Steel Crowback is a former knight of the Kirika Empire. He currently serves as one of Parabellum's 18 Demon Warlords.



Steel values and respects strength over all else. This is not limited to simply personal strength, he also acknowledges other kinds of strengths, such as intelligence and strategic planning.


He was defeated and captured by Rou during the war between the humans and elves. After his defeat he was initially a slave but due to him not feeling any loyalty to the Kirika Empire he requested to join Parabellum.

As he is a Human with good battle skills, Rou appointed him to train and teach the 【Jobs】 and 【Battle Arts】 to Rubellia.

During the First Expedition, Rou send him along with Therese to kill some Orcs which had attacked Clute and captured some of their villagers.
Rou noted that he got a new job while the expedition was on.

On Day 240 Steel awakened to 18 Demon Warlords and was given title of [Battle Beast of Steel].


Steel Crowback is a powerful and experienced warrior.