Icon Monster Gameplay


Just reborn into a goblin, the weakest of monsters!?

Battle along with companions and rise to become the strongest monster!

◆An RPG where the weakest goblin can overthrow kings◆

A new type of RPG where you hunt and eat enemies to become stronger!

Hunt enemies. Be hunted. Insane hunts. Starting as the weakest goblin, aim to be the strongest!

◆Full-scale real-time battles you can enjoy at your fingertips◆

Enemies loom from all sides!

The ability to lead your companions to victory at your fingertips!

The placement of your companions is the key to victory!

◆Are those you hunted your friends? Or are they food? ◆

Allow enemies to join your ranks, or make their power yours with the「Ingestion ability(Absorb)」!

Make your own strongest party!

◆Overflowing with many unique characters!◆

With「EvolutionRank Up)」characters can evolve into surprising appearances!


Re:Monster: Goblin Reincarnation is a strategy game. Players, along with a party of up to five units, will defend a 3×3 board area (5x5 on some stages) from monster's attack while trying to defeat all the monsters. Players can only move within these tiles while the enemies approach you from different directions. You lose if the player unit dies or the time runs out.


Units are deployed on the battlefield, along with the Main Character, they assist in the clearing success of all stages. Unlike the Main Character, units act on their own. The color of the tile where it is placed on the field will determine which of its skills the unit will use.


Equipments are a type of items that can permanently enhance the stats of a unit as long as this unit uses it.


Ability required by units to evolve to higher tier evolution, each units have different requirement. For Main Character, by gained ability also learned some skill that can be used in battle. Main Character can obtain ability by consuming various stuff: like Units, Equipments, and Materials.

Icon Monster Characters 


The protagonist takes a role similar to Rou and progresses through a story that parallels his. The player takes control of the protagonist unit of the game.


Akane 「あかね」is your guide through most of the storyline and main individual with which dialogue occurs.

Icon Monster Menu 


Home is the first screen player faced when they get into the game. All of game main feature can be accessed from here. Home default wallpaper is the cave where your unit located. The decoration of the cave will be changed occasionally when there is an ongoing event.

In the center will be displayed carousel of player units. Player level and experience can be found at the top left of the screen, along with current stamina. Several game currencies located at the top right side, like Gold, Food, and Spirit Crystals. At the center top is an interface to go to Great War menu. At right side, player can access Item Box, Mission list, Royal Capital Shop, Game news page, Friend list, and Other. Menu at the bottom is the main feature that player will be accessed the most, like going to Hunt, Gacha Page, Player Info, Unit List, Squad Formation, and Village.

Home interface

Information Icon Help


Hunting can be done in different types of stage. Hunting yield experience for units and also drop different types of goods: from gold, construction materials, food, various materials, equipments, and units. Hunting need some amount of stamina depends on stage of hunt.


Gacha is a function to summon a new Units. It call for the souls, copy them and then reincarnate them into this world as a new existence.


Village contain several Facilities. They have diverse functionality, from produce experience for units, store gold and food, increase units posession limit, increase allies limit, and others.

Great War

Great War is a recurrent event that lasts several days in Re:Monster in which you spend Great War Tickets to battle other players armies in order to gain several rewards according to your battle performance.

The Tower

The Tower is a game mode where player can organize up to nine units in a formation to challenge waves of enemies. Unlike traditional game mode, instead of using Skill, here players able to take action directly in battle. Each evolution variant has different skill that can be used in battle.
Now this gamemode is no longer available as it was replaced by Raid.

Royal Capital Shop

Royal Capital Shop is a place where player can various things like units, past materials, gacha tickets, and other items with in-game shop currencies.

In dialogs

Here's a list of each and every single caracter that appears on the game cutscenes. Click on their corresponding icon to see their in-game dialogues' sprites.

Cutscenes are seen the first time the player clears an story stage or chapter, and later can be envisioned again on the Theatre Mode within the game options.

Icon 0552 Akane Icon 0110 Gobujii Icon 0034 Minokichi Icon 0029 Kanami Icon 0030 Asue
Icon 0036 Supesei Icon 0038 Burasato Icon 0041 Seiji Icon 0044 Gurufu Icon 0047 Dodome
Icon 0025 DorianeDuboué Icon 0026 RubelliaWalline Icon 0168 SpinelFean Icon 0165 FeliciaTimiano Icon 0166 AlmaTimiano
Icon 0167 EmilyFurado Icon 0093 MailFailoRheinfall Icon 0101 EssebaFailoRheinfall Icon 0067 Rubiria Icon 0070 ShayMcCool
Icon 0831 Hisui Icon 0302 Ovarou Icon 0677 Minokichi Icon 0696 Kanami Icon 0678 Asue
Icon 0635 Supesei Icon 0644 Burasato Icon 0664 Seiji Icon 0656 Aifu Icon 0655 Kugime
Icon 0767 Earth Icon 0883 Kuro Icon 0881 Fimbul Icon 0885 Rei Icon 0882 Hotaru
Icon 0900 Azurossa