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Sternbild Kingdom is the first country which Rou visited.


It took a small part in the invasion of the Kuuderun Great Forest, but held no apparent grudge against Parabellum nor the Elves that defeated them.

It is a multicultural country with little discrimination, although more apparent in larger cities such as Osvel or Purgatory.

Sternbild boasts a population mainly composed of humans with several minorities living in little communities or blended with the population of bigger cities and towns. However, slavery is still in place, and Manhunters seem to be common, as they attack or raid villages so as to acquire new slaves and manpower for private ownership or even for the Kingdom itself in the army (See Sternbild and Kirika's raid on the Elven community in Kuuderun).

The Nobility possesses military, political and economical strength capable of rivaling that of the Royal family, making the Kingdom closer to a Feudal Monarchy than that of an Absolute Monarchy, although they are greatly weakened thanks to Rou.

Has the Colosseum to the north of it's capital.

Allied with the Kirika Empire. One of it's princesses is to be married to the Heir of the Empire (currently 24 years old). Other members of the royal family include the king, the First Queen and the Tomboy Princess.

The Royal Capital is Osvel, and the kingdom also contains the labyrinth city Purgatory.

Has the 4 Four Symbolic Heroes, who together form a large part of the kingdom's military power.

Avenger  would have been the 5th Hero, but he lost to Rou and joined Parabellum.

Then there is the Sage from an Unknown Land.

Most of the population seems to follow no religion or ceremonial practices, except in Osvel where a good fraction of the people worship individuals blessed by a [Divine Protection], such as Rou, including the First Queen.

Kuuderun Great Forest is located on the border of the Kingdom, thus leaving it free from any possible law or taxes and the like from the Kingdom.