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Rou, formerly Tomokui Kanata, was a human with an Esper ability. One day, he was killed by Kirimine Aoi, a childhood friend who became his stalker. Later, he wakes up only to find himself reincarnated as a Goblin, a Monster Species considered to be of the lowest class. His memories as a Human and his original Esper ability, Absorption, remained in him. Having a second chance at life, Rou is determined to live it to the fullest.


Rou is very intelligent, having an extraordinary amount of knowledge that he retains from his previous life. He is very cunning, using Goblins as sacrificial pawns and later as underlings. The first Goblin used this way is Gobukichi, who later becomes his right hand man. Despite this, he has a kind attitude towards his Goblin underlings, helping them learn to hunt, training them, and even encouraging them with gifts when they achieve something good.

He adapts easily to every situation and condition, which can be seen from his strategies to hunt and his ability to solve every problem. He also greatly hates doing something without "righteousness", unless it is important and required to survive. An example is when he is angry and uncomfortable when he sees the female Humans that were kidnapped in the cave, and repeatedly violated in order to produce more Goblin babies.

He doesn't like going into detailed explanations, he likes his food and booze.  He's blunt and likes solving problems the easy way. At the same time, he's very intelligent (not that obvious with his speech/thought process) and actually pretty reasonable. It is shown he actually cares about those around him. It's like the concept that even if it's a tool, it should be maintained and well treated. He has a very deeply seated consistent Buddhist's version of compassion (it's closer to lay practice than the monastery version), as in, he doesn't really kill for the sake for killing, there's a purpose behind it (one aspect with the Buddha of mercy is the complete annihilation of your opponent, ie. cut him down and stomp on his skull, there's still a mural of it in Tibet.  Killing for sustenance is actually well tolerated).



As a Goblin, Rou has the size of an elementary school kid with a bald head and green skin. He looks like an average typical Goblin, except for a canine protruding out from his mouth, and having a pointed eyelids. 


When he ranked up to Hobgoblin, he became closer in appearance to a human. He looks like his old self in his teenage years, having hair growing on his head. His skin became black because he is a Rare Variant kind of Hobgoblin that was blessed by one of the oldest Gods, the Great God of Origin and Demise. 


As an Ogre, Rou's body remained black, he had unfamiliar red lines all over his body which resembled tattoos. His height was a full human arm length taller than that of an adult male (i.e. 2 meters and 50 centimeters) and he has developed 6-pack abs. His hair reached below his shoulder blades. Aside from growing longer, it has also turned gray. Lastly, two sharp horns had grown out from his forehead. When he touched them, they felt extremely hard. His genitalia has also greatly increased in size.

Apostle Lord

When he became an Apostle Lord, Rou was around 50 centimeters shorter than when he was an Ogre (i.e. approximately 2 meters) but his muscles were many times denser making him at least a dozen times stronger. His black skin is the same, but the red tattoos on his body changed to a golden color. He has 3 horns that are stronger and sharper than before. His eyes turned blood red, the same color as Dhammi's, and can read from a book from nearly fifteen meters away. His hair had grown down to his waist and is silvery gray, which Spinel Fean had tied into a ponytail with golden thread. He also has 5 "Demon Orbs" buried in his chest, elbows, and both knees. the color was a mixture of black, red, and gold.

Vajrayaksa Overlord

A bit taller than the Apostle Lord and instead of three horns he now have five which are also thicker. They have sharp edges and are slightly curved, extending as if they were trying to pierce the sky. It looks almost like a crown. His hair color became silver white and remained at the same length. Also his eyes color turned gold. Have another set of arms (now have four) the two new arms are located near the shoulder, just below the armpit. There are Demon Orbs in the center of his chest, in his four elbows and four hands, both knees, in his navel, and in both sides of his shoulders.

Enhanced Human

They are espers that scientifically engineered too be stronger so they survive longer, meaning they look human but other than their esper abilities they are inhumanly strong, fast, etc.

True Fallen Dark Goblin King(Demon King)

The body that was an enhanced human became a goblin. The hair on my head is gone and has become a sleek, bald head with a luxurious crown on it. The crown is vaguely connected to a part of me, perhaps a type of bio-armor. I took out a mirror and looked at my face, and while it retains my previous appearance, the details have changed. It's probably like my appearance was applied to the goblin and changed. Even the mechanical arm that touches my face has changed, and the color is slightly black. It doesn't change in brilliance, strength, or functionality, even though the length seems to have been adjusted to fit my shrunken physique, but it's more integrated than ever before. Then there's one knee length loincloth on the lower half of my body, similar to what a Buddha statue wears. This is also like a bio-armor, smooth to the touch like silk, yet very sturdy. The design is also vaguely elegant. On such a loincloth there was also a string to hang the black dagger that was lying around my hand when I woke up. This black short-horn sword seems to be part of a biological weapon, and like the Vermillion Spear, it fits well in my hand.

Darkflame Demonic Royal - Great Hobgoblin King • Fallen Species(Great Demon King)

On my head, I have silvery hair that reaches to my shoulders, and the crown I wear has become more luxurious. The crown, with its magic-absorbing abilities, had many additional features that I could feel firsthand, but I would leave that aside for the moment. My small stature has grown significantly, to about 180 centimeters. I' ve grown all at once, but I can move with the same feeling I had when I was an enhanced human, so I fit in well with just light exercise. Both of his mechanical arms have become more muscular and his movements have become more agile. My pecs are bigger, my abs are six-pack, and my legs are thicker. His muscle mass seemed to be increasing visibly, and he could feel it when he exerted himself lightly or moved. The knee-length loincloth that wrapped my lower body, like that worn by Buddha statues, had improved in quality and became softer and smoother than before. In addition to furry parts of the gray wolf in some places, a black belt with head decorations similar to those of the gray wolf has been added. Could it be that it has taken in the ash-silver wolf? Since I didn't even know how the gray wolf itself was born, it wouldn't be strange if it had become one with me and become a biological armor after this incident. In fact, I haven't been able to confirm the appearance of the gray wolf since I woke up. And just like the situation that seems to have taken in the gray wolf, the 【Gear of Fire Beast Group】 also seems to have become a part of me. When I turn my face back, I see a black flaming flame - let's call it a black flame halo - floating on the back. The black flame halo burns around a six-pointed star that looks like a gear, and if you put magic power into it, it burns fiercely and seems to be able to create black demon beasts called "black flame demon beasts" from it.

Rank Up

Race Species Name Day
Goblin Goburou (ゴブ朗) Day 1
Hobgoblin Variant Goburou (ゴブ朗) Day 13
Ogre Rare Variant Ogarou (オガ朗) Day 34
Apostle Lord Extinct Species Aporou (アポ朗) Day 107
Vajrayaksa Overlord Vizra Species (現神種) Ovarou (オバ朗) Day 245
Enhanced human (He has the appearance of his previous human form) Tomokui Kanata Day 471
Dark Goblin King Fallen Species Day 529


List of Equipment

  • Nagi: a halberd he got from the Orc Leader. After his fight against the Red Bear it was broken. After Emery repaired it, it became a magic halberd:
    • The axe head is the feature of the halberd, it is made of an alloy produced by combining water spirit stone, wrought iron and mithril. Because a water spirit stone is mixed, water gushes out when it is shaken.
    • The spearhead was made out of an alloy of spirit stone, wrought iron, and mithril just like the axe head. The spirit stone that was used was a lightning spirit stone that gives off lightning. When thrust at high speed, it can fire a bolt of lightning from the tip, hitting distant enemies with an electric attack.
    • The pick on the opposite side from the axe head was likewise made from a similar alloy, the spirit stone used was fire spirit stone. Fire came roaring out from the place where the pick pierced.
    • The butt end on the other side from the blade part was a tetrahedral polished earth spirit stone, stabbing the enemy with it becomes easier.
    • Later, Day 333, it was again repaired and upgraded by Emery using the 【Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King】. It's now an Ancient Rank item.
  • Airgeatlámh
  • Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazıklı Bey)
  • 【Fury of the Haughty King (Beowulf)】
  • 【Giant’s Long-Lasting Carving Knife】
  • 【Demon’s Smithing Hammer】
  • 【Vesper's Outer Shell: Octorp】
  • 【Cursed Four-pronged Water Spear ・ Fish Fin】
  • 【Lesser Dragon Shark’s Placoid Lightning Scales】
  • Black Spear Leading to Demise(Gediheruda)
  • Black Spear Leading to Origin(Kasutiheruda)

Sacred Treasures

  • Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol】given to Avenger
  • Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis
  • Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water God ( Anklet Riam)】Eaten
  • Mason Tool of Stone Statue God ( Nomead Caster)】Eaten
  • Pruning shears of Rose God ( Blau Roper Scissor)】 Eaten
  • Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God(Ignatos Forna)】given to Ji
  • Steering Wheel of Ship God(Paradise Haldora)
  • Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ( Tongue Glare Potter)
  • Food Ingredients of Cooking (COOKING.ÖZEL)
  • Spirit Seal Mask of Disguise ( PERUDIOSE.MASQUARADE)】given to Akitainu
  • Spirit Snake Sword of Torus(ROUBOROS.SU.ZELINAS)】given to Rubellia Walline
  • Spirit Pitch Flute of Demon Bird(GARDEENA.FLUTE)】given to Auro
  • Spirit Nook Axe of Sand Ox(NOUSTOFF.RABIUS)】given to Toro
  • Spirit Fang Sword of Wolf(URFAROS)】given to Netsuki
  • Spirit Spindle of Decapitating Thread ( Spanda Spindle)
  • Spirit Abacus of Easy Money ( Akusoron)
  • Spirit Cane of Madness ( Kulty Olnen)
  • Spirit Seedling Club of Poisonous Mushroom ( Vermash Scrub)
  • Spirit Mirror Club of Resonance ( Yuzown Misla)
  • Spirit Boots of Strong Legs ( Borghasty)
  • Spirit Gauntlet of Explosion ( Blast Duster)
  • Spirit Navigator of Quest ( Querist· Perth)
  • Spirit Prayer Robe of Quest ( Femless Asdith)
  • Spirit Construction Cane of Steel shell ( Golstremus Diosnas)
  • Spirit Watering Pot of Good Harvest ( Splista Jouriro)
  • Spirit Omentum Pot of Flying Fish ( Fifla Nest)
  • Soul Voice of Heavenly Voice God ( Heavenly Mic)
  • Soul Irradiation Device of Love God ( Love Undrow)
  • Soul Summoning Sword of Dark Cloud God ( Brasscreed)
  • Spirit Summoning Cane of Hail Rain God ( Hiuslit Belluisla)
  • Spirit World Canes of Great God of Imperial Birth( Sephirostea Zecurios)
  • Soul Shield of The Boundary God(Bordanto)
  • Spirit Sword of Cleave Judgment God(Cleavernt)
  • 【multicolorfin rainbowfish Harumanto-Anru~uo Noriyuki hunting God】
  • Tampering Soul Club of Numerical Formula ( Avorga Muffel)】Eaten
  • 【star 読神 Koretamashi crystal clione Le THIS arc】
  • Soul Original Book of Origin ( Buraiosu Noriyuki Shosatsu God)
  • Magical God Nuclear Shell ( Qliophostorra End)】 given to Mi
  • Beast God Vigorous Soul Body ( Vils Folgha)】given to Kichi

Equipment Gallery

Demon Generals

  • Kichi (Same Generation & Right Hand Man)
  • Mi (Same Generation & Wife)
  • E (Same Generation)
  • Sato (Older Generation)
  • Sei (Older Generation)
  • Ji (Same Generation)
  • Fu (Same Generation)
  • Me (Same Generation)



  • Eldest child and first daughter: Auro (Mother: Felicia Timiano)
  • Second child and eldest son: Argento (Mother: Alma Timiano)
  • Third child and second son: Oniwaka (Mother: Emery Furado)
  • Fourth child and second daughter: Nicola (Mother: Spinel Fean)
  • Fifth child and third daughter: Opushii (Mother: Rubellia Walline)


  • Gobujii (Wise Old Goblin, and his Advisor. Deceased)


Please Note this Page is a work in progress and will continue to be adjusted as the web novel is translated.

The abilities can be classified into 3 types

  • Obtained by clearing conditions of the world
  • Acquired by Absorption ability of Rou
  • Acquired by Synthesis ability of Rou

This page has an account of Rou's abilities acquired up till day 260 organized by when and how obtained and by type with description.

 Till day 260 number of abilities are -
 433   Abilities acquired by Absorption.
 53   Abilities acquired by Synthesis. 
 150   Abilities made obsolete by Synthesis

List of Abilities (Organized by day obtained)

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Inherent (from birth)
  • Absorption
  • Goblin Language
  • Night Vision
  • Precocious
Day 1-10
  • Day 5
Obtained from consuming Horn Rabbit:
  • Day 8
Note: Ak subs mistranslated (manga) the first ability from this day. The raw in no way referenced the growth of armor shells.
Obtained from consuming Armored Tanukis' shells:
  • Shell Defense
Obtained from consuming Night Vipers:
  • Thermography
  • Venom
  • Poison Resistance
  • Sense Presence
  • Evil Eye
Day 11-20
  • Day 11
Obtained from consuming Seven Colored Bats:
  • Echolocation
  • Pump up
  • Vampirephilia
  • Day 13
Obtained from consuming the Orc:
  • Libido
  • Orc Language
  • Appraisal
Obtained while sleeping via [ Evolution (Rank Up) ]:
  • [ The Divine Protection of [ The Great God governing the ≪Origin and Demise≫ ] ]
  • Day 15
Obtained from consuming Kobolds:
  • Kobold Language
  • Predict
Obtained from consuming [ Fire Spirit Stones] :
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Day 17
Obtained from consuming Humans:
  • Human Language
  • Continental Letter Deciphering
  • Mental Mapping
  • Job-Magician
  • Job-Light Swordsman
  • Job-Druid
  • Job-Craftsman
  • Day 19
Obtained from consuming weapons:
  • Improved Slashing Power
  • Improved Piercing Power
Day 21-30
  • Day 22
Obtained from consuming Green Slime:
  • Physical Damage Reduction
  • Self-Body Fluid Property Manipulation
  • Organic Matter Control
Obtained from consuming Kobold Mage:
  • Internal Mana Control
  • Magician's Knowledge
  • Intimidating Roar
Obtained from consuming Kobold Mage's staff:
  • Mana Operation
Obtained from consuming [Water Spirit Stones] :
  • Hydro Hand
  • Aqua Resistance
Obtained from consuming [ Thunder Spirit Stones ]:
  • Electromaster
  • Lightning Resistance
Obtained from consuming [ Fire Spirit Stones ]:
  • Flame Resistance
Obtained from consuming Armored Tanukis and Night Vipers:
  • Endure
  • Evil Eye Resistance
  • Day 24
Obtained from consuming Demon Spiders:
  • Spider Thread Creation
  • Thread Wielding Arts
Obtained from consuming Orc:
  • Stench
  • Day 25
Obtained from consuming Black Wolves and Black Wolf Leader:
  • Pack Leadership
  • Pack Hunting Proficiency
  • Steel Hide
  • Day 26
Obtained from consuming Orcs and The Orc Leader:
  • Rallying Cry
  • Improved Digestion
  • Halberd Proficiency
Obtained from consuming [ Wind Spirit Stones ]:
  • Aero Master
  • Storm Resistance
Obtained from consuming [ Earth Spirit Stones ]:
  • Earth Control
  • Earth Resistance
Day 31-40
  • Day 32
Obtained by consuming Triple Horned Horses:
  • Armored Scale Charge
  • Scaled Horse’s Neigh
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Enhanced Leg Strength
  • Improved Charging Power
  • Triple Stab
  • Day 33
Obtained from consuming Demon Spider:
  • Expanded Field of Vision
Obtained from consuming Triple Horned Horse:
  • Armored Scale Formation
  • Strong Body
Obtained by consuming Green Slime:
  • Metamorphosis
  • Day 34
Obtained by consuming Red Bear:
  • Peerless Heavy Strike
  • Intimidation of the Strong
  • Day 35
Obtained by consuming Red Bear:
  • Lord of the Mountain’s Piercing Roar
  • Intimidating Glare
  • All Elemental Resistance
  • Lord of the Mountain's Stout Hide
  • Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles
  • Consecutive Raging Strikes
  • Tyranny of the Beast King
  • The [ Demigod of Fire ]'s Divine Protection
  • Complete Flame Resistance
  • Day 37
Obtained by consuming Human Adventurers:
  • Job-Assassin
  • Job-Crusader
  • Job-Guardian
  • Job-High Wizard
  • Job-Priest
  • Job-Enchanter
  • Quick Thinking
  • Parallel Thinking
  • Riding
  • Anti-magic
  • Shortened Incantation
  • Chivalry
  • Intuition
  • Conceal Presence
  • The [Demigod of Compassion]’s Divine Protection
  • The [Demigod of War]’s Divine Protection
Obtained from consuming Human Adventurers Items:
  • Conceal Self-Status
  • Item Box
Obtained from consuming Carbuncle:
  • Golden Rule
Day 41-50
  • Day 41
Obtained from consuming Argiopes:
  • Golden Thread Creation
  • Adamantine Spider's Strong Carapace
Granted by the Dryad, Doriane Duboué:
  • [The Mistletoe's Dryad]'s Love and Blessing
Obtained from consuming Green Lizards:
  • Aquatic
  • Lizardman Language
  • Day 45
Obtained from consuming Grey Slimes:
  • Physical Damage Resistance
  • Self-Replication
  • Infused Liquid Restoration
  • Day 47
Obtained by consuming an Elf loyal to The Clan Chief Candidate:
  • Elf Language
Obtained by eating Elves that lost mock battle:
  • Inhabitant of the Forest
  • Elemental (Spirit User)
  • Archery Proficiency
  • Tracking
  • Hiding
Obtained by eating Idiot Elf Leader:
  • Overcharge
  • Discount
  • Day 50
Obtained before sleeping through the world's laws:
  • Kin of ■■■
Day 51-60
  • Day 52
Obtained from consuming Elves:
  • Luck
  • Doom
  • Day 53
Obtained from consuming Human kidnappers:
  • Job-Secret Force
  • Job-Monster Tamer
  • Job-Vorpal Punisher
  • Job-Hermit
  • Identify State
  • Bribe
  • Unlock
  • Release Trap
  • Sense Trap
  • Sense Enemy
  • Improved Assassination Rate
  • Hidden Weapon Mastery
  • Humanbane
  • Vorpal Strike
  • Aura Slash
  • Back Attack
  • Needleshot
  • Throw
  • Severe Pain Resistance
  • Charm Resistance
  • Assassination Resistance
  • Day 59
Obtained from consuming Kobolds:
  • Mountaineering
Obtained from consuming Red Deers:
  • Wild Horn Dance
  • Red Crystal’s Tone
  • Day 60
Obtained from consuming Skeletons:
  • Slashing Resistance
  • Piercing Resistance
  • Weakness to Sunlight
  • Weakess to Blunt Strikes
  • Critical Hits Nullification (Only in the Web Novel)
  • Tireless
  • Bone Union
  • Joint Magic
  • Equipment Materialization
  • Evil Miasma of Life
  • Magic Power Absorption
  • Negative Status Effects Nullification
  • Cold Attack Nullification
  • Thunder Attack Nullification
  • Acid Damage Resistance
  • Weakness to Light Damage
  • Weakness to Holy Damage
  • Weakness to Fire Damage
  • Anaerobic
Obtained from consuming Greater Skeleton:
  • Lesser Summoning: Undead
  • Greater Equipment Materialization
  • Negative Energy
  • Lesser Damage Reduction
  • Lesser Magic Damage Reduction
Obtained from consuming Slave Collars from the belongings of the Adventurers he killed in Velvet's dungeon:
  • Enslave
Day 61-70
  • Day 65
Obtained from consuming Stamp Boars, Poison Mantises, Rhinoceros Beetles, Argiopes, Demon Spiders, Messenger Locusts and Yellow Monkeys:
  • Molt
  • Elytron Generation
  • End Edge
  • Silent Kill
  • Horn Blow
  • Dissonance
  • Improved Jumping Power
  • Strong Vitality
  • Wrought Iron Shell Armor
  • Surging Combat Instinct
  • Weakness to Cold
Obtained from eating Rhinoceros Beetle:
  • Exoskeleton
Acquired from unknowingly eating horsehair worm(s) that had infected a Poison Mantis that he ate:
  • Parasite
Obtained from consuming Stamp Boars:
  • Reckless Charge
  • Tail Attack
  • Day 68
Obtained from consuming Human soldiers
  • Brave heart
  • Trip
  • Army Leadership
  • Job-Commander
  • Job-Heavy Swordsman
  • Job-Minstrel
  • Speed Reading
  • Job-Strategist
  • Smithing
  • Improved Evasion Rate
  • Large Spin Slash
  • Cross Slash
  • Hard Qigong
  • Soft Qigong
  • Job-Spearman
  • Job-Slave
  • Job-Farmer
  • Job-Monk
  • Unilateral Sense of Justice
  • Pure Faith
  • Blind Faith
  • Chain-Soul
  • Job-Heavy Warrior
  • Job-Light Warrior
  • Day 70
Obtained from consuming Human soldiers:
  • Job-Sorcerer
  • Job-Shielder
  • Job-Sentinel
  • Shield Bash
  • Combat Technique Aptitude
  • Sword Proficiency
  • Guard Proficiency
  • Job-Archer
  • Job-Hunter
  • Job-Item Creator
  • Shield Wall
  • Greater Tool Appraisal
Day 71-80
  • Day 74
Obtained from consuming Human soldiers:
  • Continuous Thrust
  • Helmet Splitter
  • Stab
  • Armor Pierce
  • Sword Storm Dance
  • Sneaking
  • Attack Force
  • Job-Ranger
  • Job-Supply Soldier
Obtained from consuming the elixir of Dark green Demigod:
  • High Speed Regeneration
  • Blood Elixir
  • Day 78
Obtained from consuming Human soldiers:
  • Wind Blade
  • Wind Storm
  • Inhibit Regeneration
  • Recognition Interference
  • Uppercut
  • Heavy Slash
  • Warrior's Lineage
  • Knight's Lineage
  • Job - Dual Swordsman
  • Job - Axe Lord
  • Job - Spear Lord
  • Survival Instinct
  • Familicide
  • Enhanced Arm Strength
  • Hawk Eye
  • Job - Berserker
  • Chickenhearted
  • Job - Grappler
  • Full Knowledge of Martial Arts
  • Flying Slash
  • Crescent Flash
  • Hundred Blossoms of A Thousand Spears
  • Rush
  • Heavy Axe Attack
  • Create Trap
Obtained from consuming Old Knight :
  • Grand Cross
  • Job - Master Swordsman
  • Job - Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Scale Formation
  • Cursed Wound
  • Day 80
Obtained from consuming Chimera:
  • Synthesis
  • Chaos of Death (Only in the Light Novel)
Day 81-90
  • Day 82
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Armored Dragon Scale Formation = Dragon Scale Formation + Armored Scale Formation
  • Ephemeral Eye = Predict + Expanded Field of Vision
  • Black Ogre's Strong Body = Pump Up + Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles + Enhanced Physical Strength + Enhanced Leg Strength + Improved Jumping Power
  • Black Ogre's Roar = Intimidating Roar + Scaled Horse's Neigh
  • Black Ogre's Evil Eye = Evil Eye + Intimidating Glare
  • Lesser Physical and Magical Damage Reduction = Lesser Damage Reduction + Lesser Magic Damage Reduction
  • Unhealing Cursed Wound = Inhibit Regeneration + Cursed Wound
  • Extreme Sunlight Vulnerability = Vulnerable to Light Damage + Vulnerable to Sunlight (in the manga)
  • Day 85
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Solid Armored Dragon Scales = Armored Scale Charge + Armored Dragon Scale Formation
  • Improved Slashing Penetration = Improved Slashing Power + Improved Piercing Power
  • Faster Parallel Thinking = Quick Thinking + Parallel Thinking
  • Day 87 (Day 90 in the manga)
Obtained by eating Light Precision Stone and The Seminal Stone of Darkness
  • Photon Ruler
  • Photon Tolerance
  • Gravity Law
  • Darkness Tolerance
Day 91-100
  • Day 91
Obtained by eating cosmetic ring magic item
  • Shapeshift
  • Day 92
Obtained by eating Boruforus
  • Rhinoceros Bone Body Armor
  • Desensitizing
Obtained from eating Turtle Snakes
  • Shell Retreat
  • Dormant
  • Day 93
Obtained by eating Falaise Eagles
  • Panic Voice
  • Wing Growth
  • High-Speed Flight Knowledge
  • Wind Reading
  • Paralysis Claw
  • Paralysis Resistance
Obtained by eating Jade Eagle
  • Feather Arrow
  • Predator of the Sky
  • Divine Protection of the Storm God
  • Complete Storm Resistance
  • Adamantine Claw
  • Sonic Flight
  • Day 98
Obtained by eating Thief Organization thugs
  • Job-Thief
  • Silent Stab
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Day 99
Obtained through consuming Thief Organization members
  • Spider Yarn Web
  • Poison Smoke Bomb
  • Wiretapping
  • Kidnap
Day 101-110
  • Day 103
Obtained by eating Red Lizard, Guriforundo, Kelpie, Ness Frog, Iwakamekaeru, Silent Mosquito, Shell Grasshopper
  • Epidemic Scatter
  • Disease Carrier
  • Burning Claw
  • Refractory Mucus Secretion
  • Plague Infection
  • Hard-Head
  • Head-Butt
  • Silent Flight
  • Intimidation Vulnerability
  • Variable Temperature Weakness
Obtained from eating Crystal Crocodile
  • Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide
  • Crystal Crocodile's Sharp Fangs
  • Predator of the Water
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Death Voice = Dissonance + Panic Voice
  • Indestructible Castle Shell = Shell Defense + Shell Retreat + Adamantine Spider's Strong Carapace
  • Recognition Difficulty = Conceal Presence + Recognition Obstruction + Sneaking
  • Berserker Mode = Surging Combat Instinct + Survival Instinct
  • Day 104
Obtained from eating Kelpie, Boruforu, Blade Rabbits and Horn Rabbits
  • Water Battle Formation
  • Blade Bone Generation
  • Tough Skin
  • Sharp Horn Generation
  • Day 107
Obtained from eating Four Armed Bear
  • Bristle Guard
Obtained from eating the Giant King and Formori
  • Deadly Evil Eye
  • Overkill
  • Giant King's Supreme Strike
  • Giant King's Dignity
  • Giant King's Wisdom
  • Giant King's Flesh and Blood
  • Giant King's Body
  • Vitality of the Mysterious Giant
  • Giant's Iron Hammer
  • Giant Killing
  • Aspect of the Giants
  • Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya)
  • Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)
  • Complete Aqua Resistance
  • Complete Lightning Resistance
  • Complete Evil Eye Resistance
  • Complete Earth Resistance
  • Region Ruler
  • Tyranny of the King
  • Lesser Summoning: Giant
  • Language of the Giants
Obtained from eating White Stag's Antlers
  • Protection of the ■ Beast
  • Beloved child of ■■■
Obtained from Rank-Up
  • Leader of the Demon's Gathering
  • Acceptance of the Demon's Gathering
  • Wrath of Heaven
  • Fate Plunder
  • Destiny of a great Mythological Figure {Black Eclipse Demon}
  • Special ability ■■■■] remains locked {Conditions not met}
  • Special ability ■■■■] remains locked {Conditions not met}
Day 111-120
  • Day 111
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Pandemic Black Apostle = Disease Carrier + Plague Infection + Epidemic Scatter
  • Blazing Adamantine Paralysis Claw = Paralysis Claw + Burning Claw + Adamantine Claw
  • Phased Radar Array = Thermography + Echolocation + Sense Presence + Sense Trap + Sense Enemy
  • Day 112
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Sense Area = Hawk Eye + Wind Reading + Ephemeral Eye
  • Day 114
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Black Demon's Charge = Improved Charging Power + Reckless Charge
  • Black Demon's Dignity = Intimidation of the Strong + Giant King's Dignity
  • Sharp Bone Blade Generation = Bone Blade Generation + Sharp Horn Generation
  • Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor = Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide + Tough Skin + Steel Hide
  • Day 116
Gained upon first fighting Sigurd Ace Sven
  • Heresy Nemesis
  • Day 119
Obtained upon eating Black Formorians
  • Heightened Stamina
  • Ultra Recovery
  • Demon Slaying
  • Physical Attack Enhancement
  • Heavy Blow Dance
  • Big Game Slaying
  • Armor Collapse
  • Luck Reduction
Day 121-130
  • Day 121
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Indestructable Armored Castle Shell = Wrought Iron Shell Armor + Indestructible Castle Shell
  • Hyper Speed Regeneration = Rapid Recovery + High Speed Regeneration + Strong Vitality + Vitality of the Mysterious Giant
  • Demon Army Tyrant = Familicide + Demon Slaying
  • Black Demon's Roar = Lord of the Mountain’s Piercing Roar + Black Ogre's Roar
  • Illogical Adamantine Strength = Bristle Guard + Strong Body + Lord of the Mountain's Stout Hide + Giant King's Flesh and Blood + Giant King's Body + Black Ogre's Strong Body
  • Day 122
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Echoing Arms of the Thunderstorm (Nuhualpilli) = Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya) + Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)
  • Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing = Peerless Heavy Strike + Consecutive Raging Strikes + Wild Dance of Heavy Blows
  • Grand Cross Smash = Grand Cross + Cross Slash
  • Silent Pierce = Silent Stab + Stab + Armor Pierce
  • Storm Wind Smash = Storm Wind + Slicing Wind
  • Heavy Aura Slash = Aura Slash + Heavy Slash
  • Day 123
Obtained from consuming Black Skeleton Horse Soldiers
  • Soul Eater
  • Stench Tolerance
  • Black Undead Knight's Cloth
  • Black Bone Army Commander
  • Aspect of an Undead Knight
Day 131-140
  • Day 131
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Flying Crescent Flash = Crescent Flash + Flying Slash
  • Day 139
Obtained through consuming Humans Assassins and Explosive Magic Items
  • Burst
  • Human Bomb
Day 141-150
  • Day 142
Obtained through consuming Quake Hammer Gründ
  • Earth Shaking Hammer
  • Giant’s Bloodline
Obtained through completing “Frontier Psalm” [Hammer Cyclops] by Clearing Conditions: [Solo Kill], [Flawless Victory] and [Continuous Living Predation]
  • Three Steps of Destruction
  • One Who Eats the Living
  • Day 144
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Heavy Axe Helmet Splitter = Helmet Splitter + Heavy Axe Attack
  • Light Sword Warrior = Light Warrior + Light Swordsman
  • Day 148
Obtained through consuming the Jadar Wyvern Leader
  • Wyvern Scale Formation
Day 151-160
  • Day 152
Obtained through consuming the Jadar Wyvern Leader
  • Wyvern Eye
  • Day 153
Obtained through consuming Bearbee
  • Beekeeper
  • Bee Sting
  • Day 157
Obtained through consuming Jadar Wyvern
  • Wyvern’s Roar
  • Day 158
Obtained through consuming a Lion Beastman, a Gillman, a Dragonewt, and a human leader of a mercenary group
  • Flame Leo
  • High-speed Swimming
  • True Dragon’s Martial Arts
  • Spirit Refinement Technique
Obtained through consuming the Otherworlder who was a Magic Gun User
  • Job – Magic Gun User
  • Divinely-Forged Form of the Otherworlder
Day 161-170
  • Day 162
Obtained through completing “Frontier Psalm” [Vesper Octorp] by Clearing Conditions: [Solo Kill], [Time Limit] and [Parts Destruction]
  • One Who Captures and Devours
  • Vesper Slayer
  • Day 163
Obtained through completing “Frontier Psalm” [Vesper Octorp] by Clearing Conditions: [Solo Kill], [Time Limit] and [One Hit Kill]
  • Master Vesper Exterminator
  • Day 166
Obtained through consuming High Octorps
  • Tentacle Creation
  • Lorenzini Organ
  • Shell of Hard Dense Chitin
  • Sharpened Shark Skin
  • Improved Cutting Power
  • Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided
Day 171-180
  • Day 172
Obtained through consuming Black Ghosts and Purple Ghosts
  • Ghost's Touch
  • Black Ghost's Touch
  • Purple Ghost's Touch
  • Ghost Cry
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Ghost's Cursed Palm - Wraith Touch = Ghost's Touch + Black Ghost's Touch + Purple Ghost's Touch
  • Day 176
Obtained through consuming Dragon Meatball Chimera
  • Chaotic Ghost
Obtained through consuming Jadar Wyvern
  • Flesh Wyvern's Wail
Obtaned through consuming fallen soldiers
  • Demigod of Dancing’s Divine Protection
  • Demigod of Shaping’s Divine Protection
Day 181-190
  • Day 181
Obtained through eating Gobujii
  • Old Goblin's Wisdom
Day 191-200
  • Day 198
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor = Wyvern Scale Formation + Solid Armored Dragon Scales + Shell of Hard Dense Chitin + Sharpened Shark Skin + Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor
  • Day 199
Obtained through eating Iolite Elementals
  • Purple-Blue Iolite Liquid
Obtained through eating Water Anacondas
  • Lubricant Body Fluids
  • Water Seeking Snake
  • Day 200
Obtained through defeating mini boss Warpidron with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Water Pulse
Obtained through eating Warpidron
  • Carrying Lightning Horn
  • Whale's Whistle Voice
  • Battle Cry
Day 201-210
  • Day 201
Obtained through eating Metal Scaled Giant Flounder
  • Gill Breathing
Obtained through eating War Helmet Octopus
  • Suction Cup Generation
Obtained through eating Trap Spirit Moray
  • Assault
Obtained through eating Deadly Jellyfish
  • Slow Floating
Obtained through eating Blue Armored-Tail Shrimp
  • Blue Shrimp's Steel Shell
Obtained through defeating mini boss Skull Lizard: War Salamander with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Water Arm of War
Obtained through eating Skull Lizard: War Salamander
  • Symbiotic
  • Acrobatic Sword Dance
  • Parallel Use (aka Parallel Casting)
  • Day 202
Obtained through defeating mini boss King Crab ・ Crysora with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Crystalline Resonance
  • Day 203
Obtained through eating King Crab ・ Crysora
  • Corrosive Bubble Breath
  • Crystalline Wave Vibration
  • Pressurized Thunder Cannon
Obtained through defeating mini boss Vortex Armored Turtle with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Sinker
  • Day 204
Obtained through defeating mini boss Dominaria・Gillman Lord Rider with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Skilled Water Beast Rider
  • Day 205
Obtained through defeating mini boss Grief Charybdis with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Maelstrom Grief
  • Day 206
Obtained through eating Dominaria・Gillman Lord Rider
  • Hard Scales Generation
  • Intermediate Summoning: Fishman
Obtained through eating Vortex Armored Turtle
  • Erupting Thorn Generation
  • Shell Generation
  • Multiple Shells
Obtained through defeating mini boss Aquarium ・ Ball Golem with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Underwater Stalker
  • Day 207
Obtained through defeating mini boss Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Master Medium Water Control
  • Day 208
Obtained through defeating mini boss Red Gemini Nuns with clearing condition [Solo Kill]
  • Hot Water Flow
  • Day 210
Obtained through defeating boss Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm with clearing conditions: [Solo Kill]
  • Lord of Water Spirits
Day 211-230
  • Day 219
Obtained through eating Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi
  • Parasite Injection
  • Beast Corpse Control
  • Blood Eating Beast
Day 231-240
  • Day 232
Obtained through eating Grief Charybdis, Aquarium Golem Ball and Red Gemini Nuns
  • Great Whirlpool of Disastrous Waters
  • Wail of Sorrow
  • Effective Terrain: Water
  • Emergency Retreat
  • High Compression
  • Hard Sphere
  • Bright Red Arms of Boiling
  • Duplicate Existence
  • Reconstruct Existence
  • Day 234
Obtained through eating Lava Dungeon Army Fish
  • Traverse Lava
  • Day 235
Obtained through eating Volcanic Ape General
  • Earth-Shaking Wrecking Staff
  • Herculean Strength
  • Body of Flames
  • Day 236
Obtained through eating Lava Ammonite Sapendia
  • Predisposition to Seclusion
  • Lava Stealth
  • Snake Tentacle Banquet
  • Day 239
Obtained through eating Golden Heffalump and Volcanic Blue Orc King
  • Swine Lord
  • Penetrating Physical Damage
  • Greater Summoning: Demonkin
  • Elephant Hits Slave
  • Body of Giant Elephant
  • Happy Elephant Wealth
Day 241-250
  • Day 241
Obtained through eating Devilish Blue Flame Trent
  • Plant Control
Obtained through eating Taurus Demon Lord, "Adadia", and Taurus Demons
  • Hellfire
  • Aspect of a Demon
  • Soul Hunting Scythe
  • Lesser Summoning: Fiend
  • Intermediate Summoning: Fiend
  • Greater Summoning: Fiend
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Summon: Archfiend = Lesser Summoning: Fiend + Intermediate Summoning: Fiend + Greater Summoning: Fiend
  • Emergency Escape = Escape + Emergency Retreat
  • Black Demon King's Mad Advance = Black Demon's Charge + Elephant's Roar
  • Great Slash Penetration Enhancement = Improved Cutting Power + Increase Stabbing Force
  • Blood Vampire = Vampirephilia + Blood Eater Beast
  • Dance Song Sword Storm = Storm Sword Dance + Acrobatics Sword Dance
  • Death-dealing Roar (Desperado) = Black Demon's Roar + Wyvern's Roar + Flesh Wyvern's Wail + Ghost Cry + Voice of Death
  • Day 242
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Divine Destruction of the Black Demon = Giant King's Supreme Strike + Giant's Iron Hammer + Armor Collapse + Overkill + Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing + Pressurized Thunder Cannon
  • Violent Trampling Power of the Black Demon = Unreasonable Adamantine Strength + Berserker Mode + Heightened Stamina + Body of Giant Elephant + Herculean Strength + Rhinoceros Bone Body Armor
  • All Creation = Pyrokinesis + Hydro Hand + Electromaster + Aero Master + Earth Control + Plant Control + Photon Ruler + Gravity Law + Elemental (spirit user)
  • Bright Arms of the Thunderstorm (Ignatil) = Echoing Arms of the Thunderstorm (Nuhualpilli) + Bright Red Arms of Boiling
  • Sizzling Cursed Wounds = Unhealing Cursed Wound + Curse Flame
  • The Ingestion of Giant Whale = Improved Digestion + The Swallow of Great Whale
  • Day 245
Unlocked upon defeating Ardour Mother Empress Dragon, "Mustaria Ignatos"
  • [Protection of the ■ Beast] -> [Protection of the Divine Beast]
Obtained upon clearing conditions for [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain] of the God’s Lost Psalms: 【Defeating the Empress】, 【Core Fusion】, and 【Feudal Lord Kill】
  • One Who Subjugates Divine Beasts
  • Flame Dragon’s Sense
Unlocked upon clearing conditions: [Demigod’s Labyrinth Conquest], and [God’s Labyrinth Conquest]
  • [Locked Special ability ■■■■] -> [Dungeon Plunder]
Skill-up obtained upon clearing condition [Living God Rank]
  • [Dungeon Plunder] -> [Dungeon Plunder – Howls of the Underworld]
Unlocked upon clearing condition: [Living God Rank]
  • [Locked Special ability ■■■■] -> [World Enemy - Insatiable Gluttony]
Day 251-260
  • Day 251
Obtained through eating 【Ardour Mother Empress Dragon, "Mustaria Ignatos"
  • Fire Nullification
  • Dragon Emperor's Explosive Roar
  • Burning Dragon Blood
  • Dragon Emperor's Inexhaustible Life Force
  • Heat Absorption
  • Lesser Summoning: Dragon
  • Intermediate Summoning: Dragon
  • Greater Summoning: Dragon
  • Chief Guard of the Dungeon
Obtained through Synthesis
  • Summon: True Dragon = Lesser Summoning: Dragon + Intermediate Summoning: Dragon + Greater Summoning: Dragon
  • Day 260
(Note: it's uncertain how the following abilities should be translated)
Obtained from eating 【Precious Core of the Divine Spirit of Spring Water, "Ankuritoriamu"】
  • Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water
  • Spring Water's Source
  • Skill Gain
  • Capacity Expansion
  • Heathen Retribution
  • Divine Power Conversion
  • Improvised Promotion
  • Form Change
  • Piercing Evil
  • Five Soul Lives
Day 261-270
  • None
Day 271-280
  • None
Day 281-290
  • Day 283
Obtained through defeating dungeon boss 【Empress Colors Blue Roses】
  • Skies Blue Roses
  • Day 289
Obtained through defeating dungeon boss 【Legendary Gambler】
  • Probability Control (Probability Oscillation)
  • Day 290
Obtained through buying skill gems from dungeon 【Funeral Gambling House
  • Unknown, just mentioned that new abilities have been gained
Day 291-300
  • Day 291
Obtained through eating 【Empress Colors Blue Roses】 and 【Black Minotaur】
  • Rose Dance
  • Empress Fragrance
  • Predisposition to Sweat
  • Rose Troops Morale Fragrance
  • Self-Defence Techniques of the Demonic Boar Knight
Day 301-310
  • Day 308
Obtained through eating 【Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings】 meals
  • Seaweed Absorption
  • High-end Seaweed Cooking
  • Made from Seaweed
  • Subspace Storage of Marine Products
Obtained as a bonus skill through defeating 【Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings】
  • Full Mastership of Seaweed Dish
Day 311-320
  • None
Day 321-330
  • None
Day 331-340
  • Day 332
By Eating【【 Sacred Treasures 】【Blau Roper Scissor】】 Rou gets
  • Pruning Shears of Rose God
  • Rose Pruner
  • Blade of Carves Life
  • Plant Suicide Attack
  • Sharpness Perpetuity
  • Weakness Insight
  • Day 334
By Eating 【【 Sacred Treasures 】【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God 】】 Rou gets
  • Mason Tool of Stone Statue God
  • Space Sculptor
  • Cut Technique of the Odd Ten Thousand
  • Sensitivity of Art
  • Rock Appraisal
Day 341-350
  • Day 350
By continuously eating knobs made of the cloned heroes, Rou gets:
  • Piece of Wisdom
  • Existence Degradation
  • Heroes Pedigree
  • Replicable Hero · Replica
Day 351-360
  • Day 352
By eating 【Tampering Soul Club of Numerical Formula】, Rou gets:
  • Tampering Soul Club of Numerical Formula
  • Treasure of Numerical Formula
  • Mathematical Alteration
  • Forbidden Fruit (Arbwell)
  • Transient Phantom Dream
  • God's Love Mathematical Formula Irma Vel Usu
  • Eggs of Numerology
  • Day 358
By using his ability synthesis:
  • Black Octopus Bubble Acid for Evasion = Black Octopus Ink for Evasion + Acid Bubble Breath
  • Fireproof Viscous Blue Fluid = Fireproof Mucus Secretion + Potable Violet-Blue Fluid Iolite Liquid
  • Unbreakable Armor of the Demon God = Black Immortal Knight Garment・Black Knight Cross of Immortality Group + Blue Shrimp Steel Shell + Unbreakable Armor Shell + Multiple Shells
Day 361-370
  • None
Day 371-380
  • Day 375
By eating Hyulton the 【Demon Emperor】:
  • Lord of the Empire
  • Summoning(hell lords)
  • Contract Skill
  • One who watches a Different World
  • Legend of Magical Spirits
  • Day 378
By eating the Beast King Lionel the [Beast King] :
  • Golden Lion King Armor
  • Lion King's Roar
  • Muon Lion King
  • Conquest of Beast King
Day 381-390
  • None
Day 391-400
  • None
Day 401-410
  • Day 405
By eating the Dungeon boss [Purunto-Nekujeto] :
  • Crown Giver
Day 461-470
  • Day 465
By clearing Sydney Poem [Lost British Hero: Lava Noriyuki Gabrielo Gus]:
  • rare skill [Discoverer]
  • Day 469
  • state anomaly nullification/Longevity
  • Day 470
  • special skill : Major of Activation



Day 471-480
  • Day 471
  • non-standard abilities:
  • Overgrowth
  • Transcendence
  • Demigod Manifestation
  • Divine Guidance
  • Maximum Absorption
  • Divine Eater of Origin
:* Ability learned: 
  • Treasure King's Altar
  • Possessing Stone of the Four Elements
  • Ancient Stacked Secret Stone
  • Day 477
  • Magic Repair
  • Vanrefour Medium Magic Furnace
  • Golem Core
  • Day 478
  • Centipede Gathering
  • Mimetic Body Shell
  • Day 480
  • Pure Diamante
  • Supreme Empress's Treasure Dian Puririan
  • Magical Gemstone
  • Magical Power Storage
Day 481-490
  • Day 483
  • Dragon Vein Mineralization
  • Attribute Strengthening Metal
  • Day 485
  • Group Body Combination
  • Blue Light Armor Scales
  • Day 487
  • Lineage of the Demon King
  • Waves of the Demon King
  • Axe Purification
  • Superlative Vitality
  • Ogre King's Blood Immunity
  • Demon King's rigid skeleton
Day 491-500
  • Day 499
  • Silver Fire Fighting
  • Spatial Killing
Day 501-510
  • Day 503
  • Magic Modification Skills
  • Engineer's Fingertips
  • Day 504
  • Demon's Purifying Stone
  • Day 509
  • Thought of Madness
  • Spark of Genius
Day 511-520
  • Day 515
  • Horn of Thunder of the Black Thunderbird
  • Thunder Hoof of the Black Thunder Bull
  • Raiden Bull
Day 521-530
  • Day 521
Simple Appraisal Glasses of Knowledge
Archangel's Holy Sword
  • Heavenly Wings of White Steel
  • White Gatekeeper
  • Wings of Ice and Fire
  • Day 523
  • Mad Wolf Beastification
  • Trinity
  • Black Gatekeeper
  • Triple Roar
  • Day 525
Heavenly Wings
  • Pterodactylism of Light and Heat
  • Source of Magic Power
  • Wing Rhythm Chanting
  • Day 526
Poisonous Scales of the Red Wall
  • Mother of Venom
  • Burning Dragon Scale
  • Ravenous Poison Recovery
  • Day 529
  • Heavenly Demon of Chaos, Edge of Harmony
  • Supreme Harmony/ Harmony Ultimate
  • Chaos Theory
Day 531-540
  • Day 531
  • Angel's Right Hand and Devil's Left Hand
  • Orphan of Chaos
  • Heavenly Emperor
  • Day 532
  • King's Demon Nakedness Life Qi Kirame-ki
  • Demon King Authority
  • Black King's Family
  • Black Goblin King's Magical Rigid Body
Day 541-550
  • Day 544
  • Tyrannical Inexhaustible Gluttony
  • King Dragon Skin of Silver Ash
Day 551-560
  • Day 552
  • Pruner of Magical Flowers
  • Host of Magical Flowers
  • Day 553
  • Enchanting Incense of the Magic Flower
  • Summon Magic Flower Cutting Shears
  • Day 554
  • Divine Punishment - Sin of Hunger
  • Day 555
  • Resistance to Hunger
  • Sin of Hunger
  • Guardian of Hunger
  • Day 558
  • Shell of the Emperor Lava Centipede
  • Day 559
  • Red Rust Curse
  • Day 560
  • Black Rust Coating
Day 561-570
  • Day 563
  • Floating Rock Tendency
  • Heat Shell of the Pyroclastic Dragon
  • Firecracker Dragon Heat Shell
  • Day 564
  • Yin Shadow Thunder Tiger
  • Juvenile Body
  • Heavy Pressure Treasure
  • Silent Scales
  • Slash, Strike, Poison
  • Destroying Peeling
  • Blocking Shell
  • Lord of Poison
  • Cursed Sword of the King of Death
  • Forbidden Truth
  • Day 566
  • One Second Void
  • Time Resistance
  • Day 567
  • Miko's Flame Gear
  • Day 568
  • Priestess of Flame Disaster
  • Gears of Time
  • Animal Disaster's Requiem Fire
  • Proof Cannon Purification
  • Fire Flight Acceleration
  • Stagnant Arson
Day 571-580
  • Day 571
  • Scorching Wool
  • Golden Gait
  • Sword Dance
  • Deep Water Soft-Sucking Shell
  • Sun of the Lion
  • Abominable Child of Woe
  • Balance of the Spirit
  • Mercury's Poisonous Tail
  • Eye of the Beast
  • Splitting Sword Horn
  • Old rampaging mouth
  • Swirling Poisonous Water
  • False Star Beast Factor
  • Day 573
  • Golden Records that Shine in History
  • Bookmark of History
  • Piece of Golden Time
  • Primordial Demon Shadow
  • Winged Ring of Heaven
  • Authority of Destruction
  • Omen of Collapse
  • Fallen God: Declaration
  • Special Skill: Rationality of Cause and Effect
  • Day 575
  • Black Flame King's Domain
  • Witness to History
  • A Needle to Weave Causality
  • Historical God's Golden Clock
  • Day 579
  • Lava Centipede Emperor's Imperial Cover Shell
  • Day 580
  • Special Skill: Insect Poison Double Cremation Mountain

List of Abilities (Organized by Type)

Due to his Absorption ability, Rou can gain abilities from objects and creatures by eating them. Since he can't have 2 of the same skill his Original skill becomes upgraded/stronger when he eats the same thing multiple times.

Later on when he Ranks up to Overlord, he gains the skill [World Enemy - Insatiable Gluttony] which is similar (though not completely identical) to his Absorption ability. Thus giving him two abilities capable of granting him benefits from eating.

Some abilities have been made obsolete due to Rou's Synthesis ability creating better versions of the abilities. Despite that, those original abilities are still listed here for both the sake of completeness and that the author has said synthesized abilities stay on Rou's list, but won't get used again on their own in the story in the future.

Permanent Abilities:

This is for any Ability which Rou can't turn off. (example: abilities gained from completing the frontier psalms)

  • Absorption: The ability to safely eat anything and have the chance to gain abilities from what you eat.
  • Ghoul plunder the characteristics and memories of people you eat.
  • ■■■ of Kins
  • Heresy Nemesis: Increases base stats only when fighting against those who also know their true name.
  • Leader of the Demon's Gathering
  • Creation: creates spells, being and abilities.
  • Sorcery
  • Wisdom: Endless divine wisdom that only some gods can have.
  • Origin:Turn targets to blood reverting them to their origin
  • Demise: Bring the demise to your enemies by turning them to dust.
  • Teleportation/Time Warp: The ability to transcend time and space to reach the location the user desire.
  • Nature/Soul Manipulation: Safeguard and manipulate nature and souls.
  • Food Chain: The user can freely copy the prototypes of the Skills of any subordinates, while also enabling the user to grant subordinates any Skills they are compatible with.
  • Acceptance of the Demon's Gathering
  • Soul World Corridor
  • Wrath of Heaven: let's the user channel divine energy.
  • Great Wisdom Sage King: is a Conceptual Intelligence that has a heartless and emotionless personality and is solely driven by purely logical computational.( Future Attack Prediction + Thought Acceleration + Analytical Appraisal + Parallel Mind + Synthesis + Seperation + Skill Modification + Creation + Wisdom )
  • Probability Manipulation/Oscillation: Allows manipulation over the proabability to turn the outcomes of events in your favor. It even has the capability to bypass perfectly calculated scenearious by manipulating the probability to 100%.
  • Fate Stealer: Becomes the divine benefactor for any character with their own psalm that decides to join Rou's group. Can control what abilities that character has unlocked.
  • Destiny of a great Mythological Figure
  • Isolation: Materials harmful or unnecessary for analysis can also be stored. They will be used to replace magic energy.
  • Three Steps of Destruction: an ability that creates shocking multi-attacks.
  • Suspended World: A time stopping ability that can be used for several minutes. For abilities that controls time, it affects every being regardless of who activates the ability.
  • Chrono Saltation: The Ultimate Super Space-Time Magic that forces the target to leap to space where time and space has ended. All kind of resistance is futile
  • Dark Nebula: Jet black chains that comes out from the users hand and seals the target's movement movement. These chains are made with dark matter that absorbs all energy.
  • One Who Eats the Living
  • Maximum Absorbtion:Thanks to Divine intervention, of Great God of Origin and Demise, user can eat and absorb anything including Divine beings and objects.
  • Overgrowth
  • Imaginary Room:An endless dimension made to isolate any and all targets.
  • Transcendence
  • God Manifestations
  • Labyrinth Creation: It allows the user to create an infinite labyrinth that you has complete control over; Inside the labyrinth, the user's subordinates are immortal. If the user gets killed, they'll disappear, but the subordinates can respawn at a set spot, there is no revival limit making the users subordinates nigh undefeatable.
  • Divine Eater of Origin
  • Divine Guidance
  • One Who Captures and Devours
  • Vesper Slayer: Improves chance of killing water creatures.
  • Master Vesper Exterminator
  • Water Pulse
  • State Anomaly nullification /Longevity: immune to all diseases, poisonous substances, and any abnormalities to your status. This buff also grants you a regenerative healing factor, which accelerates exponentially when you sleeps.
  • Water Arm of War
  • Crystalline Resonance
  • Sinker
  • Skilled Water Beast Rider: allows one to safely ride water creatures without tiring.
  • Maelstrom Grief
  • Underwater Stalker
  • Master Medium Water Control
  • Hot Water Flow
  • Lord of All Spirits
  • One Who Subjugates Divine Beasts
  • Flame Dragon’s Sense
  • Dungeon Plunder – Howls of the Underworld: grants the ability to steal ownership of conquered dungeons and changes the divine blessing affecting the dungeon to reflect the new ownership (in this case it's now Rou's Great God Blessing, so all the creatures turn black.) The owner can customize the dungeon however they want, though real world physics still apply. (So if you create a bad ceiling overhead when in a volcano then rocks or lava will fall on you.)
  • Enkidu-Chains on Heaven: one long anti-divine chain that bind gods, holding the concept “reigning over the gods, the chains grow in strength and durability the stronger the divinity.
  • Complete Dismantling: A skill that increase the drop rate from monster and allows you to take all of what the monster has that includes from memories, skills, stats, to equipment.
  • World Enemy - The Greed: uses the skill Snatch to let’s the user steal the enemies stats, skills, weapons and techniques during a fight, the bigger the battle the better.
  • World Enemy - Eternal Domination:The skill seeks out their weak spots and dominates them. The magic tendrils oscillate with dark hypnotizing energies. User’s throbbing magic power conquers others both physically and mentally. They become desperate to satisfy, and derive pleasure from defending the user.
  • World Enemy - Crawling Death: it emits A black cloud causes foes to become lethargic that spread into the realms. It caused beings to grow idle & weak until they died. Many heroes teamed up to stop the creature. The conflict took the lives of most involved & left the lands in ruin.
  • World Enemy - Pride: this a stigma in the user’s soul where the more their legend grows, the stronger and more haughty the user becomes.
  • World Enemy - Wrath: Like an uncontrolled pressured pipe, the user power steadily grows powerful and unsteady the longer they are left in their rage filled state, and so does their sanity, a truly sad downfall from man to beast.
  • World Enemy - Envy: the envy of others grow the power of your but this has to come from embarrassment of being defeated and a surplus amount of the feeling envy towards a target.
  • World Enemy - Insatiable Gluttony: Is similar to Absorption and works in tandem with it, but also the more the user eats, the faster their abilities grow, though their stomach empties faster.

(Too bad for Rou the Overlord rank-up drastically increased how much he would need to eat to trigger Absorption in the first place.)

Optional Abilities:

Instant Death

  • Deadly Evil Eye: inflicts instant death on any creature within eyesight.
  • Death-Dealing Roar (Desperado): indiscriminately inflicting death on any who hear it, even dragons. (Black Demon's Roar + Wyvern’s Roar + Flesh Wyvern's Wail + Ghost Cry + Death Voice)
  • Death Voice: chance of inflicting instant death on any who hear it. The greater the difference in level the greater the chance. (Dissonance + Panic Voice)
  • Instant Death Spell
  • Panic Voice: Allows the user to create a sound wave that will confuse their enemy/enemies. It's possible to drive those who hear this voice mad and kill them if there's a difference in strength between them and the user.


  • Black Octopus Bubble Acid that Should be Avoided: (Acid Bubble Breath + Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided)
  • Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided: an ink cloud that inflicts negative status effects.
  • Black Ogre's Evil Eye: The user's gaze obstructs the enemy's movements. When there's too much of a difference in strength, the user can completely immobilize their enemy. (Evil Eye + Intimidating Glare)
  • Black Ogre's Roar: Bombards the target(s) with sound. A loud voice that forces the enemy into a 【Shrinking】 state. The structure of the voice is simple, but the effect is powerful. (Intimidating Roar + Scaled Horse's Neigh)
  • Black Demon's Dignity: Intimidation of the Strong + Giant King's Dignity
  • Black Demon's Roar: Allows the user to release a voice that's louder than what they should be able to let out, acting like a type of attack. It's possible for the attack to inflict various negative status effects on those who hear it, even if they're far away. (Lord of the Mountain’s Piercing Roar + Black Ogre's Roar)
  • Black Ghost's Touch: same as Purple Ghost Touch but Power is higher.
  • Dissonance: A sound that's offensive to the ears is created. It's possible to stun those who hear it if there's a difference in strength between them and the user.
  • Dragon's Fear: release a mana-infused shout from your soul that drives anyone weaker than you into a state of intense despair and panic.
  • Evil Eye: halts movement of those caught within its gaze.
  • Flesh Wyvern's Wail: inflicts negative mental status effects and blows away close targets.
  • Ghost Cry: The ability lets out a ghost cry that has an effect on the target's mind. Inflicts negative status effects that affects the mental state of those weaker than the user. With a strong mind, resistance is possible.
  • Ghost's Cursed Palm - Wraith Touch: same as Ghost's Touch but also inflicts higher rank mental status effects. (Ghost's Touch + Purple Ghost's touch + Black Ghost's Touch)
  • Ghost's Touch: a touch attack that inflicts major negative mental status effects like fatigue and melancholy.
  • Giant King's Dignity: creates a heavy oppressive feeling that makes people feel like they're in the presence of a Giant King.
  • Intimidating Glare: halts movement of those caught within its gaze. (works even on strong opponents)
  • Intimidating Roar: A roar that's stronger than one expects. Inflicts [Paralysis] status effect on those who hear it.
  • Intimidation of the Strong: the user transmits an overpowering feeling towards those facing them. Obstructs the enemy's movements.
  • Lord of The Mountain's Piercing Roar: The user unleashes a roaring sound that causes damage to anyone nearby that hears it. If the sound continues and they don't do something to cover their ears, their eardrums will rupture.
  • Purple Ghost's Touch: same as Ghost Touch but Power is slightly higher.
  • Scaled Horse's Neigh: inhibits the movement of enemies who hear it.
  • Wyvern’s Roar: inflicts negative status effects on weaker opponents and blows away close targets.
  • Wyvern Eye: intimidate the enemy. stops movement of weaker opponents.

Physical Attack

  • Acrobatic Sword Dance: combat art involving two swords.
  • Adamantine Claw
  • Aura Slash: Gives the user the ability to wrap their weapon (sword) in "Ki," increasing their weapon's power by increasing stats such as the weapon's sharpness, etc.
  • Back Attack
  • Bee Sting
  • Blazing Adamantine Paralysis Claw: (Paralysis Claw + Burning Claw + Adamantine Claw)
  • Breath of the end: Basically let's the user user high temperature dragons' breath, destruction based from use of mana.
  • Burning Claw
  • Burst
  • Carrying Lightning Horn: grants the ability to launch lightning from one's horns.
  • Corrosive Bubble Breath
  • Crescent Flash: A kind of sword attack that involves quickly drawing one's sword, attacking their opponent, and sheathing the sword again afterwards.
  • Cross Slash: A slashing attack that is unleashed in a cross-shaped pattern. The offensive power at the point of intersection between the slashes is very high.
  • Crystalline Wave Vibration
  • Consecutive Raging Strike
  • Cursed Wounds: The enemy becomes cursed when they get damaged. However, the user won't know what curse will occur since it is random.
  • Dragon Emperor's Explosive Roar
  • Dragon Emperor's Scales: Allows the user to collect and use Dragon scales and their own skin and body essentially become a kind of dragon.
  • Dominators Touch: with no mana required you can control objects without touching them.
  • Earth Shaking Hammer: When a hammer is equipped and the ground is struck, there's shaking across a wide range, temporarily restraining the movements of those hit by it. Maximum power even if it hits someone or something directly.
  • Echoing Arms of the Thunderstorm (Nuhualpilli): Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya) + Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)
  • Heavenly Demon of Chaos, Edge of Harmony:a small grey orb that is akin to a micro black hole but is filled with immense positive negative and chaotic energy. It is considered stronger the royal Dragon Breath attacks.
  • Feather Arrow
  • Flaming Stunning Nails
  • Flying Crescent Flash: A kind of sword attack that involves quickly drawing one's sword, attacking their opponent, and sheathing the sword again afterwards. The ability to release flying slashing attacks has been added. (Crescent Flash + Flying Slash)
  • Flying Slash: A long-distance method of attacking. Allows the user to fire off flying slashing attacks.
  • Grand Cross: A superior version of 【Cross Slash】. It adds the "Holy Light" attribute to the slashing attack, making it lethal to monsters within the Undead group.
  • Grand Cross Smash: The remodeled and improved version of 【Grand Cross】. Slashing attacks have a powerful "Holy Light" attribute applied to them. (Grand Cross + Cross Slash)
  • Head-Butt
  • Heavy Aura Slash: Allows the user to wrap their weapon (sword) in "Ki," increasing stats such as the weapon's sharpness. The slashing attacks that the weapon unleashes will also be heavier than usual. (Aura Slash + Heavy Slash )
  • Heavy Axe Attack: increases the power of axe attacks making them capable of crushing rock.
  • Heavy Axe Helmet Splitter: Gives the user the ability to shatter rocks by swinging their weapon straight down along their midline. The effect is doubled when an axe is equipped. (Helmet Splitter + Heavy Axe Attack)
  • Heavy Blow Dance
  • Heavy Slash: This art is of a higher rank than 【Slash】. The power of the attack is increased.
  • Heavy Storm Wind: The improved and remodeled version of 【Storm Wind】 which increases its power. Both the attack range and its power are increased. (Storm Wind + Slicing Winds)
  • Helmet Splitter: This ability reinforces statistics such as the user's offensive power when they swing their weapon straight down along their midline.
  • Human Bomb: turn a humanoid target into a living bomb.
  • Inhibit Regeneration: Reduces the recovery rate of enemy injuries that the user inflicted.
  • Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya): using large amounts of magic power one can generate and manipulate heavy rain storms.
  • Lacerate: severance at the divine level.
  • Needle Shot
  • Acupuncture: by understanding the body structure of living beings you can use acupuncture to get different effects.
  • Paralysis Claw
  • Peerless Heavy Strike: A single transcendentally heavy blow that pulverizes the enemy. It's effective against opponents who specialize in defenses that include the use of a shield.
  • Poison Smoke Bomb
  • Pressurized Thunder Cannon
  • Giant King's Iron Hammer: A giant sized illusion hammer is held in the hand the user wants to attack with. It's possible to attack the target with this. Can only have one illusion hammer at a time.
  • Giant King's Supreme Strike: The user's blow is like that of a giant's. Their offensive ability is greatly increased.
  • Obliterating Strike
  • Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici): using large amounts of magic power one can generate and manipulate lightning storms.
  • Silent Stab: The user's attack power is increased at the time of a thrusting attack. Sounds such as the rustling of the user's clothes will temporarily become muffled during this attack, making it easier for them to assassinate their target.
  • Slicing Winds: This ability allows the user to cut their opponent with the wind produced by swinging a weapon. However, both the power and the range varies considerably depending on the user.
  • Soul Eater (Ghost Bite): slurp up a soul like it were a noodle.
  • Stab: Increases the power of thrusting attacks.
  • Storm Wind: Superior version of 【Slicing Wind】. Things such as the power and the range of the attack is greatly increased.
  • Tearing Holes Creation
  • Trip
  • Triple Stab: triple damage inflicted by a physical attack by creating two duplicate hits vertically or horizontally aligned with the original hit. Any magic that is part of the original hit will also be duplicated.
  • Unhealing Cursed Wound: Reduces the recovery rate of the enemy's injuries when they are damaged, as well as cursing them at the same time. The curse's effect is random. (Inhibit Regeneration + Cursed Wound)
  • Vorpal Strike
  • Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing: Peerless Heavy Strike + Consecutive Raging Strike + Wild Dance of Heavy Blows

Attack Support

  • 1000 Blossoms 1000 Spears : Combat Art that multiplies speed and number of hits of spear attacks.
  • Archery Proficiency
  • Armor Collapse: This ability is particularly effective against the crustacean group, and other similar groups.
  • Armor Pierce: When the opponent is wearing armor, this gives the user the ability to easily attack the spaces in said armor.
  • Berserker Mode: Surging Combat Instinct + Survival Instinct
  • Beastification- Werewolf: A symbiotic wolf fur that multiplies the users physical ability but at the cost of their sanity behaving like a wild wolf. But those that are able to control the beast earn even greater strength as they become an intelligent superhuman beast.
  • Combat Technique Aptitude
  • Continuous Thrust: Allows a combat art to continue past the point it would normally stop in exchange for consuming user's stamina.
  • Demonic Blade Summon/Creation
  • Divine Blade Summon/Creation
  • Elasticity
  • Flame Leo: Variable temperature flames surround body. Temperature follows the ups and downs of one's emotions. Will not affect one's own armor. Minimum temp is 800 degrees.
  • Giant's Iron Hammer: creates an illusory giant hammer.
  • Improved Assassination Rate
  • Golden Holy Fighting Spirit
  • Improved Charging Power: increases running speed when running in a straight line.
  • Improved Cutting Power
  • Improved Slashing Penetration: Improved Slashing Power + Improved Piercing Power
  • Limit Removal: By hitting a pressure point in the brain, the user is able to remove the limiters that are placed on their body.
  • Marionette: Black arts used to control your enemies or self, even when asleep to mobilize your own body.
  • Overkill: Blows gain a weight that seems impossible because of the user's appearance.
  • Physical Attack Enhancement
  • Polearm Proficiency
  • Scale Armor Charge
  • Unbound Limit Growth
  • Venom: Allows the user to release the kind of venom that they desire from a pointed location. Making painkillers with this method is also more or less possible.
  • Size Manipulation: Being able to increase his strength at the cost of his agility and speed by growing in size, and vice versa by compressing his body.
  • Soul hunting Scythe: When using a slashing attack, can damage opponent's soul. It is impossible to revive the soul destroyed by this, and there is a probability (very low) of instantly killing opponent even with a minor injury.
  • Surging Combat Instinct
  • Survival Instinct
  • Sword Proficiency
  • Throw
  • Violent Attacks

Physical Defense

  • Adamantine Spider's Strong Carapace: Increases stats such as the physical defense of equipped items that are made of carapaces.
  • Armored Scale Charge: Raises the hardness of the user's scales, but it doesn't obstruct their movements in any way. However, it's meaningless if the user has no scales.
  • Armored Scale Formation: Allows the user to change their skin into scales, raising their defense.
  • Armored Dragon Scale Formation: The skin is changed into something like dragon scales, with a strength equal to that of a dragon. (Dragon Scale Formation + Armored Scale Formation)
  • Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor: The user's skin and body hair becomes hard. There won't be a single scratch inflicted by superficial weapons. (Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide + Tough Skin + Steel Hide)
  • Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor: The demon king's skin becomes the same as first class divine armor, composed of a countless number of layers. The skin can be changed into dragon scales, shells, and other such things depending on the user's intentions. The ability also gives the user's skin the ability to whittle away at divine objects just by touching them. Weak attacks are completely meaningless when it comes to inflicting mortal wounds on those who are using this ability. (Wyvern Scale Formation + Solid Armored Dragon Scales + Shell of Hard Dense Chitin + Sharpened Shark Skin + Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor)
  • Blue Shrimp's Steel Shell
  • Bone Blade Generation
  • Bristle Guard: The user's hair becomes strong enough that even if it's slashed by a sword, it won't be cut.
  • Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide: any crystal-like skin will have its defensive power greatly increased.
  • Dragon Scale Formation: Higher ranking version of 【Armored Scale Formation】. The scales are as strong as a dragon's scales.
  • Earth Demon King’s Unbreakable Muscle
  • Indestructible Armored Castle Shell: Greatly increases the defense of items. When shell-like materials are used, there is an even greater effect. (Wrought Iron Shell Armor + Indestructible Castle Shell )
  • Indestructible Castle Shell: Greatly increases the defensive power of items that make use of shells, carapaces and other things like that. (Shell Defense + Shell Retreat + Adamantine Spider's Strong Carapace)
  • Hard Scales Generation
  • Hard Sphere: Spherical portions of one's body are hardened, raising their defensive power.
  • Hyme of Giants: grow drastically in size using mana.
  • Lubricant Body Fluids: can produce fluids that keep one's body safe from harm and allow one to slip out of an opponent's grasp.
  • Guard Proficiency
  • Multiple Shells
  • Violet-Blue Iolite Liquid: covers the body in water granting resistance to thermal attacks, but is weak against lightning
  • Rhinoceros Bone Body Armor
  • Fireproof Viscous Blue Fluid: (Violet-Blue Iolite Liquid + Fireproof Mucus Secretion)
  • Scale Armour Formation: allows the user to grow metal-like shells
  • Sharp Bone Blade Generation: (Bone Blade Generation + Sharp Horn Generation)
  • Sharp Horn Generation
  • Sharpened Shark Skin: Ability that makes your skin rough like a shark's skin. The user's skin can whittle away at most things just by rubbing them. Also the user has an easier time moving through water.
  • Shell Generation
  • Shell Defense: Increases the physical defense of items that are made of shells.
  • Shell of Hard Dense Chitin: Greatly increases the defensive power of exoskeletons and the skin; exoskeletons become strong against acid-based attacks, making them difficult to dissolve.
  • Shield Bash
  • Shell Retreat: Increases things such as the physical defense of equipped items that make use of shells and carapaces.
  • Shield Wall
  • Steel Hide: The user's hair and skin are strengthened. Their strength is roughly equivalent to steel.
  • Solid Armored Dragon Scale Formation: Strength has been further increased by synthesizing 【Armored Dragon Scale Formation】 with 【Armored Scale Charge】.
  • Tough Skin: The user's skin becomes hard.
  • Wrought Iron Shell Armor: Greatly increases the defense stat of items.
  • Wyvern Scale Formation: Allows the user to produce Wyvern scales. This is ability is a lower ranked version of 【Dragon Scale Formation】.

Physical Support

  • Black Ogre's Strong Body: massive increase in strength and vitality, also allows blood flow to be controlled. (Pump Up + Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles + Enhanced Physical Strength + Enhanced Leg Strength + Improved Jumping Power )
  • Black Demon's Charge: Improved Charging Power + Reckless Charge
  • Dragon Emperor's Inexhaustible Life Force
  • Dragon Emperor’s Divine muscle
  • True Endurance
  • Enhanced Leg Strength: increases user's leg strength.
  • Enhanced Physical Strength: increases user's physical strength.
  • Exoskeleton: can use and switch between up to 7

different exoskeleton armors.

  • Giant King's Flesh and Blood: Gives the user the muscular strength necessary to support the body of a True Giant.
  • Giant King's Body: user's bones gain hardness equal to a giant bones.
  • Hard-Head: head becomes hard.
  • Heightened Stamina
  • Improved Jumping Power: improves user's jumping power.
  • Lord of The Mountain's Stout Hide: Strengthens the user's skin. Although this ability was originally within the defensive system, it was turned into one from the body reinforcement system.
  • Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles: The user's muscles are strengthened. This ability allows them to exhibit tremendous power.
  • Jailer Onis tough skin
  • Pump Up: Gives the user the ability to manipulate their blood flow and increase their muscular strength.
  • Strong Body: user's bones become very strong. The bones can't be broken or severed easily.
  • Giant Strength: by using the strength a True Giant.
  • Illogical Adamantine Strength: strength that defies logic/reason. (Bristle Guard + Strong Body + Lord of the Mountain's Stout Hide + Giant King's Flesh and Blood + Giant King's Body + Black Ogre's Strong Body)
  • Vitality of the Mysterious Giant: The user gains resilience that's equal to that of a giant.
  • Union:A technique that fuses two of more entities to make the perfect fusion of the two or more.


  • Absolute Avoidance: one of the top tier abilities it is exactly it means.
  • Escape : Can run away faster and blend into the environment to quickly lose followers.
  • Emergency Escape: (Escape + Emergency Retreat)
  • Emergency Retreat: When a user goes to escape, they can immediately withdraw.
  • Earth Glide: the ability to move through soil, rock and metal with out disturbing it like swimming in the ocean.
  • Sneaking: When the user is wearing non-metal armor, it's difficult to sense their presence and hear their footsteps.
  • Silent Flight: No sound occurs during flight.
  • Sonic Flight: Fly at the speed of sound. Generates shock wave when you hit the opponent.
  • High-Speed Flight Knowledge: grants understanding of flight.
  • Stealth: to camouflage with his surroundings and hide all traces of presence, essentially turning himself both physically and magically invisible.
  • High-speed Swimming
  • Portal Creation: Summon Portals by rotating hand or finger on a circular motion creating a teal colored portal that can transport people, objects, or send back virtually any attack
  • Mountaineering: increases ability to travel on foot through mountainous terrain.
  • Quick Silver: increase his speed by 30% for a short burst.
  • Permeation( Intangibility): let's user slip through physical matter. (Originally used by a mummy dungeon monster)

Sensing / Sight

  • 9 Divine Eyes: Using these impressive eyes, it can learn and use numerous abilities and techniques from sight or reading the enemies from mere thought. Through observance, it can perceive details, look through various dimensions and spectrals.
  • Dark Eye: Allows one to see in the dark (Default)
  • Collector: Uses it to create minicule clones of yourself to spread calamity, the small clones could also be used to spy or track others or disrupt other's magic.
  • Complete Geological Comprehension: Able to see the brittle points of the bedrock's areas. This aided the mining for more types of ore while, at the same time, strengthening body.
  • Echolocation: allows one to search and visualize an area through sound waves emitted from the mouth. If the level is raised, it's possible to convert it into an attack.
  • Expanded Field of Vision: increases field of view to nearly 360 degrees. This has nothing to do with the location of their eyes.
  • Ephemeral Eye: enlarged field of vision and can predict where enemies will attack. Makes blind spots vanish. (Predict + Expanded Field of Vision)
  • Hawk Eye: allows one to clearly see far away things.
  • Lorenzini Organ: can sense electric currents. If the skill's level is raised, it becomes possible for the user to perceive the faint electrical currents of living things.
  • Phased Radar Array: Thermography + Echolocation + Sense Presence + Sense Trap + Sense Enemy
  • Predict: can see enemy attack trajectories as red strings.
  • Sense Presence: can detect nearby presences as if they're on a mental radar. Shows the name of anyone previously met, and the race if it's a type previously encountered, and whether it's friend or foe. It works even if the user is unconscious.
  • Sense Area: user can sense an entire 3D area within a fixed range, have no blind spots, and will even detect invisible foes through wind currents. (Hawk Eye + Wind Reading + Ephemeral Eye)
  • Sense Enemy: a sixth sense for seeing where the enemy is.
  • Sense Trap: a sixth sense for seeing traps.
  • Thermography: infrared heat vision.
  • Water Seeking Snake: grants one the ability to locate water even in a desert.
  • Wind Reading: can see wind currents.


  • Elixir of Blood: blood becomes an all-cure type healing potion that can even save one from the brink of death.
  • High SpeedRegeneration: Although it's dependant upon the user's resilience, it's possible for them to recreate lost organs and limbs. It's a higher ranking version of 【Rapid Recovery】.
  • Holy land: Creates a perfect defense that heals allies with holy and divine energy.
  • Longevity: immune to all diseases, poisonous substances, and any abnormalities to his status. This buff also grants you a regenerative healing factor, which accelerates exponentially when you sleeps.
  • Giga Minotaur King’s Healing Body
  • Hyper Regeneration: The user's amazing vitality allows them to immediately heal fatal injuries. A mind-boggling amount of effort is required if someone is thinking about killing the user by whittling away their life. Even if an arm is destroyed, it will immediately grow back. (Rapid Recovery + High Speed Regeneration + Strong Vitality + Vitality of the Mysterious Giant)
  • Infused Liquid Restoration
  • Strong Vitality: Increases the user's recovery rate.
  • Rapid Recovery: increases recovery rate.
  • Auto MP Recovery: By using stamina to collect surrounding mana to recover user’s mana.
  • Eternal Youth: All of user’s wounds healed almost instantaneously no matter how severe. You also does not age, does not need to eat or drink, and is immune to all poisons.
  • Resurrection: Brings user back from death at least 10 times per battle.
  • Ultra Recovery: The more damage the user takes, the more it heals. The body is also strengthened at the time of recovery, becoming stronger like an endless spiral.

Support / Misc

  • Anaerobic: can survive without oxygen.
  • Aquatic: the ability to live in water.
  • Automatic Return: chosen weapon teleports right back in the user’s hands.
  • Beekeeper
  • Beasts killer lesser: Allows any move used with this to do a critical on any Beasts.
  • Beasts Killer intermediate
  • Greater Beast Killer: Allows all hits to complete a 75% Crit on any Beasts.
  • Big Game Slaying
  • Blade Bone Generation
  • Blind Fanaticism: Single minded faith. Issues of morality and repellant sense of faith can be ignored. Will not feel fear.
  • Blood Stain: A skill to control anything animate or inanimate that the user’s blood touches.
  • Bone Union: can manipulate the target's bone structure.
  • Braveheart: immunity to status effects of Depression and Awe.
  • Bribe
  • Chain-Soul: links souls together. Linked souls can communicate telepathically with each other, but if one dies so too does the other.
  • Chickenhearted: Makes the user become a coward. It's useless in combat, but it increases the user's ability to sense danger. Since they're easily scared, the user will become sensitive to scary things.
  • Chivalry
  • Chief Guard of the Dungeon: when within a dungeon you own, you receive various perks like materializing any item you want.(Anything even including items of evolution like evolution seeds.)
  • Conceal Presence
  • Control: By giving commands the user can impose Absolute orders on targets. Though commands are usually spoken, the user's intentions are what truly matters. They can impose complex commands with a single word, through a specific gesture or a sheer act of will, unquestioningly bending anything and everything to their will.
  • Conceal Self-Status
  • Chaotic Ghost: fuses monsters from the astral group, which includes ghosts, strengthening resulting creation and amplifying its emotions. Even if the ability is used to strengthen weak ghosts, they can quickly be turned into Great Evil Spirits. Because the ability doesn't have a way to control the created monster, care must be taken in handling it.
  • Conceptions: Reworks reality for the sake of the order of the cosmos. It is said that its breath reforms the world.
  • Command Mantra: User’s words are empowered by this passive skill. It can instantly turn weak-minded individuals into puppets dancing on your strings.
  • Continental Letter Deciphering
  • Crystal Crocodile's Sharp Fangs
  • Drain
  • Demon slaying: various modifiers are applied when attacking races from the demon system of monsters.
  • Tyrant of the Demon Slaying Demon Army: It becomes easy to kill races that are part of the demon system of monsters. Various modifiers are applied. (Familicide + Demon Slaying)
  • Desensitizing: limits one's sense of pain.
  • Detect Analysis: Appraise objects (ie reveal details about

what you're looking at).

  • Demiuman killer lesser: Allows any move used with this to do a critical on any demihuman.
  • Demihuman Killer intermediate
  • Greater Demihuman Killer: Allows all hits to complete a 75% Crit on any demihumans
  • Gate of Babylon: Is a portal that opens anywhere where the treasure inside is all of the world’s prototypes of all phantasmal weapons and items that can be launched or used; but only accessed by the user.
  • Discount: Decrease purchase prices by 30%.
  • Disease Carrier
  • Divinely-Forged Form of the Otherworlder: ensures that travel to another realm your body will follow.
  • Dormant
  • Wiretapping: clears up noise from crowds so you can listen in to a conversation clearly. Can also hear through walls to some extent.
  • Elytron Generation: generates insect like wings.
  • Enslave: Gives the effect: "those wearing an item with this effect are forced to follow the owner of said item's orders." Basically the enslaved cannot oppose the master and cannot lie or withhold information when asked.
  • Epidemic Scatter
  • Equipment Materialization
  • Evil Miasma of Life: "Negative" damages heals the user instead of hurting.
  • Fascination/Charm: Charm others with Beaty flowing like the fountain of youth.
  • Fossil Restoration: A racial apostle lord ability that lets the user restore entire being from just bones.
  • Familicide: When the user kills someone from their race, various modifiers are applied.
  • Analytical Appraisal: speeds up thought to the point that everything is like time froze. (Quick Thinking + Parallel Thinking )
  • Burning Dragon Blood: one's blood inflicts burns on any who come in contact with it, as well as letting you use secret Draconic arts.
  • Full Knowledge of Martial Arts
  • Giant Slayer: When fighting against giants, it's possible to be superior to them in various ways.
  • Giant King's Wisdom: Regarding things like the handling of magic, it gives the user knowledge they didn't know about beforehand.
  • Golem Core: An ability that uses metal as a catalyst to create a golem core.
  • Golem Manufacturing: Helps the user to modify your golems and copy them.
  • Golden Rule: increases probability of generating wealth.
  • Golden Thread Creation
  • Greater Equipment Materialization
  • Greater Foresight
  • Greater Human Killer
  • Greater Tool Appraisal
  • Great Wisdom Sage King: is a Conceptual Intelligence that has a heartless and emotionless personality and is solely driven by purely logical computational.( Future Attack Prediction + Greater Foresight + Thought Acceleration + intuition + Nine Divine eyes + Parallel Mind + Giant king's Wisdom + Analytical Analysis + Synthesis + Seperation + Skill Modification + Creation + Wisdom )
  • Hidden Weapon Mastery
  • Hiding
  • High-Rank Body Generation: by collecting and condensing blood the user can make an independent but very obedient blood army.
  • High Compression: Allows the user to compress an object that they touch. Works even on things like fire from dragon breath attacks.
  • high Condensation: Allows the user to condense any energy they touch.
  • Heavenly Seed Cultivation: Cultivation of seeds that only Gods can cultivate, such as the labyrinth seed or evolution seeds.
  • Horse Riding: improves ability to ride mounted creatures.
  • Humanbane
  • Human killer lesser: Allows any move used with this to do a critical on any human.
  • Human Killer intermediate
  • Hyper Flexible body: Twist and Ben the muscle and bone structure inside with no physical changes on the outside.
  • Greater Human Killer: Allows all hits to complete a 75% Crit on any humans
  • Improved Digestion: Strengthens digestion and absorption of food. The downside is one tends to be a big eater and it's easy to get fat.
  • Inhabitant of The Forest: less likely to be found when in a forest.
  • Intuition: heightens logic and alerts one to unseen danger.
  • Item Box
  • Goddess Jewel Creation: Create endless varieties of both precious crystals, stones and materials, and refine them as you please.
  • Joint Magic: Holds bone joints together via magic instead of sinew.
  • Kidnap: When kidnapping people, it makes it hard for the user to be discovered.
  • Law of the Jungle: Any that are beaten in any way by the wielder of the skill will obey the winner as an absolute subject.
  • Libido : Matchless vigor
  • Luck: Increases chance of good things occurring.
  • Mana Drain
  • Life Drain
  • Mental Mapping: Maps the places you discover in the user's mind.
  • Metamorphosis: Allows the user to change the shape of their body at will. Basically one can be a slime, enabling actions like reattachment of lost limbs, expansion to eat something bigger than oneself, or even absorb something right through one's skin.
  • Mind Accelerate: Lets user extend their thoughts by up to a million times.
  • Molt
  • Monster Call: Let's you Instantly summon the monster you have befriended, ignoring the laws of physics.
  • Monster Fusion: Let's you to combine two monsters you have befriended into a stronger monster with both positive attributes of each monster eliminating previous weaknesses.
  • Monster telepathy: let's you talk through any and all distances through telepathy with said befriended monster.
  • Negative Energy Absorption: inflicts "Negative" damage on any that are in physical contact with the user.
  • Old Goblin's Wisdom: Significantly increases the details provided by Detect Analyze for objects that came from great forests.
  • Overcharge: Increases sale prices by 30%.
  • Overpowering: High charisma makes lesser beings submit to the user.
  • Pandemic Black Apostle: can wipe out an entire city upon activation. (Disease Carrier + Plague Infection + Epidemic Scatter)
  • Parallel Thinking: grants ability to consider multiple thing at the same time.
  • Parasite
  • Parasite Injection
  • Pet Personification: Give a custom human form to your tamed pet monster.
  • Photon Ruler
  • Plague Infection
  • Precocious: Enables rapid growth during infancy/childhood (Default)
  • Predator of the Sky
  • Predator of the Water
  • Pure Faith: Undefiled faith. Increases chance of meeting condition of being liked by God.
  • Quick Thinking: improves rate of thinking.
  • Recognition Difficulty : Makes it difficult for others to sense the user's presence, even if they're standing in front of them. (Conceal Presence + Recognition Obstruction + Sneaking )
  • Read State
  • Red Crystal's Tone: Provides correction in playing musical instruments. Can suppress pride and abnormal mental state.
  • Refractory Mucus Secretion
  • Release Trap
  • Self-Body Fluid Property Manipulation: Can make sweat acidic, poisonous, stimulating, and more.
  • Self Replication: The user can replicate themselves and their abilities from a drop of blood that has half of the user ability.
  • Separation: Release the properties inherent to the target and make it into a separate object.
  • Sharp Horn Generation
  • Shapeshift: Allows the user to freely change their bodies properties and disguise their appearance.
  • Shadow Extraction: A resurrection skill that allows its user to revive a slain beast or hunter as a shadow soldier. It is trigged through a set keyword, does not cost mana to use, and can be applied over a large radius.
  • Shadow Preservation: User is able to preserve his shadows in storage and monitor them by perceiving their senses.
  • Shadow Exchange: allows its user to use shadows as portals to travel vast distances in an instant. As the skill works like a gate, the user can bring people with them while using it. It also does not have any time limits and does not consume mana to use.
  • Slow Floating: Gives the user the ability to float. However, since it's low-speed, they appear to drift in the air.
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Speed Reading
  • Status board:The universe puts everything in numbers stats in attack, defense, etc. even being like gods are subject to these numbers
  • Spider Thread Creation: Shoots spider silk out of one's fingertips.
  • Spider Yarn Web
  • Spirit Refinement Technique: Let's the user cultivate their spirits
  • Stealth: to camouflage with your surroundings and hide all traces of presence, essentially turning yourself both physically and magically invisible.
  • Stench: Creates a foul smell upon oneself.
  • Suction Cups Creation: can produce octopus suckers anywhere on the body.
  • Supreme Harmony: helps the user with bringing all their attacks and energy to complete harmony
  • Symbiotic: infects a target with a parasite. Also the parasite will be sustained by the host and have the effect of generating an increase in the body's ability.
  • Synthesis: enables creation of new abilities derived from old ones. Abilities can be put into objects.
  • Tentacle Creation: sprouts octopus tentacles from any part of one's body. Training is required to do anything more than basic movements.
  • Thread Wielding Art: Good control of spider silk.
  • Tireless: can stay up all night without sleeping.
  • Tracking
  • Trap Creation: Provides correction to trap building. As level rises, new traps come to mind.
  • True Dragon’s Martial Arts
  • Unlock: can open anything that needs a key.
  • Union: Tactic to combine two beings into a stronger and more balanced being.
  • Vampirephilia: Take blood from other creatures to replenish one's own.
  • Wail Of Sorrow: Allows the user to create an enormous amount of water in the area by shedding tears as they cry.
  • Water Battle Formation
  • Water Breathing
  • Whale's Whistle Voice
  • Wild Horn Dance
  • Wind Reading
  • Wing Growth


  • Aspect of a Demon: Traits of a demon. The user becomes sensitive to the signs of a holy person and has a high affinity towards demons. It makes it easy for the user to strengthen their magic power and body, among other things.
  • Aspect of an Undead Knight: Traits of an Undead Knight. Lower ranking undead sense an intimidating air just by confronting the user.
  • Aspect of the Giants: Traits that the giant family inherits ceaselessly.
  • Giant’s Bloodline: The blood that flows in giants. This ability amplifies the user's power, as well as makes it easy for their body to grow larger. Makes them more likely to evolve within the Giant family, as well.
  • Knight's Lineage: Exhibits the highest ability of a Knight.
  • Royal Lineage
  • Soldier's Lineage: Exhibits the highest abilities of a Soldier.
  • Giga Minotaur: Exhibits the highest strength and regeneration.
  • Ice Blood True Vampire: Exhibits the highest control over dark magic blood and ice.
  • Minotaur Rider: Exhibits the highest monster taming and riding ability.
  • Hell Demon King: Exhibits the highest control of earth and mining.
  • Nine-Eyed All-Seer: Exhibits the highest observation of divine eye prince.
  • Void Spirit Mage Mage: Exhibits the highest heavenly spells from the stars.
  • Imperial Blood emperor: Exhibits the highest control of blood and warfare.
  • Adelheid: Exhibits the highest control of poison, corrosion and curses.
  • Blaze Lord: Exhibits the highest control of blazing martial arts.
  • Storm Lord: Exhibits the highest control of storm martial arts.
  • Destruction King: Exhibits the highest ruin and destruction ability.
  • Conquest Emperor: Exhibits the highest conquering ability of an emperor.
  • Jail Oni: Exhibits the highest capturing and subduing ability.
  • Sereness King: Exhibits the highest defence and healing ability.
  • Vision Lord: Exhibits the highest Illusion based ability.


  • Battle Cry: raise morale of allies within the sound of one's voice.
  • Black Bone Army Commander: raises the ability stats of minions of the Skeleton System.
  • Pack Leadership: Allows one to choose the most suitable person for a task more quickly and applies modifiers that strengthen the user's followers.
  • Pack Hunting Proficiency: can issue more orders and have them followed efficiently.
  • Rallying Cry: gathers others within the sound of your voice to you.
  • Law of the Jungle: Any that are beaten in any way by the wielder of the skill will obey the winner as an absolute subject
  • Region Ruler: Makes the user qualified to be a King, giving them the attitude, etc. that's required.
  • Unilateral Sense of Justice: impresses belief in Justice upon others, thus raising fighting spirit.
  • Tyranny of the King: To make up for the increase in the probability of a revolt occuring, the exploitation success rate is drastically increased. The modifiers include strengthening the user's allies, among other things.

Elemental Spirit Magic

  • Elemental Spirit User: let's the user converse with elemental spirits.
  • Aero-Master: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate air.
  • Organic Matter Control: Users can shape and manipulate organic matter.
  • Pyrokinesis: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate fire.
  • Earth Control: Users can create, shape and manipulate earth.
  • Energy Ruler: Users can create, shape and manipulate energy.
  • Electro-Master: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate electricity.
  • Psychokinesis: User can manipulate matter or another aspect of a physical system with the ‘mind’ or through other non-physical means.
  • Hydro-hand: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate water.
  • Photon Ruler: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate light.
  • Spatiokinesis: Users can create, shape and manipulate space.
  • Gravity Law: Users can create, shape and manipulate gravity.
  • Darkness ruler: Users can create, shape, transform and manipulate darkness.
  • Plant Control: Users can create, shape and manipulate plant life.
  • Attraction and Repulsion Law: User can manipulate attraction and repulsion of any object.
  • Velocity Control: User can manipulate the velocity/speed of objects around him.
  • Metal Ruler: User can manipulate all types of metal, create, and shape.
  • Inertia Law: User can manipulate objects State of Motion.
  • Weak-force Control: User can manipulate the very force that decays nuclear particles.
  • Cosmic Ruler: User can manipulate the cosmic energy of the universe
  • Strong-force Control: User can manipulate the very force that binds protons and neutrons together in atomic nuclei.
  • Friction Law: User can manipulate the frictional forced himself or others.
  • Chronokinesis: Users can create, shape and manipulate time.
  • Chaos Theory: user can harmonically control both negative and positive energy, master of balance.
  • All Creation: One can freely control just about any and everything. In a sense, one is a God. The name basically refers to "Lord over all of creation, one with all things in nature and the universe"..( Elemental Spirit User + Aero-Master + Organic Matter Control+ Pyrokinesis + Earth Control + Electro-Master + Hydro-hand + Photon Ruler + Gravity Law + Plant Control + Elemental Spirit User + Friction Law + Strong-force Control + Weak-force Control + Inertia Law + Velocity Control + Metal Ruler + Attraction and Repulsion Law + Spatiokinesis + Energy Ruler + Psychokinesis + Darkness Ruler + Chronokinesis + Cosmic Ruler + Chaos Theory)
  • All Creation Manifestation: It has the ability to create anything one imagines by using material creation or materialization.

Summoning / Creature Generating Magic

  • Lesser Summoning: Undead
  • Lesser Summoning: Angels
  • Lesser Summoning: Demonkin
  • Lesser Summoning: Giant
  • Lesser Summoning: Fiend
  • Lesser Summoning: Dragon
  • Intermediate Summoning: Undead
  • Intermediate Summoning: Angels
  • Intermediate Summoning: Demonkin
  • Intermediate Summoning: Fishman
  • Intermediate Summoning: Giant
  • Intermediate Summoning: Fiend
  • Intermediate Summoning: Dragon
  • Intermadiate Summoning: Guardian Beast
  • Greater summoning; Guardian Beast
  • Greater Summoning: Undead
  • Greater Summoning: Angel
  • Greater Summoning: Demonkin
  • Greater Summoning: Giant
  • Greater Summoning: Fiend
  • Greater Summoning: Dragon
  • Summon: Grand Guardian Beast
  • Summon: Undead King
  • Summon: Archangel
  • Summon: Demon King
  • Summon: Archfiend
  • Summon: Giant king
  • Summon: True Dragon
  • High-Rank Body Generation
  • Superior Demon Species Creation

Magic Support

  • Elemental (Spirit User)
  • Soul Reactor: is a skill that allows the user to infinitely generate soul energy. It also makes the user capable of using the densest possible type of energy in the world called "Divine Soul Dust" energy.
  • Golden Record That Shines in History: Recreate people, objects, and even events in history as real as when it happened. Not illusions.
  • Mana Operation
  • Magical Siphon: by siphoning magic from the surrounding or and other places even one of unstable energy the user achieves magic that is in the realm of gods, such as breath fireballs or destroying worlds.
  • Internal Mana Control
  • Magician's Knowledge: can see how to handle magic.
  • Shortened Incantation
  • Nothingness: An immensely destructive Energy produced through a separate dimension (World of Chaos). Fully controllable
  • Parallel Use: each finger can use a different magic simultaneously.
  • Parallel Minds: by fragmenting the user's soul, creating independent consciousness, to complete multiple independent actions simultaneously.
  • Great Wisdom Sage King: Is a Conceptual Intelligence that has a heartless and emotionless personality and is solely driven by purely logical computational. (Future Attack Prediction + Greater Foresight + Thought Acceleration + intuition + Nine Divine eyes + Parallel Mind + Giant king's Wisdom + Analytical Analysis + Synthesis + Seperation + Skill Modification + Creation + Wisdom )
  • Unlimited Soul Gacha: Gacha is a function to summon a new Units. It call for the souls, copy them and then reincarnate them into this world as a new existence with absolute servitude; Ranging from goblin to Gods all earned by crystals.


  • Absorb Magic Power: quickly absorb mana from nearby magic sources like darkness (an infinite source at night) or magic stones.
  • Absorb Heat and light: user can not only nullify damage from heat or light attacks, but can absorb it, converting it into a magic energy-recovery that heals the body and boosts ability.
  • Absorb Cold and Dark
  • Absorb Earth and nature
  • Absorb Evil eye and curses
  • Absorb Lighting and Storm
  • Absorb physical and Magical Damage
  • Magical Siphon: by siphoning magic from the surrounding or and other places even one of unstable energy the user achieves magic that is in the realm of gods, such as breath fireballs or destroying worlds.
  • Mana Drain
  • Life Drain

Resistance and Reduction

  • Acid Damage Resistance
  • Aqua Tolerance
  • All Elemental Resistance
  • Anti-Magic
  • Assassination Resistance
  • Black Undead Knight's Cloth: generates a black aura with high resistance to physical and magic-light based damage.
  • Charm Resistance
  • Cold Attack Nullification: Makes Cold-based attacks ineffective against user.
  • Complete Earth Resistance: Resistance to earth. Reduces damage by approximately 99%.
  • Complete Evil Eye Resistance: Resistance to evil eye. Reduces damage by approximately 99%.
  • Complete Flame Resistance: Resistance to fire. Reduces damage by approximately 9%.
  • Complete Aqua Resistance: Resistance to water. Reduces damage by approximately 99%.
  • Complete Lightning Resistance: Resistance to lightning. Reduces damage by approximately 99%.
  • Complete Storm Resistance: Resistance to storms. Reduces damage by approximately 99%.
  • Darkness Tolerance
  • Earth Tolerance
  • Fire Nullification: Makes Fire-based attacks ineffective against user. Even if it isn't an attack, it's possible for the user to nullify it if they want to.
  • Flame Tolerance
  • Lesser Damage Reduction: Reduces all physical damage by approximately 25%.
  • Lesser Magic Damage Reduction : Reduces all magic damage by approximately 25%.
  • Lesser Physical and Magical Damage Reduction: All physical and magical damage is reduced by approximately 20%. (Lesser Damage Reduction + Lesser Magic Damage Reduction)
  • Lightning Tolerance
  • Nullify Critical Hits
  • Nullify Negative Status Effects: The user won't suffer from negative status effects.
  • Photon Tolerance
  • Physical Damage Resistance
  • Physical Damage Reduction
  • Pierce Resistance: Gives the user resistance to piercing attacks. Makes it difficult to pierce them.
  • Poison Resistance
  • Paralysis Resistance
  • Severe Pain Resistance
  • Slash Resistance: Gives the user resistance to slashing attacks. Makes it difficult to cut them.
  • Stench Tolerance
  • Storm Tolerance
  • Thunder Attack Nullification: Makes Thunder-based attacks ineffective against user.


  • Minor Damage in Light
  • Doom: increases chance of bad things occurring per day.
  • Cold Vulnerability
  • Luck Reduction: Makes it easy for the user to suffer from misfortune.
  • Variable Temperature Weakness
  • Vulnerable to Blunt Strikes: doubles damage from blunt attacks
  • Vulnerable to Fire Damage
  • Vulnerable to Holy Damage
  • Vulnerable to Light Damage
  • Vulnerable to Sunlight
  • Weak Intimidation: The user's intimidation ability becomes weak. Others won't become scared of them.


  • Dwarvish (he learned it the old fashioned way)
  • Elf Language
  • Goblin Language (Default)
  • Human Language
  • Kobold language
  • Lizardman Language
  • Orc Language
  • Giant Language
  • Demon Language
  • Dragon Language
  • Divine Language


  • Archer
  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Bishop
  • Captain
  • Craftsman
  • Crusader
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Druid
  • Dual Swordsman
  • Dragon knight
  • Enchanter
  • Farmer
  • Grappler
  • Guardian
  • Heavy Swordsman
  • Heavy Warrior
  • Hermit
  • High Wizard
  • Hunter
  • Item Creator
  • Kidnapper
  • Light Sword Warrior
  • Light Swordsman
  • Light Warrior
  • Master Axeman
  • Master Spearman
  • Master Swordsman
  • Magic Gun User
  • Magician
  • Minstrel
  • Monk
  • Monster Tamer
  • Ranger
  • Secret Force
  • Shadow Monarch
  • Sentinel
  • Shielder
  • Slave
  • Sorcerer
  • Sorcerer King
  • Spearman
  • Strategist
  • Supply Soldier
  • Thief
  • Vorpal Punisher


  • [Divine Protection of the Great God of Origin and Demise] day 13
  • [Demigod of Fire’s Divine Protection] day 35
  • [Demigod of War’s Divine Protection] day 37
  • [Demigod of Kindness’s Divine Protection] day 37
  • [Dryad’s Mistletoe of Love and Blessing] day 41
  • [Divine Protection of the Storm God] day 93
  • [Protection of the ■ Beast] day 107
  • [Beloved child of ■■■] day 107
  • [Demigod of Shaping’s Divine Protection] day 176
  • [Demigod of Dance’s Divine Protection] day 176
  • [Protection of the Divine Beast] day 245


  • Origin magic - rather than granting spells, instead grants the ability to easily learn any magic system and improves memory.
  • Demise Magic:
  • "Spear of the Demise" - a destructive 1st Level Demise spell in the shape of a spear that can be thrown or launched from a ballista.
  • "Destroy all with Darkness" - a 3rd level Demise spell which summons three pyramid-shaped shields that can destroy even 5th level Dragon of White Flame spell when combined with "Shock Back".
  • "The Unleashed 7 Arrows of Demise" - a 4th level Demise spell
  • "Shock Back" - a magic composed of Wind and Water Spirit Magic manipulated by Hydro-Hand and Aero Master that creates a water membrane barrier with an air vacuum within, which Rou uses to cover his body.
  • Fire Magic
  • Mana transfer: transfers electricity into mana
  • Clone Life: Observes the flesh, analysis, and creates a chosen part of your body.
  • Druid healing magic
  • Moral rating-Karma Viewer: Magic that displays the misdeeds you’ve committed into numbers.
  • Enchanter magic
  • Land of the dead: The shadow of the dead covers a wide area anyone that dies on the land become undead, the more undead the larger the land. Double exp, and faster evolution.
  • Intermadiate Summoning: Guardian Beast
  • Greater summoning; Guardian Beast

Abilities Gallery


  • Ovarou fights Minokichi, Kanami and Asue and wins the 3 alone with them fighting with all their strength Day 256
  • Ovarou fights 5 of the 8 Demonic Generals and wins but ends up getting hurt just like them. Day 257


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