Supesei LE+ Game

I will have her (at max evo). THE GACHA CANNOT DENY ME!!!

Hi ..,

I stumbled across Re:Monster when looking for new manga to read. It was a boring day and I came across the series and after reading the synopsis, decided to give it a read. I was really just enthralled by the concept and caught up with the manga at the time. I told myself that I would rather wait for the manga than read the novel so I did that for a couple months but when the author went on hiatus for sickness, I just couldn't wait and decided to read the novel.

After getting far basically catching up in the novel, I wanted to see everything that happened. I was looking for a video game but the only game they had was the mobile game so i decided to play it. I really liked it and took it up but with my bad gacha luck, I rage quit but came back after 3 months. Now that I have a better handle on the game, I'm doing much better with a strong account.


After looking for answers to certain things on the wiki, I found it really helpful but mostly for the game aspect. I wanted to help out and decided to do a little work here and there on the manga and story side of things. Unfortunately, the admins are pretty much retired now so I'm here doing the game aspect as well. I'm starting to pick it up and trying to do things here and there. Unfortunately, i have no programming experience or any software experience for that matter and its taking a little time to get better. This wiki needs a lot of updates so I'm just doing what I can for now. If you want to help, feel free to make an account and get started. If you don't know what to start on, I will be making a to do list of sorts for the front page that i will link here: __________.

Contact & Trivia

If you ever want to reach me, discord is the best place. There should be an invite link immediately to the right of or just below this box. I have the same name there. Just DM or @ me and I'll get to you as long as I'm awake or not too busy working. I'm currently a student in the US who wants to study medicine so most of my free time will be weekends and eventually the 24 hours after game updates. Faith and Family are very important to me and I really want to get out of this cold so hopefully I match in California or Florida.

Re:Monster really was the first isekai I read and was what introduced me to the genre. My favorite characters are Sei and OGAkichi.

Thanks to Djam and Oni for all the work they've don this site so far. Im going to try my best to keep up to date the parts of the site that I can. Also, special shout out to Tales, Auron, Tomato, and anyone else for the continued help in providing info and images about the game aspect of Re:Monster.

Usually I try update the wikia in this order if I have the pertinent information:

Unfortunately, I don't usually get to update all these pages because the program that helps me do it isn't working quit right and I have to ask others to pass over the image assets. However, if you need info about each update, the Reddit which is maintained by Tales on discord is a good place to start until i can catch up.

These are pages that, right now, really need my attention or need to be made to make the site flow better.

My Friend Units

All these units have their equipment.

Icon 0596 OvarouLv. 130
Icon 0664 SeijiLv. 130
Icon 0677 MinokichiLv. 130
Icon 0644 BurasatoLv. 130
Icon 0829 Supesei&BurasatoLv. 111
Icon 0683 OvarouLv. 120
852 951 966 910 1148 980
Icon 0709 DragonKingGranbadosLv. 110

My Wish List

These are units I want but they are in no particular order. At the top of my list are max evo LE+ Supesei and Legendary Highroller.

Icon 0824 Seiji
Icon 0851 Kanata
Icon 0652 Lionel
Icon 0836 GoddessesofFate
Icon 0758 Supesei
Icon 0667 RubelliaWalline
1144 1171 918 1155 1088 954
Icon 0825 Seisui
Icon 0776 Haze
Icon 0680 Annaliese
Icon 0789 Aifu
Icon 0849 Eperou
Icon 0730 Opushii
1145 1100 974 1110 1172 1060
Icon 0728 CrawlingDeath
Icon 0723 Supesei
Icon 0708 TheSunKing
Icon 0707 Ovarou
Icon 0704 GiantLordVarol
Icon 0612 MustariaIgnatos
1055 1038 1025 1024 1015 871
Icon 0690 IronOreGod
Icon 0737 OvarouxAnnaliese
Icon 0623 Ovarou
Icon 0755 Annaliese
Icon 0808 Seiji
Icon 0526 Ovarou
987 1067 880 1085 1125 766
Icon 0396 Ogarou

This list is in no particular order. Hopefully this list gets smaller.

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