Skull Lizard ・ War Salamander is the boss of the 10th floor of the 【Age of the Gods】dungeon 【Aquarium Forlia】.

Also known as Skeleton Raptor.
Some Skeleton Raptors were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


A lizard-like skeleton that moves around inside of a blue slime.

Around 4 meters tall and a countless amount of thorns on its tail, which makes up a third of its size.
The skeleton emitts a thick atmosphere overall that strongly resembles the one from the Black Skeleton Knight.

The fangs coming out of its mouth are as thick and sharp as daggers. Its sharp bone claws that grow out of its fingertips are its main way to attack.

Dark red lights dwell in the eye sockets of the lizard man’s skull and stares with a strong intent. A tongue-like bone juts out of its mouth and moves smoothly with a flicker.

Wrapping the Skull Lizard, is a slime that flows incessantly. The slime’s body color is a transparent blue, with its nucleus placed inside the rib cage of the Skull Lizard. Aporou has never seen one as huge as this before.


When the battle starts, the Skeleton Raptor summons two thick, huge curved swords, which are organic swords, and the slime covering his entire body extends a thousand tentacles into its surroundings like the Thousand-Armed Kannon[1].

On top, the tips of numerous extended tentacles coming from the slime are simultaneously weaving magic of the water/ice system, shooting out water blades and water bombs. The number of blades and bombs slightly exceeds 20, as a second round follows several seconds later, a third round occurring after that. It’s shooting continuously.
Because the magic is of the first and second grade, the power of each blow is not overwhelming, but because the magic barrage is being shot at such a rapid-fire speed it increased its threat quite a bit.

In the meanwhile the main body of the Skeleton Raptor is approaching at high speed, as it tries to kill with an attack of its two curved swords.

His speed was as fast as the wind.
The sharp double-edged curved swords swing the air from right to left. The slash with the unique shapes forms an arc that coincidentally creates a blind spot.

The frequency of attacks from the Skeleton Raptor is really high. Each blow from his swords is powerful, but regardless it’s still fast. On top, a countless amount of magic attacks is added to it, in a surging wave of continuous attacks.

It is apparently designed specifically to fight numerous enemies at the same time.

Apparently its offensive power was far higher than the Warpidron, though its durability seemed to be low with an inverse proportion.

Acquired Abilities

  • Sword Dance
  • Parallel Use
  • Symbiotic
  • Water Arm of War by clearing the boss with the achievement Solo Kill


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