Sei is part of the generation before Rou. She was a hobgoblin mage when first introduced into the story. She later becomes the leader of Agony.


Sei is smart, has high wisdom, and has a cool head among her generation and her younger generation, as can be shown in the first conflict between Rou and Hobuken. She prefers to avoid pointless fighting and tends to not get into ranks of stronger goblins during non-magic competitions. She may go really far to attain her objectives. She has the habit to spend a lot of money to acquire Grimoires.



As a Hobgoblin Sei wears a traditional hand made mage robe.

Half Spell Lord

Her appearance is like that of a human with two small horns.  From her appearance, one could guess that Sei is in the latter half of her early twenties. Rather than calling her cute, she is more like an intellectual cool-type beauty who seems like she would look good in a suit. 

Her skin is bluish-white that radiates light green. In the middle of her forehead there is a sapphire-looking round gem 3 cm in diameter (Demon Orb) between a pair of horns. Long, ash grey hair that extends down to her waist. Black tattoos on her forearms with patterns similar to Rou’s yet subtly different.

Spell Lord

As a Spell Lord, her appearance almost didn't change from when she was a Half Spell Lord.

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)

Race Type Name Day
Goblin Gobusei (ゴブ星) Before the start of the series.
Hobgoblin Mage (subspecies) Hobusei (ホブ星) 4 years before the start of the series.
Half Spell Lord Supesei (スペ星) Day 51
Spell Lord Variant Supesei (スペ星) Day 175
Spiritian Queen Variant Supesei (スペ星) Day 244


Her magic was way stronger than Ogarou's when she was a Half Spell Lord.

Magic Systems

  • Flame
  • Aqua
  • Abyss


  • God of Magic's Divine Protection (Day 175)
  • Demigod of Staves' Divine Protection (Day 175)


A robe made from silver and gold thread combined with a red holy shroud that showed several special effects like [Auto-Amplification] and [Physical Magic Damage Resistance] among others.


[Arannote's Staff]

It is made from ancient wood studded with a red magic gem that used to be in possession of the adventurer with the [Job-High Wizard].


A bracelet-type magic item : an item with the storage ability. Sei primarily uses it to store magic staves and gadgets.


  • Rou (Younger Generation & Leader)
  • Sato (Same Generation, very close friends & lover) The two get along well enough and appear to be more than friends, straight up in a relationship in fact. (day 261 confirmed)


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