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Rubellia Walline is a member of Parabellum and one of Rou's lovers, as well as Opushii's mother.


Rubellia was initially a rather shy and introverted young woman. She starts to become more assertive after joining Rou.


Rubellia is a young human woman with short red hair and sapphire irises. After obtaining the Job "Noir Soldier" her irises became a dull red color and her pupils turned into an usual square shape. 


Rubellia's parents both died when she was young. She originally grew up with her family as a Farmer at level 48  causing her muscle strength and durability to increase. The hard day-to-day farming operations have made her arms strong and her hands sturdy helping her to keep hold of her sword and not fall back.

She was taught the Warrior occupation by her uncle, and could handle the basic Battle Techniques.

Rubellia was a member of the adventurer clan [ The Sword of the Weak ] that consisted of fledgling adventurers. The clan's main policy was to nurture the strength of their individuals by mutual support, and Rubellia as a Warrior was a greenhorn who wanted to obtain power by serving as a member with them.

She had been hired as an escort for the merchant association [ The Star God’s Pavilion ] along with other members from her clan. The party went through the highway towards the defense city Trient.

They were ambushed by a Goblin raid with poisoned arrows by the parent generation of Goblins. The leader and his fellow members who had command were all killed by the first attack. There were a number of experienced escort adventurers, none were novice adventurers. But the parent generation were skilled at methodical group work so they couldn't compete. The men were killed and the girls who survived were carried off. She was the first of the girls to open up to Rou and trust him.

Rou refers to her inside his thoughts through the entire story as "Redhead".

Rou took her out to train seeing that it was already hard for her against a Goblin, she killed some monsters and Kobolds. Eating some of their meat she acquired the [Job - Noir Soldier].

She is following a strict training supervised by Steel Crowback, he is especially teaching her Jobs and Arts.

She was part of the First Group of the First Expedition led by Ogarou. She decided to stay by his side after staying at Trient.

Rou let her eat a piece of the White Stag's antlers, immediately after that she got a new job [Sacred Beast Eater].

At the Royal Capital Osvel, she was able to best palace guards, even against two of them.

She was offered the General's Equipment Set by Rou on Day 114 to celebrate her attainment of the job [Sacred Beast Eater].

Day 119 she is awarded the title [Consort of Demon ■■] later revealed as [Consort of the Overlord].

She gave birth to Opushii Day 217.

Day 254 she awakened to the 18 Demon Warlords holding the title [Red Deadly Fury].



Rubellia cares deeply for Rou and sees him as her savior.


Rubellia is a loving mother to Opushii.


She originally was a Farmer at level 48, this caused her muscle strength and durability to increase. The hard day-to-day farming operations have made her arms strong and hands sturdy helping her keep hold her sword and not fall back.

After training with the Goblin Community, Rubellia's combat ability was slightly above the usual goblin while being weaker than the goblins of Parabellum. She also could slay 3 Kobolds in one-on-one combat.

After becoming a Noir Soldier, she had physical abilities equal to or better than that of a Hobgoblin. Redhead’s attacks are now relentlessly brutal. Up until now, she was equal in terms of physical capabilities but fell short in terms of raw strength. Rou noted she really was beginning to catch up. She can also eat hard biological materials, such as monster horns with her bare teeth.

With the assistance of the Steel's training, new jobs, blessings, and titles, Rubellia now is quite the capable fighter, able to lead a squad of her own, and has become one of the 18 Demon Warlords.

Immediately after the end of the Holy War, Rubellia is shown to be proficient in fighting while on all fours, to maximize her beast-like agility. Even Sigurd Ace Sven had great difficulty following her movements in this state. She is also able to use combat arts strong enough to kill a dragon in a single blow.


List of Battle Arts

【Slash】→ Raises the power of slashing.

【Stab】→ Strengthens one's stab.

【Shield Bash】→ Strengthening one's shield and may induce a【Knock Back】effect, breaking the opponent's stance.

【Rush】→ Raises the power of continuous slashing attacks, basically it's a continuous version of【Slash】.

【Fall】→ Strengthens one’s body akin to a monster’s by amplifying magic internally.

【Versatile】→ Enables the user to temporarily gain a random ability of a monster eaten previously.


【The Sword of Love】: A steel short-sword, a parting gift from her uncle.

General's Equipment Set: Set of equipment given by Rou on Day 114 to celebrate her attainment of the job [Sacred Beast Eater].

【General's Large Cleaver】→ It is shaped somewhat like a square Chinese Kitchen Knife with a length of roughly 80 centimeters. Its peerless edge can chop flesh like a hot knife cuts butter.

【General's Kite Shield】→ A triangular kite Shield which, when not being used, shrunks down to fit in to the palm of your hand. Usually disguised as a bracelet.

【General's Platinum Armor】→ A suit of white and gold armor with a red cape, with great sturdiness and light weight. It's similar to that of the noble knights of Sternbild Kingdom or Kirika Empire.

Spirit Snake Sword of Torus(ROUBOROS.SU.ZELINAS)】→ A【Sacred Treasure】which she obtained from the 【Hero of Torus】 during the【Holy War】. It was given to Rubellia by Rou on Day 342.


  • Day 176: Demigod of War Beast's Divine Protection



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