• There is a new wikia feature which says "Require all contributors to log in"

    Should I activate this or notĀ ?

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    • I'd personally say yes, to be honest. It will at least discourageĀ some trolls. It won't get rid of them all, but it's something.

      It may keep a few people from contributing...but if they can't even take a couple of minutes to register for Wikia, then...

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    • hey it's been a while i know

      but i think this takes the freedom out of the wiki and i know it takes but a second to sign up, but some contributors only pass by and see a grammar mistake or something and fix it. Eventually some stick around to help the wiki then sign up

      but honestly i don't see forcing people to make an account will help the wiki rather i think it would do more harm than good

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    • After much thinking, I decided to leave this wikia feature as a security measure to the administrators.

      Should this wikia feature is required to activate, please put up a highlighted announcement post and also state from how long will this wikia feature be activated.
      (Min: 7 days, Max: 30 days)

      Please also state your reason for the activation.

      That's all.

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    • Gotcha. ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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