Summer Festival Chow Down】HazukiTigergirl
To return a favor to a certain mercenary group she went along to a summer festival. She went to many food stalls at the fair and tried out lots of snacks. Everything on a stick! Desserts with different colors and sizes! How tasty! Hazuki felt stronger. She had an almost military spirit as she bounced along the path to the taiko drums’ beats with fair food in her paws.
Front 0631 Akitainu
【Loyal Pyrotechnician Dog】AkitainuKobold General
A former leader of a kobold clan who pledged allegiance to a certain black oni. He is responsible for launching the fireworks at the autumn festival. His kobold friends set up the launch tubes and various shells. He commands them to launch at various times. After finishing his work, he goes to enjoy the after party with friends and cuties... wagging his tail along the way.
Front 0635 Supesei
SupeseiStarlight Spirit Queen / Demihuman / Transcendent
Together with her friends she charts a course towards a continent full of the unknown. Supesei put on new and different outfit in preparation. Recently she was even more withdrawn than usual. Her research of cosmic magics required intense study and freedom from distractions. Looking for a place to test out her new spells, she made a request to Grandes the Merchant of Death. For many days she reigned supreme like a true Starlight Spirit Queen with Burasato at her side in an arena. In the last days of the tournament their power threatened to demolish the arena itself! After restraining herself, she looked forward the journey ahead. Despite her stoic smile, Supesei is concerned about her discovery of such a strong force from the cosmos.
Front 0636 BlackOrcaAdmiral
Black Orca AdmiralGreat Admiral Who Conquered the Black Seas / Unique Evolution
The “Great Admiral Who Conquered the Black Seas” is actually a being who went through an existence evolution after being a fish-headed hybrid beast and dungeon boss from an “Anblassem Pontus-Type” dungeon. He steers a huge ship that a certain black demon and friends take across the seas towards The Dark Continent. He is very good at plotting a short and smooth course. According to rumors, he is great at dueling with a cutlass.
Front 0637 Shamatos
ShamatosDevout Fanatic & Prophet / Mysterious Werelioness
In a Divine Dungeon, an underworld organization known as “Mushram Janna” dominates. And one sect called the “Arm of the Gods’ Protection” seems to control Mushram Janna. The leader of this group is a mysterious, petite werelioness. After Parabellum took control of the Arm of the Gods, she was allowed to stay in charge as a manager. She is responsible, zealous, and a little moody. She dislikes glaring strangers.
Front 0638 Hermit
【Oni Slayer】HermitHuman
A good friend and mentor of the Hero of Light, this “Hermit” lives at the root of a spirit tree of the Belgaard Yggdrasil type. He is destined to leave his life of solitude and training to seek the challenge of the World Enemy of Gluttony in a Holy War. He can rip the heart out of that oni with his bare hands. Lou is a master of martial arts who can focus spirits of light into strikes. He dodges and leaps nimbly.
Front 0639 Luke
【Dazzling Seraph】LukeHuman
Luke is destined to fight alongside the Hermit in a Holy War against the World Enemy of Gluttony. He carries a spear of empyreal origin called “The Exalted Six-Bladed Lance of Victory”. He flies fast, avoiding the oni attacks and counterattacking with countless rays of piercing light magic from the spear blades as he stabs his opponents. He is determined to save his friends, this time...
Front 0640 Corail
【Inner Boundary Guardian】CorailHuman
Kind and selfless: she is a close friend of Luke. She is destined to fight in a Holy War against the World Enemy of Gluttony. She works with The Hermit and Luke to wear down the enemy. She is the life line of the party. Although targeted first, her defensive powers can keep her alive. She protects her friends with shooting stars of light. Her field blocks the oni assaults. But how long can she hold up her barrier?
Front 0641 Foxtail
【Vixen of the Scarlet Moon】FoxtailNine-Tailed Fox Queen / Potential World Enemy
The formidable Foxtail has an innocent pastime - moon viewing. She specifically loves the red moon. She pines to it while drinking sake - she wants an endless supply of blood. Her desires are never totally fulfilled. Her greed cannot be satisfied. Onlookers themselves would be intoxicated just looking at the stunning beauty of this dangerous goddess.
Front 0642 Esslin
【Mochi Pounding Rabbit】EsslinFomor
This young Fomor has a big sister who is also an Empress. Esslin wants to make dumplings - then can relax and enjoy some family time with her normally intense sister. She trained in the art of mochi making. Esslin may look cute - but she has very powerful arms and is unexpectedly pro at mochi-making. The Empress had to keep the Fomor guards from neglecting their duties - everyone wanted to see Esslin pound those cakes.
Front 0643 Artunel
【Autumn Night Chaperone】ArtunelHuman
This brave imperial heroine is refined - but famously a tomboy. She changed into a pale kimono. Artunel is like a messenger from the moon who is carrying tsukimi dango as if it where a moon man’s party. Her figure illuminated in the moon- light is truly mysterious. She fascinates both men & women.
Front 0644 Burasato
BurasatoBlood Raid Empress / Transcendent Variant
On the new continent she will fight alongside Supesei in a great stadium shown to her by the Death Merchant Grandes. She didn’t intend to grieviously injure her enemies. But those who faced her were shocked by her ecstatic wrath. She doesn’t want to get bored fighting and shows an amazing ruby-winged form with new techniques as she enjoys time with ’Sei. Her new skills & gear shake the stadium.
Front 0645 Stulka
【Sandstorm Emperor】StulkaDark High Elf
He is the desert lord of the area where Mushram Janna is based. He is an elder dark high elf king with smoky gray hair and ashen- brown skin. He uses a scimitar and can summon beasts like the Blood Sand Naga and Blood Sand Great Scorpion to fight beside him. They are like pets to him and tame in his presence.
Front 0646 Neftia
【Sea Sand Princess】NeftiaHuman
She is the spouse of the 【Sandstorm Star】. This ravishing lady and a newborn baby boy were the only ones spared when the five tribes of the underworld were merged into a single family. Almost all others were killed. She has amazing survival skills and creativity in addition to her charming persona.
Front 0647 Ramura
【Voluptuous Vampire】RamuraThunder Dragonewt
Ramura wears a winged costume prepared by divine demons. She plays the role of a “Halloween Vampire”. She relaxes leisurely with a glass full of some mysterious red drink. Ramura looks gorgeous in the moonlight - even more so than usual. Some males in the mercenary group hoped that she’d suck their blood - but she has her own plans…
Front 0648 Rubiria
【Black Cat in the Path】RubiriaHuman
The princess of Rubiria was invited to the Halloween party. She wears a black cat costume. She carries the protection of Deity of Observation. She finds weak points with telepathy. She can prick and scratch with her claws. Rubiria can obtain so many sweets with her cuteness - how will Shay carry them all?
Front 0649 SpinelFean
【Sagacious Witch】SpinelHuman
Miss Alchemist is dressed up as usual with a sophisticated look on Halloween. But isn’t she just a real witch in a way? She is a little shy in her black dress. Nicola has a cute black devil outfit. Spinel’s crescent staff entertains Nicola as it glows. Rou will be escorting them as they trick-or-treat through town.
Front 0650 JackO’Lantern
【Pumpkin Princess】Jack O’LanternJack O’Lantern
This monster suddenly came out to play on Halloween. She is a weird and mystic pumpkin girl. This may be the existence evolution of a pumpkin-headed being. She was able to level up after acquiring enough sweets. Some love tricks - others have their heads!!! “Muaha-HAHAHA!”
Front 0651 GhostPrincess
【Candy Lover】Ghost PrincessHalloween Ghost
This pretty-yet-creepy monster came out of nowhere on a haunted night. She loves sweets and may suddenly rob others from any direction. She seems innocent but has a dark side. Avoid her chilling touch that haunts her opponent’s soul…
Front 0652 Lionel
【Beast King】LionelGolden Lionman & King of Estgrand / Demihuman
The Estgrand Beast Kingdom is his domain. Golden battle power surges through his entire body. His blood flows faster and his muscles tighten. He has been through many life & death struggles. His training and skills have prepared him for a great battle - perhaps a “Holy War”. Many will respect Lionel’s grit, strength, and dynamism.
Front 0653 Chichiluta
ChichilutaLightning Leopard Fang-General / Leopard Beastman
Chichiluta is the second of the Fang Generals of the Estgrand Beast Kingdom. He is a Leopard Beastman. He has an extremely free personality, so it is a good thing that he is giving orders. He doesn’t like battle plans that are too coordinated. He may be destined to fight Asue in the Holy War. He is good at surviving.
Front 0654 Brawnu
BrawnuRed Boar Fang General / Boar Beastgirl
Brawnu serves the Beast King as the 10th Fang General. She is a Boar Beastgirl. Unlike most of the other generals - she has a petite figure. And yet her muscles give her enough strength to deftly wield a large axe. She can be somewhat spontaneous and confuse her friends with her tactics. It is easy to underestimate her. Brawnu loves to go with the flow.
Front 0655 Kugime
KugimeKugionihime / Variant
On the new continent - she works with Seiji and helps to guard his clinic. Trespassers can barely make it through their perimeter before they are cut down both physically and mentally by the rays of her all-seeing divine eyes. Kugime then relaxes peacefully; knowing that she has wiped out the hostiles. She has reached a new level of consciousness. She enjoys the silence.
Front 0656 Aifu
AifuAdelheid / New Species
Aifu starts to spread her obsessions like a religion while working with Seiji on the Dark Continent. Aifu guards Seiji’s clinic. Whenever trespassers come, they soon disappear. The side streets are covered with the fragrance of delusion. Who is ordering these raids? She doesn’t know. But any hostiles may go mad if they face Aifu’s wrath. The almighty power of atrophy arrives…
Front 0657 Grandes
GrandesMorbid Skull of the Sands / Death Merchant
Grandes manufactures a variety of dangerous medicines and items. He controls the trade of magic equipment as well. He is the head of the “Death Merchants”. It is the richest of the five main organizations on the Dark Continent. They seek quality and quantity alike. Burasato and Supesei have established a good relationship with him - they are his friendly business partners.
Front 0658 Indiha
【Slaughtering Fist Empress】IndihaFomor
This Fomor Empress is only known to outsiders through rumors and fantastic stories. She will often sit quietly in cover - waiting to ambush her prey. Her penetrating power is so strong that she can smash them from a distance with her giant fists. Any opponent should be proud if they see her stand - but no one has survived to tell such a simple tale. Take a good look…
Front 0659 ViolettaRapture
【Eternal Domination】Violetta RaptureFiend
Despite her power - at first she lived a virtuous and quiet life. But then she discovered what others truly wanted. The realms would change from that moment on. Violetta became the “World Enemy of Lust”. She even seduced a wise white dragon. An entire continent was consumed with desire and mayhem. The effects and influence of her dominance are still felt there 2000 years later - today. What if she could return to this dimension?
Front 0660 AlrichTinAgba
Alrich Tin AgbaHuman
One of the Four Symbolic Heroes of Sternbild. She is the Dark Hero. Her colleagues are skilled at tracking and ambushing. They have had practical training with the black oni. He trained them to improve their team attacks. Alrich is known to be obsessed with those who have divine blessings, like her queen.
Front 0661 Oniwaka
【Cheerful Demon Boy】OniwakaHigh Ogre / Demihuman
Oniwaka joined the autumn event to celebrate the growth of children. He has a joyful spirit this year and runs around in his noisy clogs. Yet he is more agile than ever. He can use the Sugary Two-Sword Style and carries candy weapons in each hand. He moves around swiftly, like a child of the wind.
Front 0662 Auro
【Precious Onihime】AuroHalf Demihuman / Ogre Mixblood
Auro celebrated the growth of the children and prayed for the health of her friends at an autumn event. She has cute clothes and is adored by all. After the rituals were finished, she played with a ball. Then she got a little bored and ran up to hug her parents with an innocent and irresistable smile. Even Ovarou cannot resist her requests for new toys!
Front 0663 Argento
【Oni Lad in the Fog】ArgentoHalf Demihuman / Ogre Mixblood
Argento came to the autumn event with his parents to pray for the health and growth of children like himself & his friends. But he wandered away from his parents on the way home. He was lost. He desperately searched for his parents. Argento tried not to cry & felt his inner courage & power. He found out later that it was a test of courage from Ovarou.
Front 0670 CrimsonBear
Crimson BearCrimson Bear
Rumored to be the Existence Evolution of a Red Bear. It is covered in a brilliant flame that turns projectiles to ash and melts weapons before they can do damage. Because of this incredible flame, elemental attacks also seem ineffective. It is a calm forager until provoked into a rage. The black oni may have stopped one before. Its relationship with the Red Bear is unknown.