Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm is the boss of the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 【Aquarium Forlia】. He is present at his deepest floor, the 50th floor.


It's a kind of lesser dragon. A big shot with a snake-like body of 50 meters in length and 5 meters in diameter.

When it attains a size like this, it normally becomes a 【Wisdom Dragon 】. But it’s classified as a lesser dragon because its intellect is still low and it basically acts instinctively.

Its head closely resembles that of a shark. Its whole body is protected by a rough skin covered in dragon scales and dragon shells. A countless amount of dorsal fins made out of thunder gems are on its back. Sharp pectoral fins made out of thunder gems spread out on its side like wings.

While its whole body always emits a blue light, it changes from blue to yellow when it attacks. Red aposematic lines makes this easy to understand.


A basic method of attack is a large torrent created by the fins made out of thunder gems. It basically becomes a sort of a sound attack that moves faster than on land and tears up one’s body. It uses its fins for a slash attack that can even slice and cleave apart the torrents momentarily.
After one would take a great deal of effort to weather through this, it would charge at high speed with its big frame. By manipulating the water currents, it can raise itself to ultra-high swimming speeds. It demonstrates a strength that is appropriate for a dungeon boss.

The best part is the fact that it can swim freely in the rapids.

Even though it was a lesser dragon, its existence rivaled that of a dragon nonetheless. The creature’s status slightly exceed that of a Lord.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Lord of Water Spirits】 by clearing the condition 【Solo Kill】

With the acquisition of [Exoskeleton] by eating a Rhinoceros Beetle Day 65, the Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm's body became one of his exoskeletons: [Thundershark Dragonlord's Scales].