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Day 61-70

With E, Mi and Sato Ranking Up into a Half Earth Lord, Dhampir and Half Blood Lord respectively, as well as many of the Goblins Ranking Up into Hobgoblins, plus a new contingent of Kobolds, the community's strength has grown exponentially. Furthermore, Emery Furado, Spinel Fean, Felicia Timiano and Alma Timiano all gained new jobs, which helped improved weapon production and the lifestyle of the community. What more, Kichi had confessed to E, and the two are currently going out with each other. With all the improvements in the group and even more new abilities, Rou chooses to debut his mercenary guild, Parabellum, with a surprise attack on the invading Human army.

Launching successful assaults not once, but twice, Parabellum came out of both battles with no casualties and many new slaves, while Rou himself gained dozens of new abilities, as well as a new mistress, the female knight Therese East Eckermann.

Day 71-80

After the last assault on the invading army, Rou gained the loyalty of the powerful knight, Steel Crowback. He learnt that the reason the Sternbild Kingdom and the Kirika Empire started this war, other than to gain some new Elven slaves and to secure the Kuuderun Great Forest for both resources and as a relay point, was to obtain an elixir that could save the dying princess of the Kingdom (who was wedded to the Empire's prince). The Elves possessed this, but refused to give it to the Humans. As the battles continue, Rou, who has gained the trust of Elf Father, was given the elixir. Rou drank it, turning his blood into the elixir. Despite the growth of his troops and the abilities gained, on day 80 Rou decided to end the war by infiltrating the enemies side during the battle and personally deliver some of the elixir to the prince.

Despite all the fighting, Parabellum still had time to relax though, thanks to Asue who had excavated a hot spring.

Day 81-90

Thanks to Rou, the armies withdrew from the forest, and though Parabellum received some casualties during the final battle, it was more than made up for with the slaves, experience, information and abilities gained from the war. Rou decided to send some of the Human slaves back as spies in order to gain new information. Furthermore, some of the Empire's slaves (which included various Monsters) whom Parabellum had freed had decided to stay with the guild, though many had chosen to return home.

After organizing the guild so as to accommodate the new applicants and "disciplining" the more rebellious ones, Rou prepares some expeditions to leave the forest and gain some experience. He also created a hot spring resort, with the Elves currently being the main customers. Rou then leaves the forest to the city of Tridentine with a party consisting of Mi, Rubellia Walline, Kumajirou, Kurosaburou, a Flame Lord, a Gale Lord and an Illusion Lord, as well as Emery Furado, Spinel Fean and Felicia and Alma Timiano, the latter four being pregnant with his children.


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