The Red Bear (レッドベアー) was a Hind Bear - Variant. It was once considered the undisputed strongest Monster in the Kuuderun Great Forest before Rou was born and killed it on Day 34.


The Red Bear resembles the Hind Bear, though is much bigger. Incidentally a Hind Bear in turn resembles a real world grizzly bear, but with grey fur. Probably due to its blessing from the God of Fire, the Red Bear has blood red fur.


Rou encountered the Red Bear while he was alone hunting in the forest. Rou realized that he might not be able to defeat it but decided to fight anyway.


The Red Bear is an incredibly powerful being, once considered the strongest Monster in the Kuuderun Great Forest. Possessing the Demigod of Fire's Divine Protection it had high defenses, capable of resisting all elements, with complete immunity to fire, as well as the ability to blow fire from its mouth. It was extremely intimidating, capable of stopping another persons breath if they made eye contact with it. Its hide is also very tough, having a defense that tops nearly any other beast in the forest.

Acquired abilities

  • Peerless Heavy Strike
  • Intimidation of the Strong
  • Lord of Mountain's Piercing Roar
  • Intimidating Glare
  • All Elemental Resistance
  • Lord of Mountain's Stout Hide
  • Lord of Mountain's Strong, Supple Muscle
  • Consecutive Raging Strikes
  • Tyranny of the Beast King
  • Demigod of Fire's Divine Protection
  • Complete Fire Resistance

Through acquiring the ability [Exoskeleton] by eating a Rhinoceros Beetle Day 65, Rou's clothes made from the Red Bear's fur became one of his exoskeletons: [Red Bear Beast King’s Prestige].



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